“If you want to see her, call her and let her come back when she rests.。”

Yang Muhua answered with a wry smile。
“Does she have a rest?Have you seen any detective who has a rest?”
Tian Jing complained aggrievedly。
“There is always rest,It’s impossible to work overtime three hundred and sixty-five days a year,People like that would be exhausted。”
Yang Muhua said embarrassingly。
“I do not care,You call her,Let her come home to see me。”
Tian Jing continued。
“Why do I have to fight?You are her mother,Isn’t it the same for you?”
Yang Muhua said in a low voice。
“If I beat her, she will use her work to prevaricate me。”
Tian Jing knows her daughter well,So she had already thought of the result of her call。
“I’m the same,If she can prevaricate, you won’t prevaricate me?”
Yang Muhua said dumbly。
“You can give her orders directly,You order her back。”

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