[How to Swell Swelling]

[How to Swell Swelling]

After the operation, due to the metabolic recovery of the body’s functions, the cell’s activity will develop to the strongest at this stage, which is precisely the substance produced by the cell metabolism, and the concentration in the cell tissue will also deepen, because the permeability will also beDecreased, causing the water to not drain out, resulting in swelling of the body.

This problem is actually very easy to solve, today we will introduce the method of rapid swelling.

First, there are some foods that reduce edema. Rice soup, rice soup, is actually a lot of milky white soup that appears when porridge is cooked with rice.

Many times the role of rice soup is often easily overlooked, because people think that rice soup is no different from ordinary porridge.

But in fact, rice soup is a very useful food for crushed eyebrows.

The nutritional content of rice soup is high, because rice soup is mainly the juice of rice replacement, followed by various cellulose of rice.

Rice soup is essentially an alkaline food. To a certain extent, it can be seen to effectively relieve the phenomenon of hyperacidity. At the same time, the alkaline substances in rice soup will also play a role in alleviating the body’s edema, allowing the body toExcess water in the body is quickly excreted in the form of urine.

However, because rice soup is a liquid food, it is best not to eat it as a staple food. In daily life, you can eat before meals.

If you persist for a long time, it will have a significant effect on changing the edema physique.

2, watermelon watermelon itself is cold, and the watermelon itself is sweet and juicy, and the watermelon body is also rich in vitamins and other substances, can be called a health green food.

In addition, in the hot summer, watermelon can also be favored by everyone, because watermelon can help people to relieve heat, so many crushes also like this food very much in summer.

Watermelon is full of treasures. In addition to the juicy and delicious watermelon meat, watermelon peel can also play a certain role.

For the beauty of edema, the best food for summer to eliminate edema is watermelon.

Watermelon meat is rich in sugar and salt, which can break down the diuretic effect. Therefore, the excess water in the body can be discharged in the form of urine. In this way, eating watermelon in the summer can not only use the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, but also help eliminate the body’sedema.

In addition, the role of watermelon peel ears cannot be ignored. The nutrients contained in watermelon peel can be used to treat the symptoms of nephritis and edema. Therefore, it can also relieve the edema and physical beauty of the eyebrows.

Second, the carbonization coup method to quickly eliminate bruising is recommended. 1. Banana peel Put the banana peel in the bruised place and remove it after placing. It can be performed 2-3 times a day.

Or you can use banana peel to massage bruises. This method can also effectively reduce bruises gradually.

Many ingredients in the banana peel have the effect of eliminating bruising, especially if you put it in the bruising place before going to bed at night, you will find that the bruising is well relieved after getting up the next morning.

2. Hot and humid compressing When the bruising has occurred for more than 24 hours, and there is no trauma to the skin, you can use the method of hot and humid compressing to quickly alleviate the bruising.

The method of hot and humid compresses can promote blood circulation to the skin, thereby alleviating blood stasis.

According to this principle, using the peeled hot eggs to roll back and forth in the bruising position can also eliminate bruising!

Remember to do this at least twice a day for at least 15 minutes.

3. Ice icing also has a certain effect on bruising, but experts remind that this method is usually only suitable for patients who have just been hit.

In other words, ice pack is a temporary relief measure after injury, and the capillaries can be immediately contracted by ice pack to prevent redness and blueness caused by subcutaneous bleeding.

But if the bruise has been around for two hours, then it is not meaningful to apply ice at this time.

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