It is said that,Yue Xiao’s Bole was Yuan Jincheng, the vice governor of the year and now the governor。

Yuan Jincheng was the vice governor,In charge of agriculture, forestry and water conservancy work,Due to normal flood discharge from the source reservoir for two consecutive years,This is not a big water potential,Actually caused floods in Ducheng and the lower reaches,Serious loss。
Therefore, in the third year, the province clearly instructed the Dushui River Basin to do a good job of dredging before the flood season,Ensure the safety of flood discharge during the flood season。In fact, every year the provincial government allocates funds for dredging major rivers,Various cities and counties also have special funds。But this is a huge project,Everything else is dealt with,Not ideal,Only Ducheng is a real swordsman。
When Yuan Jincheng came down to check the work,Arrived in Ducheng,What I saw is really a hot scene。Red flags on the flood control embankment,Barking,A look at the soldiers of the PLA、student、Farmer、Government officials、Even women and the elderly have joined the dredging battle。The on-site tweeter also broadcasts the progress of each unit。
Yuan Jincheng was shocked。To know,This was in the early nineties,It is even more difficult to engage in such a large-scale mass activity,In rural areas,Without the collective economy as a guarantee,It is simply impossible for the common people to do voluntary work。But Ducheng did it,And well done。
First160chapter Sudden assassination
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When Yuan Jincheng met the commander of this dredging project,When Yue Xiao, Deputy Mayor of Ducheng,He is holding his pants,Standing in the water,Shovel dredging,Sweaty face。Vice Governor Yuan appreciates this really hard-working grassroots cadre,Highly praised,And praised him as“Mayor of Shigan”,For a while,“Mayor of Shigan”This title appeared in Jinan and provincial media,Once became a star in the media。
that’s it,Yue Xiao met Bole Yuan Jincheng in his political life,As Yuan Jincheng rises step by step,Yue Xiao was also promoted from deputy mayor to mayor in the second year,Two years later, secretary of the municipal party committee of Ducheng,Afterwards,Appointed as Deputy Mayor of Jinan、vice secretary,The mayor until now。
Yue Xiao is not disappointed,Has always been known in politics for his hard work。In Ducheng,Establish a development zone、Expand the city area、Establish the largest cultural and leisure square in the county-level cities in the province,These are the remarkable achievements of the year,But I don’t know why he was there in the jingle“Sales cadre”Said。After he became the mayor of Jinan,The biggest achievement project is probably the Mingzhu Lake Hot Spring City under construction.。After this project is completed,Will attract high-end consumer groups in Beijing, Tianjin and other places,Take advantage of the tourism trump card of Mingzhu Lake,Drive the surrounding real estate industry,Even the rapid improvement of the catering industry,Will become a new economic growth point of Jin’an City。
Due to hard work,Yue Xiao has a good reputation in politics。Thanks to Governor Yuan’s backing,It also made Yue Xiao a humble deputy mayor,Grow into vigorous and resolute、A political star with pioneering momentum。Currently,The strength of this political star is not only reflected in his work,It also shows a yearning for power。
Gao Jian wants him to go to Binhai,I heard the gossip that Governor Yuan and Secretary Liao suggested that he stay in Jinan,Restrict Yue Xiao’s growing ambitions with his strength and rationality,It is said that Secretary Liao did not make a statement。
Xia Jihan saw him meditating and did not speak,Just say:“I am going to leave the news group after you leave, Back to the topic department,What do you say?”
Guan Hao nodded,His thoughts were obviously not on what she said。
42She blocked the sharp knife for him
The next morning,Guan Hao and the main members of the Ducheng Flood Control Headquarters and reporters from TV stations and newspapers,Arrived at the highway intersection half an hour early,Waiting for the arrival of Vice Governor Cao and his party。
on the car,Guan Hao asked Chang Yuan, commander-in-chief of flood control:“Has the river channel been evacuated now??”
He was referring to several sand and gravel plants in other places,No winning bids in public auctions,It is equivalent to not getting the government’s sand mining permit,But don’t leave the river,Set up a tent on the river。After waiting for a while,The owners of other sand and gravel plants saw that the local government’s sand mining policy showed no signs of loosening and evacuated Ducheng。Currently only two are still waiting there,Boycott the entry of winning bidders,Yesterday the sand mining office came forward to coordinate,Those outsiders are not allowed to die,It’s not easy for the sand mining office to ask Zhao Gang for advice,So this matter was delayed。

“Pooh,shameless!I’m not calling!”

