Man sweating can not be underestimated or seriously ill

Man sweating can not be underestimated or seriously ill

Introduction: Male friends should not sweat too much. Daily habits and diet will affect physical health. If you are sweating abnormally, you should be aware of it.

  Male night sweats These people often have hot hands and feet, upset, facial redness and fever, dry oropharynx and other characteristics. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is a manifestation of yin deficiency.

This kind of people can eat yin and syrup products such as lilies, Sydney, and less hot foods such as mutton, onion, onion, ginger, garlic, etc. You can also use soaked water such as ginseng, winter wheat, schisandra or American ginseng.

  Excessive sweating on the head Usually men with excessive sweating on the head and face after overeating, but also feel full stomach, thirst, do not want to eat, mostly accumulation of food, you can reduce the amount of food, eat a light diet to ease, or take some digestive medicine; If accompanied by heavy and weak limbs, insufficient bloating, vomiting, body fever, thick and yellow greasy tongue coating, is a hot and humid manifestation of the spleen and stomach, should pay attention to a light diet.

  Men who sweat excessively during the day. These people often have physical weakness, distorted speech, poor appetite, and common colds. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is a manifestation of qi deficiency.

These people can choose yam, soy milk, beef and mutton in their diet, and they can also use stewed chicken or colic bones with Codonopsis or Astragalus to supplement the body and relieve qi deficiency.

Completely soothing movements, combined with movement and static exercise to enhance physical fitness, such as practicing Taijiquan, Baduanjin, etc.

Let your palm tell you if your kidneys are healthy

Let your palm tell you if your kidneys are healthy

Introduction: Sometimes, the various lines on your hand are not necessarily fortune tellers. They can also reflect your health.

Kidney health The kidneys in the palm of your hand are the birthplace of women’s beauty and health. After you remove your makeup, your face is still dark and dull, puffy eyes after rising early, and growing hair.If you appear in yourself, you must have a sense of prevention.

Now, quickly see if you have these clues on your hands!

1. The entire palm is usually red and white. If you look closely, you will find that the surface of the skin is uneven. At this time, you may have kidney yang deficiency.

2. There are faint green tendons on the outside of the little finger, indicating that you may have congenital kidney deficiency. The longer the disease is, the more serious the disease is. The kidney problems, some waist and legs are weak, and soreness will often find you.

3. If the marriage line is too long, or even droops to the relationship line, think about it, do you often feel back pain recently?

4. The marriage line has been drooping, and finally connected to the life line, even exceeding the health line. If you have obviously felt that your body’s resistance has fallen, then you must prevent it, which may cause kidney function to decline.

5. The area above the emotional line below the little finger is the reflex area of the kidney. If it is red and has longitudinal slits, it may be a precursor to the onset of acute nephritis. Be sure to pay attention to the presence of edema.

If the various lines on the palm are suddenly pale due to subcutaneous edema, and the palm color is shiny, it means that the condition has begun to become severe.

6. Chronic nephritis is mostly transformed from acute nephritis. Occult nephritis usually manifests in the middle of the lifeline with a large number of interference lines running through.

Must know cosmeceutical ingredients


Must know cosmeceutical ingredients

Fundamentally, medical aesthetic products that incorporate the principles, techniques, or ingredients of medical aesthetics into skin care products are very popular due to their risks.

do you know?

In fact, cosmeceuticals are not suitable for everyone.

Regardless of your skin type, you must understand its ingredients before using cosmeceuticals.

Blind following the wind will only hurt your otherwise healthy face.


hzh {display: none; }  了解药妆成分至关重要  超级保湿之透明质酸  美肤诉求:保湿原本就存在皮肤组织内的透明质酸具有超级保湿力,国外网站上称它为“Key to the fountain of youth ”is the key to the fountain of youth.

  Hyaluronic acid can help the skin to absorb a large amount of moisture. With moisture, the skin can naturally remain elastic and soft.

