It’s time to converge on sexual interest in autumn

It’s time to converge on “sexual interest” in autumn

For sexual intercourse, the specific method of health is that the excitement of sexual desire cannot be like the sexual excitement of spring and the sexual excitement of summer yang, but it must be converged and the sexual intercourse should be reduced.
  Generally speaking, people with insufficient yang can use the nature of spring hair and summer heat to maintain the yang, while those with insufficient yin essence can use the autumn and winter collection to cultivate yin essence.
Although the concept of sperm preservation emphasizes the essentials of winter photography, in fact, it should start in autumn to prepare for the severe winter cold.
  For women, the phenomenon of decreased sexual desire will appear in the autumn, often manifested in the phenomenon of vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse, which is caused by autumn dryness.
Because dryness and dryness are prone to injury, it is said that “dryness is better than dryness”.
During the autumn season, vaginal dryness not only affects the mood and joy of the house, but also brings pain and damage to the penis and vagina.
  In order to prevent unpleasant sexual intercourse caused by vaginal dryness, the time of foreplay can be appropriately extended before the house in autumn to fully mobilize and stimulate women’s sexual desire, and some lubricants can also be used.
At this time, women should pay attention not to reduce their lust, otherwise it will further suppress the secretion of the vaginal secretion glands, causing a vicious cycle, making the intercourse that should have been happy break up.

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