Yanzi immediately said without hesitation。
“Keep kissing without calling me!Humph!”
Qin Liang’s demonstration。
“You bully me again……I bit my tongue and committed suicide!”
Yanzi said angrily,Of course she wouldn’t do that,This is just how the girl Yizuka acted like a baby。
“I’ll bite you?”
Qin Liang immediately followed。
“Badass!Let me go!”
Swallow has nothing to do now,I had to gritted my teeth and said。
“If you don’t cry,Love it,Humph!”
Qin Liang is beautiful,Where are you willing to let go easily,Especially the two days I spent a little more time alone with Yanzi,He started to think about his first love again。
Yanzi eagerly wanted to lower his head to bite Qin Liang’s hand,But can’t bite,Don’t let her be angry,But Qin Liang can’t do anything。
“Why?Want to bite me?Do you think you are a mammoth?Have such a long pair of big teeth。”
Qin Liang guessed the Yanzi’s intention,Proudly。
“Don’t let go,I’m going to shout indecently!”
Yanzi came up with another trick。
“Come,You call!”

Seeing Ling Mofeng’s embarrassed and bewildered expression,Song Min couldn’t help laughing,This smile,It’s definitely a smile from the heart,So instant style,Coquettish。

So Ling Mofeng’s little heart beats 3,600 beats per minute in an instant!Because he had never seen Song Min like this before!When the iceberg goddess has this kind of amorous feelings!
“What to see!I haven’t seen a beauty!”
Song Min was naughty again,She never joked with Ling Mofeng like this,This is definitely the first time。
Except for Ling Mofeng’s drool,Seems to have lost the ability to speak。
“I’m leaving without talking。”
Song Min frowned lightly and complained in an anguish。This girl is also amazing,Suddenly talked to Ling Mofeng in this way of talking to Shen Ruoxi and others,I’ve been using this way to communicate with everyone these days,So forgot to switch channels。
“I thought it was always cold,It turns out to be so pretty!”
Ling Mofeng answered two words sincerely。
This answer is for Ling Mofeng,It’s the first time so bold!He has never said anything like this to Song Min,This kid also accidentally ate the bear heart and leopard courage today!How dare to say something to Song Min,But Ling Mofeng really didn’t molest Song Min,What he said is absolutely true,It’s a feeling from the heart。
“cut!I don’t know if I look good?Praise me?”
Song Min actually took a few words again mischievously!This girl seems to start talking without thinking。
People don’t keep boundaries and vigilance all the time,Especially in front of a good friend you can trust。

Baby Ou nodded,“of course,I have a boyfriend。You do not know?”

