Hu Liena sees Yan Yiyi not forgiving,Frowning good-looking brows“Yan,Don’t go too far!”

of course!
She’s not worried about Xu Sheng,But worried that Yan lost to the auxiliary system as a strong attack system,Will dampen his self-confidence in practice!
Xu Sheng only relies on the physical attributes blessed by the nine terrifying spirit rings on his body,Are far from what Yan can resist!
“it is good……I accept your challenge”
Chapter Twenty Slap problem
Xie Yue gave Xu Sheng a surprised look,He thought the latter would decisively refuse。
After all, Auxiliary Spirit Masters vs. Power Attack Spirit Masters,There is basically no chance of winning。
not to mention,Yan is a soul master,Possess two hundred-year spirit rings!
Pure attack,Even surpassed myself!
Seeing the scene is no longer under my control,Hu Liena sighed helplessly,With a hint of pleading“Xu Sheng,You start lightly,Yan is also our teammate……”

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