German Sheba Baby Lotion

German Sheba Baby Lotion

Product brand: Shiba Product specifications: 100ml Commodity price: 56.

00 yuan Manufacturer: Sababa Origin: Germany Product introduction: The skin of newborn babies lacks the protection of micro-acid film, which is easy to be stimulated by environmental pollution and germs.

Sheba 5.

5 Baby moisturizer contains natural nourishing ingredients such as almond oil, resin paste, squalene and lecithin, which can be quickly absorbed by the skin without clogging pores.

Contains skin repair essences ALLANTOIN and PANTHENOL, which help increase skin moisture content and match PH5.

5Slightly acidic formula, medically tested, can promote the formation of protective skin for young children, leaving skin softer and younger.

  How to use: After bathing or cleansing, apply an appropriate amount on the child’s bladder, body, hands, and feet.

  Storage method: put in a cool and dry place

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