Recommended for some therapeutic methods of mastitis


Recommended for some therapeutic methods of mastitis

With the increasing pressure on people’s lives in recent years, the pressure on women has also increased greatly. The stress conference has brought many diseases to female friends. Mastitis is one of them. Therefore, in daily life diet, we also attach great importance to diet.The collocation and conditioning, then let us introduce a few daily recipes to regulate the diet during mastitis.

4 kinds of therapeutic methods for mastitis 1. Kumquat leaf tea material: kumquat leaves, flower tea parts.

Available methods: 3 kumquat leaves are cleaned and dried and chopped, ready to go into the pot, add appropriate amount of water to cook for half an hour, then filter off the residue with gauze, leaving the soup in the container.

Can be used as a tea, once in the morning and evening.

2, Cistanche glutinous honey drink materials: Angelica, Cistanche, Bupleurum, red peony, kumquat leaves, Pinellia.

Exclusion method: Clean the above materials, remove the impurities, clean them, and then dry them and chop them.

Once everything is ready, put the materials into the casserole, add the right amount of water, soak the material for a while, then boil for 30 minutes.

After cooking, wrap the material with clean gauze, filter out the residue, and store the soup in a container.

Take it hot, you can add a proper amount of honey, and serve it once in the afternoon.

3, kelp tofu soup materials: kelp, tofu practices: kelp cuts, 1 tofu, boiled soup diet.

The seasoning is added as usual, and vinegar can be added.

4, braised fungus mites materials: squid, fungus, jujube practices: 槌?two or three clean, black fungus three small pieces of water to open, red dates decomposition, three slices of ginger, add seasoning, like home cooked braised method can be cookededible.

Patients with mastitis should eat light and nutritious foods such as tomatoes, greens, loofah, cucumber, chrysanthemum, sage, fresh sorghum, medlar, red bean soup, mung bean soup, etc.

Oranges, golden cakes, etc. should be eaten in fruits.

Patients with mastitis should reduce their intake of feces appropriately, such as eating less fat, cheese, and cream.

Who is prone to endometrial cancer?


What should I do to prevent endometrial cancer?

Who is prone to endometrial cancer?
What should I do to prevent endometrial cancer?

If a woman has fewer pregnancies and fewer births, it is easy to cause damage to the uterus, which can cause uterine diseases and even cause endometrial cancer.

Women should know and master the endometrial cancer in time so that they can be better prevented. What is the high-risk population of endometrial cancer?

How to prevent it?

Who is prone to endometrial cancer?

1, people have long recognized the occurrence of endometrial cancer, that is, endometrial cancer occurs in women with strong ovarian function; never occurs before menarche; postmenopausal complications, fibroids stop growing, and gradually degenerateThe growth of fibroids during pregnancy accelerates; while the growth of endometrial cancer is closely related to high estrogen levels.

2, interesting is the frequency of endometrial cancer that occurs in women who used to be sports enthusiasts.

Smoking women can reduce the risk of endometrial cancer, especially in women who are currently smoking, the risk of endometrial cancer can be reduced by 40%, and the risk reduction is not related to the amount of smoking.

3, genetic factors have an important impact on the occurrence of endometrial cancer.

The family risk of fibroids in sisters with endometrial cancer is 26.

6%, the risk of fibroids in the daughter of patients with endometrial cancer is 19.


What should I do to prevent endometrial cancer?

1, strengthen cancer awareness, usually carry out and participate in anti-cancer publicity survey, strengthen health knowledge, education for menopausal abnormal bleeding, vaginal discharge, combined with hypertension, high blood pressure or diabetes, to be vigilant, timely medical treatment, earlyDiagnosis, this is the usual prevention method for endometrial cancer.

2, treatment history found that any gynecological diseases should be treated in time, followed closely.

3, estrogen treatment of the appropriate amount of estrogen, strict control of the use of estrogen indications, menopausal women using estrogen for replacement therapy, should be used under the guidance of a doctor, while the application of progesterone to regularly transform the endometrium.

Reminder: Once diagnosed, it is necessary to treat it in time to prevent the disease from causing more damage to the body.

For patients who are weak and unable to tolerate treatment, traditional Chinese medicine can be used for nursed back to health. The overall regulation improves the body immunity, controls the disease to prevent recurrence and metastasis, prolongs life and improves the quality of life.

Related recommendations 75% of endometrial cancer occurs at this age, want to prevent this from doing so!

Women are alert to the most “love” of endometrial cancer. 8 kinds of women’s endometrial cancer surgery, what to recommend, 6 recommended therapeutic treatments

What are the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome?

