The four major dietary taboos of genital itching


The four major dietary taboos of genital itching

Vulvar itching is a problem for many women with headaches.

For the treatment of genital pruritus, bathing can be used, or a healthy diet can be used for treatment. The dietary contraindications and dietary principles of genital pruritus are summarized below.

4 big diets of genital itching taboo diet taboo 1: fasting hair.

Such as fish, shrimp, crab, chicken head, pig head meat, goose meat, chicken wings, chicken feet, etc., will increase the itching and inflammation of the genital area after eating.

Diet Taboo 2: Try to eat less spicy and irritating food.

For example: onions, peppers, peppers, peppers, mustard, fennel.

Diet Taboo 3: Avoid eating fried, greasy food.

Such as fritters, butter, oil, chocolate, etc., these foods have the effect of promoting heat and heat, which will increase the secretion of vaginal discharge, which is not conducive to the treatment of the disease.

Diet Taboo 4: Quit smoking and alcohol.

Tobacco and alcohol are very irritating and will aggravate inflammation.

In addition, the use of pepper can also treat genital pruritus, put 30 grams of pepper, Sophora flavescens into the pot, pour 5 bowls of water, boil for 30 minutes, filter the juice, and bathe the genitals when warm.

Once a day, 10 times in a row.

Principle of genital itching diet 1, do not overdose too much cakes, candy, drinks and other sweets, will lead to excessive intake of sugar, and blood sugar fluctuations, avoid dizziness, fatigue, rapid heartbeat, emotional discomfort, etc.Will increase the symptoms of menstruation.

2, eat more high-fiber foods Cellulose-rich foods help to regulate menstruation, high-fiber foods including fresh fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, flour, etc., these foods have the effect of moistening and improving constipation, so it is recommended to eat in moderation.

In addition, cellulose-rich foods can promote the secretion of estrogen, increase the magnesium content of the blood, improve the genital itching, and maintain a stable mood.

3, the intake of high-quality protein high-quality protein refers to the body contains a variety of amino acids, and a large number of human body utilization of high protein.

Eggs, lean meat, dairy products, and soy protein in soy are all high-quality proteins, so you can often eat these foods to supplement high-quality protein.

4, avoid drinking strong tea during the menstrual period is not suitable for drinking strong tea, strong tea is rich in a lot of caffeine, great nerve and cardiovascular stimulation, easy to increase anxiety caused by anxiety, it is easy to increase the amount of dysmenorrhea and menstrual blood,And will extend the menstrual period.

In addition, the implanted acid contained in the strong tea will affect the body’s absorption of iron and easily cause iron deficiency anemia.

5, the diet is warm, do not eat raw cold food in Chinese medicine that eating warm foods helps blood run smoothly, while eating raw cold foods is not conducive to digestion, and cause human yang, resulting in poor blood circulation,Prone to genital itching, less menstrual blood, but also prone to dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and other menstrual problems.

The dietary principles of female patients with genital itching have been introduced in great detail. Many of our women will make more adjustments in their lives. Women must learn more about this aspect of diet.It is good to fight the disease, so as to reduce the harm that the disease brings to us.

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