Diet and health during the cold season


Diet and health during the cold season

Cold dew season recommended recipes Baizao lotus seed ginkgo porridge ingredients: Lily 30 grams, jujube 20, lotus seeds 20 grams, 15 ginkgo, 100 grams of rice, crystal sugar amount of practice: lotus seeds first boil, then add lily, jujube,Ginkgo biloba, after the rice is boiled, use a small fire until the porridge is thick. Add the rock sugar and cook it.

銆€銆€Efficacy: nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, spleen and stomach.

銆€銆€Ginkgo biloba fish soup, ginkgo, apricot, fish soup, smells fresh and delicious, with lungs and phlegm, astringent lung and cough.

At the same time, it can help treat cough and asthma for a long time, consumes qi and yin, or is flat and yin and weak, and the card shows thirst, stomach is poor, and movement is short.

銆€銆€[Materials]60 grams of ginkgo, 60 grams of southern almonds, 90 grams of yuba, 8 horseshoes, 1 raw fish (about 500 grams), ginger 2?
3 pieces.

銆€銆€Ginkgo is flat, sweet, bitter, into the lungs, spleen, has the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, nourishing the blood and muscles; South almond is slightly warm, bitter, spicy, has a cough and asthma, and the effect of replenishing the lungs and lungs”Medical Qiyuan” said that it can “except the lungs in the dry, cure the wind is dry in the chest”; yuba is flat, sweet, light, into the lungs, stomach, clear lung heat, nourishing the stomach; horseshoeSexually cold and sweet, can clear the heat and stimulate the body, dissipate the phlegm and eliminate the product, “the herb is ready to say” that it has the effect of “reinforcing the qi and eliminating the food, removing the heat to produce the body”; the raw fish is flat, sweet and moist, into the lungs,The spleen, with the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, nourishing the blood and muscle.

Combined with ginger, it has the effect of moistening the lungs and removing phlegm and astringing lungs and relieving cough.

銆€銆€[cooking]ginkgo shelling, boiled water to boil a little film; south almonds are also boiled with boiled water; yuba soaked in soft cut; horseshoe peeled, washed, cut into two halves;, 鑵? intestines, wash, and then put all the materials together in the corrugated, add 2,500 ml of water (about 10 bowls of water), after the fire is boiled, switch to simmer for 2 and a half hours to 3 hours, adjustJust enter the right amount of salt and a small amount of peanut oil. Can this amount be 2?
3 people use.

Ginkgo, raw fish can be picked up with peanut oil and soy sauce for meals.

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