“Let’s ride one,I will。You are behind,I’ll bring you。”Huaiye wouldn’t know what she was thinking。

Ou Baobao speechless,“.”You are just telling me that I don’t know how to ride a bike.,“I just didn’t ride well!!”I don’t want to continue to make some scraps in the show.!!!!Is she really apart from her face and work ability,Nothing good????
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighth school
Huaiye got on the car,“Come on,If there is no cycling competition in elementary school,You probably never will。But you just learned it then,Didn’t participate in the cycling competition later.”
Baby Ou puts on a sun hat,“You didn’t learn it after becoming an actor。You are also pretty good as an artist,At least learned a lot.”
“I have joined a cycling club,Very interesting,Everyone is amateur,Take care of each other,It’s really good to relax。”Song Yan said,“Riding is actually not easy,You have it in elementary school?”
Baby Ou quickly explained,“Not a club,Is the school responding to environmental protection projects,Low carbon travel,A small event held abroad,I signed up because I didn’t do my homework,It didn’t happen,The math contest I signed up for is ahead of schedule,More homework.”
“.”Song Yan was stunned,Just understand。Oh,primary school,Abroad,Hold a cycling competition.Goodbye。
Song Yan didn’t understand too much,Just misunderstood。Zhu Pingping knows the school Ou Baobao goes to,“You are from kindergarten to high school,It’s all a school,It’s the school with a jade sculpture at the gate,is not it?”Dare not say the name。
Baby Ou nodded,“Right there。”
Zhu Pingping also wants her children to go,But no way,It takes five personal recommendation letters from people with extraordinary status and status.。This is a disguised screening condition。
“In addition to recommendations,How can I go to school??”Zhu Pingping couldn’t hold back,Asked。She asked the school,The school always says to follow the instructions in the admissions guide,But she feels,There will always be another way out。China is a human society,There will always be another way。She asked many people,I didn’t ask any good way,The little empress has been studying at that school for so many years,I must know something?
Baby Ou has to forget about the admission requirements,Because she didn’t use recommendation letters,Just go in and report to school。When this letter of recommendation,She also knew later,“Letter of recommendation is just a proof-like thing,If the school recognizes the student’s admission qualifications,No recommendation letter is fine。My brother and I have no recommendation letters。”
“.”Zhu Pingping smiled dryly,amount,Right。The grandchild and the little prince of Daou Group,How can the school not know your status?,Other physical health,Innocent family,Letter of recommendation for proof of property or something,No need at all.

“I am your husband,You are my woman,I can only see that!”Qin Liang said domineeringly。

Shen Ruoxi pursed her mouth and laughed:“How can you be so domineering,Eyes on others,Are you going to dig out the eyes of everyone who looks at me。”
“Humph,In short,This Ouyang is not a good bird,And the dinner tonight,I forbid you to go!”
Shen Ruoxi is angry now,She never wanted anyone to interfere in her life,It can be seen from her unwillingness to obey the marriage arranged by her father,Qin Liang’s words,Is touching the taboo in her heart。
“I’m not your turn to take care of my business,You give me out,I do not want to see you。”Shen Ruoxi unceremoniously drove Qin Liang away。
“Good good!Kindly be treated as a donkey!your business,I do not care!Do whatever you like。I don’t know how you were eaten by Ouyang tonight。”Qin Liang gets more excited as he speaks,Seeing that Shen Ruoxi didn’t want to listen to him,Angrily,He doesn’t want to care about Shen Ruoxi anymore。
“Humph,Master Ouyang just invited me to dinner,How did it become such a thing in your eyes,I think you are living a gentleman’s belly like a villain,I’m jealous of Master Ouyang。”Shen Ruoxi is not to be outdone,She has a very hot temper,Qin Liang behavior,Already irritated her。
Qin Liang saw that Shen Ruoxi had no intention of listening to him,Also said he is a villain,Furious,Slam out。
“Qin Liang,What’s wrong with you?Quarreled with President Shen again?”Chen Hao outside the president’s office,Vaguely heard the quarrel inside,Although I can’t hear what Qin Liang and the president say inside,But seeing Qin Liang’s face is very bad,I knew that Qin Liang and the president should have quarreled。
Qin Liang is in a bad mood,No answer Chen Hao,Left without looking back。
“Chen Hao。”Shen Ruoxi is called Chen Hao in there。
“President,What’s the order。”Chen Hao wants to know,Why did Qin Liang quarrel with the president?,But seeing Shen Ruoxi also has a bad face,The sensible pretending to be stupid。
“You help me prepare the car,I’m going to the Platinum Hotel to have a meal with Master Ouyang。”
Chapter Twenty Rest assured
Platinum Hotel,One of the super five-star hotels located in the most prosperous section of Haishang City,It is also one of the industries under the name of the Ou Clan Group,It is one of the important social places for celebrities in Haishang City。
Ouyang hosted a dinner here to host Shen Ruoxi,And it’s a separate banquet,In the eyes of Shen Ruoxi,Obviously very grand,This dinner is definitely going。

