He is also a man who can bend and stretch,Otherwise, you won’t get the boss’s position,Heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses,He peeked,All the people who besieged the girl have fallen to the ground,It’s too late if you don’t bugger。

Scar Man quickly jumped out of the ring and shouted:“stop!”
We stopped when we heard it,The few uninjured scoundrels returned to him tremblingly,I was scared by my terrifying skill just now。
At this time, Scar Man looked at the number of people around him,Even scared the souls of the dead,Because there are only brothers who can walk, including him6people。
Fang Xianjing walked over and stood shoulder to shoulder with me,Handsome men and pretty women,A good pair of golden boys and girls,But in their eyes we have become black and white impermanence,Dedicated to sorrow。
Scar man can’t help but regret secretly,Why is it so big,No more brothers,But now it’s too late to regret,He adjusted his mood,Try to keep calm:“The mountain does not turn around,See you in the rivers and lakes,We have already seen the strength of the two,It’s really heroic,Today, our Liangzi revealed it,If you meet in the future, you can even talk about the wine,how is it?”
The scene speaks smoothly,But his trembling hands betrayed his nervous mood。
I smiled and said:“Before the war,What did i say,Do you remember?”
Scar man’s nerves are tight at this time,Don’t remember what nonsense I said,Stunned:“what?”
I said:“brothers,It seems you have a bad memory,I’ll help you remember,I said if you move the knife,Then I will send you to jail for a lifetime,Go in and repent。”
Scar man looks around,indeed,Lie down there3A brother with a knife,They are also the most injured,Other people lie down, it’s just a broken arm and a broken leg,“Ouch!Ouch!”Howling,Doesn’t seem to suffer any internal injuries,But that3People lying there are already unconscious,Blood around,Shocking。
Seeing this scene, he refreshed his knowledge of my force,Imagine in a big melee with so many people,I can figure out the severity of beating,He knows how far away from me,I can’t afford to fight anymore。
Scared man,Whispered way:“brothers,Let us go today,Later but by dispatch,We must go all out!Our Chaotian Gang can still talk around here,Believe it can help you!”
unfortunately,I am not near here,I didn’t even think about developing in Tan City in the future,And these people are extremely evil,Dare to openly wound people with a lethal weapon in broad daylight,Must eliminate evil。
I said coldly:“Sorry,I speak a word,You wait to go to jail to repent!”
Scar Man didn’t expect me to be so decisive at a young age,Since there is no room for change,After all, as the boss, he also put away his begging for mercy,Raise the sky to make a haha domineering way:“it is good,It’s really a hero,Let me learn your brilliance today!”
Several people replaced the iron rods in their hands with machetes,Scar man’s fierce way:“Ask you one last time,If everyone shakes hands and makes peace,I’ll leave,If you insist on finding trouble,Then don’t blame me for bleeding you。”
I took a look at Fang Xianjing,She nodded at me,I replied:“You did so many bad things,Today is the time to end。”
“it is good!”He no longer speaks too much,Arranged a dog chain and another person to deal with Fang Xianjing,Left4The strongest one cut at me!

“Whenever something happens, be a turtle,This is not right,Teacher Chu,Come out and respond!”

“I think Chu Liuxiang is embarrassed,Because of his good friend Mr. Lu Xiaofeng,Have not spoken so far,What does that mean?”
“It means Lu Xiaofeng is also embarrassed,Feel ashamed for him!It’s not easy to talk nonsense!”
Watching the internet stir up,An entire network against Chu Liuxiang,Vow to get him out of the entertainment industry,Yang Feng finds it interesting。
Not many people know that Lu Xiaofeng is Chu Liuxiang,But Yang Feng is one of them。
Fewer people know that Chu Liuxiang donated a lot,But Yang Feng is still one of them。
“President,You said it was so loud,Is there someone in the dark behind Chenhuan??”Tang Tian asked。
Tang Tianjun was the confidant that Yang Feng followed when he started his family,Now in charge of Abao Pay, one of the best in Abao Technology。
Lu Xiaofeng is Chu Liuxiang’s business,He also learned from Qingyuan,After judging it, I told Yang Feng。
Yang Feng came to him today,I asked him what he thought of the recent hack of Chu Liuxiang。
“Can no one make such a big noise??”Yang Feng’s disdain,“But they just have this ability,It’s all wicked things。”
“You are talking about……Mavericks?”Tangtian Jundao。
“More than!Mavericks film and television should just start。”Yang Fengdao,“There is no shining technology making waves in it,No ghosts believe!”
“You said Shining Technology will fan the flames,That is also normal,Shanhai.com has Chu Liuxiang,Then suppress them firmly on the new business,Can’t stand up。”Tangtian Jundao,“But what about Mavericks?Chu Liuxiang wrote their script,Chu Liuxiang smells,Can their TV series still be popular??”

