Xu Shuang couldn’t think of these。

Soon they started recording。The two hosts’ eyes brightened after seeing Xu Shuang and Shen Zhiyue。
“The atmosphere in our recording room today is better than ever,I hosted this show for so long,Seldom come across a moment like today,Today, the show team invited two handsome guys at once,I’m so excited,I can hardly speak anymore。”
“Haha,I’m better than you,I have been reviewing their work last night,Now I have calmed my mood,I will be able to look directly at them when I face them later。”
“Hahaha,I have watched them all night,You are used to their dignified looks, right?。”
“Yes,The beauty of these two can be said to be the ceilings in their respective styles。Now domestic male idols can best become the representative of the face value ceiling in the hearts of many girls,That must be Xu Shuang。”
“Our cool guy is handsome and strong,Just last year,Many authors have publicly stated that a certain male god character in the book was created by reference to Xu Shuang。”
“Nowadays, the popular comics can also see the shadow of Shuang Ge,Brother Shuang can be said to be a tear man
“Shuang, who is full of youthful feelings, really makes people have to love。”
The two hosts praised Xu Shuang about the existence of heaven and earth,Shen Zhiyue wanted to roll his eyes after hearing this,He thought in his heart,shallow,Fortunately, his baby is not as superficial as these women。
“Congratulations to brother Shuang,It seems that you have been recognized by the public。”Shen Zhiyue reached out and patted Xu Shuang。
Xu Shuang smiled:“You are not bad。But Brother Yue, you have a good temper,I thought you would ask to introduce you first,I didn’t find you and gave me the opportunity。”
Shen Zhiyue said:“Who am i,everybody knows,Everyone just needs to understand my work,As for my appearance is good or bad,Should be judged by my family。”
Xu Shuang:People in love are terrible。

The goddesses in the dream have become teachers of Deyi Shuangxin。

Now I see Zhan Li, the former dream goddess,It reminds him of his youth。
Just listen to what Chi Jiao and Qu Wan’er said,It seems that this goddess is pretty ugly。
I don’t know if the same sex repels,That’s why the two of them reject this eldest sister so much。
Seeing them all smiled and greeted us,Just catch up,Asked in a low voice:“Who is the other man?”
“Shengtiange,The male second of a costume brotherhood idol drama that went viral last year。”Chi Jiao introduced,Asked in surprise,“Don’t you even know him?”
Fang Hao smiled embarrassedly:“I only know him in ancient clothes,Now he is wearing fashion,Where can I recognize it?”
Actually,He can’t recognize the costume,Never heard of it。
Chapter One Six Seven Female nerve
Luo Xiaohu athlete out,Good stamina,He got ahead of Wu Xuan,Took the suitcase from Zhan Li。
——There is another reason,That’s when Wu Xuan recognized Zhan Li after walking a certain distance,I heard of her reputation,Suddenly I didn’t want to get too close with this big sister。
Now because of the erosion of time,Although not super,But it can also be counted as one level。
Although Zhan Li is a little older,But well maintained,Looks relatively young,The goddess of ancient costume,Not to mention the appearance,Super beauty。

Xu Xuan tentatively made a shot。

Jeff·Teague is unmoved。
Xu Xuan tried again。
Teague is still unmoved。
Xu Xuan is ready to continue testing!
But Jeff·Teague——
“Do you have any tricks?,See if I will move.”
Xu Xuan was also dumbfounded!
To be honest,He has never seen such an arrogant person when he grows up.
“Eh?!do not talk,You saw it today!”
Jeff·Teague picks his nostrils。
What makes Xu Xuan more uncomfortable is,When he was going to continue to fake Teague,Teague put away his defensive position,With his hands on his waist。
Hands on hips……
Hands on hips……
A black head and a few big question marks appeared on Xu Xuan’s forehead.

Then asked“Xiaoqianyu,Do you have any idea to enter Shrek?of course,Although our Tang Sect is qualified to let you avoid the city lord’s recommendation letter for direct interview,But if you are not strong enough, you will still be eliminated!”

