[Apricot is hair]_Efficacy_Attribute

[Apricot is hair]_Efficacy_Attribute

Apricot is a kind of sweet and sour fruit. People often eat a lot of apricots unknowingly. So when watching TV and watching mobile phones, a plate of apricots disappeared.

Apricot is a fruit. It is not a hair product, but it is a fruit similar to hair product. This is because it should not be eaten excessively.

1. Everyone seems to have an appetite. Fruits, vegetables, meat, and herbs also have certain characteristics.

2. Almonds have bitter almonds, sweet almonds, bitter for medicinal purposes, and sweet for edible.

Do not eat too much at one time.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that apricot is a “fat” fruit, and Bian Qiang said, “Eating a lot of food and moving diseases is blinding and shameless.

“North and South Dynasties Tao Hongjing’s” Famous Doctors’ Records “records:” Apricot has little poison, more raw food, and hurts bones and bones.

“Ben Cao Yan Yi” thinks that children, mothers, and patients should avoid it.

4. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that almonds have medicinal properties “to kill insects, cure sores, reduce swelling, and swell the head and face.

“Moisturizing the skin can replace sweet almonds, while removing head and face winds can replace bitter almonds.

5. For women, almonds have Tongli blood vessels, promote blood circulation of subcutaneous capillaries, improve skin nutrition, and change premature aging of the skin, so it has the effect of moisturizing the skin and beauty.

For men, traditional Chinese medicine believes that every food has its own characteristics.

Almonds, black fungus, crude cottonseed oil, sheep brain, pig brain, free meat, water chestnuts, winter melon, hemp kernels, etc. are harmful to the essence, hurt the sun, weaken the cold kidney, and are not good for men’s function.

Eating apricots has the effect of supplementing nutrition and regulating functions.

Apricot can supplement a variety of inorganic salts and trace elements in the human body. These substances are irreplaceable substances in metabolism.

In terms of regulating function, apricot has the effect of removing stomachache and pain, moisturizing the intestines and treating dry stool, and almond can expel phlegm and relieve cough.

Modern medical research proves that after absorption of almond pigment, it can directly and indirectly affect the nerve and respiratory tract mucosa, reduce its sensitivity, enhance the healing of mucosal lesions, and promote the removal of respiratory tract mucosa.

It can be seen that apricot has a significant improvement on the two major systems of human digestion and breathing.

Because apricot flavor acid can promote the secretion of digestive juices and increase in gastric acid, it is not good to eat apricots, especially for people with stomach problems.

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