“More effort?Two or three like you can’t get close to her,A few days ago, I heard her say that she won the first place in the shooting competition if she accidentally took it。”Tao Li said with satisfaction。

“Oh?That’s ok!Little girl film is not easy?”Surprise in Guan Yao’s eyes。
Tao Li said:“What’s not easy,Crazy,It’s hard to find her husband’s in the future。”Say here,He glanced at the calm Xia Jihan and said:“See how nice Xiaoxia is,Quietly,Girl,I should still look like a girl。”
Guan Yao said with a smile:“Lanlan, that’s a woman who won’t let her beard,It’s a sonorous rose,Are you proud of having such a sister??”
Tao Li said:“What am i proud of,I’m worried she can’t find her in-laws,Yes,She is a heroine,Who dares to marry her in the future?”
“Isn’t anyone daring to marry her,But whether anyone can match her,Don’t worry about you, brother。”Guan Yao enlightened Tao Li and said。
“It’s not my problem,Since ancient times, there has been a saying that a woman without talent is virtue,The ideas inherent in people’s minds can’t be removed。Xiaoxia is from Jiangnan, right??”Tao Li changed the subject。
Xia Jihan nodded with a smile,Say:“Yes,I am from Wuxi, Jiangsu。”
“Who else in the family?”
Xia Jihan was about to answer,Guan Hao looked at Tao Li and said:“I said,Why did you change your career to check your account??”
Tao Li smiled,Said:“I am curious about Xiaoxia,But Xiaoxia is a typical Jiangnan beauty,Quiet、Feminine,Tian Ya。”Tao Li said。
“You have also studied Jiangnan Belle?”Guan Hao asked Tao Li。
Guan Yao smiled secretly。
“Not studied,Because of a failure,Consciously or unconsciously have some insights about women’s marriage,See Xiaoxia,Reminds me of Zeng Guofan,Zeng Guofan has a soft spot for Jiangnan women。”Tao Li looked at Guan Hao and said。
“Oh,Tell me。”Guan Hao is coming。

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