Qianyu frowned“Shrek Academy……Where I can become stronger……”
If I can become stronger,Is it possible to figure out all the vague memories in my mind?
Chapter 277 Be careful this guy!(Subscribe)
Pondered for a long time,Qianyu said firmly“I am willing to join Shrek Academy!”
Him now,Completely unclear about the world,Even the soul beast and soul master mentioned by Tang Ya before,There is no clue in my mind。
Only first understand what the world is like,So you can have enough strength to protect yourself!
So as to retrieve those memories in my mind!Although he doesn’t know what it is,But still feel that those memories are vital to oneself!
After hearing Qianyu’s answer,Tang Ya smiled slightly,Followed by“Since Xiaoqianyu, you agreed,Then go to Shrek Academy with me and Beibei!”
Beibei also followed along“Ok!I believe that with Qianyu’s talent that you just showed,Passing the assessment should not be a problem”
Qianyu nodded“Ok!Thanks Tang Ya sister,And Brother Bei!”
After getting the consent of Qianyu,Tang Ya and the three got up and rushed,While walking,Tang Ya and Bei Bei began to introduce Shrek Academy to Qianyu!
Although Shrek Academy is now called the Academy,But it already has the size of a city,The identity on the whole continent is also very noble!
As for the geographical location, it is in the southeast of the Heavenly Soul Empire,It is the core of the junction of the three empires!
and,Enter Shrek Academy,And can graduate successfully,Almost all of them!
And Qianyu who knew so much information nodded thoughtfully,Then I knew that the Shrek Academy I was about to enter was such a powerful academy!

But Lu Xin’s concerns,This half a million,Can i afford it。

Think twice,Lu Xin made up his mind。
Who would have trouble with money!
“Lao Xia,I know,You have this heart,I am very touched。”
“How are we old brothers being polite?,Then I’ll leave first,Waiting for your good news。”
Xia Yuan arched his hands,Left the office。
Out of the building,Lin Jiang is waiting outside。
“Master Xia,how about it?”
Xia Yuan sternly,For Lin Jiang,He doesn’t care。
Lin family affairs,He probably understood。
This Lin Jiang and his old son Lin Zhihao,Fighting with a cerebral palsy,Actually even lost。
This kind of people,I can’t use it for myself in the future,Too unreliable!
“Wait for news。”

A batch of the Lakers,A batch from the Clippers。

Before,The Clippers are weak,Shivering under the wings of the Lakers。
But it’s different now,The Lakers are losing ground,Keep stumbling,The Clippers are just right,Vigorous,Now it’s hard to say which side has more fans,This problem cannot even be investigated online。
ESPNwithTNTHave been surveyed on the Internet,In the end, no results were found,Because of the census,The fans on both sides quarreled,Then shake each other,Faster than anyone typing,Faster than the internet.
In the end, I can’t help it.。
But although there is no statistics,,But everyone still has a count。
There are many old Lakers fans,There are many new fans for the Clippers。
Just like doing business,The fans are also realistic,He will support you if you can win,in contrast,Teams that no one wants to support by themselves lose and lose every day.So the people who can still support the Lakers are basically feelings.,Especially after Kobe retired,Many people can’t even find this feeling。
If it wasn’t for Xu Xuan to join in,,It is estimated that the few Lakers fans will be divided up by the Clippers,Except those who have been fans for more than ten or twenty years or even longer。
right now,Xu Xuan is here,The result is different。
The former Lakers were lifeless,And now,Vigorous!
Because of Xu Xuan,It also attracted a lot of neutral or even fans who originally turned to the Clippers,no way,Xu Xuan’s popularity is really high。
When Xu Xuan was in Indiana,,That is a small city,The pride of a big city like Los Angeles,Stars who look down on small cities,but now,Do you dare to look down on Xu Xuan??
Can’t beat you!
Pride is serious,Protect shortcomings seriously,The two do not conflict!
And what do you say when Xu Xuan plays.Show off,Is real show,Various Sao operations,I don’t see it once in ten games,But look at Xu Xuan,I can see it ten times in one session。

“Shaq,Defeat Olajuwon and Barkley at the same time,Isn’t it to make you look greater??”Kobe started to excite,He worried that O’Neill would lose the chain,At the same time he also knows what to say is most useful to O’Neal。