What are the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome?

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common cause of female infertility, a complex disease caused by endocrine and metabolic abnormalities, which will cause great harm to women.

Many female friends who are infertile after marriage go to the hospital for examination and will be diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome.

So, are there some common symptoms in the early stages of polycystic ovary syndrome?

Lets come look.

Common symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome in the early stage 1, irregular menstruation, less menstrual flow – less menstrual flow after menarche, although monthly, but the menstrual flow is reduced; menstrual thinning – menstrual cycle delay, and some can be delayedExtending for three months or even half a year; menstrual chaos – menstruation is often twice a month or more; menstruation is irregular – menstruation is irregular, menstruation does not come, it can not stop.
2, hairy menarche (female first menstruation) before and after the phenomenon of hairy, vulva pubic hair thick, even distributed to the perianal, lower leg, calf hair thick and thick, mouth lip hair, some even around the areola, lower abdomen (below the navel) One or several long hairs are visible.

3, high blood pressure, such as most patients with obesity, especially at first not fat, leading to abnormal menstruation and rapid increase in weight.

4, skin changes are more ulcer sores, rough skin, not delicate.

5, evolutionary dysplastic women of childbearing age, although there is the possibility of pregnancy, but the hooligans are extremely high, early fetal arrest (gradual stop development) repeated.

6, ultra-excessive examination of ovarian cancer.

A common feature of this type of patient is suspicious!

The mind is heavier, often more than others think.

If the patient has the above symptoms, even if there is no diagnosis of hormone or B-ultrasound, please be sure to seek medical advice promptly. The possibility of polycystic ovary may be very large.

Related recommendations cause polycystic ovary syndrome causes polycystic ovary syndrome symptoms polycystic ovary syndrome can self-healing daily how to care and treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome what to eat recommended three adjuvant treatment diet

Health is not a luxury, but life is not working.


Health is not a luxury, but life is not working.

Think about the long-life academic masters, their work pressure is not too big, their working hours are not long, but they are very long-lived, the secret of which is that they pay attention to diet, exercise, think open, and very importantIt is also often overlooked by people that it is not speculative at work, and researching and learning in a down-to-earth manner. When certain academic papers are made, it is natural and natural, and wealth is uninvited.

From this perspective, work, earning money, and maintaining health are not contradictory.

銆€銆€Qian Xuesen, known as the father of Chinese missiles, is both an academic leader and a high-life star. He is now 97 years old.

Ji Xianlin, one of the “three big old people in Beijing” (the other two are Mr. Jin Kemu and Mr. Zhang Zhongxing), is a student of learning. The Shandong fellow and Mr. Qian Xuesen are the same age; if the old man is simple and natural, then the natural color,Zhang Zhongxing is comfortable and unique, and Mr. Jin’s article is also very sturdy and witty.

All three are scholars who have a good education, a good morality, and a healthy scholar.

There are also some well-known personal and academic authorities who have studied science in obscurity from a young age and accumulated knowledge in a down-to-earth manner. They have received the greatest rewards, in addition to academic papers, wealth, health and longevity.

If you think about it carefully, it is very reasonable to do a good job of health.

For many middle-aged people nowadays, the business is skilled, the work is less and less passionate, the total wages are low, and the pressure is high. One of the most important reasons is that they always want to be opportunistic, and they will be disappointed and desperate.

Just seeking to work, not asking for the harvest, the time will naturally return, as some people often say, good people have their own good news.

銆€銆€The ability of people is accumulated from a young age.

From the perspective of professional ethics, there is no such thing as a job, and it is difficult to get a job. The so-called “smart” is also based on hard work.

Don’t envy a few people who are lazy and get some small profits in front of you. This kind of drilling camp is not worthy of envy.

Today, steal some lazy, steal some lazy tomorrow, and go on for a long time, but the more you will work harder, the pressure will be bigger and bigger, your body will get worse and worse, you can’t find a clue.

It can be seen that opportunism is at the expense of health.

銆€銆€The traditional Chinese medicine experts said that “down-to-earth work is the health care trick for middle-aged people”. It is scientifically based. Chinese medicine says, “His, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, and shock” are seven effects that have a great impact on health.Large, once the grasp is not good, excessive, overdraft, it may lead to yin and yang disorders, qi and blood, resulting in various diseases.

One mind is speculative in work, every thing has to be measured, and research on how to opportunistic is equivalent to doing one thing as a few things, worrying, thinking is inevitable.

