He is also a man who can bend and stretch,Otherwise, you won’t get the boss’s position,Heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses,He peeked,All the people who besieged the girl have fallen to the ground,It’s too late if you don’t bugger。

Scar Man quickly jumped out of the ring and shouted:“stop!”
We stopped when we heard it,The few uninjured scoundrels returned to him tremblingly,I was scared by my terrifying skill just now。
At this time, Scar Man looked at the number of people around him,Even scared the souls of the dead,Because there are only brothers who can walk, including him6people。
Fang Xianjing walked over and stood shoulder to shoulder with me,Handsome men and pretty women,A good pair of golden boys and girls,But in their eyes we have become black and white impermanence,Dedicated to sorrow。
Scar man can’t help but regret secretly,Why is it so big,No more brothers,But now it’s too late to regret,He adjusted his mood,Try to keep calm:“The mountain does not turn around,See you in the rivers and lakes,We have already seen the strength of the two,It’s really heroic,Today, our Liangzi revealed it,If you meet in the future, you can even talk about the wine,how is it?”
The scene speaks smoothly,But his trembling hands betrayed his nervous mood。
I smiled and said:“Before the war,What did i say,Do you remember?”
Scar man’s nerves are tight at this time,Don’t remember what nonsense I said,Stunned:“what?”
I said:“brothers,It seems you have a bad memory,I’ll help you remember,I said if you move the knife,Then I will send you to jail for a lifetime,Go in and repent。”
Scar man looks around,indeed,Lie down there3A brother with a knife,They are also the most injured,Other people lie down, it’s just a broken arm and a broken leg,“Ouch!Ouch!”Howling,Doesn’t seem to suffer any internal injuries,But that3People lying there are already unconscious,Blood around,Shocking。
Seeing this scene, he refreshed his knowledge of my force,Imagine in a big melee with so many people,I can figure out the severity of beating,He knows how far away from me,I can’t afford to fight anymore。
Scared man,Whispered way:“brothers,Let us go today,Later but by dispatch,We must go all out!Our Chaotian Gang can still talk around here,Believe it can help you!”
unfortunately,I am not near here,I didn’t even think about developing in Tan City in the future,And these people are extremely evil,Dare to openly wound people with a lethal weapon in broad daylight,Must eliminate evil。
I said coldly:“Sorry,I speak a word,You wait to go to jail to repent!”
Scar Man didn’t expect me to be so decisive at a young age,Since there is no room for change,After all, as the boss, he also put away his begging for mercy,Raise the sky to make a haha domineering way:“it is good,It’s really a hero,Let me learn your brilliance today!”
Several people replaced the iron rods in their hands with machetes,Scar man’s fierce way:“Ask you one last time,If everyone shakes hands and makes peace,I’ll leave,If you insist on finding trouble,Then don’t blame me for bleeding you。”
I took a look at Fang Xianjing,She nodded at me,I replied:“You did so many bad things,Today is the time to end。”
“it is good!”He no longer speaks too much,Arranged a dog chain and another person to deal with Fang Xianjing,Left4The strongest one cut at me!

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