Chen Hao immediately became at a loss,Blushing and struggling,Qin Liang used to make various intimate jokes with her before,But I hugged her like this,Still the first time。

“When people see it, they think it’s just what it looks like.,I don’t care about that much。”
On the way Qin Liang came, he had clearly seen the area of the president’s office except for himself and Chen Hao.,No one else,That’s why he can be so confident and bold with Chen Hao Nao。
Chen Hao struggled a few times,Seeing that Qin Liang didn’t mean to let go,I had to blush and drag Qin Liang into the president’s office like a Siamese baby,So at least not to be seen……
“Where did your old man go? Go happy and happy?I haven’t come to work in the company for so long?”
Entered the office,Chen Hao continued to try to get away from Qin Liang’s hand,Ask。
“Ugh,Don’t mention it,It’s hard to say!Too much happened。”
Qin Liang hugged Chen Hao for a while,And let her go through her struggle,I sat back on the chair behind the boss table,Sigh and answer。
“correct,Last time you hurried away,I just said something went wrong,What the hell happened?”
Chen Hao, this problem is already in my heart,Now I finally have a chance to ask Qin Liang。
“Oh,It’s Ruoxi’s sister that something is wrong,But it’s okay,Then I broke into the enemy camp and worked as a spy,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang did not want to tell Chen Ruoxue’s experience to Chen Haoxue,After all, it is a terrible and cruel thing,He doesn’t want to scare her。
“what are you saying?Break into the enemy camp?”
Chen Hao sounded confused,Can’t touch my thoughts at all。

Shen Ruoxi said helplessly。

“Yu’er has already suffered this kind of damage,Otherwise she will commit suicide……”
Liu Xiaoyun said right away。
Shen Ruoxi was shocked,Then I have to admit that what Liu Xiaoyun said makes sense。
“I don’t know how Yu’er is doing now,I really want to call Yanzi and ask。”
Murong Shan said tangledly。
“This is easy to handle,I’ll call,Inquire about the situation by the way,Don’t talk, everyone,keep quiet!”
Qin Liang took out his mobile phone while talking……
“Will it be inconvenient to call Yanzi now??”
Shen Ruoxi reminded Qin Liang in time。
“If it’s inconvenient, she will hang up first,It’s okay。”
Qin Liang’s nonchalant answer,Then I dialed Yanzi’s mobile phone number,In order to let everyone know about Xiao Yu’er in the first time,Qin Liang also specially opened the hands-free……
After a while,Yanzi answered the phone。
“it’s me,Swallow,Is it convenient for you to answer the phone now?Yuer, they are not by your side, right?“

Besides, people have all kinds of personalities,Just like some people like to eat lamb,Some people like to eat roast duck;Some people like to live in a building,Some people like to live in a courtyard;Some people like cats,Some people like dogs for the same reason。

Li Yaxin is born an introverted girl,Introverts usually think more,This is a normal phenomenon。
Xiao Yu’er wanted to interrupt:I also want to raise another cat,But after listening to Li Yaxin,She immediately swallowed the words back into her stomach,Although she is not an introverted girl,But she has an inferiority complex,So be careful,She did more than Li Yaxin!Something Li Yaxin didn’t dare to do,Not to mention her……
Difficult living environment when I was young,Or have experienced very sad things,Usually it will cause strong psychological sequelae!And these little girls in the Shen family,Almost all have had this experience more or less,So if you say it seriously,Most of them,There are some defects in personality and psychology!
And this defect,Often accompanied them throughout their lives,This is one that no one can deny,Cruel facts that can’t be changed。
Actually raise a small animal to be your own pet,It is an excellent treatment for this kind of psychological trauma!
“Sister Yanzi,What is your favorite animal?”
Li Qiaoer asked Yanzi curiously again。
“I don’t like small animals anymore……The animal I like is bigger……”
Yanzi deliberately sold a pass and replied。
“What is it?”
Now not only is Li Qiao’er more curious,Even Xiao Yuer and Li Yaxin looked at Yanzi with the same expectant expressions,The three little girls are waiting for Yanzi to say the answer。
。Nine Heavens God Emperor
Chapter three thousand and thirty Baby girls are back
Chapter three thousand and thirty Baby girls are back
“I like horses。”

“I go!The first one in the lower half!”

“Scared me,Fortunately not the upper half……”
“I don’t know who our opponent will be……Look at the teams that have come out in the upper half,Is there anyone who was eliminated in the first round of the previous session??”
The draw ceremony did not wait for the players from Dongchuan Middle School to count their opponents,Gave the answer quickly。
From Xizi Middle School in Anqiu City, Western Yuan Province。
“Mao Xiao,How is this school?”Meng Xi looked at his friend for the first time。
Other people also cast their eyes。
“15th in the previous session,Top 16 teams。”
“I rely on,Top 16!”The teammates exclaimed。
“Hi,In fact, it’s just that the last national competition was the top 16。They were eliminated in the first round before。”Seeing everyone seems to have some fear of difficulties,Mao Xiao quickly explained。“But they can make the national competition every year,Can be regarded as the local football overlord……”
“That only shows that their overall level of football is not high, right??”Meng Xi asked back。“Otherwise, the national competition will give Antarctica a place,Let them go to Antarctica to play qualifiers,They can also participate in the national competition every year。”
Hu Lai sneered“Mengxi, what are you thinking?Who says they can easily qualify?Shouldn’t they lose the game because the weather is too cold??”
Meng Xi was stunned,I never thought that Hu Lai would look at the problem from this angle……
The teammates burst into laughter,The room is filled with cheerful air。
The tension in the first round against the top 16 was wiped out。