When I hit a “small abacus” at work, I will suffer a big loss in my body.

銆€銆€Therefore, it is advisable to treat the work with the usual heart, to treat things with indifference, to love people with kindness, to remove tackyness, to throw mediocrity, to be vain, to be unpretentious, is this not the best way to maintain health?

Postpartum weight loss golden period weight loss coup


Postpartum weight loss golden period weight loss coup

Women who gain weight during pregnancy and who regain weight effectively after delivery have an increased likelihood of persistent obesity.

銆€Charles W Schauberger, an obstetrician and gynaecologist from the Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center in the United States, said: “The weight gain during pregnancy and the effective implementation of weight loss six months after delivery are among the predictors of future long-term obesity.

Schauberger and his colleague Brenda Rooney studied the influencing factors associated with the development of long-term obesity after pregnancy.
In this initial trial, the researchers followed 795 women who were followed up between delivery and 6 months after delivery.

The delivery process of all respondents went smoothly.

In the following follow-up, the researchers performed an average of 540 of them.

A 5-year observation assesses factors associated with weight gain.

The relevant findings were published in the August issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The researchers found that women increased their body weight by an average of three months after pregnancy and before pregnancy.

7 pounds, while the results of the long-term follow-up show an average increase in weight of 13.

8 pounds.

The researchers found that women who weighed more than the recommended level at 6 months after delivery were more likely to see weight gain in the long-term.

Doctors recommend that women should have an average weight gain of 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, but those who are overweight should be between 15 and 25 pounds.

Women who lost weight after 6 months of delivery had a long-term weight gain of about 5 pounds, while those who did not lose weight after 6 months of delivery had a long-term increase in body weight of more than 18 pounds.

銆€銆€Sauberg said: “This has been a problem of deterioration in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology, that is, how much weight gains women during pregnancy, and whether this will cause long-term effects.

We are concerned about whether this weight gain after pregnancy will continue and whether it will lead to serious results.

Women who took aerobic exercise and breast milk intake for more than three months had the least weight gain from a long-term perspective, although the short-term effects of this effect were not significant.

But this does not mean that breast milk intake alone can cause long-term weight loss.

Schauberger advises women to follow the relevant weight guidelines and gradually lose weight after giving birth, rather than losing weight immediately after delivery.

What to eat for winter dinner, you can lose weight, don’t miss this 4 salads.


What to eat for winter dinner, you can lose weight, don’t miss this 4 salads.

In many strange weight loss rumors, there are statements of “noon to eat”.

In order to be thin, or to resist the rescue of intestinal fistula, or panic in the drought, or surrender in the temptation.

.銆€銆€In fact, weight loss dinner is equally important!

銆€銆€If you don’t eat dinner, the weight will drop in the short term, but it will lead to an empty period of about 10 hours. The body muscles are consumed, which reduces the speed of metabolism and hinders weight loss.

Once you resume your diet, you will gain weight quickly!

銆€銆€How should I eat a weight loss dinner?

銆€銆€If you want to have dinner, you can’t gain weight. How can you achieve such a difficult operation?


It is preferred to light diet, balance nutrient intake, heavy oil, heavy salt, spicy and greasy high-conversion food or give up, after all, it is a catalyst for gaining weight!

Of course, weight loss diet can not only focus on the transformation of food, whether it is vitamins, the replacement of trace elements, or the supplement of protein and additive fiber, which is extremely important in the process of weight loss.

銆€銆€Therefore, fruits, vegetables, and fish must be eaten at dinner. They are all low-transition and light foods.


The selection of fresh ingredients to avoid the choice of secondary processing dinner ingredients is also extremely important. Many small weight loss partners can often buy some fast-food foods or processed foods. Hot Jun also recommends that friends try not to have dinner.Eat these when you are.

There are also a large number of additives, starches, sugars and fats in processed foods.

銆€銆€At the same time, the nutrient loss is serious in the secondary processing, so if you want to lose weight or choose fresh ingredients, you can do it yourself.

銆€銆€Winter to lose weight and a good companion – hot salad to see here, the friends can not help but ask if they might ask what to eat?


Perhaps this is the first choice that many people have in their minds.

銆€銆€Yes, the salad meets all the requirements above and is easy to operate.

But in such a cold weather, is it so unfriendly to the stomach to eat so cold and blunt fruits and vegetables?

銆€銆€Let’s talk about how to make a balanced and balanced hot salad, so that you don’t have to worry about losing weight in winter. If you have enough to eat dinner, you can lose 3 pounds.