Not long ago, we could only supplement the skin with hyaluronic acid through medical injections. Nowadays, medical-like skin care products can use a small amount of hyaluronic acid as a humectant, and compress and stack millions of molecular weight hyaluronic acid to the skin.It can absorb water about 1000 times its own weight, so that the epidermal cells are filled again, and wrinkles are smoothed.

Although the effect time is not comparable to direct injection, it can be continuously replenished daily to allow the cells to fill up naturally.

  Vitamin C for whitening and blemishes induces skin beautification: Whitening vitamin C and its derivatives inhibit the production of melanin and reduce the whitening components of melanin, which can help collagen synthesis while whitening.

However, vitamin C itself has poor tolerance to water, heat, and light, and is not easily absorbed by the skin. Therefore, beauty experts have always sought to find a way to convert unstable vitamin C into a substance that is highly stable and easily absorbed by the skin.That is, it becomes a stable vitamin C inducer and is added to skin care products to allow the whitening and lightening ingredients to penetrate safely.

  Softening skin rejuvenation of AHA fruit acid skin rejuvenation: skin rejuvenation acid is a collective name for a series of naturally occurring organic acids. These organic acids contain hydroxide acid and are weakly acidic. Sources include citrus fruits (citrus acid), sugar cane.(Glycolic acid), yogurt (lactic acid), lemon (citric acid), wine (tartaric acid), apple (malic acid), etc., which is an acidic substance extracted from fruits, which helps the replacement of old cuticles,Exfoliate well to improve dullness.

In medical skin care, fruit acid is usually used as a chemical lightening and whitening treatment. Fruit acid rejuvenation is the use of acid essences to metabolize old keratin in the skin, and at the same time metabolize melanin in the keratin to accelerate the metabolism of skin cells and achieve lightening.Dark spots, acne scars and whitening effects.

And the fruit acid with a concentration of less than 20% can be DIY for maintenance, gentle and effective for most healthy skin, and can achieve a gentle skin rejuvenation effect.

  Anti-aging and wrinkle-free peptide (botulinum-like) skin beauty appeal: wrinkle-reducing amino acid molecule is the smallest, protein is the largest, a peptide consisting of about 10-100 amino acids, and about 100 amino acids constitute a protein molecule;Among them, the molecular structure and mechanism of the six-membered peptide is similar to that of botox, which can quickly relax deep lines, gently smooth and exacerbate wrinkles, slow down facial wrinkles and cell aging, help restore skin radiance, and make the face show a younger outline.

  Maybe you would ask whether to inject botox or use hexapeptide care products?

What I want to tell you is that in fact, hexapeptide has been shown to slow down the transmission of neural messages, dilute the lines that have formed, and you can see significant effects in 30 seconds.

As a plant-based botulinum toxin, it does not cause nerve paralysis, it is more convenient and simple to use, and it does not need to be administered by injection, which eliminates pain and the use of a stiff expression in the early stage. It is economical and economical.Relative advantages of persistence.

  Elastic and plump collagen beauty appeal: Reproduce skin elasticity and moisture. Hollywood stars are injecting collagen to look young and permanent. It is not new.

As a fibrous substance in the dermis, collagen does have a good support and can give skin elasticity.

However, you need to know that when the skin begins to age when exposed to ultraviolet rays, collagen will gradually decrease and the skin will lose its elasticity and form wrinkles.

The biggest role of collagen in skin care products is to provide skin surface moisturizing effect.

And some types of pharmaceutical collagen products can even use unique formula collagen activating factor to stimulate collagen activation and regeneration while replenishing collagen. It can also prevent elastic fibers from being decomposed by enzymes, allowing the skin to rebuild the elastic structure of the skin from the inside out.Realize skin elasticity regeneration.