Everyone knows that baldness is not good,But who can stop it?

I also bought some legendary shampoos that can grow hair,Facts proved,No eggs。
Hair loss。
Looking at the higher and higher hairline,Said he didn’t panic in his heart,That’s also fake。
He doesn’t look too ugly,Mainly because the high hairline lowered his appearance,Also makes him look older than his actual age。
He has read popular science articles,This thing is mainly due to excessive secretion of androgens,It has a certain relationship with endocrine disorders。
It is said that there was a more effective treatment for baldness in the ancient West,That is to cut forever。
But he doesn’t want to cut。
In the mind of a man,Obviously Dingri is more important than hair,If you cut it off, it’s not a man anymore,But a real eunuch。
He doesn’t want to be the eunuch in the web world,Not to mention the eunuch in the real world。
Except for this method,He didn’t know any other way。
Sighed,My face has become a little sad:
“Hair loss,I don’t want to,But I can’t control it。”
“I’ve never seen Mr. Liu you fall so badly before,I think it’s because of the blockade these days,Your exercise is too little,This is bad for your health,I think you should exercise like me。”Jiang Li said。
Liu Qing looked at the house,Said depressed:“I want to exercise too,But how do you exercise at home??Won’t dance like you。”
“Can learn,”Jiang Lidao,“I didn’t know how to dance before,I learned by watching the video。Anyway, just jump around,No basic skills,I didn’t jump right and no teacher scolded me,Move your body,That’s great?”
Liu Qing is still hesitating。

She knows that the golden spirit ring is the terrifying one million years spirit ring!Even Tang San has only one or two!

Xu Sheng,Actually have nine!!
Oscar, who was supplying soul masters and soldiers, heard the words,After getting close to Ning Rongrong, wiped his forehead,Puzzled“Rongrong,what are you saying?”
Ning Rongrong also forgot his relationship with Oscar for a while,Reached out to Tang San and Xu Sheng……
Oscar looked in the direction pointed by Ning Rongrong,Shocked“Xu Sheng?When did this guy come here?and……hiss,Those are nine million-year spirit rings!”
Ning Rongrong looked ugly“Ok!I’m afraid Brother 3 is not Xu Sheng’s opponent!”
this moment,Ning Rongrong’s heart is extremely tangled……
Neither hope that Tang San beat Xu Sheng,I don’t want Xu Sheng to kill Tang San!
That result,Makes her unable to imagine!
next moment,Ma Hongjun’s phoenix sounded in the sky,I saw him drag Dai Mubai’s corpse at an extremely fast speed, inciting Phoenix wings to fly……
Both Oscar and Ning Rongrong were attracted by Ma Hongjun’s voice。
After Ma Hongjun landed,Hugging Dai Mubai hurriedly towards Oscar and Ning Rongrong,Anxiously“Oscar!Rongrong,Please help Boss Dai!!!”
Oscar looked at Dai Mubai without a trace of life in Ma Hongjun’s arms!Ruddy eye socket“Dai boss……Boss Dai, this is……”