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Chapter One Thousand Eighty One In the eyes of the master
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“master,Disciple Liu Xiaoyun,Shen Ruoxue is back!”
At the gate of the yard,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue stopped,Speak respectfully。
“come in。”
After a while,A gentle and kind voice sounded,It was the master of the two girls who answered their words in the room in the yard!
Swallow couldn’t help but feel stunned!Across the yard,In the room again,The voice of the female leader,But it seems to be ringing in my ears!Just this point,Swallow knows;The martial arts of this female Taoist is too advanced……
Adoration of the swallow,Awe,Leisurely!
“Sister,You have to wait for us here first,We went in to see the master,Then tell her about your apprenticeship。”
Liu Xiaoyun is now completely gone,Cynical,What’s it like to be serious……
“it is good,I got it,You two hurry in,Don’t let your master wait for a long time,I’ll just enjoy the scenery here。”
Swallow nodded and agreed。
So Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue opened the door and went in……I haven’t forgotten to turn around and close the door again。
In a blink of an eye,Yanzi is the only one standing here。She took a deep breath,Then turned around,I started to look around the scenery。
This small yard is located on a flat hillside,Don’t talk about the path paved with bluestone,Is on the surrounding land,It was also cleaned abnormally,No messy broken stones,There is not even a bit of floating soil,The whole floor is as clean as it has been washed。
Around the yard,Are all towering and leafy trees,Below the hillside is a green ocean,Continuous ups and downs……Occasionally can be seen in the sea of trees,The corners of other buildings are exposed from near and far。

“Ha ha……”

Qin Liang just smiled nonchalantly,Nothing said,It’s rare that he didn’t brag about himself this time。
“You still have this ability?How come I never know?”
Shen Ruoxi asked Qin Liang curiously。
“I don’t think I have this ability,Maybe it happened to be painted like that。”
Qin Liang answered modestly,In fact, he really has this ability,He was appointed by his superior,I have studied with a great painter for nearly half a year,Plus his savvy,So although only half a year of study,But he has made a small difference,It is natural to draw two cartoon characters,Nothing to say。
“The note is still with me,I will show it to you。”
Yuanyang hurriedly found out the note written by Qin Liang from his body,And then handed it to Murong Shan who is closest to me。
“Wow,Really!Actually painted so well!I didn’t expect Qin Liang!You are definitely not at the average amateur level,I also learned to paint,So you can’t fool me,You are absolutely professional!”
After Murong Shan read the note,Yelled out loudly right away!The other girls immediately“Hulala”All of them ran to Murong Shan’s side to read the note……
“Wow wow wow!Brother-in-law!You draw too much!These two cartoon characters know you and my sister at a glance!”
Shen Ruoxue called out second!
“Have it?I don’t think it’s very similar?I just paint。”
Qin Liang’s reserved answer。
“Really well painted。”
Chen Hao also praised。
“You must have learned to paint!”
Shen Ruoxi said confidently,She also learned to paint,And have studied for a long time,The painting is also very good,So experts know what Qin Liang’s paintings are at a glance,He wants to be blinded。

Xie Yunchu directly kissed Baby Ou,After a while,Just separated,Put your forehead against baby Ou,Staring at her firmly,Four eyes facing each other,“Not otherwise。I want to marry you!!You are blind,I will also become blind,Then we will be the most beautiful blind people in the world.”

