Then asked“Xiaoqianyu,Do you have any idea to enter Shrek?of course,Although our Tang Sect is qualified to let you avoid the city lord’s recommendation letter for direct interview,But if you are not strong enough, you will still be eliminated!”

Qianyu frowned“Shrek Academy……Where I can become stronger……”
If I can become stronger,Is it possible to figure out all the vague memories in my mind?
Chapter 277 Be careful this guy!(Subscribe)
Pondered for a long time,Qianyu said firmly“I am willing to join Shrek Academy!”
Him now,Completely unclear about the world,Even the soul beast and soul master mentioned by Tang Ya before,There is no clue in my mind。
Only first understand what the world is like,So you can have enough strength to protect yourself!
So as to retrieve those memories in my mind!Although he doesn’t know what it is,But still feel that those memories are vital to oneself!
After hearing Qianyu’s answer,Tang Ya smiled slightly,Followed by“Since Xiaoqianyu, you agreed,Then go to Shrek Academy with me and Beibei!”
Beibei also followed along“Ok!I believe that with Qianyu’s talent that you just showed,Passing the assessment should not be a problem”
Qianyu nodded“Ok!Thanks Tang Ya sister,And Brother Bei!”
After getting the consent of Qianyu,Tang Ya and the three got up and rushed,While walking,Tang Ya and Bei Bei began to introduce Shrek Academy to Qianyu!
Although Shrek Academy is now called the Academy,But it already has the size of a city,The identity on the whole continent is also very noble!
As for the geographical location, it is in the southeast of the Heavenly Soul Empire,It is the core of the junction of the three empires!
and,Enter Shrek Academy,And can graduate successfully,Almost all of them!
And Qianyu who knew so much information nodded thoughtfully,Then I knew that the Shrek Academy I was about to enter was such a powerful academy!

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