“Sorry lady,We are just talking nonsense,Didn’t really think about it……”

This kid sees the situation in seconds,She was so different from just now。
“Ha ha,What do you guys really want??”
Liu Xiaoyun’s voice fell,It hit the kid in the face again!She shot too fast,Although that kid has dodged,But I can’t hide it at all,So this punch,I was hit again sturdily!
Next is the rhythm of being beaten……Until I get beaten down again!And the three next to,Every time I get up, I get knocked down again,Several attempts to fight back,But in exchange for a more violent beating!
“Did Shen’s sister beat the little gangster again?!come on! Come on!Beat up these little bastards who don’t know the sky and earth!Don’t give them a bit of trouble,They don’t know it hurts。”
Local residents passing by began to watch the excitement,And stood up for the four girls,Cheering。
then,Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun are here……
“Oh my God!What are these girls doing again?!”
Just walked under the bridge,Yang Shiyun and Qin Liang saw the bridge“wonderful”Scene of!Yang Shiyun immediately called out in a low voice。
“I have a hasty!Isn’t there one day you can leave it alone?!Today is the second time!What’s the situation?!”
Qin Liang said helplessly……Two people hurried to the scene。
“stop!stop fighting!”
When Yang Shiyun arrived,Immediately issued“Stop beating”The command!And the four little hapless guys at this moment,I’ve all been beaten up and bruised and swollen!

In addition, there will be some teams spontaneously organized by the society,Will spend money to rent venues for training and competition。

The girls who are now in a circle in the fifth field,It’s such a spontaneously organized women’s football team。
Most of them come from several nearby universities,Some have already entered the society,Usually they are white-collar workers、Shopping guide、Private self-employed……
And by this time in the evening,They will take off their suits、Long skirt、Stockings high heels,Put on jerseys and sneakers,Running on the football field,chase,Hug and cheer for the goal。
just now,These girls are all staring at the girl in the circle,Everyone’s head is tapping up and down。
In their common vision,There is a girl with a ponytail,Is picking up football,Then the right foot that just picked up the football quickly swept over the football,But this is not over,Before the football has landed,She used the other foot to complete the same round of the ball。
Then she picked up the football again,Turn around at the same time,Leave the football behind,When the football falls from the air,She stretched out her right leg,Sandwiched the fallen football between the thigh and calf。
Put more effort,Let the football bounce slightly,Then she knocked the football from behind with her heel,The ball flies above her head,Fall to the front,She continues to be upset。
That chubby football is under her control,Incarnate as a butterfly,Flying up and down beside her,Seems to be playing games with her。
And this process has been going on for almost three minutes。
Football never landed。
“Wow……”Some of the stunned women’s football players could not help but sigh。
The captain with short hair approached a middle-aged man,Whispered:“coach,Where did you find such a great person?”
The middle-aged man put away the surprised look on his face,Shook his head:“My friend asked me to help receive,Said it was his friend’s daughter,Practiced for a few years,I want to follow the training game in our team……”
“Practiced for a few years?I also practiced for a few years,Why am I not so good?”

“Doctor Chang……”

While drinking tea at Mei Xingyun。
I saw the call from Dr. Chang。
Mei Xingyun unplugged the charging cable,Answered the phone。
“Good evening, doctor chang……”
“I’m not good……I heard your father say,You are fine?”
Doctor Chang asked。
“Yep,Fang Yu is skilled in medicine……I was cured with ancient medical treatment!”
Mei Xingyun explained。
“that……Can Fang Yu help me treat someone??I can pay……”
Doctor Chang asked cautiously。
She knows someone like Fang Yu。
Definitely won’t save people easily。
“General illness,Actually, Fang Yu doesn’t need to act……Isn’t that Dr. Choi??His medical skills are not very good?”
Mei Xingyun doubts。
“Hey,Hard to say……You help me first。I give you the information!please!”
Finished,Doctor Chang hung up。
“You all know!”

