Is this kid Jordan’s brother??This same action made the eyes of those present wide open。

Fourth ball,Kobe shows his arsenal,The continuous disguise in front of the body makes Stackhouse overwhelmed,Followed by a mid-distance step,Jump shot。Familiar area,Familiar movements,Basketball hits the net。
Fifth ball,It’s still a simple trial step。Stackhouse, who is afraid of Kobe’s breakthrough, can only move back,Kobe three-pointer。
“Duang!”Ball bouncing out。Still a familiar voice。Kobe shook his head,Shake hands,
“4ratio0,Kobe leads,Stackhouse ball possession。”
Offensive and defensive conversion,Stackhouse finally got the offense。
“Kid,That’s it。Let you see and seeNBALevel offense!”Stackhouse, who got the ball, can’t wait to teach this kid with amazing offensive talent,He has to admit,The offensive ability of this kid is terrible,I can’t keep up with his attacking rhythm,Those actions,He even has the feeling of facing Jordan。
Stackhouse lowers the center of gravity,Breaking to the right without hiding。Kobe keeps his torso upright,Not overly pressing,A stride stuck in front of Stackhouse,He knows the current power,A collision will displace his defense,He will avoid body collision as much as possible,Use agility and bounce to seal the opponent’s offense。
Stackhouse was jammed by Kobe and went straight to the basket,If you continue to break through, you will only be driven to the bottom line,Had to cross-step change direction,I even sold a flaw and wanted Kobe to steal it。Kobe is unmoved,Continue to defend the offensive position,The seemingly easy defense makes every move of Stackhouse very uncomfortable。
Damn!Why is this kid so calm on defense,This is not like a17Year old guy!
Stackhouse wants to use his power to crush Kobe,So half-turned into the back state。Bryant held Stackhouse’s waist with his left hand to feel the force,The center of gravity of the upper body remains neutral,This is his way of defending low post offenses for many years。
Starks took two steps back,Kobe fights him hard,But still keep backing。Stackhouse feels he has made enough offensive space,One more step,Turn around jumper。
“Snapped!”Kobe Bryant, who has already been driven, covered the basketball that he just shot。It turned out that the moment Kobe was pushed,As if knowing that Stackhouse would make a move,Rush forward,Take off blocks in one go。
“Risky!”Rob shouted。


quite a while,The thunder light finally dissipated slowly……
I saw a figure lying on the ground,It’s Yu Tianheng……
And the body of Jiuxin Xuetang wrapped in a circle,Just dropped a few petals on the ground,The body still has no loss……
Xu Sheng waved his hand inside,These Jiuxinxuetang slowly spin and loosen,Revealed his unscathed figure……
Xu Sheng gave a faint glance at Yu Tianheng on the ground,Towards Xie Yue and others who are still sluggish,Smiled“Let’s go,ended,Give the space to others”
Everyone in Wuhun Hall recovered from the sluggishness,Leave quickly……
And until everyone in Wuhun Hall left the venue,The spectators at the scene began to boil……
“Fucking,Such a strong attack,Actually lay two petals?”
“I served,If this attack power can’t be beaten,I can’t beat my head for a few years!”
“This guy,I’m afraid the future is also a terrifying defense spirit master”
Su Yuntao swallowed,Loudly“Present……right now,I declare,this match,Wuhun Temple seed team wins!!!!”
Chapter One Hundred and Twelve It’s impossible to beat
Members of the Tiandou Royal Academy hurried to Yu Tianheng,The Dugu Goose squatted down and helped the latter up,Looking at the place where Yu Tianheng was electrocuted by his lightning,I feel so distressed……
Yu Tianheng who is in a state of confusion,The corners of the dry lips moved“Still lost”
Dugu Goose wiped tears from the corners of his eyes,Holding a kind of crying comfortingly“Tianheng is fine,You have done well!If you want to sleep, go to bed first,Don’t think about it anymore”
Everyone in the surrounding Tiandou Royal Academy is very unhappy,It’s obviously a team battle,They let their captain Yu Tianheng stand alone as a loser。
They know,The purpose of the latter is not to discredit their team!