銆€銆€The main ingredients of the lemon-flavored chicken and avocado salad (Zuo: Italian salad dressing): lemon chicken, avocado, kale, chickpea, red kidney bean, sacred fruit, combination lettuce.

銆€銆€Recommended sauces: Italian salad dressing, vinaigrette, Caesar sauce, Thousand Island sauce, sweet chili sauce, fragrant roasted sesame juice.

銆€銆€Marinated in fresh lime juice, freshly baked, the unique aroma of green-yellow lemon makes the taste of chicken breasts no longer lonely.

The exquisite encounter with the forest cream – Mexican avocado, the low card is full.

With super-calcium, vitamin slam kale, called protein red kidney beans and chickpeas, eager for light weight, remember not to go hungry again.

銆€銆€Latin hot duck breast salad (Zuo: Italian salad juice) main ingredients: duck breast, kale, saint fruit, quail eggs, corn kernels, chickpeas, soba noodles, combination lettuce recommended sauce: Italian saladJuice, vinaigrette, sweet chili sauce, Caesar sauce, fragrant roasted sesame juice, Thousand Island sauce duck breast implanted with sarcoplasmic and myosin, is a nourishing elasticity and collagen, kale is a super vegetable with high calcium and high vitamins.Soba noodles and chickpeas ensure adequate protein and conversion substitution.

The whole salad gives you a natural look with a variety of low-transformed food wisdom.

銆€銆€Sauce beef and avocado salad (with: vanilla salad dressing) main ingredients: sauce veal, avocado, cashew, okra, virgin fruit, corn kernels, buckwheat, combination lettuce recommended sauce: vinaigrette, fragrant bakingSesame juice, Caesar sauce, Italian salad dressing, vanilla salad dressing, Thousand Island sauce beef is the most protein, small, low, and helps digestion, buckwheat contains high carbohydrates, high fiber, high protein.

The entire salad allows high-quality protein combinations to make the muscles beat.

銆€銆€Monkey West Shrimp Salad (Soy: Vinegar) Main ingredients: fresh shrimp, asparagus, broccoli, buckwheat, sacred fruit, red kidney beans, combined lettuce.

銆€銆€Recommended sauces: sweet and spicy sauce, vinaigrette, Caesar sauce, Thousand Island sauce, Italian salad dressing, fragrant roasted sesame juice, fresh shrimp, protein content, can be very low, almost no excess, asparagus residue fiber, reduce constipation during weight lossPhenomenon, red kidney beans, broccoli replace low dose food.

The whole salad has fresh pork and tender meat, and the fresh asparagus with Xiaoyu’s first makeup makes the beauty look unlimited.

Don’t take the urinary dysfunction, the man’s urine is more harmful.


Don’t take the urinary dysfunction, the man’s urine is more harmful.

It is not difficult to understand that it affects kidney function. Men put urinary sputum on the body and can hardly resist it. They do not know that urine contains a lot of bacteria, which is a form of detoxification.

In this case, it is equal to the male friend who keeps the toxins on the body. The bacterial infection then forms a urinary tract infection, and the urinary tract infection spreads up to the kidney. Therefore, it affects the male kidney function. Many male kidney deficiency is also difficult to maintain.

Inducing cystitis Urine dialysis in the bladder will completely increase the burden on the bladder. The human body organs have the same pressure as the machine.

Stored urine can erode the bladder’s inner membrane, which can cause cystitis.

Incontinence Many people have this feeling in their lives. If you want to go to the bathroom when you sleep at night, but you are too lazy to go up, you still want to sleep a little longer, in this case, you dream again.

However, if you are in a dream, dream of the toilet or hear the sound of water, you may get a bed.

This is the spiritual factor of human beings. If you have to urinate for a long time, you want to endure it and you are afraid that the urine will not help yourself. Over time, it will induce a spiritual residual urine, and you will see the toilet and hear the sound of water. The body will not be conscious.The beginning of urination.

The male reproductive organs that affect male sexual function are connected together. If there is a problem in this part, it will affect the function of other parts.

If this local function is infected by bacteria, the bacteria may spread to other parts.

Males often urinate, which causes the nerves here to bear excessive pressure. The nerves are blocked and spread to other parts, which will directly affect the male sexual function, and even induce male coldness and the like.

Beware of prostatitis Many men are 40 years old. Due to age, there are not a few men who have prostatitis. However, hemateuria is a common cause of prostatitis.

In the body, urine can cause glandular contraction in the prostate gland, causing prostate congestion and the like, leading to increased male reproductive organs.

Accompanied by frequent urination, urgency and the like.