“.”Baby Ou patted Xie Yun’s head,“you misunderstood.”
how to say,“Have reached this point,I can’t make friends with you after breaking up,And sincerely bless you.If I have been hesitating these days,I can’t talk to your root cause,I’m afraid you have a psychological burden,I’m also afraid of our relationship,Cracks appear.I’m scared.but,Honesty is a must,Want to go with you,Is also necessary.”
Baby Ou just can’t think of a way to get the best of both worlds,That’s why I can’t speak。
“You say I am selfish,In our relationship,Better than you,Anyway,I am,Still want to marry you,Give birth.”Baby Ou scratching his chin,“amount,and so,I said otherwise,Is the public wedding,Change to internal,Let’s join our family,If we really have problems in the future,,At least they can be decent.”Although I really don’t want to have a bad future,but,Always make this plan。
and also,“I won’t become blind,You won’t.You think too much.”So big,Really good.
Xie Yunchu really thought that Bao Bao would want to cancel the wedding,And let him continue to be anonymous。but,He never dreamed,Will be in the lifetime,I heard that Bao Bao,Unimaginable exclusive confession.He really thought,If they break up someday,Baby Ou will smile and bless him,And then drive him home,Wave goodbye again,Like ordinary friends,Natural and ordinary.
And in their relationship,Xie Yunchu doesn’t think he loves Ou Bao more,Ou Baobao is in high position,Take more initiative。in contrast,Just because he is taking the initiative,So he is the one with the most initiative。It’s not because he loves more,But because,Baby Ou is too kind。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Eight doubt
From the very beginning of their being together,Xie Yunchu understands it well,Why did Bao Bao Ou start being a couple with him?——Don’t want to disappoint his affection,Don’t want to lose him,Hope he is happy。And because the happiness he wants is her,And she can just accept him,and so,They started,From friend to lover,After years of hard work,,Wish fulfilled.
Xie Yunchu is always clear and understanding,He can do whatever he wants with Ou Baobao,Because Ou Baobao is very kind,Won’t do anything that hurts him and makes him feel bad。
He said cohabitation,Ou Baobao is under pressure from Ou’s family,Came to live with him。He said he wanted to go on holiday,Baby Ou put down work,Go on vacation with him。He said he wanted to cook,Baby Ou just eats as bad as it is。He said he wanted the brooch she designed herself,She started learning to design jewelry。
No matter what he says,Will get a response from Ou Baobao。
and so,From beginning to end,He is in control,My treasure is the passive one。
this point,Even Xie’s employees can understand。Back then Xie’s had many winds and rains,But employees rarely quit,Morale,Not because his leader is capable,But because he can ask Bao Bao to help him,Daou is Xie’s patron saint.
Xie Yunchu always feels guilty,He even dreams of wanting to be better to Ou Baobao,Better,Better,But no matter how good he is,It’s hard to report one part of Ou Bao’s affection for him.

Shu Qing looked at him,Said:“The scene you are talking about,I have to demonstrate it mentally,Otherwise I can’t imagine what kind of sound it will be,What kind of symphony?”

The sister-in-law next to me laughed,Said:“My brother,Just to live。”
“Sister-in-law,How am i doing,Think about it,What I said is not true?”
Sister said:“Facts are facts,It’s just that you still said so many things,It’s not a show or something?”
“Haha。”Everyone laughed。
After Shu Qing laughed,Just follow him,Put down chopsticks,Hold the bowl with both hands,Lips lightly against the edge of the bowl,Started to suck the porridge in the bowl,Because she can’t let go,The sound is very small,Very soft。
Peng Changyi encouraged me:“Let go,The lower lip is completely on the edge of the bowl,Big mouth,Force!”
Shu Qing swallowed porridge,Then let go,Suck the porridge forcefully into your mouth,Very loud,Only Peng Changyi’s father、Brother and Sister-in-law are amused“Haha”laughing out loud。
Peng Changyi’s father said:“Miss Shu,It’s easy to burn。Moreover,People who drink porridge like this are not particular people,How can a girl drink like this?Unrefined,Don’t listen to him,He deliberately teased you。”
Shu Qing listened,Immediately put down the porridge bowl,Blushing,Watching Peng Changyi say:“Just,Just,you are so bad,Let me make a fool of everyone!”
Peng Changyi said:“How come out?I let you experience the grassroots life in all directions,Experience life in rural poverty,Avoid the wrong article when you get it,Out of touch with farmers。”
Dasao smiled and said:“You will fool people,Professor Shu can also write about how to drink porridge?”
Peng Changyi said seriously:“How can’t?Do you know how powerful the pen in her hand is?She is engaged in policy research,Is the staff member of Secretary Liao of the Provincial Party Committee,Secretary Liao of the Provincial Party Committee came up with a policy、What’s the trick,To go through her argument,After she finished the argument,Think this trick works,Do the leader,If she disagrees,The leader can’t do it。”
Shu Qing stared at Peng Changyi a long time ago,What did you just say,I heard Sister-in-law say again:“If she writes about drinking porridge,,Does the secretary of the provincial party committee have to drink porridge like this??”
Peng Changyi,Almost squirted something out of my mouth,He smiled and said:“Sister-in-law,Go and prepare corn grits,I think you have to choke me。”

