Xu Shuang couldn’t think of these。

Soon they started recording。The two hosts’ eyes brightened after seeing Xu Shuang and Shen Zhiyue。
“The atmosphere in our recording room today is better than ever,I hosted this show for so long,Seldom come across a moment like today,Today, the show team invited two handsome guys at once,I’m so excited,I can hardly speak anymore。”
“Haha,I’m better than you,I have been reviewing their work last night,Now I have calmed my mood,I will be able to look directly at them when I face them later。”
“Hahaha,I have watched them all night,You are used to their dignified looks, right?。”
“Yes,The beauty of these two can be said to be the ceilings in their respective styles。Now domestic male idols can best become the representative of the face value ceiling in the hearts of many girls,That must be Xu Shuang。”
“Our cool guy is handsome and strong,Just last year,Many authors have publicly stated that a certain male god character in the book was created by reference to Xu Shuang。”
“Nowadays, the popular comics can also see the shadow of Shuang Ge,Brother Shuang can be said to be a tear man
“Shuang, who is full of youthful feelings, really makes people have to love。”
The two hosts praised Xu Shuang about the existence of heaven and earth,Shen Zhiyue wanted to roll his eyes after hearing this,He thought in his heart,shallow,Fortunately, his baby is not as superficial as these women。
“Congratulations to brother Shuang,It seems that you have been recognized by the public。”Shen Zhiyue reached out and patted Xu Shuang。
Xu Shuang smiled:“You are not bad。But Brother Yue, you have a good temper,I thought you would ask to introduce you first,I didn’t find you and gave me the opportunity。”
Shen Zhiyue said:“Who am i,everybody knows,Everyone just needs to understand my work,As for my appearance is good or bad,Should be judged by my family。”
Xu Shuang:People in love are terrible。

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