Help you fight anti-aging after 25 years old

Every woman wants to be younger and younger, so maintaining skin is an important issue for every woman. So how can I make myself younger? Check out the following article. I believe you will not regret it.

  Always talking about anti-aging, but 20 years old anti-aging will not be too early?

Will 30 years old be too late?

When does a woman start anti-aging and start to be ideal?

And there are many ways to resist aging. Do we try every one of them?

No need to!

Remember the 7 big things that tell you below, start your anti-aging plan at the age of 25, enough!

  ”The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: The woman was 7 years old, the kidneys were flourishing, the milk teeth were replaced, and the hair began to flourish.

At the age of 14, the scorpio was born, the pulse was smooth, the pulse was too strong, and the menstruation was on time, becoming the ability of a generation of children.

At the age of 21, the kidneys are full, the real teeth are born, and the teeth are all grown.

At the age of 28, the bones are strong and strong, and the growth of the hair reaches the most lush stage. At this time, the body is the strongest.

Since then, the body has begun to age slowly. If you start to resist from the age of 28, it will be late. The following 7 major events, it is best to start from the age of 25!

  1, calcium supplement China live in the daily intake standard (DRI) based on elemental calcium, 800?
1200 mg.

Experts have confirmed that after 28 years of age, the calcium in the body is 0 per year.


The speed of 5% is reduced.

Chinese people’s foods contain low levels of calcium, so the daily calcium intake is not enough.

In this way, you should also add 600 mg of calcium to the elements, and you will be able to get the calcium you need every day.

  Calcium-containing foods: daily intake of milk, kelp and dried shrimps, soy products, animal bones, vegetables, calcium supplements.

  Experts suggest: take extra calcium supplements to meet the daily needs of the body’s calcium, measured by the elemental calcium content.

Among the several common calcium sources in the present world, the calcium content of calcium carbonate is the highest, up to 40%, which greatly exceeds calcium citrate, calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium phosphate and the like.

  2, the supplement of cellulose in this period women often have constipation, too much trouble.

Cellulose can save women from worries, it is effective in laxative, detoxification, blood fat reduction, and excessive complications.

  The cellulose content of common foods is as follows: vegetables: the highest content of bamboo shoots, the cellulose content of dried bamboo shoots reaches 30-40%, and the pepper content exceeds 40%.

  Fungi (dry): The highest content of cellulose, nearly 50% of pine mushrooms, more than 30% of the arrangement according to the most to the least: hair, mushrooms, white fungus, fungus.

  Fruit: The dried red fruit has the highest content, close to 50%, followed by mulberry, cherry, jujube, black dates, jujube, jujube, pomegranate, apple, and pear.

  3, morning is very important for health and anti-decay. 1) Eating breakfast blood vessels every day can effectively promote metabolism and keep blood vessels and immune system young. It preferably includes cereals, fruits and dairy products.

  The best choice for a beautiful woman’s breakfast is recommended: a cup of soy milk (yogurt) + two slices of whole wheat bread + eggs + carrots (other fruits).

This is just an example, it is not absolute, it can be added according to your own needs, but it is best to keep the daily breakfast: 1 serving of beans (milk) +1 grains of cereals +1 eggs +1 serving of vegetables and fruits.

  b) Do not rush to get up in the morning, wake up, stretch and let the spine also have “wake up” time, which can avoid low back pain and maintain a good posture.

  4, sleep every night on time, the best sleep is to sleep regularly 7?
8 hours.

  Usually, sleep usually has 3 postures, supine, side and prone.

For women, the best sleeping position is to lie to the right.

  5, before the age of 28, the stable weight of your body is best to maintain a healthy weight state, if you want to lose weight, it is best to complete before the age of 28.

In addition, after experiencing growth, your weight can no longer be compared with the index in your 20s. At this time, if you lose weight, you need long-lasting patience and can’t lose weight quickly.

  6, taking vitamin C and vitamin e daily supplementation of more than 1200 mg of vitamin C, 400 IU of vitamin E.
These are the two most important antioxidants that can reduce harmful deposits on the walls of blood vessels.

  7, to build a quality life-class age-added agent, it can relieve stress and relax.
Increased safe life between husband and wife to 116 will make your true age younger.

6 years old.

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