Then the second person。

This is the special fighter whose neck was hit by a bullet,Saw the terrible wound on his neck,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun couldn’t help but took a breath!
“Each of them is the most heroic fighter,To cover the two hostages,Faced with hundreds of times their chasers,None of them escaped,But chose to stay in place to block the enemy,Those who gave up their lives fought desperately against hundreds of enemies,Until the last glorious death……”
The officer briefly described the reasons for the sacrifices of these special forces。
Tears fell from the faces of Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,Seeing the blood and wounds everywhere on these special forces,They can imagine the fierce and cruel fighting at the time。
“Where’s Yang Zhi?”
Checked the remains of the four special forces,Shen Ruoxuefa did not see Yang Zhi,So he raised his tear-stained face and asked。
“Oh,Where he is……”
The officer hurriedly let go,Pointed behind。
Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun only saw,There is a stretcher not far away,But the person lying on this stretcher is not covered with a white sheet。
Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun hurried over to take a look,It’s Yang Zhi。
“Brother Yang……”
Shen Ruoxue yelled timidly。
Yang Zhi lying on the stretcher heard the sound,Then slowly opened my eyes。
The military doctors at the base have already done wound treatment and bandaging,Also to relieve his pain,Gave him a strong injection of morphine,So his mind is a little fuzzy。
But when he saw that the person in front of him was Shen Ruoxue,He wakes up immediately。

“I have a hasty,What’s so distressing?Do you like this brand??I will buy him ten bottles and twenty bottles once when he takes you out.,This is nothing,Your husband, I have money,A lot of money,Zhengshou don’t know how to spend it。”

Qin Liang answered nonchalantly。
“Yes Yes Yes,You are a big tyrant,Rich man,What you have is money,Alright?”
Shen Ruoxi said with a smile,She slept for a while and slept comfortably,So how do you think Qin Liang is pleasing to the eye?……
“young married woman……You are so beautiful!”
Because Shen Ruoxi’s face is very close to Qin Liang’s face,So Qin Liang can clearly appreciate Shen Ruoxi’s unparalleled beauty,So he couldn’t help but complimented Shen Ruoxi in a low voice,This sentence is not to please Shen Ruoxi,It really came from Qin Liang’s heart and soul。
“Corporal Rite,Must ask others。You are so sweet to please me,Is there anything you want to beg me??”
Shen Ruoxi asked suspiciously,She has been busy with Qin Liang’s face for several minutes,Not finished yet……
“I have nothing to do, please,I just want to express my true feelings at the moment,Without any other moisture in it。”
Qin Liang’s awkward answer。
“Really?That’s weird,You haven’t praised me for a long time,What happened today?Does the sun come out from the west??”
Shen Ruoxi asked with a puzzled face deliberately。
Qin Liang sighed softly,not talking anymore,He was full of joy,Sincerely praised Shen Ruoxi,I didn’t expect to explain it for a long time!His good mood disappeared instantly,So I don’t even bother to explain。
“Why sigh?Are you starting to be impatient with me?Already annoying me?”
Shen Ruoxi suddenly asked Qin Liang seriously and quietly……

but,how to say,Her daughter,She understands。Possibility that the treasure will be disappointed in life because of love,Basically only based on her being crossed。Possibility is too low,Probability is too small。