  Firming anti-aging coenzyme Q10.

hzh {display: none; }  美肤诉求:紧致抗老   辅酶Q10之所以在化妆品界备受瞩目是因为它不仅具有维持肌肤年轻状态的功效,而且还能减缓细纹等老化现象对肌肤造成伤害.
  Dermatologist research has found that the human body is composed of more than 60 trillion cells, and coenzyme Q10 in the cells can continuously produce energy.

However, due to air pollution, ultraviolet rays, stress, etc., active oxygen is generated, which causes the aging of the face and body skin. Coenzyme Q10, also known as anti-wrinkle repair factor, is a strong antioxidant that can protect the skin without rest for 24 hours.Not affected by active oxygen, it is a source of power to make skin rich, moist and tender, collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc.

Coenzyme Q10 decreases with age, and skin care products added with Coenzyme Q10 deliver energy from the outside to the skin, so that each cell’s energy is replenished and each cell is restored to a full state.

  Idebenil for skin preservation: comprehensive anti-aging Idebenone, a component originally used in medicine to treat Alzheimer’s disease (senile dementia), which can prevent patients’ brain cells from being damaged and maintained.The “freshness” of the organ.

Later, doctors unexpectedly discovered that it has very good antioxidant power for the skin, even stronger than the antioxidant ingredients common in the beauty industry, such as vitamins E and C, and the molecules are smaller, which is beneficial for absorption.

In fact, it can not only improve wrinkles, but also improve skin smoothness, even spots, lighten spots, correct dull spots, and prevent aging.

  Wrinkle Buster’s Vitamin A Derivatives Skin Beauty Demands: Effective Anti-Wrinkle It is the ace of dermatology drugs, and it is effective for almost any skin disease with abnormal epidermal differentiation.

At the same time, the only active ingredient recognized by the medical community for wrinkles is vitamin A acid, which can solve the two most common skin problems: acne and aging, and it is also the first anti-photoaging external drug approved by the FDA.

However, because vitamin A acid is too irritating, it can cause serious allergies if it is inadvertently. Therefore, researchers have developed A acid derivatives that are added to skin care products. The most common are A alcohol and A aldehyde.

In many anti-aging products, vitamin A alcohol is added to convert to vitamin A aldehyde and then to vitamin A, which translates into anti-aging effects.

  Highly water-retaining ceramide skin beauty appeal: prevention of dry ceramide is an intercellular lipid. Ceramide provides a medium-term and long-lasting moisturizing effect through the reconstruction of the metabolic barrier. Studies show that healthy skin uses ceramide products in 7 days.It can achieve a significant water retention effect, and after one month of cessation of use, it still has a long-term water retention function.

Or, we can think of it this way, it is like cement in the wall, which helps the epidermal cells to tightly and healthyly join, prevents skin dryness, reduces resistance, helps the skin retain water, and maintains normal metabolism.At present, brands have used it as the main anti-aging and moisturizing ingredient, while maintaining the skin’s moisture while improving the skin’s tolerance, reducing the sensitivity of the skin, effectively improving the common problems of skin dryness, desquamation, and roughness.

Seeking medical advice for female elderly spots


Seeking medical advice for female elderly spots

I do n’t know if you guys have seen the group photo of “Spots that ca n’t be covered by the stars in the entertainment industry”. One of the comparison photos is the protagonist Wang Zuxian. The content is about old spots. The caption writes:After Wang Zuxian became older, it was obvious that the maintenance was insufficient, and the pigmentation was very strong. Even if he applied white powder, it would be difficult to hide the spots on his face.

The editor does not confirm whether Wang Zuxian’s face is age spots, but it is certain that age spots hinder the observation to a certain extent.

So is there a good way to remove it?

The editor specially consulted the laser experts of the Air Force General Hospital.

  According to laser experts from the General Hospital of the Air Force, senile plaques, also known as stigma, are called “senile pigmented spots” in dermatology and also called “seborrheic keratosis”.