First0455Zhang is not afraid of things
For the genius doctor Mo who saved Mo Zizhen,The dark thorn brigade has heard about it,And I am very grateful to Mo Xiaosheng,Thanks to Mo Xiaosheng for not letting them lose their captain。
In fact, for the people in the Darkthorn Team,Mo Zizhen has long been more than just the captain,In their hearts,Mo Zizhen is the soul of the Dark Thorn Team,Is their inner faith!Are all the pillars and powers that support them!
So Li Changming learned that Mo Xiaosheng in front of him was the legendary doctor Mo.,Extra respect for Mo Xiaosheng,Naturally, Mo Xiaosheng is also welcome to visit their dark thorn camp。
Mo Xiaosheng saw Li Changming respect him so much,I feel a little embarrassed,Nod and smile at Li Changming,Then walked quickly with Mingcheng。
Li Changming is driving a Dongfeng warrior,There is still some dirt on the wheels,Obviously walking through the mud。
“Training,Received a call from the chief,I just drove over!”Li Changming smiled and explained to everyone。
“How about the new batch of vegetables?”
Mo Zizhen smiled and asked after getting in the car,“I’m waiting for someone on the front line。”
“Cauliflower is Cauliflower,I won’t know it for a while!”Li Changming said kindly while driving,“team leader,If you are in a hurry,,No way, you want me and the sixth?”
“No way,How can I do without you at home?!”Mo Zizhen refused without hesitation。
“Isn’t there a political commissar?!”
Li Changming said helplessly,“If I’m by your side this time,Maybe you won’t have this situation!”
“shut up!”Mo Zizhen cold voice,“Just help me look after my family honestly,Worries,Worries,I can’t explain everything behind my ass,How to fight?I stay at home,Because I trust you!”

After being sent to the hotel by Lin Yu,Think of my clothes,Still at home。

Liang Yi took a taxi back home to get clothes,Asked three questions by my own mother,They all asked questions about Lin Yu,Replied speechlessly:“mom,Don’t ask so much。”
“His business,I don’t know much,Because of his family,not here。
He was arranged by his family for an internship here,Waiting for the internship,Then went back to inherit the family business。”
Liang Yi was impatient,Anger。
“His true identity,Would not it be,Very good?”
Mama Liang,I heard Liang Yi’s words,Asked again。
“I do not know either,But in Ganghwa,He is very good。”
Liang Yi,Answered very seriously。
“Of course I know this one,otherwise,The old guy before,I won’t apologize to him,I’m not blind,all,I saw it all。”
Mama Liang saw her daughter,Even said these extra words,Open road。
“Now that I saw it,Then don’t ask。”
“I have packed my things,Go back now。”
Liang Yi,I really dare not stay at home for a while。
See my mother,Asked this one,Still want to ask,Just make an excuse to leave。
“Row,Then you go back first。”
Mama Liang heard what Liang Yi said,Sent her out with a look of excitement。

Lin Yu,I don’t want to just let this person go。

“Do you think,Can you run?”
While Lin Guanhai was dragged off the car,Man in the driving position of the car,The driver,Want to drive。
See this,Lin Yu finished,Shot again,Remove this person from the car,As a chicken,Take it down。
“you,you wanna die。”
“Even I dare to move,Do you know who my eldest brother is?”
“My big brother,That’s Ganghwa City,The famous fish brother。”
See Lin Yu catching himself off the car,This driver,Don’t know what to do,first timing,He gave his eldest brother’s name,Report directly。
“What about Brother Yu?”
Lin Yu who heard this,Raise your hand and slap up。
“Young man,Run fast,Don’t hit him。”
“This fish brother,I know who it is,He is Jianghu City,A bar owner,Is also the big brother of that bar,Very good,There are many people。”
“You offended his little brother today,He won’t let you go。”


Near noon,Shen Huan also saw this news。
Speaking of this He Weili,Still has something to do with Shen Huan。
At the beginning《love letter》When shooting,Director Tian Nianfeng who was in the ring with Zhu Mei,The movie I made is called《Youthful》。
and《Youthful》The heroine is this He Weili。
Of course,The latter result is very natural,《Youthful》Was crushed to the bone,A group of creators and star actors,All left sadly。
Director Tian Nianfeng has become the laughing stock of the entire circle。
Zhu Mei is different,She rides the wind,Since then, I have embarked on a broad road leading to a first-class director。
As an actor,He Weili is definitely not involved。
This year,Who hasn’t made a bad film several times?
The big movie emperors have been taken advantage of,bid2000、3000Ten thousand times,It’s not the same?
Do you see that this has any effect on them?
So although He Weili is still between second-rate and third-rate in the past two years,But anyhow, there is no shortage of opportunities for acting,Movies and TV series can be played,Plus some advertising endorsements,Life is pretty good。
But the saying goes well,People sitting at home,Disaster comes from heaven。
Just a few days ago,Everyone who just came out of the New Year atmosphere,Suddenly found a lot of information about“Guo Zhao”Posts and photos。
The heroine of Guozhao is He Weili。
The shooting location should be a hotel,And later He Weili’s brokerage company also proved,This is the hotel where He Weili stayed when he was filming,Time before the Spring Festival。
The crew has not disbanded yet,I was planning to gather and film the rest of the plot again after a few days。
Many places in the hotel room where He Weili stayed have cameras installed,Photos released by secretly taken people,All the photos of He Weili,Up to hundreds。
In the bathroom,In the room……