Dugu Fengyun said with a smile,Actually he knows,If he really returns to the MI,,I don’t know how many people are affected by the turmoil,These people will definitely hate him by then。

“I also think you are not suitable to go back,At least not now,Because your body does not allow!”
Mo Xiaosheng also said with a smile,Then his expression changed,Suddenly remembered something,Puzzled,“correct,Lonely senior,Your health is so bad now,How did you use the broken gold finger?”
First0513Zhang Qingeng never stops
Mo Xiaosheng did not understand the so-called broken gold finger,But knowing this is difficult to do,If there is no inner strength support,Strength alone,Can’t do it at all,Only to concentrate all the internal energy on two fingers,Cut it down quickly,Only by relying on the powerful explosive force to cut the thick steel bar。
And through his understanding of Dugu Fengyun,With Dugu Fengyun’s current physical condition,Can’t do it!
“Yes indeed,Master,How did you do it?!”
Mingcheng heard Mo Xiaosheng’s words,And immediately asked suspiciously,“You just stood up for a few days!”
“Haha,You two boys,Unexpectedly?”
Dugu Fengyun’s hearty smile,I seem to enjoy the feeling that Mo Xiaosheng and Ming Cheng can’t guess,Said with a smile,“Have you forgotten,I just stood up for a few days,But my hands and arms can move long ago,Since they can move,I have been exercising,So the strength of the arm and the fingers have recovered pretty well!”
When Mo Xiaosheng and Ming Cheng heard this, they suddenly realized,Yes,Dugu Fengyun’s arm can move long ago。
But in the case of muscle atrophy,He can keep exercising,It really needs a lot of willpower,Mo Xiaosheng and Ming Cheng couldn’t help but sigh。
“Xiaosheng,When I left just now, I specifically told Xiao Hu,Let him try his best to pass you into the secret warehouse No. 1 to read!”
Dugu Fengyun said solemnly,“I really didn’t expect,You can read these books,It’s not easy,You have to cherish it,Try your best to quickly improve your ability to a new level!MI and China’s future,It depends on you young people!”

Lu Shanshan decided after thinking about it:“How can I transfer?And transferred to a private hospital?”

The doctor can’t say that his hospital is not as good as other hospitals,Isn’t this pour your own job??Thinking about going,Can only let Lu Shanshan decide。
“Miss Lu,As a doctor,I can only give you advice from a professional perspective,But if you want to find an excuse to transfer,This one,I don’t support。If your company finds it,Not just you,I am the attending physician,Will also be affected。”
Lu Shanshan can’t bear it,Only let Shen Zhiyue do things,But this is very unfair to Shen Zhiyue,He will be scolded when he looks back。
“Thanks doctor,I think i know what to do。”
After the doctor’s examination, he ordered a few more words before leaving uneasy.。He really doesn’t want to get involved in the celebrity fight。He is just an ordinary medical staff。Some of these people are hot,Some is money,It’s very easy to pinch him to death。
Shen Zhiyue is about to see Lu Shanshan after returning to Aotian to handle the affairs。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five She was retaliated?
While he was still lying in the hospital bed,What I expect most is Lu Shanshan to visit him。I don’t know if I change to Lu Shanshan now,Will she miss herself?
Shen Zhiyue dreamed about Lu Shanshan’s face when she saw herself,I just haven’t had time to imagine the sweetest place,Lu Shanshan’s attending physician interrupted him。
“Mr. Shen,Today, Tianduan invited a few medical staff to say that they would identify Miss Lu’s condition。According to common sense,They should find me。It’s better to find me than to find a patient。They didn’t come to me,Go directly to toss Miss Lu,Miss Lu doesn’t want to be tortured by them,Just fell to the ground。”
The doctor just finished,Shen Zhiyue became angry:“what?Did she hurt?Who will show her,I didn’t say it before,Except for those registered,Can no one else visit her?。What kind of hospital are you,Is there any mistake。”
The doctor confessed:“Mr. Shen,you know too,Tianduan is responsible for Miss Lu’s affairs,Who they want to let in,We all have no reason to refuse。”
Shen Zhiyue was annoyed,This heaven,Are you trying to buy human lives??
Shen Zhiyue can’t bear it:“Okay,They love to be so noisy。I will accompany。See who can make noise more。”