Senile plaque is a very common benign skin disease, which is related to skin physiological functions (metabolism of the skin such as oxygen, moisture, and body hormone levels), life rules, nutritional status, mood, exercise, health, etc., and is skin agingA manifestation.

Senile plaques are yellowish brown or liver-like in color on the skin. The size of the plaques is a bit larger than the earlier ones. The large ones, such as mung beans and soybeans, often occur in areas exposed to the sun, especially the back of the hands, arms, jaws and foreheadSee, sometimes itching a little bit sometimes.

  For superficial, multiple refractive index pigmented senile plaques, Q-switched amethyst laser, Q-switched ruby laser, and Q-switched Nd: YAG laser can be removed and achieve good results.
After about 3 treatments, the surface can be smooth, and the color of the lesion is close to that of normal skin.

For senile plaques with obvious tumor-like hyperplasia or bulge, C02 laser treatment can be used. This method can effectively reduce skin lesions and make the skin surface smooth.

  It seems that the “little mud” sticking to Wang Zuxian’s face can help!

Sleep drooling may be a precursor to illness

Sleep drooling may be a precursor to illness

Drooling while sleeping may be caused by improper sleeping postures, such as lying on the table and sleeping on the side, it is easy to cause drooling.

But if this is the case for a long time, it may be caused by some physical diseases and needs everyone’s attention.

  There are usually many factors that cause drooling during sleep: Reason one: poor oral hygiene: the temperature and humidity in the mouth are most suitable for the breeding of bacteria, the accumulation of food residues or sugars in the teeth and teeth, and prone to dental cariesPeriodontal disease.

Arthritis in the mouth promotes salivation.

If the oral cavity is infected by bacteria, the pain is obvious, and drooling is easy. Topical medication is needed to promote the healing of ulcers, and the drooling does disappear automatically.

  Drooling while sleeping, with a salty taste, and the pillow towel is pale yellow. It is most likely due to poor oral hygiene, accumulation of food residues, calculus falling off for a long time, causing gum inflammation and even bleeding.

At this time when you sleep, the water flowing out of the outlet has a salty taste and is pale yellow.

  Cause two, anterior tooth deformity: Teeth deformity is the third cause of drooling while sleeping.

Especially for patients with convex tooth deformities, the front teeth are more prominent and the lip is often exposed. It is difficult to completely cover the front teeth when sleeping, and the upper and lower lips are often separated naturally, and it is easy to drool.

These patients are better to correct their teeth as soon as possible.

  Cause three, neuromodulation disorders: In addition to the above oral problems, some systemic diseases may also cause drooling while sleeping.

The regulation of saliva secretion is completely neuro-reflexive. The so-called “Wangmei to quench thirst” is an example of conditioned reflex saliva secretion in daily life.

So neurological disturbances can also cause drooling while sleeping.

Some patients with neurosis or other systemic diseases that may cause autonomic nervous disorders may experience parasympathetic nerve excitement while sleeping, causing the brain to send the wrong signal and increase saliva secretion.

  Reason four: Drug factors: In addition, one of the alternatives to taking certain anti-seizure drugs is drooling, which requires attention when choosing a drug.

Sleep at night, don’t lie in bed, read newspapers and think about things.

Sleep at night, don’t lie in bed, read newspapers and think about things.

“ 95% of people should have 7-8 hours of sleep per day, but a small percentage of them sleep for only 6 hours, and a small percentage of them have 9 hours to sleep.

Zhang Xi said that the length of sleep varies from person to person, but the change will not be too great.

There are often white-collar workers in Zhang Xi’s clinics. Media practitioners and other high-income people are treated for sleep disorders. 80% of sleep disorders are caused by psychological factors.

  ”These people are mainly working under pressure, working long hours, sleep deprivation and long-term lack of awareness.

He said that these people’s work and sleep time are often arranged inappropriately. They often work very late, then chat with colleagues and friends, eat and drink until the middle of the night, sleep at two or three in the morning, starting at eight or nine in the morning.The sleep period is artificially predicted and is medically known as the “sleep phase delay syndrome.”