“.know。”The ace reporter glanced at Xie Yun,This classmate Xie Yunchu, who sees the dragon and misses the end,From a family of artists,It is said that half of the talents in the calligraphy and painting industry,Are sent by their family。Looks like a serious person,Very mature,And the child of a business family like Ou Baobao,The temperament is indeed completely different。amount,Nor is it,Ou Baobao can’t see the temperament of the business family,To this Li Shunyuan,Have.
That kind of arrogance that piles up money,It is clear。I thought it was an artist’s personality,Know the identity now,Just understand,This is obviously a child from a business family.
“Will your two only have business cooperation??”
Baby Ou nodded,“Before。”
What ace reporters want to ask most is gossip。But in front of Xie Yunchu,He doesn’t dare to ask,Hesitate,It was a bit cold for a while。
Baby Ou was very surprised,It turns out that the professional skills of the people in the news agency are not as strong as those reported outside.
“The Department of Mathematics has recently put a lot of competitions,I learned from the teacher,You all refused。I would like to know,The teachers say you have talent,But you would rather indulge in business,Completely ignore your talents and the expectations of your teachers,To this,Do you have anything to say?”
Baby Ou thought about it,“The sun is for the earth,Is a godlike existence,People can’t imagine how terrible life would be without the sun。But in terms of the sun itself,It is a big star,Is the whole universe,In the entire galaxy,A very ordinary star。It never knows,Humans on our planet,For it,How much anticipation and gratitude。that,Can you say that the sun is a very cold star?”
“.”What is this metaphor。Ace reporter pursed his lips,“and so,Do you think your talent,for you,Just a strand of hair?Totally unimportant?And the teachers,school,What your classmates expect of your talent,Just being affectionate?”
Ou Baobao raised eyebrows,Suddenly said,“Are you interested in working in Daou?I feel you will be a very good PR talent。”
Chapter Four Hundred and Nineteen rumor
“.”Reporter classmate choked,It took a long time to say,“I will think about it.”I really can’t keep up with the thinking of this little empress!!!
“I think,Someone with my talent,Actually quite a lot,And can become the chairman of Daou,only me,Only I can do it。There are always many choices in life。Genius is the proud child of heaven,Is a pioneer in the era of technology,It is also the hero who allows human beings to make continuous progress。Just let those talented,To be the leader of the times,but me,With ordinary people,Make money to promote production,Stabilize the society and create a harmonious and happy life,Be the mass and economic foundation for the leader,Backing。”
The baby Ou who said these words was serious。
“.”I feel like you are talking nonsense,I still have evidence。
Do you have any evidence.
Baby Ou is going to leave directly。

Ding Yi said:“Happy everyone,Is happy for us。”

Yes,Before and after birth of twins,It really touched the hearts of many people,As Peng Changyi said,Hard-won!
Actually Ding Yi didn’t say,She readily agreed to hold this family gathering for another reason,That’s because she considered Shu Qing,Shu Qing recently tried to persuade her to celebrate the birthday of the two babies,Regardless of whether Shu Qing has other intentions,But at least they celebrate the baby’s birthday,It will be natural for Shu Qing’s baby to celebrate another birthday,According to the principle of the section chief,If Jiang Fan doesn’t celebrate the children’s birthday,He would never celebrate his child’s birthday。
This is just Ding Yi’s careful thinking,She can’t tell anyone,Including Jiang Fan。
Wang Jiadong finally gained control of the birthday party,A few days ago, I started to open the list.,He told Jiang Fan,He only needs to prepare the wine,There are all kinds of dishes in the army vegetable garden,And it is pollution-free,green vegetables。
Although Wang Jiadong said so,But Jiang Fan still let Gu buy most of the food,Send it to Wang Jiadong,And mostly cooked food,He doesn’t want Wang Jiadong to work too hard,After all, his legs are inconvenient。
Speaking of Wang Jiadong’s leg problems,Can’t help but talk about one person——Gu Zhuo。
Gu Zhuo and Zhang Hua have been learning acupuncture and massage for more than a year,Zhang Hua taught her targeted,half year later,Her skills have been effective in Wang Jiadong,Wang Jiadong’s injured leg is much better now,He feels more and more energetic,Sometimes you can walk without crutches,and,But for safety,Gu Zhuo insisted on letting him use crutches。Wang Jiadong’s changes,Let Gu Zhuo see hope,Also saw my hope。
Before dawn,Smoke came out of the two large firewood pots by the bamboo corridor,Stewing in a pot,Steaming in a pot,The smell of meat has long been floating,Seduces everyone’s taste buds。
Wang Jiadong doesn’t like cooked meat in restaurants,He still likes to make it for everyone,Because everyone loves to eat meat he makes,and so,I bought fresh raw meat long ago and made it myself。
In and out of the courtyard,Has been swept clean by the master long ago、Immortal。The wisteria flower that was planted last year,Now it has flourished,Purple flowers are blooming,Bathed in the morning sun,Exudes a faint floral fragrance。On the impervious floor tiles under the wisteria frame,Two round tables are placed,On both sides of the two tables,Two long tables are placed separately,There are various tableware on top、beer、White wine、Red wine etc.。
This yard is as lively as Chinese New Year,Although I can’t hear the laughter,But the sound of pots and pans, the smell from the kitchen, etc.,All signs,A lively family gathering is about to begin。
Wang Jiadong is very busy today,He wears a white hat,Wearing a white coat,A chef’s costume。He didn’t do this because he showed how much he valued,It’s really because the kids like him,Especially the high chef hat on his head。It’s not just his costume that surprises people,And he can go in and out freely without using a walking stick,Although you still need some external force to go up and down the steps,Such as supporting the windowsill、Or use the walking stick in front of the steps,But his legs are obviously better,Don’t watch,I can hardly see what’s wrong with his leg。
Gu Zhuo is also busy with him。
After more than a year of recovery and recuperation, Gu Zhuo,People have become very healthy、solid,She was originally a beauty,now,Although people are in middle age,Without the publicity and vitality of youth,But there is a kind of calm、Graceful beauty。
At this moment,The phone they put on the windowsill rang。
Wang Jiadong says:“You answer the phone。”