“Makes sense!Hahaha,If I can win both of them,Then I see what the old guy Olajuwon has to say!”
Ding!Flicker success。
The focus of the Lakers’ offense has all come to Kobe,O’Neill,The pick-and-roll effect of the two walls of Ben Wallace is very good。
Plus Kobe’s dexterous and smooth running position,Mario Elli is exhausted。
The result of this adjustment is,O’Neill has no mobile phone,But the Lakers’ offense has maintained super high efficiency after Kobe is the only end point.。
Kobe feels hot today,Plus the shooting opportunity is great,The basketball hits as if it is equipped with a navigator。
Barkley and Olajuwon’s offense,No longer has a crushing advantage when facing O’Neal and Ben Wallace’s defense。
They found that Ben Wallace lost the draft with both strength and agility.,Seems to be everywhere on the defensive end,Barkley can no longer get excellent outside shots,And Olajuwon has to pay attention to Ben Wallace’s defense when dealing with O’Neal.。
Olajuwon can still maintain a good hit rate with help defense,But Barkley, who faced Ben Wallace head-on, had a headache。Ben Wallace’s defense makes it very difficult for Barkley to start。
Than power,at most55open。
Specific speed,Ben Wallace, young and similar in height, is even better。
Than experience,Ben Wallace doesn’t even eat shakes,He has eaten Kobe’s fake moves countless times in training,And Barkley’s fake action must be lame compared to Kobe。
Halftime,Lakers go-ahead score,51:43Lead8Minute。As the main point of attack, Kobe recklessly swayed his offensive talent,15cast9Get in23Minute1board1help。
This is to put all energy on the offensive end of Kobe’s lethality,This is the scary thing about Kobe, who feels hot。
Give me the ball!I can enter!
Kobe’s offense eclipses the Houston Big Three。

Hu Liena sees Yan Yiyi not forgiving,Frowning good-looking brows“Yan,Don’t go too far!”

of course!
She’s not worried about Xu Sheng,But worried that Yan lost to the auxiliary system as a strong attack system,Will dampen his self-confidence in practice!
Xu Sheng only relies on the physical attributes blessed by the nine terrifying spirit rings on his body,Are far from what Yan can resist!
“it is good……I accept your challenge”
Chapter Twenty Slap problem
Xie Yue gave Xu Sheng a surprised look,He thought the latter would decisively refuse。
After all, Auxiliary Spirit Masters vs. Power Attack Spirit Masters,There is basically no chance of winning。
not to mention,Yan is a soul master,Possess two hundred-year spirit rings!
Pure attack,Even surpassed myself!
Seeing the scene is no longer under my control,Hu Liena sighed helplessly,With a hint of pleading“Xu Sheng,You start lightly,Yan is also our teammate……”

After speaking, he walked quickly to the man,Motioned him to put the old man in a wheelchair。

Everyone nodded to express their understanding,Many people also praised Wan Shiling for his kind hands。
“Not get in the way,Fainting caused by qi and blood barrier。”
Wan Shiling got the old man’s pulse,Then pinched up among others,The old man woke up immediately。
“Genius doctor,Doctor Wan,Thank you so much!”The man saw his father wake up,Immediately look overjoyed。
“If my diagnosis is correct,Your father’s illness should be dullness in his limbs,Bad flexion and extension,Tingling legs,Top-heavy,Can’t walk, right?”Wan Shiling is complacent with his beard。
“Not bad,Pantheon,What you said is not bad!”The man was surprised,“Can you treat my father’s illness??”
“Of course,I have a recipe,Eat for two months,Can heal。”
Wan Shiling stood up,Said leisurely。
Mo Xiaosheng has already reached the door at this time,But when I heard him,Stopped immediately,I can’t bear it:“Wan Lao,The family’s financial situation is not good,You don’t need to do things so absolutely?”
“What do you mean!”Wan Shiling cold voice。
“What do I mean you should be clear,Obviously you can get better with a few needles,Why do you have to let them take the medicine for two months??”Mo Xiaosheng sighed softly。
“fart!”Wan Shiling finally couldn’t help it anymore,Angry voice:“If he is sick with acupuncture, he can walk on the ground,I immediately smashed the sign of Qian Zhitang in front of you and everyone!”
“You don’t need to tell me this,I just give you an opinion,Hope you treat people to things,At least leave three points of compassion。”Mo Xiaosheng will continue walking outside。
“Hold on!”Wan Shiling immediately called Lin Yu,Cold voice:“You slander me,Just want to go like this?Not so easy,Either you use acupuncture and moxibustion today to get this old man to walk immediately,Or just kneel on the ground and apologize for three knocks!”
“hurry up,kowtow!”