A batch of the Lakers,A batch from the Clippers。

Before,The Clippers are weak,Shivering under the wings of the Lakers。
But it’s different now,The Lakers are losing ground,Keep stumbling,The Clippers are just right,Vigorous,Now it’s hard to say which side has more fans,This problem cannot even be investigated online。
ESPNwithTNTHave been surveyed on the Internet,In the end, no results were found,Because of the census,The fans on both sides quarreled,Then shake each other,Faster than anyone typing,Faster than the internet.
In the end, I can’t help it.。
But although there is no statistics,,But everyone still has a count。
There are many old Lakers fans,There are many new fans for the Clippers。
Just like doing business,The fans are also realistic,He will support you if you can win,in contrast,Teams that no one wants to support by themselves lose and lose every day.So the people who can still support the Lakers are basically feelings.,Especially after Kobe retired,Many people can’t even find this feeling。
If it wasn’t for Xu Xuan to join in,,It is estimated that the few Lakers fans will be divided up by the Clippers,Except those who have been fans for more than ten or twenty years or even longer。
right now,Xu Xuan is here,The result is different。
The former Lakers were lifeless,And now,Vigorous!
Because of Xu Xuan,It also attracted a lot of neutral or even fans who originally turned to the Clippers,no way,Xu Xuan’s popularity is really high。
When Xu Xuan was in Indiana,,That is a small city,The pride of a big city like Los Angeles,Stars who look down on small cities,but now,Do you dare to look down on Xu Xuan??
Can’t beat you!
Pride is serious,Protect shortcomings seriously,The two do not conflict!
And what do you say when Xu Xuan plays.Show off,Is real show,Various Sao operations,I don’t see it once in ten games,But look at Xu Xuan,I can see it ten times in one session。

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