But Lu Xin’s concerns,This half a million,Can i afford it。

Think twice,Lu Xin made up his mind。
Who would have trouble with money!
“Lao Xia,I know,You have this heart,I am very touched。”
“How are we old brothers being polite?,Then I’ll leave first,Waiting for your good news。”
Xia Yuan arched his hands,Left the office。
Out of the building,Lin Jiang is waiting outside。
“Master Xia,how about it?”
Xia Yuan sternly,For Lin Jiang,He doesn’t care。
Lin family affairs,He probably understood。
This Lin Jiang and his old son Lin Zhihao,Fighting with a cerebral palsy,Actually even lost。
This kind of people,I can’t use it for myself in the future,Too unreliable!
“Wait for news。”

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