It is very harmful to male friends. Therefore, male friends should try not to pee in the daily routine.

Traditional Chinese medicine for treating epilepsy


Traditional Chinese medicine for treating epilepsy

Whole sputum: Weixin, lukewarm, into the liver, can extinguish the wind and cough, Tongluo pain, detoxification and disperse, apply to the convulsion caused by wind evil, have a smoking syndrome at the time of attack, known as “cough and pump”medicine”.

It contains a toxic protein, which can paralyze the respiratory center and has a hemolysis effect. The experiment proves that it has anticonvulsant effect.

It should be noted that all cockroaches are toxic, and the dosage should be paid attention to when using.

The usual amount is generally 2?

5 grams (or 1?
3), Shanwei 1?
2 grams.

銆€銆€铚堣殻: Sexual taste salty, warm, into the liver, can extinguish the wind and cough, Tongluo pain, attack and disperse.

It has strong anti-cough effect and is suitable for seizures and seizures caused by seizures.

铚堣殻 contains two toxic components similar to bee venom, namely histamine-like substance and hemolytic protein, which have certain toxicity. The experiment proves that it has central inhibition, anticonvulsant and analgesic effect.

The effect of stopping the interest is stronger than the whole.

Its usual amount is 1?
3 grams (1?
3), into the pill, the amount of halving, swallowed at the end of the study, each time 0.

1 g.

銆€銆€Silkworm: Sexual taste salty, Xin, Ping, into the liver, lung.

Efficacy to extinguish the wind and cough, phlegm and heat, phlegm and stasis, suitable for epilepsy caused by liver wind and heat.

The silkworm mainly contains protein and cockroaches.

Animal experiments have anticonvulsant and hypnotic effects.

Commonly used amount: 3?

10 grams, 1 each time?

5 grams.

銆€銆€Earth dragon: Sexual taste salty, cold, liver, spleen, bladder.

Can extinguish the wind and collaterals, clearing heat and shock, asthma, diuretic, suitable for warm, dizzy, smoking or stagnant.

“Herbal Supplements” said: “The treatment of temperature is too hot, mad, the main day of the heat, pediatric fever seizures.”

Earthworm contains sputum, sputum, scorpion toxin, cholesterol, choline, amino acids and so on.

Pharmacological tests have shown that the extract of Dilong hot water and alcohol extract has calming and anticonvulsant effect.

Commonly used amount: Jiantang 5?

15 grams, fresh 10?
20 grams, powdered orally 1?
2 grams.

銆€銆€铦夎湑: Sexual sweetness, cold, liver, lung.

Can evacuate wind and heat, but also can be used to relieve cough and phlegm.

The main component of cockroach is chitin. Animal experiments have shown sedation, anticonvulsant, antipyretic, antiallergic, immunosuppressive, analgesic and ganglion blocking.

Commonly used amount: 3?
10 grams, Shuijianbi, or single taste powder.
銆€銆€Antelope Horn: salty, cold, liver, heart.

Can flatten the liver to extinguish the wind, clearing the heat and shocking, detoxification, attending heat and stun, convulsions, convulsions, for the treatment of liver wind, convulsions and convulsions.

The antelope horn mainly contains keratin and phosphorus, calcium and other components.

Animal experiments have antipyretic, anticonvulsant, analgesic, and sedative effects, which can enhance the tolerance of animals to hypoxia.

Generally, the amount of water decoction is 1?
3 grams.

Fry for more than 2 hours, take juice.

Reduce the amount to 0 when grinding or grinding powder.


6 grams.

銆€銆€Niuhuang: Sexual taste bitter, cool, return to the liver, heart.

The effect is to extinguish the wind and stop the shock, remove the phlegm, clear the heat and detoxify, and use it for the convulsions caused by the heat.

“The famous doctor does not record” pointed out that “children are sick, the fists are not open, and adults are crazy.”
The bile acid contained in bezoar has sedative and anticonvulsant effects, can alleviate experimental convulsions in animals, and can enhance the sedative effect of sodium barbital and chloral hydrate on animals.

The clinically used amount is 0.


5 grams.
銆€銆€Uncaria: sweet, slightly bitter, slightly cold, return to the liver, pericardium.

Efficacy Pinggan Xifeng, clearing heat and shock, suitable for yang sputum in the liver, hot convulsions caused by convulsions.

The main components of Uncaria are rhynchophylline and isoflavone. This drug has obvious sedative effects, can reduce the excitability of the cerebral cortex, and has the effect of preventing and controlling seizures.

