Behind him,Hu Lai slowly got up from the ground。

Chapter Forty Seven time is limited
Hu Lai lay all over the turf,Chest up and down violently。
Not far away,Li Ziqiang’s voice rang:“All right,Enough of the theater?Give me training!”
Mao Xiao’s apologetic face appeared in his vision:“Sorry,Hu Lai……”
He felt a hand and patted his body,Maybe shoulder,Maybe the arm。
Then he saw Meng Xi poking out his head and taking a look at himself,Said nothing,Just ran away。
Footsteps from near to far,Eventually disappear。
The whistle sounded in the distance。
And some sounds,From the stands,From the sidelines,mixed together,Not really listening,In Hu Lai’s ears it became“Buzzing”。
The whole world seems to be buzzing in his ears。
After being knocked to the ground again and again,His mind is still a little dizzy,Accompanied by tinnitus,Not very sensitive。
He doesn’t know how long he has been lying on the ground,But he has not done basic training today,So he struggled to get up from the ground。
Training has already started on the other half of the court。
He staggered towards his training ground——In front of a wall of the stadium。
Li Zhiqun saw Hu Lai’s embarrassed look,Laughed happily。
When you were brave in front of Lao Tzu,Ever thought it would be so miserable after joining the school team?
Li Zhiqun smiled happily,Never noticed that Song Jiajia, who was in the distance, was staring at him with murderous eyes。
Li Qingqing didn’t care about Li Zhiqun,All her eyes fell on Hu Lai。

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