Besides, people have all kinds of personalities,Just like some people like to eat lamb,Some people like to eat roast duck;Some people like to live in a building,Some people like to live in a courtyard;Some people like cats,Some people like dogs for the same reason。

Li Yaxin is born an introverted girl,Introverts usually think more,This is a normal phenomenon。
Xiao Yu’er wanted to interrupt:I also want to raise another cat,But after listening to Li Yaxin,She immediately swallowed the words back into her stomach,Although she is not an introverted girl,But she has an inferiority complex,So be careful,She did more than Li Yaxin!Something Li Yaxin didn’t dare to do,Not to mention her……
Difficult living environment when I was young,Or have experienced very sad things,Usually it will cause strong psychological sequelae!And these little girls in the Shen family,Almost all have had this experience more or less,So if you say it seriously,Most of them,There are some defects in personality and psychology!
And this defect,Often accompanied them throughout their lives,This is one that no one can deny,Cruel facts that can’t be changed。
Actually raise a small animal to be your own pet,It is an excellent treatment for this kind of psychological trauma!
“Sister Yanzi,What is your favorite animal?”
Li Qiaoer asked Yanzi curiously again。
“I don’t like small animals anymore……The animal I like is bigger……”
Yanzi deliberately sold a pass and replied。
“What is it?”
Now not only is Li Qiao’er more curious,Even Xiao Yuer and Li Yaxin looked at Yanzi with the same expectant expressions,The three little girls are waiting for Yanzi to say the answer。
。Nine Heavens God Emperor
Chapter three thousand and thirty Baby girls are back
Chapter three thousand and thirty Baby girls are back
“I like horses。”

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