Commonly used amount: 10?
15 grams, its active ingredient is easy to destroy after heating with vine alkali, so it should not be fried for a long time. Generally, the water decoction time should not exceed 20 minutes.

銆€銆€Gastrodia: Sexual sweet, flat, return to the liver.

Can extinguish the wind and cough, calm the liver and yang, hurricane and collaterals, apply to the yang sputum in the liver, the convulsions caused by the liver wind movement.

Gastrodia mainly contains calming active ingredients such as vanillin, vanillin and gastrodin. Pharmacological experiments show that it has sedative, hypnotic, anticonvulsant and analgesic effects, which can effectively stop seizures.

The usual amount is 3?

銆€銆€Oysters: Salty, salty, slightly cold.

Go to the liver, kidney.

Efficacy Pinggan Qianyang, soft and firming, convergence and solid, suitable for irritability, dizziness, convulsions, insomnia, heat and yin, virtual wind, Shen Shen and other evidence, for the liver and yang.

Oysters contain inorganic salts, which can reduce the excitability of nerve cells, have sedative, anti-inflammatory and inhibit convulsions.

Commonly used amount: 10?
30 grams, should be broken first fried.

銆€銆€Stone Cassia: Sexual taste is salty and cold.

Go to the liver.
Can Pinggan Qianyang, clear liver and eyesight, attending liver and kidney yin deficiency, liver through wind and heat, dizziness, hand, foot and other evidence.

Stone Cassia contains calcium carbonate, magnesium, and chlorine ions, which have an inhibitory effect on nerve cell excitability and have certain anti-shock effects.

“Medicine in the heart of the West”: “Shi Jieming . for the liver of the liver of the liver.”
Commonly used amount: decoction 9?
30 grams.

銆€銆€Amber: Sexual sweet, flat.

Heart, liver, bladder.

Efficacy calms the nerves, promotes blood circulation, diuretic pass.

The attendant was shocked and bruised.

Amber mainly contains resin, volatile oil, succinyl rosin acid, amber rosin acid, amber silver acid, succinyl alcohol, amber rosin alcohol and succinic acid.

Pharmacological studies have shown that succinic acid has a central inhibitory effect, which can calm hypnosis, cool down and resist convulsions.

Chang Yan’s final blunt, 1 each time.

5?3 grams, no decoction.

銆€銆€Shichangpu: Spicy, bitter, warm.

Heart, stomach.

It can be aromatized and wet, open and refreshed, and it will be used for stunned and dizzy.

Shichangpu mainly contains volatile oil, mainly 伪-asarone, 尾-asarone, etc. Its decoction has central sedative effect on animals and has certain anticonvulsant effect.

The use of phenytoin can significantly improve the efficacy of phenytoin.

The initial clinical report has the effect of different treatments for seizures and seizures of various causes.

Commonly used amount: 5?

銆€銆€Yuanzhi: Sexual taste, bitterness, and lukewarm.

Return to the lungs, heart, kidney.
Be good at calming the nerves, clearing the phlegm, dissipating the bloated.

It is mainly used for the treatment of epileptic evidence such as qi stagnation, deficiencies, turbidity and stagnation.

Pharmacological tests have confirmed the sedative, hypnotic and anti-five effect of pentamethyltetrazole, and the length of “traffic heart and kidney”.

Commonly used amount: 5?
15 grams.

銆€銆€鑼嫇: Sexual sweet, light, flat.

Heart, lung, spleen, bladder.

It can dilute the water, strengthen the spleen and make up the nerves.

Indications for lung sputum, chest and chest anger, sorrow and sorrow and sorrow, and cure pediatric epilepsy.

It mainly contains antimony additives, citric acid, protein, ergosterol, potassium salt, etc., and has a calming effect.

Modernity often uses this product to decoction (60 grams each time, 1 dose per day) to treat schizophrenia.

銆€銆€Suanzaoren: Sexually sweet, sour, flat.

Heart, liver, gallbladder.

It is beneficial to nourish the heart and benefit the liver, soothe the nerves, and converge on the sweat. It is suitable for lack of blood, heart and spleen, dizziness and heart palpitations.

Suanzaoren contains jujube saponin, thin oil, protein, K-sitosterol, volatile oil and so on.

Experiments have shown that small doses have a sedative effect, and a slightly larger dose has a hypnotic effect.

Its sedative, hypnotic active ingredient is achieved, and its effect on the central nervous system is similar to that of a general antipsychotic.

The usual amount for decoction is 10?
20 grams.
At the end of the study, swallow, 1 each time.