“More effort?Two or three like you can’t get close to her,A few days ago, I heard her say that she won the first place in the shooting competition if she accidentally took it。”Tao Li said with satisfaction。

“Oh?That’s ok!Little girl film is not easy?”Surprise in Guan Yao’s eyes。
Tao Li said:“What’s not easy,Crazy,It’s hard to find her husband’s in the future。”Say here,He glanced at the calm Xia Jihan and said:“See how nice Xiaoxia is,Quietly,Girl,I should still look like a girl。”
Guan Yao said with a smile:“Lanlan, that’s a woman who won’t let her beard,It’s a sonorous rose,Are you proud of having such a sister??”
Tao Li said:“What am i proud of,I’m worried she can’t find her in-laws,Yes,She is a heroine,Who dares to marry her in the future?”
“Isn’t anyone daring to marry her,But whether anyone can match her,Don’t worry about you, brother。”Guan Yao enlightened Tao Li and said。
“It’s not my problem,Since ancient times, there has been a saying that a woman without talent is virtue,The ideas inherent in people’s minds can’t be removed。Xiaoxia is from Jiangnan, right??”Tao Li changed the subject。
Xia Jihan nodded with a smile,Say:“Yes,I am from Wuxi, Jiangsu。”
“Who else in the family?”
Xia Jihan was about to answer,Guan Hao looked at Tao Li and said:“I said,Why did you change your career to check your account??”
Tao Li smiled,Said:“I am curious about Xiaoxia,But Xiaoxia is a typical Jiangnan beauty,Quiet、Feminine,Tian Ya。”Tao Li said。
“You have also studied Jiangnan Belle?”Guan Hao asked Tao Li。
Guan Yao smiled secretly。
“Not studied,Because of a failure,Consciously or unconsciously have some insights about women’s marriage,See Xiaoxia,Reminds me of Zeng Guofan,Zeng Guofan has a soft spot for Jiangnan women。”Tao Li looked at Guan Hao and said。
“Oh,Tell me。”Guan Hao is coming。

This is impossible,He is not a warrior in the gods anymore,Now it’s a waste of body,Is it possible that someone is thinking of him。

Xia Chenglong is angry:“Who is your special code?,Get Lao Tzu out of the body,Otherwise I will blew myself,None of us can live!”
Make an international joke,Dare to find things in him,That’s looking for death,but,How did the other party get in??
Chapter One Hundred Ninety Eight Apprentice
Xia Chenglong calm down,Mental power to feel the changes in the body,No different,I didn’t find anything else in the body。
“Fool,I really don’t know how I met you drinking idiot?”The old voice sounded again,If nothing else is said, it’s another swearing:“You stupid,I am not a god,Is it possible to physically enter your body?,Mental power enters!”
Xia Chenglong was just a little confused by the sudden appearance, okay,How stupid。
No nonsense,Quickly entered his spiritual realm,Only then saw each other。
This is Xia Chenglong’s own world,The clear lake represents the spiritual power at the moment,A spiritual orb is floating above the lake。
The Lingzhu is naturally the one obtained from the dry well in Xihai City,Just because of the endless appearance,The connection between them disappeared in the past few days,He will forget the other party’s existence。
Xia Chenglong watched with a virtual body transformed by mental power,The spirit orb that was originally still suspended began to vaporize slowly,It turned into an entity after a burst of white mist。
Long phantom white hair transformed into a human body,White beard,White plain clothes,Feel fairy,With mystery and power。
Old guy with his beard,Lurking in midair,Nodding from time to time,Seems extremely satisfied。
Otherwise, the meeting ends,The next question is very simple。
Xia Chenglong is not the kind of humble disciple of a big family traveling abroad,Will not let go of inner vigilance when the danger is not resolved。
“who are you?Why is it here for me,What do you want?”

“If you want to see her, call her and let her come back when she rests.。”

Yang Muhua answered with a wry smile。
“Does she have a rest?Have you seen any detective who has a rest?”
Tian Jing complained aggrievedly。
“There is always rest,It’s impossible to work overtime three hundred and sixty-five days a year,People like that would be exhausted。”
Yang Muhua said embarrassingly。
“I do not care,You call her,Let her come home to see me。”
Tian Jing continued。
“Why do I have to fight?You are her mother,Isn’t it the same for you?”
Yang Muhua said in a low voice。
“If I beat her, she will use her work to prevaricate me。”
Tian Jing knows her daughter well,So she had already thought of the result of her call。
“I’m the same,If she can prevaricate, you won’t prevaricate me?”
Yang Muhua said dumbly。
“You can give her orders directly,You order her back。”

“Secretary Lin?”