“Ok,I will tell Shu Qing right away,I’ll let old Gu pick her up soon。”Peng Changyi opened the phone in his hand,Just about to call Shu Qing,At this moment, I heard Ding Yi inside say:“No more,I’m fine,I’ll be on a business trip with Jiang Fan。”

Listen to Jiang Fan,I thought my ears got it wrong,He hurried back to the house,Said:“You travel with me?”
Ding Yi said:“Yes,Don’t you want me to go with you?”
Jiang Fan said:“it is good,it is good,I can rest assured that。”Jiang Fan straightened up,walk out,Said Peng Changyi who was standing with the living room:“Then you go back,I take her to the provincial capital。”
Peng Changyi nodded,Went out。
Jiang Fan looked at Peng Changyi’s back,Looking at the slippers on his feet,It took a long time to return to the bedroom,Talk to Ding Yi:“This is the medicine for you,Take one slice each,I’ll pour you water。”
Ding Yi shook his head,Said:“I’m fine,No need to take medicine。”
Jiang Fan said:“Your lips were purple just now,Want to eat,Even just eat。”
Ding Yi doesn’t want to argue with him because of this,Just nodded。
Jiang Fan poured her a glass of boiled water,Take out two small pills,Put on her hand,Ding keeps getting up,Took the medicine,Lying down again。
Jiang Fan said:“You will be safe,Let’s go,I’ll lie down on the sofa,Scared by you。”
Ding Yi did not speak,She agreed to go to the provincial capital with Jiang Fan,To prevent Peng Changyi or Shu Qing from coming with her,She doesn’t want to trouble them,Especially to trouble the section chief,She didn’t want to increase Jiang Fan’s prejudice against the section chief.。Although he is okay on the surface,But the shadow in his heart has not completely disappeared,at this point,Ding Yi knows。
Want to go to just now,Also blame myself,Blame yourself for your gaffe,Blame yourself for not being calm,Ugh,She herself didn’t know what kind of psychology she said at that time,Only let Jiang Fan hold onto it。
Jiang Fan lying on the sofa in the living room,Looking at the ceiling,He can’t sleep,His head is messy,Ding Yi’s sharp yell and the words she said,Can’t help Jiang Fan to reflect on himself……
Because Ding Yi went to the provincial capital with him,Jiang Fan put the driver on the side of the road,I personally drove up the highway to the provincial capital。

The special forces began to organize their weapons,Then each reported the number of bullets left……

“Divide the bullets equally。”
Qin Liang picked up the automatic rifle he grabbed just now,Remove the magazine,Hand it to the special forces。
Except for the pistol worn on the body,There are less than 20 bullets per special fighter。
The special combat team led by Qin Liang,Has lost the ability to continue large-scale battles,If you encounter the rebels again,After they hit the last bullet,I can only use bayonet to fight against each other。
“Still drop all the useless things,We start to transfer。”
Qin Liang gave the order again,Then with the help of his teammates,Re-carry the body of the sacrificed special forces member on his back,Take everyone around and walk towards the depths of the jungle……
“report,The satellite lost Qin Liang’s signal……”
An officer ran into the command post,Report to the general。
Asked the general incredulously。
“The tracking data sent back by the satellite shows,Half an hour ago,Qin Liang and their signals disappeared……”
The officer finished,Bowed his head。

Of course the initial heartbeat,It’s just because Ade has always wanted to be the best killer,Then he met an absolutely incredible real professional assassin.!And she’s a young and beautiful girl。

Adelaide, who has always adhered to his feelings for Fluttershy,After meeting the swallow,But a special feeling began to sprout in my heart that confused him,He doesn’t know what that feeling means,He only knows that he often thinks of her accidentally……
“Hey!What are you making?!I’ve been lying down for a long time,You don’t come to help me!”
Fluttershy shout,Drew Ade, who hadn’t guarded his home, from the reverie!He took a closer look,Xiaodie is lying on the ground not far in front of him,And that kite,Already floating away in the sky。
Turns out she just looked up at the kite in the sky,I didn’t pay attention to the way under my feet,And I tripped over a ridge,The kite will naturally fly away……
“Sorry miss,I’m thinking about something,Didn’t take care of you。”
Ade hurried over and pulled Xiaodie from the ground carefully and sat up。
“what are you thinking about?Want to be so focused,Don’t help me watch the road under my feet。”
Fluttershy complaining coquettishly。
“Does it hurt?”
Ad did not answer Xiaodie’s question,But changed the subject and asked。
“Of course it hurts!Hurt me so much!”
Fluttershy said wronged,The little mouth is pouted……She can still maintain her dignity and stability in front of Qin Liang,A sensible image,But in front of Ad and the dealer’s bodyguards,She is just like a beautiful young lady。

