Dietary diet contraindications


Dietary diet contraindications

There are a lot of young people who have a big headache for fattening. These young men have to face the “ribbons” that are becoming more and more prominent. They have to express their feelings of helplessness: How much better if I can gain weight!

Many thin men also get a nickname “Bean sprouts”.

銆€銆€The weightless figure does not fully reflect the masculinity of a man. People who are too thin are prone to low immunity, prone to respiratory diseases, osteoporosis, and affect their health.

“How to eat without growing meat” is probably the distress of many “sprouts”, and “fat” seems to be a distant dream.

In fact, it is not difficult to “finance” and the key methods must be done properly.

Come with me, this winter, let you say goodbye to the body shape of “Bean Sprouts”.

銆€銆€The reason why thin people are thin, simple, why there is only one reason, is because “can not make ends meet.”

The so-called “in” refers to the energy and various nutrients that the body receives, and “out” refers to the consumption of energy.

The physical development of adolescents is extremely rapid, coupled with learning, work stress, large amount of activity, high conversion required every day, if the transfer intake is insufficient, it will 鈥済et out of the pack鈥?and lead to weight loss.

The bad eating habits are often the chief culprit of 鈥済etting enough to make ends meet.鈥?If you want to 鈥渇at increase鈥? you must first remove the following bad habits: (1) You want to increase your weight and not eat soup: Some people are used to eating soup, even with thin strips.After eating two things in a thick mouth, I thought it was easy to eat and it was no different from eating soup when eating.

In fact, eating soup and eating rice is not the same as eating soup.

Drinking soup can increase appetite without affecting the chewing process of the food; the disadvantage of soup rice is that it reduces the important moment of chewing.

As the saying goes, “soup rice, chew is not bad.”

Under normal circumstances, food is chewed in the mouth, saliva does not absorb enzymes of indigestion and protein, but the food containing salivary amylase after the above mechanical processing and preliminary digestion, from large to small, from coarseThinning, ready for the next process – chemical digestion.

Those who are used to eating soup and rice often swallow the soup rice without chewing, which increases the burden on the stomach and affects the absorption of nutrients and nutrients.

Experiments have shown that the same food, 8# and 83% absorption of protein and a small amount of absorption when slowly chewing, and the absorption rate of “sweet” is only 72% and 71%.

銆€銆€(2) Want to gain weight and not eclipse: Many people know that partial eclipse is not good for the body, but there are still many people who have partial eclipse habits in real life.

Some do not like to eat certain foods because of eating habits or prejudice. For example, some people do not like vegetarian food when they like to eat leek, and some people do not stick to it.

Usually, the body’s demand for nutrients is multifaceted, and no natural food in nature can fully meet the nutritional requirements that humans need.

For example, if you only eat foraging and do not eat vegetables, vitamins (especially vitamin C) and cellulose will appear, which may cause scurvy, indigestion and poor stool; do not eat fish, meat, eggs, poultry, etc.Foods with probable animal protein are prone to vitamin A, D, E and amino acid deficiency, which can lead to body weight loss.

銆€銆€(3) I want to increase my fat for three meals. Don’t make do with it: Nowadays, young people are learning, work is very tight, and they often don’t eat breakfast or eat something.

At noon time is tight, rush to get some food or simply buy a box of fast food to fill the stomach.

When I get off work in the evening, I feel tired after school, and I don’t pay attention to nutrition. I can do some meals.

If you deal with your life in such a long period of time, you will inevitably lose weight due to unreasonable nutrition or inadequate nutrition.

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