5?3 grams.

銆€銆€Stone: Sexual sweet, salty, flat.

Return to the lungs, liver.

Can Pinghe Zhenzheng, the gas is falling, the main cause of headache and headache.

“Materia Medica” said: “Can calm the liver and qi, for the cure of the stunned holy medicine.”

“Materia Medica is new” said: “The cure for stubborn disease.”

Commonly used amount: 5?

Break the cloth and fry first.

銆€銆€Scorpio yellow: sweet and cold.

Heart, liver.

The effect of clearing away heat and phlegm, cool heart and shock, attending epilepsy, epilepsy, convulsions in children, fever and fainting.

“Materia Medica” said: “The sputum is slow, clearing the heat, and setting the spirit of the gods.”

Therefore, before the ancient rule of the child, the wind was stunned, and the nightingale did not sleep. If the adult had a stroke, the voice was lost, and the wind was used in the medicine.

Commonly used amount: 3?
6 grams, smashed at the end of the study, each time 0.

5?1 g.

銆€銆€Tiannan Star: Sexual taste bitter, Xin, warm.


Return to the liver, lungs, spleen.

The effect is dampness and phlegm, phlegm and cough, and stagnation. It is mainly used for epileptic seizures caused by wind sputum.

Tiannanxing contains amino acids and alkaloids. It has phlegm, sedative, anticonvulsant and analgesic effects. It is often compatible with sputum and gastrodia.

Commonly used amount: 3?
10 grams, the raw decoction should be fried for a long time.

9 strokes to achieve a beautiful dream quickly


9 strokes to achieve a beautiful dream quickly

In everyday life, the plan will never catch up with change.

Even if your schedule is well arranged every day, temporary changes will make you unprepared.

If you have a date tomorrow, or see an important customer, how can you suddenly become beautiful and become slimmer?

Today, Xiaobian has prepared an emergency slimming method for you 12 hours before the date.

As long as you do as follows.

It is guaranteed to be much thinner the next day, and the appearance of beauty in front of everyone.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€1銆佹垜涓嶈閰掔簿 銆€銆€濡傛灉浣犲枬浜嗗ぇ閲忕殑閰掔簿楗枡锛岄偅涔堜綘灏辨鍦ㄤ娇浣犵殑韬綋娓愭笎鑶ㄨ儉銆俬ow do I say this?

That is to say, too much alcohol will increase the feeling of thirst, and then we said earlier, the more water you drink, the more the body will swell, the alcohol is the feeling of thirst, so you can drink more water.Therefore, we are also included in one of the enemies of the “slim plan”.

銆€銆€2, corrective posture: out of the charming gait shoulders slightly backwards and natural drooping, pay attention to the abdomen chest.

The advantage of insisting on this is that because the abdomen is often in a state of tension, over time, the muscles become more and more obvious, and the stomach also reverses the obvious contraction.

銆€銆€3, straight standing and sitting posture Imagine a rope tied to the top of your head to pull you up.

This is a bit like the Chinese ancient saying “head cantilever cones”, but we have not used it to correct the posture.

This kind of correct sitting posture will give you confidence, and you will feel that the upright sitting position and standing position seem to make you grow a few inches higher in the blink of an eye.

銆€銆€4, the sideways movement of the upper limbs makes your lower abdomen obviously tightened. Only one night’s exercise for the lower abdomen will make it obviously tighten, it is incredible?

But it did happen.

Body coach recommended to us: Do 30 turn movements (hold your hands in the back of your head, quickly change the upper limbs alternately to the left and right, pay attention not to use the limbs as the axis, keep the axis of motion above the pelvis), then do 30 timesThe upper limbs move sideways (keep the previous posture, but pay attention to the short joints do not move, do the upper limbs sideways movement to the left and right sides respectively).

Overnight, you will have a gratifying change in your lower abdomen. If you stick to it for a long time, you will have excellent results!

銆€銆€5, the right diet: Do not eat too much water, drink 8-10 cups of water a day will make your skin look sleek, but at the same time these water will let you expand quickly in just 24 hoursGetting rid of excess water in your body can lead to accelerated digestion.

So remember, if you want to have a slimming effect the next day, don’t infiltrate the water on the first day and keep your body in shape.

銆€銆€6, a suitable breakfast every morning to replace the juice with a piece of fresh fruit – the benefit of this is to accelerate the process of absorption and decomposition of food.

Don’t underestimate this small change, it has played a very important role in a key moment such as the abdomen, and it is good to eat fruit at breakfast every day for people’s digestive system and metabolism!