After all, Lu Ban is a newcomer,Play against old actors,It’s normal to be led by the opponent,If you can’t keep up with the opponent’s rhythm,It’s easy to be scolded by the director。

Especially Liang Kesheng, a director known for his strictness。
result,Surprise everyone。
NGYesNGMany times。
But the one who was scolded was the leaf who played the Deng family。
Liang Kesheng thinks her acting is too blunt,In the same lens as Lu Ban,Looks out of place。
Gu Qiao outside the camera was also surprised。
She naturally knows that Lu Ban is a newcomer who hasn’t acted much,I thought his acting skills would not be very good,The little fairy is also affected。
I didn’t expect。
Lu Ban’s acting skills are better than she thought,And much better。
In the end, Lu Ban kept accommodating the rhythm of the leaves,So I finished filming the scene steadily。
After filming,Director Liang Kesheng also called Lu Ban aside。
Gu Qiao knows,This is to add drama to him。

“It’s this chick。”

The man saw Lin Yun on the side,His eyes became squinted immediately。
“If you can say something nice to me,Leave me a contact,I can consider,Give you some compensation!”
Lin Yun saw this disgusting man teasing herself so,I can’t help but feel angry。
Who would like this kind of person?!No quality,Disgusting!
The man ignored Lin Yun’s disgust,The woman he got,None of them really like him。
Not because of money and power?
Especially in places like Nan’an,Water is too shallow!
“how about it,Do you want me to take you to Konoha?,Followed me,Guarantee you……”
The man hasn’t finished speaking,Qin Shi slapped it up。
This slap,Strong!A bright red palm print fell on the man’s face in an instant。

Yan Shaozhe respectfully asked“Mu Lao,Xuan Lao,Are we going to bring Qianyu back to Shrek Academy?”

Mu En shook his head and denied“Not necessary,They shot this time,It shouldn’t be to kill Qianyu,But should invite him to join the Holy Spirit Church”
Yan Shaozhe guessed“Mu Lao,what do you mean,Use this to judge whether Qianyu is alienated?”
But if Qianyu really joined the Holy Spirit Cult,With his terrifying talent,I’m afraid I will become a top evil spirit master!
Mu En closed his eyes and said nothing,But the expression has it all……
Their Shrek Academy is also in crisis now,Let Qianyu come back,Only more dangerous……
And if he survives these two and a half years and returns to Shrek Academy!
At least his strength has reached Title Douluo!
At that time,Mu En is willing to make an exception to make him a member of the Sea God Pavilion!
See you next to Xuanzi,After taking a sip,Keep chewing on chicken legs……
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Eight Increased vitality(Subscribe)
Next day,Sun Moon Royal Soul Guidance Academy!
Qianyu opens the door,Looking at Lin Jiayi in front of me,Lightly“Director Lin,what’s up?”
This guy always likes to knock on the door directly,After one or two times, Qianyu was also resentful……
Lin Jiayi smiled“Qianyu,About the evil spirit master yesterday,Can i talk to you?”
He must figure out whether the Holy Spirit Cult came for Qianyu or Survey Academy……

“Ok,Shujie is right,Item is item,Kindness is kindness,Two different things。”Jiao Yuan nodded in agreement。