Chapter three thousand nine hundred and ninety I want my wife

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Chapter three thousand nine hundred and ninety I want my wife
The temperature is several degrees lower than normal this season,But this has almost no effect on the Shen family girls,Because every little girl has his own sleeping bag,And it’s the kind of sleeping bag that can adjust the temperature,It’s the high-end individual equipment that I received after returning to the base this time.。
Times are advancing,Technology is advancing,Military equipment is also constantly improving。
But not everything is improving:For example, local armed conflicts still occur in some parts of the world;The extinction of certain animals and plants is still continuing;A lot of damage to the natural environment has not stopped;Incidents of wild animal poaching and drug smuggling also continue……
“Let’s rest for a while,We are responsible for security patrol first,We are all exhausted today。”
After Qin Liang and the others cleaned up the guys who were eating,Yanzi walked over and said to Qin Liang and the others gently。
“Ok,Then let’s smoke a cigarette for a while。”
Qin Liang hurriedly agreed,It’s rare that Yanzi is so considerate,It’s not easy to refuse this kind of intention,But this is not the point,The point is:This afternoon, Qin Liang and the others were really exhausted.,“Babysitter”Really not so good,Especially when one needs to take care of several,Even harder。
The Yanzi action team is the easiest,Because there is only one Wang Xiaohong needs to take care of,And Wang Xiaohong still needs their care,So relatively speaking,Yanzi and his group are the least difficult。
There are swallows,Du Xiaoyan,Zhou Meili,Luna and Wang Xiaohong are responsible for patrolling and guarding,Qin Liang and the others can sit back and relax for a while。
“Come come,Brothers first put the cigarette on。”
Qin Liang first sent a circle of cigarettes to everyone in a fake and polite manner,Whether you smoke or don’t smoke,I took the cigarettes。
“how are you today?Everyone is very impressed?Ha ha。”

“Let’s ride one,I will。You are behind,I’ll bring you。”Huaiye wouldn’t know what she was thinking。

Ou Baobao speechless,“.”You are just telling me that I don’t know how to ride a bike.,“I just didn’t ride well!!”I don’t want to continue to make some scraps in the show.!!!!Is she really apart from her face and work ability,Nothing good????
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighth school
Huaiye got on the car,“Come on,If there is no cycling competition in elementary school,You probably never will。But you just learned it then,Didn’t participate in the cycling competition later.”
Baby Ou puts on a sun hat,“You didn’t learn it after becoming an actor。You are also pretty good as an artist,At least learned a lot.”
“I have joined a cycling club,Very interesting,Everyone is amateur,Take care of each other,It’s really good to relax。”Song Yan said,“Riding is actually not easy,You have it in elementary school?”
Baby Ou quickly explained,“Not a club,Is the school responding to environmental protection projects,Low carbon travel,A small event held abroad,I signed up because I didn’t do my homework,It didn’t happen,The math contest I signed up for is ahead of schedule,More homework.”
“.”Song Yan was stunned,Just understand。Oh,primary school,Abroad,Hold a cycling competition.Goodbye。
Song Yan didn’t understand too much,Just misunderstood。Zhu Pingping knows the school Ou Baobao goes to,“You are from kindergarten to high school,It’s all a school,It’s the school with a jade sculpture at the gate,is not it?”Dare not say the name。
Baby Ou nodded,“Right there。”
Zhu Pingping also wants her children to go,But no way,It takes five personal recommendation letters from people with extraordinary status and status.。This is a disguised screening condition。
“In addition to recommendations,How can I go to school??”Zhu Pingping couldn’t hold back,Asked。She asked the school,The school always says to follow the instructions in the admissions guide,But she feels,There will always be another way out。China is a human society,There will always be another way。She asked many people,I didn’t ask any good way,The little empress has been studying at that school for so many years,I must know something?
Baby Ou has to forget about the admission requirements,Because she didn’t use recommendation letters,Just go in and report to school。When this letter of recommendation,She also knew later,“Letter of recommendation is just a proof-like thing,If the school recognizes the student’s admission qualifications,No recommendation letter is fine。My brother and I have no recommendation letters。”
“.”Zhu Pingping smiled dryly,amount,Right。The grandchild and the little prince of Daou Group,How can the school not know your status?,Other physical health,Innocent family,Letter of recommendation for proof of property or something,No need at all.

