After speaking, he walked quickly to the man,Motioned him to put the old man in a wheelchair。

Everyone nodded to express their understanding,Many people also praised Wan Shiling for his kind hands。
“Not get in the way,Fainting caused by qi and blood barrier。”
Wan Shiling got the old man’s pulse,Then pinched up among others,The old man woke up immediately。
“Genius doctor,Doctor Wan,Thank you so much!”The man saw his father wake up,Immediately look overjoyed。
“If my diagnosis is correct,Your father’s illness should be dullness in his limbs,Bad flexion and extension,Tingling legs,Top-heavy,Can’t walk, right?”Wan Shiling is complacent with his beard。
“Not bad,Pantheon,What you said is not bad!”The man was surprised,“Can you treat my father’s illness??”
“Of course,I have a recipe,Eat for two months,Can heal。”
Wan Shiling stood up,Said leisurely。
Mo Xiaosheng has already reached the door at this time,But when I heard him,Stopped immediately,I can’t bear it:“Wan Lao,The family’s financial situation is not good,You don’t need to do things so absolutely?”
“What do you mean!”Wan Shiling cold voice。
“What do I mean you should be clear,Obviously you can get better with a few needles,Why do you have to let them take the medicine for two months??”Mo Xiaosheng sighed softly。
“fart!”Wan Shiling finally couldn’t help it anymore,Angry voice:“If he is sick with acupuncture, he can walk on the ground,I immediately smashed the sign of Qian Zhitang in front of you and everyone!”
“You don’t need to tell me this,I just give you an opinion,Hope you treat people to things,At least leave three points of compassion。”Mo Xiaosheng will continue walking outside。
“Hold on!”Wan Shiling immediately called Lin Yu,Cold voice:“You slander me,Just want to go like this?Not so easy,Either you use acupuncture and moxibustion today to get this old man to walk immediately,Or just kneel on the ground and apologize for three knocks!”
“hurry up,kowtow!”

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