“Isn’t it!Didn’t your parents take you out when you were young??how is this possible?”“When I was young, my parents used all kinds of things to take me around。Play games with me,Buy me all kinds of delicious。It’s so beautiful to think about it~~”

Shen Ruoxue asked innocently。
“I haven’t seen my dad since I was a kid!My mother is busy earning money every day to support our two mothers,Tired to death every day,Where is the time and energy to take me out to play。”
Liu Xiaoyun said calmly,These unbearable memories of suffering,I won’t make her sad anymore,Sad,Because her tears were already drained when she was very young……
I heard Liu Xiaoyun say this,Qin Liang was also shocked,The hand placed on Liu Xiaoyun’s thigh involuntarily stopped.。
“what……sorry Sorry,I shouldn’t ask these!”
Shen Ruoxue hurriedly said awkwardly。For her little princess who grew up in a honeypot,The life of the poor who struggled to survive on the poverty line all the year round,She has no idea。
“It’s ok,I don’t care about my past,Recall those past,It won’t hurt me anymore。Ha ha……”
Liu Xiaoyun said with a sad smile。
“Xiaoyun……Can I take the liberty to ask;What’s your dad……Gone?”
Qin Liang hesitated to ask。
“I do not know either,I just remember every time I asked my mother this question before,Either she gets angry at me,Or cry……So I didn’t ask her anymore。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered seriously。
“Oh……I understand。”

“I said it was official,Then it has to be official!I am the biggest official here,I have the final say,You can only obey,have nothing to say!Speak?When will you give me a baby grandson??”

Liu Yong continued to ask aggressively。
“That’s not to say that you can be born.……I can’t help it。”
Yang Shiyun bit the bullet and replied。
“Oh,You mean you can’t help it, right?That’s easy,Call Qin Liang now,Call him here,I asked when he was born,Since you can’t be the master,That’s his decision,Go call。”
Liu Yong is neurotic,I don’t know where his muscles are wrong today!I’m not finished with Yang Shiyun!
Yang Shiyun is about to cry!It’s better now,even“The little brother-in-law of the city’s criminal police team”Everyone knows his name!This still makes me live!
“go,Why are you standing in front of me??Go and call Qin Liang!Don’t you always fool me?Today I see how you can fool me!”
Liu Yong continued to speak out。
“I don’t fight!Don’t fight!”
Yang Shiyun started pouting!Her little temper is about to explode!
“You don’t hit me,I’m not without his phone。”
Liu Yong said nonchalantly,Then he reached out and took out the phone,He looks like he really wants to call Qin Liang。
“No fight!”Yang Shiyun was really scared this time!If Liu Yong really called Qin Liang here,That would be a shame!So Yang Shiyun immediately took two steps forward,At lightning speed,Reached out and grabbed Liu Yong’s phone

“You are so courageous, you,The policeman in this house,You dare to rob my phone openly!There’s no way you can!”
Liu Yong finally laughed……

“Please!Just now you obviously said that you want to break my face!How come you asked me now?”