銆€銆€7, let the gas go away, don’t spend another whole day through the chewing gum to prevent obesity – your inhalation will get a lot of gas in the day – this can only look fatter!

For the same reason, try to eat foods that are difficult to digest, like various beans, fried foods and high-fat foods.

Instead, you should eat more fruits, like grapes.

銆€銆€8, collect traps and do not eat a single carbohydrate food, such as pizza, spaghetti, etc., these will make you gain weight, should eat less.

銆€銆€9, to avoid salt by avoiding high sodium compounds to achieve the effect of reducing water intake.

All kinds of crackers and popcorn are just the culprit.

Some people don’t know that many soda foods and low-fat snacks will also greatly increase the intake of salt, so carefully look at the nutrients before buying.

5 good 5 bogey


5 good 5 bogey

The five benefits of eating jujube: 1, the face ruddy doctor said: women are more likely to suffer from iron deficiency anemia.

On average, about 20% of adolescent women, 50% of pregnant women will have anemia.

銆€銆€Arsenic iron in jujube has an important effect on monthly menstrual anemia and postpartum blood loss, and its effect is usually unmatched by drugs.

Jujube also contains a large amount of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which can regulate the body’s metabolism, so that new cells can be rapidly formed, old and dead cells are quickly eliminated, and can enhance the degeneration and hematopoietic function and enhance the red blood cell content in the blood.

銆€銆€2, skin moisturizing dermatologists believe that long-term work in front of the computer will lead to many skin problems, the most serious of which is dry.

銆€銆€Jujube is rich in nutrients, with the highest levels of vitamin C and vitamin P, ranking the top of all kinds of fruits.

In fresh red dates, the content of vitamin C is 7 higher than that of citrus?
10 times, 75 times that of Apple.

Generally recognized lemons are rich in vitamin P, but the scores of fresh dates are inferior.

Regular jujube can enhance the elasticity of the skin, and the subcutaneous tissue is full, making the skin delicate and smooth.

銆€銆€3, not long wrinkled red is not just a legend, wrinkles can not be long, but can grow later, and later!

銆€銆€The vitamin C contained in the jujube is a highly active reducing antioxidant substance, which can participate in physiological oxygen reduction in the body, prevent melanin deposition in the body, and can effectively reduce wrinkles and pigmentation.

銆€銆€4, slimming weight loss clothes are best to wear XXS – thin skinny women can also find reasons to lose weight in their own body.

Losing weight for women is sometimes not one thing, another attitude to life!

銆€銆€Jujube has the function of promoting intestinal peristalsis and is a good product for weight loss.

Lying on the sofa, watching TV, playing games, you can also chew a red date when your mouth is too busy.

You should have heard that chewing gum has the effect of thin face, chewing red dates is better!

However, it is worth reminding that the sugar content of jujube is very high, and the transition is not low, so if your goal is to lose weight, please control the intake of jujube.

銆€銆€5, not easy to get sick of cancer, the problem of AIDS has not yet been overcome, and the so-called new flu has appeared!

The headache is dead!

Ordinary flu is often recruited, how should this new type be dealt with?

Not to mention the cold weather, more terrible diseases need to be prevented!

銆€銆€Jujube extracts, including jujube juice, have anti-fatigue effects.

In addition, jujube can also promote the reproduction of spleen lymphocytes, improve human immunity, make people less susceptible to illness, and long-term eating constitution will have significant improvement.

銆€銆€Eat jujube taboo: 1, jujube is nourishing and nourishing good, can be eaten regularly, but avoid excessive, excessive consumption can cause stomach acidity, bloating and other problems.

Moreover, jujube skin of red dates is difficult to digest, so be sure to chew slowly.

銆€銆€2, the high sugar content of red dates has certain harm to the teeth.

If you eat too many red dates, but not enough water, it is easy to damage your teeth.

People who have already had dental problems are not suitable for jujube.

銆€銆€3, red dates are best not to eat with cucumber or radish.

Radish contains ascorbate, and cucumber contains vitamin decomposing enzymes, which may damage vitamins in other foods.

銆€銆€4, red dates do not eat with the animal liver.

The copper, iron and other elements of liver cancer in animals, copper and iron ions can easily oxidize the vitamins contained in other foods and lose their efficacy.

銆€銆€5, do not eat red dates when taking antipyretics.

Taking an antipyretic drug while eating a food with a high sugar content tends to form an insoluble complex, which reduces the initial absorption rate of the drug.

Jujube is a food with high sugar content, so it can not be eaten with antipyretic drugs.