Speaking of which,The girl’s eyes are getting wet。

Peng Changyi kissed her eyes emotionally,Frown slightly,Look at her affectionately,Say word by word:“me too,I can’t help but love,No cure。”
“Really?”Shu Qing asked in disbelief。
Peng Changyi stared at her,Said:“Really,Do not lie to you,these days,I remove class,Another thing is to miss you,Miss your tears when you left me that day,These tears make my heart move,Also moved me……After I saw your parents today, Peng Changyi,To tell you solemnly,I recognized you,My heart,Already emptied for you,Waiting for you to fill it up,This job,Remove you,No one can do it……”
Shu Qing’s tears came out,she says:“Stop talking,Mom criticized me after coming back that day,I made trouble……”
Peng Changyi hugged her tightly,Mixed feelings,He said:“You didn’t make trouble,I really should do this cleanup for myself,baby,Thank you for giving me this chance to rebirth……”
Shu Qing felt Peng Changyi’s excitement,Just look up,Kissed him,Said:“You say that makes me feel bad。”
Peng Changyi said seriously:“Shu Qing,I love you,love you so much……”
Shu Qing was in tears,Smiled shyly。
Peng Changyi lowered his head and kissed her again,She also responded positively to him。
Peng Changyi looked at his watch,He dare not go deep into her anymore,Said:“baby,It’s late,I’m leaving,Can’t go back too late,Otherwise I can only sleep on the road after closing the door。”
Shu Qing nodded,Said:“OK then,You go。”
Peng Changyi turned around to get his handbag,Then I saw the gift I brought,He said:“There are two pearl necklaces inside,Give the bigger ones to Auntie,The smaller black one for you,There are two bottles of Moutai,Is for uncle,The rest are some local seafood。I am leaving。”
Shu Qing reluctantly let go of his hand,Hugged him,Stand on tiptoe and kiss him。
Peng Changyi didn’t want to leave either,Persevering party school has discipline,I locked the door when I went home late,Now Shu Qing takes the initiative to kiss him,Still destroyed his will in an instant,He immediately hugged her in his arms,Chest and hers are stuck together,I immediately felt my blood boil again,He kissed her deeply again。

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