These words directly let Li Chenfeng dispel his previous delusions。

Zhong Mei frowned,Think about it:“Although Bailu hasn’t really succeeded in casting at this time,But if you want to recast, you can barely do。just,I’m worried about what will happen in the middle of this,The young master might as well wait a while。”
Li Chenfeng pondered slightly。
What he will do next,Very dangerous,So even if you already have the Fire Lin Sword,But he still needs this magic weapon to enhance his strength。
After all, the Fire Lin sword is powerful in conjunction with the Eclipse Sword Technique,But then it’s easy to lose your mind by the fierce aura in the sword.。Even with the assistance of Bing Xin Jue,Li Chenfeng usually doesn’t dare to use it for a long time,Now he has just reached the mid-innate peak,There is still a gap compared to the cut commander who is about to reach the innate peak,And no commander can stop the erosion of the Fire Lin Sword,Li Chenfeng is even more afraid to take this risk。
“Time is running out,Master Zhong,Please help me recast this magic weapon!”Li Chenfeng said solemnly。
Seeing Li Chenfeng insist on doing this,Zhong Mei no longer persuades,But nodded solemnly,Tao:“Young master rest assured,Old man, I will go all out!”
“it is good,Thank you Master Zhong!”Li Chenfeng’s face is happy,Hold fist and salute。
The two came to the sword casting platform again,In Li Chenfeng’s expectant eyes,Zhong Mei grabbed an iron chain slightly hard,In the sound of iron chains,A big red sword slowly emerged from the molten sword pool。
“It really deserves to be Bai Lushi,Two years,Can still maintain such a look。”
Sigh,Bell eyebrow flicks the iron chain,The scarlet snow drink knife fell directly on the sword casting platform,And the huge hammer before Zhongmei,Already in the hands。
The loud knocking sounded again。
Li Chenfeng stared at the Xueyin Knife on the sword casting platform,Under the great power of Zhongmei,The scarlet snow drink knife shows no signs of deformation。
Li Chenfeng frowned,If you judge by this,I want to really recast the snow drink knife,I’m afraid it’s not something that can be done in a day or two。
Just the beginning of this casting,Can’t stop,Otherwise, everything will be lost,God soldiers will be scrapped,So the next time depends on whether Zhong Mei can hold it。

Till now,Frieza took a sigh of relief。

“The battle between us,Just started。”
Golden Frieza looked at Aksia and said。
Frieza suddenly rushed towards Aksia,Although Frieza’s body is constantly showing frost,But it was quickly melted by Frieza’s intense exercise。
The Frozen Throne carrying Aksia quickly retreated。
“Don’t want to escape!”Golden Frieza stretched out his hands to the retreating Aksia,“Death Beam Net!”
Golden Frieza’s hands emit countless death beams condensed into a net,Limits Aksia’s escape space。
“After all, this is the first time I killed a god,and so,In order to avoid accidents,I’ll solve you directly here!”
Looking at Aksia with nowhere to escape,Frieza has an excited expression on his face。
“Oops!”Naruto in midair looks at Aksia who has fallen into a disadvantage,At the same time, he said to the nine lamas in his body,“Nine Lamas,How much is your chakra condensed?”
“Only about one-third。”
The nine lamas in Naruto responded。
“enough,Nine Lamas,Could you help me enter the nine-tailed chakra mode。”
Nine-tailed Chakra mode plus Super Saiyan mode,Help Naruto break free from her shackles。
“Shadow clone!”
During the time when Naruto fell from the sky to the ground,Naruto made a shadow clone of himself,Shadow clone Naruto instantly enters fairy mode,Then unlock the shadow clone Naruto。
Natural energy returned to Naruto’s body。
The natural energy can be maintained for only five minutes。