Are you often good at lying in the workplace?

Are you often good at lying in the workplace?

Question: When the season of flower viewing is almost over, many flowers have fallen. If you are sketching under the tree, and you want to keep the beauty forever, which of the following will appear on your canvas?

  A, the blooming scene B, the blooming scene C, the blooming scene D, the blooming scene answer analysis choice A: you have a good image in front of your lover, the white lie you say is particularly convincing,The lover will believe it. In fact, you also hate doing this yourself, often thinking about the next to be frank, but next time you encounter a similar situation, but you can’t help but lie.

  Option B: You are too eager to get good relationships, so you are used to speaking nice words or white lies and want to please others.

In the face of a lover, you dare not tell the harsh truth, and often automatically try to figure out the answer the lover wants to hear, and then explain the response, because you are too deliberate, over time, the lover will not fully accept what you say.Make a discount automatically.

  Choice C: You are usually a frank person and don’t like to lie to others, which will make you feel uncomfortable.

Just in the face of lovers, in order to maintain the harmony between the two, we will give up your principle, do not change the face so that “you are not fat at all”, “you are thin” and other white lies, coming soonAh Q comforted himself that white lies are not the same as ordinary lies and are not considered deception.

  Choice D: You think that people should be sincerely opposed to each other. You also have the same attitude towards your lover, so you do not want to tell a white lie to cover up the true thoughts of your lover.

If your lover wants to hear the truth, you are right to ask you. Unfortunately, not every lover of truth is willing to accept it, so there will be conflicts between you and your lover.

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