Peng Changyi thought for a long time,Sighed heavily,Said painfully:“mayor,Why did we think of this layer in the first place,But we can’t do anything?

First33chapter Ye Tong became deep
Peng Changyi smiled,I’m not embarrassed to see Ye Tong,Said:“People from the provincial inspection team are here,When you call,Just sent them away。Ha ha,How did you come,What news material did you capture again??”Finished,He looked at Ye Tong。
Ye Tong said:“I got a call from Zhong Mingyi long ago,Let me come down,Said that your party and government departments are very enthusiastic about promoting the economy,Almost every department has an entity,The weather is too hot recently,I don’t want to come down,Although promised,Never made a trip,Zhong Mingyi called me again the other day,I just can’t push it away。”
“Oh——”Peng Changyi nodded,This is Zhong Mingyi,I like to create momentum in any job,Say:“Does he know you are here now?”
“I want to meet you first,So I didn’t tell him,No one in Kangzhou knows。”Ye Tong finished,Just watch him quietly。
Peng Changyi said:“I’d better tell him。”
Ye Tong looked at Peng Changyi,Said:“I will tell him tonight,I’m going to meet you first。”
This is Ye Tong’s personality,Peng Changyi raised his head and smiled,Didn’t say anything。
Ye Tong sit down,Suddenly no topic。
Peng Changyi felt a little bored,He stood up,Said:“I’ll pour you a glass of water,Entertain you for Secretary Zhong。”Talking,Pick up the hotel cup,Pick up the thermos,After blanching the cup,Pour out the water inside,Only then gave her a glass of water again,Sent to her。
Ye Tong stand up,Take the cup with both hands,Said:“thank you。”Because it’s too hot,Just put the cup on the bedside table。Peng Changyi is about to turn around,Hugged by Ye Tong from behind。
Peng Changyi did not move,Let Ye Tong hold herself,Ye Tong just hugged him quietly for a while,Finally pushed him away,Said:“All right。”
Peng Changyi turned around,Reached out and stroked her face,Smile,Said:“what happened?Moody。”
Ye Tong took his hand,Put on my face,Drop your eyes,Said:“Of course not high,Because I didn’t tell Zhong Mingyi to date you first,But you are not very happy。”

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