Success, why do you want to go back to childhood?

Success, why do you want to go back to childhood?

This kind of work is piled up in mountains and boundless, or when leaders are criticized at work and dare not refute it, or when they encounter major setbacks in marriage, many people will imagine going back to childhood-forgetting all their troubles and being wrongedYou can cry, just say you’re sorry for making a mistake.

Back to childhood, it is a fantasy that people appear under pressure.

  Others, after their success, also remember their childhood.

For example, I successfully entered university and found a good job. After the pressure was released, my heart was very relaxed and comfortable. I felt like I was back to my childhood. I could play happily and interact with others easily.

  Why do people have the desire and feeling to return to childhood at these times?

  The theory of communication analysis in psychology can help us understand this psychological well.

This theory holds that everyone needs to be comforted.

Childhood means being loved, caring, and tolerant, and this is soothing.

People do not need to be comforted because they grow up.

  The more difficult people are, the more comfort they need, so in the face of stress, frustration, grievances, and fantasies of returning to childhood is a kind of self-pacification for adults.

Back to my childhood experience is another reminder that we are too tired and need to seek support and comfort to help us relieve stress and live better.

  Another possible reason for fantasizing back to childhood is that each of us has a “free child” inside, which is curious, adventurous, naive, lively, and possesses the heart of a child.

It is our source of courage, creativity, joy, and adaptability.

When we are under pressure, fantasizing back to childhood, maybe we want to rediscover the original optimism, courage and creativity. These inner strengths can help us overcome difficulties.

  When I think about success after childhood, it is mostly because of relaxation.

When people relax, they finally succeed after a long time of frustration, or leave the city and return to nature, they will feel the return of childlike innocence, return to the true state of mind that day.

  As adults, we can never return to childhood, but childhood can still be a source of our happiness, creativity, courage and comfort.

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