“Ok,Mayor Jiang’s Secretary,We work in the same room。”
Lu Yuan said:“Are you friends in Kangzhou?”
Ding Yi’s face blushed,Said:“I already said,Teacher Ding is willing to find me in Langzhu,He doesn’t want me to settle down in Kangzhou。”
“If you meet a man you like,,Love to die,Don’t you settle here??”
“That one,Never considered,All right,Let’s go,Why are you like a nag。”
Talking,The two brothers and sisters left,Ding Yi said suddenly:“By the way, brother,Wenwen wants to see you。”
“Who is Wenwen?”
“From our Youth League,I told her you are coming today,She said she wanted to see you。”
“Why she wants to see me?”
“I let her see your picture,She said to see if you are as handsome as the picture。”
“Hahaha。”Lu Yuan smiled and touched Ding Yi’s head,Said:“Did you sell me to Wenwen again??You can’t sell me a second time。”
Ding Yi smiled,Just jump downstairs briskly,To the first floor,Saw the deputy director Gong Weixian,She said happily:“brother,This is our Director Gong。”
Gong Wei saw Ding Yi lead a very beautiful officer downstairs,Quickly reached out,Holding Lu Yuan’s hand,Said:“No wonder Xiaoding is so beautiful,So my brother is so handsome。”
Ding Yi heard this,Pouting and watching my brother smile。
Lu Yuan said quickly:“Where where,Director Gong praised,Thank you for taking care of my little sister。”
Gong Weixian said:“Secretary Ding is dedicated and sensible,She always takes care of us,Have you eaten yet?”

Speaking of which,The girl’s eyes are getting wet。

Peng Changyi kissed her eyes emotionally,Frown slightly,Look at her affectionately,Say word by word:“me too,I can’t help but love,No cure。”
“Really?”Shu Qing asked in disbelief。
Peng Changyi stared at her,Said:“Really,Do not lie to you,these days,I remove class,Another thing is to miss you,Miss your tears when you left me that day,These tears make my heart move,Also moved me……After I saw your parents today, Peng Changyi,To tell you solemnly,I recognized you,My heart,Already emptied for you,Waiting for you to fill it up,This job,Remove you,No one can do it……”
Shu Qing’s tears came out,she says:“Stop talking,Mom criticized me after coming back that day,I made trouble……”
Peng Changyi hugged her tightly,Mixed feelings,He said:“You didn’t make trouble,I really should do this cleanup for myself,baby,Thank you for giving me this chance to rebirth……”
Shu Qing felt Peng Changyi’s excitement,Just look up,Kissed him,Said:“You say that makes me feel bad。”
Peng Changyi said seriously:“Shu Qing,I love you,love you so much……”
Shu Qing was in tears,Smiled shyly。
Peng Changyi lowered his head and kissed her again,She also responded positively to him。
Peng Changyi looked at his watch,He dare not go deep into her anymore,Said:“baby,It’s late,I’m leaving,Can’t go back too late,Otherwise I can only sleep on the road after closing the door。”
Shu Qing nodded,Said:“OK then,You go。”
Peng Changyi turned around to get his handbag,Then I saw the gift I brought,He said:“There are two pearl necklaces inside,Give the bigger ones to Auntie,The smaller black one for you,There are two bottles of Moutai,Is for uncle,The rest are some local seafood。I am leaving。”
Shu Qing reluctantly let go of his hand,Hugged him,Stand on tiptoe and kiss him。
Peng Changyi didn’t want to leave either,Persevering party school has discipline,I locked the door when I went home late,Now Shu Qing takes the initiative to kiss him,Still destroyed his will in an instant,He immediately hugged her in his arms,Chest and hers are stuck together,I immediately felt my blood boil again,He kissed her deeply again。

One thousand two hundred and twenty one chapters The plot reversal

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Xiaodie’s answer surprised Qin Liang again,He originally thought Xiaodie’s father would be very attached to him。
“Actually when you come to Dechang,My dad knew it,The reason why he never had any conflict with you,Because of……He knows you are with me。”
Xiaodie slowly stopped crying,Sadly。
“Oh……”Qin Liang feels so complicated,It seems that things are not exactly what he imagined。Then he suddenly realized!No wonder it was that day“Gulincun”,When those people ambush themselves,Just fought with myself,But didn’t have any actual attacks on myself,No wonder I was yesterday
To all kinds of enthusiasts, boss Zhuang,But the other side tolerated,There is no fierce expression at all……
I have a hasty……How do you feel that I am a villain!
In Qin Liang’s heart, this is a terrible thing。
“If dad wants to trouble you,He already took action against you,You live with me,He knows,But he didn’t,because,You are with me,And I am his most beloved daughter。”
Fluttershy once again reiterated the dealer’s attitude towards Qin Liang,She wanted to show;The dealer does not have any hostility towards Qin Liang at this moment。
“Turned out to be like this……”
Qin good awkwardness,When I didn’t know anything about the dealer,The dealer already knows his whereabouts well!