“I am your husband,You are my woman,I can only see that!”Qin Liang said domineeringly。

Shen Ruoxi pursed her mouth and laughed:“How can you be so domineering,Eyes on others,Are you going to dig out the eyes of everyone who looks at me。”
“Humph,In short,This Ouyang is not a good bird,And the dinner tonight,I forbid you to go!”
Shen Ruoxi is angry now,She never wanted anyone to interfere in her life,It can be seen from her unwillingness to obey the marriage arranged by her father,Qin Liang’s words,Is touching the taboo in her heart。
“I’m not your turn to take care of my business,You give me out,I do not want to see you。”Shen Ruoxi unceremoniously drove Qin Liang away。
“Good good!Kindly be treated as a donkey!your business,I do not care!Do whatever you like。I don’t know how you were eaten by Ouyang tonight。”Qin Liang gets more excited as he speaks,Seeing that Shen Ruoxi didn’t want to listen to him,Angrily,He doesn’t want to care about Shen Ruoxi anymore。
“Humph,Master Ouyang just invited me to dinner,How did it become such a thing in your eyes,I think you are living a gentleman’s belly like a villain,I’m jealous of Master Ouyang。”Shen Ruoxi is not to be outdone,She has a very hot temper,Qin Liang behavior,Already irritated her。
Qin Liang saw that Shen Ruoxi had no intention of listening to him,Also said he is a villain,Furious,Slam out。
“Qin Liang,What’s wrong with you?Quarreled with President Shen again?”Chen Hao outside the president’s office,Vaguely heard the quarrel inside,Although I can’t hear what Qin Liang and the president say inside,But seeing Qin Liang’s face is very bad,I knew that Qin Liang and the president should have quarreled。
Qin Liang is in a bad mood,No answer Chen Hao,Left without looking back。
“Chen Hao。”Shen Ruoxi is called Chen Hao in there。
“President,What’s the order。”Chen Hao wants to know,Why did Qin Liang quarrel with the president?,But seeing Shen Ruoxi also has a bad face,The sensible pretending to be stupid。
“You help me prepare the car,I’m going to the Platinum Hotel to have a meal with Master Ouyang。”
Chapter Twenty Rest assured
Platinum Hotel,One of the super five-star hotels located in the most prosperous section of Haishang City,It is also one of the industries under the name of the Ou Clan Group,It is one of the important social places for celebrities in Haishang City。
Ouyang hosted a dinner here to host Shen Ruoxi,And it’s a separate banquet,In the eyes of Shen Ruoxi,Obviously very grand,This dinner is definitely going。

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Chapter One Thousand Eighty One In the eyes of the master
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“master,Disciple Liu Xiaoyun,Shen Ruoxue is back!”
At the gate of the yard,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue stopped,Speak respectfully。
“come in。”
After a while,A gentle and kind voice sounded,It was the master of the two girls who answered their words in the room in the yard!
Swallow couldn’t help but feel stunned!Across the yard,In the room again,The voice of the female leader,But it seems to be ringing in my ears!Just this point,Swallow knows;The martial arts of this female Taoist is too advanced……
Adoration of the swallow,Awe,Leisurely!
“Sister,You have to wait for us here first,We went in to see the master,Then tell her about your apprenticeship。”
Liu Xiaoyun is now completely gone,Cynical,What’s it like to be serious……
“it is good,I got it,You two hurry in,Don’t let your master wait for a long time,I’ll just enjoy the scenery here。”
Swallow nodded and agreed。
So Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue opened the door and went in……I haven’t forgotten to turn around and close the door again。
In a blink of an eye,Yanzi is the only one standing here。She took a deep breath,Then turned around,I started to look around the scenery。
This small yard is located on a flat hillside,Don’t talk about the path paved with bluestone,Is on the surrounding land,It was also cleaned abnormally,No messy broken stones,There is not even a bit of floating soil,The whole floor is as clean as it has been washed。
Around the yard,Are all towering and leafy trees,Below the hillside is a green ocean,Continuous ups and downs……Occasionally can be seen in the sea of trees,The corners of other buildings are exposed from near and far。