Liu Xiaoyun couldn’t help but laugh。
“I just said that,Won’t really do that。”
Shen Ruoxue more and more aggrieved,Little eyes, this is an innocent,Poor and helpless,I can see that this is an intolerable!
“Then I just said it on purpose,I didn’t really want to leave either!Where you are,How could i go?We said we should always be together in this life,Did you forget?”
Liu Xiaoyun suddenly stopped smiling,But very“deep feeling”Looked at Shen Ruoxue and said……
Shen Ruoxue burst into tears in an instant!This moved her。
“Okay, okay, don’t cry,Obviously you beat me up,I have to coax you now,You are too hypocritical,Don’t bring this。”
Liu Xiaoyun reached out and hugged Shen Ruoxue into her arms,Continue to coax her。
“Then you say you are not angry with me,I won’t cry。”
Shen Ruoxue said coquettishly like a child。
Shen Ruoxi and others all laughed,Have seen hypocritical,I have never seen such a hypocritical,The hitter must be coaxed by the hit,Where can I go to reason?!But now everyone is relieved,I thought the consequences after this fight would be very serious,Maybe the two little girls really broke up,I didn’t expect everyone to think too much,The two girls don’t need anyone to coax,They coaxed each other out……

“Even if we are all yours,You can’t bully us if you want!Do you treat yourself as a bully?”

Liu Xiaoyun didn’t refute Qin Liang’s words this time,Because Shen’s sisters are all Dragon Soul fighters of the Rose Legion,And the Dragon Soul Warrior of the Rose Legion,And all belong to the Dragon Soul troops,And the boss of the Dragon Soul Force,Qin Liang!So Qin Liang said that the girls of the Shen family belong to him,It’s fair enough,But although Liu Xiaoyun didn’t refute his words,But still threw him back!
“Hey!Why did you bully you again??Don’t buckle me big hat, okay?It was a personal grievance between me and Yanzi just now,It has nothing to do with you and other Shen family girls,Can you stop pulling you and other Shen’s girls in??”
Qin Liang protested against reason。
“All our Shen sisters are together,Shame,All glory!So no matter which girl is alone,It’s all our Shen sister’s business!”
Liu Xiaoyun is still confident,Zhenzhen replied。
“it is good,You said this!I am now married to Shen Ruoxi,According to your logic,That means I marry you all!I have nothing wrong with that?”
Qin Liang was in a hurry,Started talking……
“Row!I’m going to ask Ruoxi sister these few words,Ask her if you are right,You are waiting!go,Sister Yanzi,Let’s go upstairs to find sister Ruoxi。”
Liu Xiaoyun started out“Killer”Up!
“I have a hasty!Can we not play like this?I brought the parents?”
Qin Liang immediately frustrated!
“You got involved with Sister Ruoxi first!Oh,You can get her,We can’t find her?You can only set fire to the state officials,Are the people allowed to light up?!Are you so unreasonable?”
Liu Xiaoyun is not a swallow,Want to embarrass her,Qin Liang really doesn’t have this ability!


come on,Doesn’t it just hurt,Kind of hurts me。
Xia Chenglong gritted his teeth,Start working,Unfortunately it just stopped,If not for a strong breath,I fainted just now。
As for the feeling just now,Should be more than ten times that of Jiuxiang Ointment,The key is he can’t move yet,Can’t resist distracted。
again and again,Xia Chenglong started to switch back and forth in the process of stopping and practicing。
Fortunately, the number of times is slowly decreasing。
Open your eyes,Gulps,This is the twelfth time he stopped in half an hour,It’s five minutes longer than last time。
come on,carry on!
After a little rest,Start the next practice,Until later,Xia Chenglong doesn’t know what time is outside now,Or how many times did he wake up from pain。
The meridians in the human body will become hard as they are constantly washed with spiritual power,Only in this way can it resist external attacks and high-level martial arts self-sustainability。
Logically,Xia Chenglong’s meridians are much stronger than ordinary people’s,Surprisingly, after he sealed it,Every time,His body strength will increase again。
Similar to the role of leak detection,It is repairing invisible flaws a little bit,So as to become truly perfect。
Now even Xia Chenglong doesn’t know,Did Feng Duxi’s doing this hurt him or helped him?。
Have a hunch,If he can survive this period of weakness,After growing up,Must be stronger than before。
The clearly visible energy turned into different colors and poured into Xia Chenglong’s body,This is the exercise《Dream Promise》,Jiuxiang Gao,And the result of the triple action of the Spirit Gathering Array。
When the milky white spiritual energy gathered in each meridian is full,The whole body is stretched,It seems to explode from the outside。