“You just said that my master was for me?Why do you say that?”

Yang Shiyun asked embarrassedly in a low voice。
“You are so smart and capable,I don’t understand this?”
Zhao Ju laughed,Then he asked in an unfathomable manner。
“I just asked you if I didn’t understand it?You still tell me,Otherwise, I’ll always be entangled in this matter,I will be out of work this day!”
Yang Shiyun knows that Zhao Ju belongs to his master Liu Yong“Buddies”,That’s why I asked him,Otherwise, she would never ask such questions so rashly anyway。
“Then why don’t you just ask your master?Came to ask me?”
Zhao Ju asked with a smile。
“He was anxious to go to a meeting just now,No time to talk to me。”
Yang Shiyun said tangledly。
“I’m going to a meeting too!Your master has no time to care about you,I have no time to care about you。”
Zhao Ju finished this sentence,Turn around and leave。
“No way,If you don’t tell me today,I won’t let you go!Don’t even think about opening the meeting!”
Yang Shiyun is cruel,Just got it out,Directly blocked Zhao Ju’s path,A pair of love,I don’t know the truth, I will never give up。
“You girl……”
Zhao Ju looked helpless!But Yang Shiyun has nothing to do。

The cold light of the moon,Sprinkle softly on the ground at night,Under this big tree,The swallow was held in Qin Liang’s arms and kissed deeply,As if standing as two statues that have remained unchanged for thousands of years……

Shen Ruoxi helped Murong Shan take a shower and returned to the bedroom,Then help her re-wrap the wound on her leg with gauze,Then I sat on the bed to rest。
“Tired out?”
Murong Shan asked apologetically。
“how is this possible?Where can I get tired from taking a shower?Moreover,If the injured person is replaced by me,Wouldn’t you take care of me like this??and so,If you’re polite, you can exempt them all,Ha ha。”
Shen Ruoxi said nonchalantly。
“But the problem is;I am the one who was injured, not you。”
Murong Shan smiled and said。
“What?I feel unbalanced, right??It’s ok,I will get hurt again next time,Then let you take care of me like this。”
Shen Ruoxi said mischievously。
“fart!What nonsense are you talking about!Are there any comparisons??Be honest with me!It’s best that none of us get hurt anymore!”
Murong Shan scolded Shen Ruoxi a few words。
“What anxious!People just said that casually,Just listen to it casually,Why are you so serious?I’m stupid?It’s okay. If you’re full, you have to get hurt on purpose.?By then you will be balanced,I have suffered!”
Shen Ruoxi said with a smile。
“Say……I have been till now,Still feel incredible!Why did you suddenly become so brave that day??At first sight‘Skin monkey’Appeared,You didn’t even hesitate,I just rushed over!I don’t even have a chance to stop you!”
Murong Shan said seriously。
“I didn’t think about anything……Everyone has worked so hard for so many days,Finally found him,I just thought I couldn’t let him run no matter what,So I went straight up!Think of it now,I’m really scared!What if he also had a gun on him??What if he fights with me?”
Shen Ruoxi said with a tangled expression。
“Ugh,Blame me for being so inexperienced,I was too anxious,I’m afraid you will lose out when you rush over,I just want to catch up with you so I can help you,It only depends on you,Didn’t pay attention to anything else,In the end not only didn’t help you,I was hit by a car!This is my fate,You said that if the car drove faster,It’s so good to knock me back?How wrong I am!”
Murong Shan sighed with a wry smile。

Mandarin duck blushed and thanked Zhao Tuo,Then bowed deeply to him。

“No need to,I just did what I was supposed to do。”
Zhao Tuo smiled hard and said。
“Do not!If you didn’t give up your life to save me,I might be dead now。”
The mandarin duck insisted。
“mandarin duck,You don’t want to thank him,He can get out of bed when he gets better,It’s not too late for you to invite him to dinner and thank him,Hehe……”
Qin Liang smiled and interjected。
“Yep,I’ll treat,I will please!”
The mandarin duck immediately agreed,Look at her cute,Simple look,Everyone laughed……
In another room,Wei Ge and some of his men were handcuffed and sat in the middle of the room,One by one with his head drooping silently。
Several heavily armed policemen stood in the four corners of the room,Look at them intently。
“Can i lie down for a while?”
Brother Wei suddenly opened his mouth to speak……
“What to lie down?Are you special??Do you think you are still a big brother??”
A police officer scolded him immediately。
“Is not……I……I’m not feeling well!I……My lower body hurts!”

