The goddesses in the dream have become teachers of Deyi Shuangxin。

Now I see Zhan Li, the former dream goddess,It reminds him of his youth。
Just listen to what Chi Jiao and Qu Wan’er said,It seems that this goddess is pretty ugly。
I don’t know if the same sex repels,That’s why the two of them reject this eldest sister so much。
Seeing them all smiled and greeted us,Just catch up,Asked in a low voice:“Who is the other man?”
“Shengtiange,The male second of a costume brotherhood idol drama that went viral last year。”Chi Jiao introduced,Asked in surprise,“Don’t you even know him?”
Fang Hao smiled embarrassedly:“I only know him in ancient clothes,Now he is wearing fashion,Where can I recognize it?”
Actually,He can’t recognize the costume,Never heard of it。
Chapter One Six Seven Female nerve
Luo Xiaohu athlete out,Good stamina,He got ahead of Wu Xuan,Took the suitcase from Zhan Li。
——There is another reason,That’s when Wu Xuan recognized Zhan Li after walking a certain distance,I heard of her reputation,Suddenly I didn’t want to get too close with this big sister。
Now because of the erosion of time,Although not super,But it can also be counted as one level。
Although Zhan Li is a little older,But well maintained,Looks relatively young,The goddess of ancient costume,Not to mention the appearance,Super beauty。

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