Dietary guidelines for early type 2 diabetes

Dietary guidelines for early type 2 diabetes

Diabetic patients with type 2 diabetes are treated with gastric bypass surgery by the military generals Chongqing General Hospital. Diabetes diet control can cure the dual effects of disease and weight loss.

However, gastric bypass surgery is the same as general gastrointestinal surgery. It is necessary to follow certain dietary rules for patients to recover quickly.

  According to a diabetes expert at the Chongqing Armed Police Corps Hospital, the type 2 diabetes complications have a gradual diet. The specific arrangements are as follows: before diabetes ventilation: the first three days after ventilation after diabetic surgery: drinking water (30?
50 ml) to observe the symptoms of choking and bloating.

After 4 times without discomfort, you can eat slag-free full-flow food (rice soup, vegetable soup, filtered fruit juice, thin rice flour, etc., do not eat soy products and dairy foods to prevent flatulence).

The amount of slag-free full-flow administration should be gradually increased, starting at 30 per hour?
60 ml, and then the patient’s adaptation gradually increases, and should be fed at least every 2 to 3 hours, about 200 ml each time; 7-10 days after diabetic surgery: full liquid food (congee, rice cereal, rottenNoodles), once every 2 hours, about 400 ml each time, 6 times a day; Days 10–14 after diabetic surgery: semi-liquid food (powder powder, custard, noodles, pasta, etc.), 4?
5 meals; more than 2 weeks after diabetic surgery: can gradually transition to soft food or ordinary diet (from porridge, noodles, to steamed bread, dry rice, vegetables, meat, etc.), with less residue, less fiber, easy to digest, high proteinFood-based, eat less and eat more as a principle.

  At least 6-8 glasses (1500-2000 ml) of water per day after discharge to prevent dehydration and constipation.

  After gastric bypass surgery in patients with type 2 diabetes, they must abide by the dietary rules described above. Diabetes diet control can achieve the good effect of curing the disease and losing weight, and take medicine for life.

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