Come to the edge of the national highway,“Skin monkey”Looked around,Then turned around without hesitation and walked towards the city!He did not choose to try to hitchhiking on the side of the road,He always disdains to ask for help。

But he didn’t care about going along the national road,This important arterial road is monitored,Of course he will not neglect this smart,He chose to go ahead tens of meters away from the road,Although I often encounter obstacles and hurdles,But he doesn’t care about these。
The sky is getting brighter,There are more vehicles passing by on the national highway。
“Skin monkey”I’m sweating slightly,But he walked in a particularly happy mood!He took this hike as exercise,Plus two days of rest,His physical strength has been well supplemented,So complete this long-distance walk,It’s not a problem at all for him。
More than two hours later,He came near the city,And also at this time,It was when Liu Xiaoyun and the others arrived at the house of the water storage station where he hid……After Liu Xiaoyun and the others returned to the city,,Follow Director Huang to the city bureau,According to Liu Xiaoyun’s arrangement,Director Huang quickly and resolutely formed two capable criminal police teams,I went to check the video separately。
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One thousand seven hundred and seventy-nine chapters Continue on the street“Take a walk”
? Liu Xiaoyun and Yang Shiyun also wanted to participate in this work,But was dissuaded by Director Huang,In the words of Director Huang;This kind of trivial matter does not need to trouble the special team,They should use this time,have a good rest,After all they got off the plane,Just had a meal,on
Immediately plunged into the intense work。Resting place,This is the dormitory of the municipal bureau,To ensure the smooth success of this operation,Director Huang had long ordered the city bureau’s dormitory to be vacated for the special forces,And I heard that the dragon soul rose legion,Almost all girls,So he specially ordered;Put
The original sheets,bedding,The pillows are all replaced with new ones。
“I can finally lie down for a while,Oh my God,I’m exhausted!”
Shen Ruoxi lay down on the bed in the dormitory,Immediately sighed loudly!Because be strong,This way,She always gritted her teeth and insisted on carrying the heavy assault rifle。
“Old sister,Let me massage your shoulders。”
Shen Ruoxue graciously flattered and started,This is what Qin Liang secretly confessed to her,Ask her to care about her two older sisters。
“Yeah,Why did you treat me so well today?Are you conspiring??”
Shen Ruoxi looked at her sister with suspicion and asked……
“What are you talking about!I see you tired,Want to help you relax,Not only do you not thank others,And said this to others,so sad。”
Shen Ruoxue said coquettishly。
“Exactly!I don’t have this treatment,You are still in the blessing,Ugh……Poor me!”

Qin Liang pretended to be foolish。

“When i was thinking about thunder,What will happen if I kick you out by a surprise?Hahahaha。”
Shen Ruoxi also said naughty。
“Maybe he will become a barbecue,Hehe。”
Murong Shan also helped。
“You two mean that I will be struck by lightning when I go out, right??”
Qin Liang finally understood what the two were talking about……
“not bad,I’m not stupid yet。”Murong Shan smiled and nodded and said。
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Chapter two hundred and thirty-three The mouth is a bit closed
? “Grilled meat and red wine,It’s pretty good together,Ha ha.”
Shen Ruoxi deliberately raised the glass in front of him and said。
“Yep,My general grid,Enough for you two for half a year,Be careful not to swallow when you two eat。”
Qin Liang deliberately said in reverse。
“It’s okay,Both of us will chew slowly,Could you be struck by thunder to make you feel a little bit tender on the outside,It’s easier to chew,And it’s easier to digest after eating。”
Murong Shan said seriously。
“I want to call Yang Shiyun!Her two sisters are discussing preparations for cannibalism!”

“Brother-in-law,You just let me take the blame for you?How the two old sisters hate me now!I think I should find a chance to confess to the old ladies,What do you think?”

Liu Xiaoyun watched Shen Ruoxi and Murong Shan go upstairs,This took Qin Liang aside,Discuss with him quietly。
“Confess a wool!You are now the commander,Even I have to obey your orders,Let alone the two of them,So you don’t need to explain to them,Military order is military order,No one can violate!”
Qin Liang said frankly,In fact, he didn’t want Liu Xiaoyun“sell”Oneself,He is more afraid than Liu Xiaoyun that Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan will settle their accounts!
“But in this case……I’m so wronged!”
Liu Xiaoyun said depressed。
“I have a hasty,Can’t you help me carry the ill?They both talk to you and settle accounts,If the two of them ask me to settle accounts,That’s just your hands and not your mouth!I will die miserably by then。”
Qin Liang said pitifully。
“Ugh……OK then,I’ll carry this black pot for you。”
Liu Xiaoyun thought for a while,I think what Qin Liang said is indeed the case,I had to reluctantly“Accept fate”Up。
“Save a life,Victory to build a seventh-level Buddha,Thank you so much Baby Yun,rest assured,I will bully you in the future……amount!I’ve mispoken,I will protect you from now on!Hehe……”
Qin Liang deliberately expressed his gratitude to Liu Xiaoyun by saying something wrong,This is his consistent and unique way of expressing gratitude,Liu Xiaoyun has long been used to it,adapted。
An hour later,Yang Zhi arrived with his male soldiers。
“Boss,What are we going to do this time?”
Once in the house,Yang Zhi saw Shen Ruoxue at first sight,So he got excited immediately,Need to ask Qin Liang。