“Secretary Lin?”

“Ok,Mayor Jiang’s Secretary,We work in the same room。”
Lu Yuan said:“Are you friends in Kangzhou?”
Ding Yi’s face blushed,Said:“I already said,Teacher Ding is willing to find me in Langzhu,He doesn’t want me to settle down in Kangzhou。”
“If you meet a man you like,,Love to die,Don’t you settle here??”
“That one,Never considered,All right,Let’s go,Why are you like a nag。”
Talking,The two brothers and sisters left,Ding Yi said suddenly:“By the way, brother,Wenwen wants to see you。”
“Who is Wenwen?”
“From our Youth League,I told her you are coming today,She said she wanted to see you。”
“Why she wants to see me?”
“I let her see your picture,She said to see if you are as handsome as the picture。”
“Hahaha。”Lu Yuan smiled and touched Ding Yi’s head,Said:“Did you sell me to Wenwen again??You can’t sell me a second time。”
Ding Yi smiled,Just jump downstairs briskly,To the first floor,Saw the deputy director Gong Weixian,She said happily:“brother,This is our Director Gong。”
Gong Wei saw Ding Yi lead a very beautiful officer downstairs,Quickly reached out,Holding Lu Yuan’s hand,Said:“No wonder Xiaoding is so beautiful,So my brother is so handsome。”
Ding Yi heard this,Pouting and watching my brother smile。
Lu Yuan said quickly:“Where where,Director Gong praised,Thank you for taking care of my little sister。”
Gong Weixian said:“Secretary Ding is dedicated and sensible,She always takes care of us,Have you eaten yet?”

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