“I go!The first one in the lower half!”

“Scared me,Fortunately not the upper half……”
“I don’t know who our opponent will be……Look at the teams that have come out in the upper half,Is there anyone who was eliminated in the first round of the previous session??”
The draw ceremony did not wait for the players from Dongchuan Middle School to count their opponents,Gave the answer quickly。
From Xizi Middle School in Anqiu City, Western Yuan Province。
“Mao Xiao,How is this school?”Meng Xi looked at his friend for the first time。
Other people also cast their eyes。
“15th in the previous session,Top 16 teams。”
“I rely on,Top 16!”The teammates exclaimed。
“Hi,In fact, it’s just that the last national competition was the top 16。They were eliminated in the first round before。”Seeing everyone seems to have some fear of difficulties,Mao Xiao quickly explained。“But they can make the national competition every year,Can be regarded as the local football overlord……”
“That only shows that their overall level of football is not high, right??”Meng Xi asked back。“Otherwise, the national competition will give Antarctica a place,Let them go to Antarctica to play qualifiers,They can also participate in the national competition every year。”
Hu Lai sneered“Mengxi, what are you thinking?Who says they can easily qualify?Shouldn’t they lose the game because the weather is too cold??”
Meng Xi was stunned,I never thought that Hu Lai would look at the problem from this angle……
The teammates burst into laughter,The room is filled with cheerful air。
The tension in the first round against the top 16 was wiped out。

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