Although they really want Guo Yuansheng to invest in Heyang,But you can’t kidnap it morally。
“The two misunderstood,My first starting point for choosing an investment project is naturally commercial interests,Actually the day I went to see the land,I have an idea in my heart,Whether from the city status、Plot location,Or long-term development,Heyang is better than Ling’an。”
Guo Yuansheng hurriedly explained:“and,Heyang City is where I was reborn,Is my blessed land、Treasure land,I believe in investing the project here,It will be very popular!”
Finished saying this,Guo Yuansheng glanced at Mo Xiaosheng with some gratitude,No Mo Xiaosheng,He was born again,I guess I have reincarnated by now。
Jiao Yuan and Zeng Lian Shujie looked at each other with a smile,Although the face is calm,But my heart is already happy。
Actually they guessed,After this incident, Guo Yuansheng will definitely turn his investment balance to Heyang,But I didn’t expect him to make a decision so quickly,A stone in their hearts was completely fallen to the ground。
“Mr. Guo,Then I will thank you for the 20 million people in Heyang。”Jiao Yuan smiled gratefully。
“As for the specific contract,When the time comes, my assistant will draw up,Let’s sign again。”Guo Yuansheng smiled,Then the assistant beckoned,The assistant quickly brought a stack of white documents,Respectfully handed it to Mo Xiaosheng,At the same time hand him a pen。
“Ok?”Mo Xiaosheng glanced at his assistant with some wonder。
“Doctor Mo,This is the share transfer agreement for the studio project,I voluntarily transfer 10% of the shares of the studio to your name。”Guo Yuansheng quickly explained to Mo Xiaosheng。
Ten percent?!
Everyone was shocked when they heard this。
It’s Jiao Yuan and even Shujie, who are used to big scenes, can’t help but take a breath,Shocked。
10% of the shares!Tens of billions of projects!

“Hey!Yifei,What are you muttering?

Is your sister the boy who went on a blind date?,Succeeded?”
The biggest horn yellow woman in the village,I heard Li Yifei’s words,Shift the focus of watching cards to Li Yifei,Curiously asked。
“Huang Po,What are you talking about?
I haven’t been home once in nearly six months,Where is it clear。”
Li Yifei smiled。
“You don’t know?
I thought it was successful,You come back this time,Are you going to drink engagement wine??”
See Huang Po,Sighed。
“Whose BMW is at the door?
Can you move it?”
at this time,A voice came from outside the gate to the canteen。
Subsequently,Everyone saw Aaron coming in from outside the door。
Li Yifei finished saying this,Asked with a puzzled look:“Didn’t I allow a wide position??
Is it still blocking the car from passing??”
Aaron replied。
I’m sorry,I will move away,Because I just bought a new car,Still a novice,So it’s not too good to put the car,Really sorry。”

Because that world has a rule,Anyone who cultivates,Can’t kill ordinary people with their own power。

“know,I know how to do it,I didn’t see anything just now。”
Li Xingxing said respectfully。
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen
“Ok,Just know,You are dismissed。”
I was shattered by power all around,But this one is for Lin Yu,Without any loss。
After all here,Not own company。
Seeing Li Xingxing leaving in a hurry,Lin Yu took a step towards just now,I walked over to the place where Dark Tiger was burned to ashes。
At what moment did you kill the Dark Tiger by yourself?,A stone fell from the opponent。
Can withstand one’s own blow,Explain that this stone is not simple,Precisely because of this,Lin Yu will walk towards the stone,Going to see what it is。
On the stone,There is a burst of heat at this moment。
“This is black iron stone!”
Reach out and pick it up,Just take a look,Lin Yu was shocked by this thing。
To know,Black iron stone is no less than soul stone。
only,The purpose of the two is different,One is to cultivate the soul,Improve self-cultivation。
One is used to integrate into weapons,So as to make one’s own weapons,Can exert a stronger force。
just,How difficult to see the black iron stone,Only once in ten million。
did not expect,The body of Lord Dark Tiger,There is a black iron stone。