Anyway,She has eyes,In my heart,The baby girl who is not enough,Ou Zhaozhao absolutely cannot tolerate her slightest mistake。Vicious is vicious,Ou Zhaozhao recognized。Can’t pass the test,Just don’t talk about any likes。
Then,Daughter,Will Qinbao resent her for this?,to be frank,Ou Zhaozhao dare not think。
Anyway,Anyway,Anyway,She is already a control freak mother,Many more vicious mother names,She doesn’t care anymore。If you are really resentful by your relatives,Then she apologizes,Don’t look at the resentful eyes of the baby girl,Enough.
Go to the depths of nature!!!!
Just when Ou Zhaozhao was thinking about racing,Baby Ou is also struggling to digest what mom said。
Subconscious,incredible,Baby Ou really doesn’t believe it。
but,In the deepest part of my heart,Baby Ou knows,What mom said,it is true。
Xie Yunchu,like me。
Once accepted this fact,Baby Ou suddenly calmed down。
Me and Xiaoyun,Childhood sweetheart,All these years,I’m so good,I treat him so well,He doesn’t like me,It’s abnormal.
Always confident Ou Bao,Continue to be confident。
and so,It’s definitely not control desire。
after all,There are so many controlling seniors in the family who lead by example,Set an example for her,Baby Ou can really easily tell what Xiaoyun’s feelings are。
Xiaoyun likes her,Is patience,Is comfortable,Is to indulge,Yes.Sad.
The desire to control,Will never feel comfortable。
This is her family,She has a high tolerance for her family,So I don’t care at all,To outsiders,Xiaoyun can’t。
It’s not that the feelings are not deep,But the role is different,Different status。
Or,She has always double-labeled her family members,Little buddies second,Friends again。Besides,In no more。

After Zhu Guoqing finishes talking,Peng Changyi closed the notebook,He smiled and said:“Secretary Lu,Talk about your opinion。”

Lu Hui thought for a long time before saying:“I just said,Just over half of the year,I didn’t think about personnel adjustment,There is indeed a lingering、The feeling of night,Just let me take my opinion,I really haven’t considered maturity for a while。”
First210chapter Consolidate alliances
Zhu Guoqing said:“The personnel involved in my plan are outside the Radio, Film and Television Bureau,No more involved units,Are some good seedlings I found in my work,In addition,The leaders of these units are generally older,Properly absorb some young blood,Help the unit leadership team maintain youthful vitality and the spirit of forging ahead。”
Lu Hui says:“As for whether it is necessary to stay in the evening、Adjusting personnel issues during the night hours,I just said my opinion,I will not repeat this,I just mentioned the person mentioned by Mayor Zhu,Li Li of the Bureau of Radio, Film and Television。Mayor Zhu’s plan is to promote him to the director of the Bureau of Radio, Film and Television,I firmly oppose this。And don’t comment on Li Li’s current level of business,Because he also went out from the city government,Served as secretary to Deputy Mayor Zhang Huai in his early years,Just one thing that happened,I think he is incompetent!”
Zhu Guoqing was taken aback。
Peng Changyi was also taken aback,Lu Hui directly vetoed,Still rare。
Lu Hui said:“Maybe I feel a little puzzled。Then I will specifically talk about my opinion on this comrade。Why do I say he is unqualified,As the deputy director in charge of the business,He has serious malfeasance、Even abuse of power。such as,Last time Secretary Liao of the Provincial Party Committee came to Kangzhou to inspect the creation activities of the ecological civilization village,What an important news this is,But the TV station did not broadcast the news in time that night,To know,Jin’an TV broadcasted this news that night,Our people in Kangzhou learned the news from Jinan TV.。But we did not broadcast,I thought,Maybe our equipment is behind,Can’t interrupt in time,But the next day,Still not broadcast,It’s the news that a township party committee secretary went to the village to check this work。Third day,No broadcast on the fourth day。Then I will ask,It is important for the provincial party committee to inspect this work,It is still important for the secretary of the township party committee to inspect this work?”
Say here,Lu Hui paused on purpose,He looked at other people。
Zhu Guoqing obviously did not expect Lu Hui to say such a thing,He was caught off guard,Very embarrassed。
“and so——”Lu Hui continued:“No matter from which way,No matter what happens,Even if the reporter’s machinery fails,Li Li has a major dereliction of duty,Because he is the deputy director in charge of the business。”
Lu Hui didn’t want to push Li Li into a dead end,The reason why I don’t want to do this is because I don’t want to embarrass Zhu Guoqing too much.,That’s why he said“Even if the reporter’s machinery fails”In this case。
After Peng Changyi listened,Deliberately cast the inquiring eyes on Zhu Guoqing。