  ”The best time to sleep is 10-11 pm, and getting up at 6 am is just right.

However, people with sleep-time syndrome have a life rhythm that does not match the rhythm of normal society, and they lose sleep time varying lengths every day.

Zhang Xi said that after a long time, these people must have lack of sleep.

  The most common symptoms of people with insufficient sleep are: lack of concentration, dizziness, and decreased sensitivity to deal with problems.

People with chronic sleep deficiency have reduced memory, affecting the body’s immune function, and are prone to colds, causing dysfunction in the body.

At the same time, long-term lack of awareness also has an impact on psychology, most of which will be emotionally unstable, irritating, and temper tantrum.

He said that lack of sleep in women’s bladder freckles, is caused by the lack of awareness of endocrine disruption.

In addition, long-term insomnia will lead to heart rhythm disorders, frequent premature beats, but often can not find organic abnormalities.

  If you sleep too long, you will need to go to the hospital to check for excessive narcolepsy and sleep apnea.

Zhang Xi pointed out that sleep apnea is a kind of sleep in hypoxemia. It is more serious than hypoxia in the high altitude, and the human body is always in sleep state.

It can damage the quality of our sleep and make people snoring during the day; unless it also damages brain health.

  ”People who have insufficient sleep on working days can sleep for three or four hours on weekends.

Zhang Xi believes that proper apprehension on weekends is good for helping people with stress to recover their strength and production.

He suggested that people who are unaware should try their best to do outdoor activities and physical exercise during the day, develop good sleep hygiene habits, maintain a peace of mind, do not lie in bed watching TV, read books and think about things, so as not to invade sleep time.

For those who are insomnia, there is no need to “talk about the color change” of sleeping pills, and reasonable use is not a bad idea.

20 minutes to teach you the perfect pecs

20 minutes to teach you the perfect pecs

For most bodybuilders, the pectoral muscles are more responsive and easier to practice than other parts.

This is mainly because the pectoral muscles are composed of white muscle fibers.

This muscle is characterized by fast contraction and strong anaerobic glycolytic capacity.

In addition, they can be easily “pumped”.

  Another reason for the rapid growth of the pectoral muscle is that the pectoral muscle rarely bears the pressure in daily life, so when it is forced to lift a large weight, the growth explodes.

Some theorists believe that the pectoral muscle grows faster simply because it is closer to the heart and the blood supply is faster.

Anyway, since the pectoral muscles are so easy to grow, why are few people with beautiful pectoral muscles?

  The main problem is not to get a larger volume, but the way to train the pectoral muscles.

We’ve all seen some people with pectoral muscles that are swollen, bulging, or sagging.

This is the result of incorrect breast training methods.

The pectoralis muscle spans the upper part of the thorax and should look like a plate-broad, tall and strong.

Although the shape of the muscles is mainly genetically determined, our goal is to make the “square” of the pectoral muscles.

This requires balanced training.

As mentioned earlier, because the pectoral muscles grow rapidly, do not train more than once a week (about 20 minutes) to achieve this goal.

Instead, you must do it the right way every time.

  When training fast muscles, it is best to use compound movements.

This means using basic moves that allow for heavy weight.

Compound movements not only put more pressure on the target muscles, but also stimulate a lot of balance muscles.

The opposite of compound action is isolated action.

This type of movement is used to practice a specific part of a muscle to enhance the detailed display of the muscle.

The best example of compound movements is bench press.

Bench press is a simple exercise, but it also requires the right skills and balance.

Many “auxiliary” muscle groups are usually involved, as well as longer triceps, serratus anterior and deltoid muscles.

It is because of its simplicity that it is made so effective.

But there are also some things to note, as you will see next.

  Doing bench presses with free weights is different from machine bench presses. To maintain correct movements, more nervous system involvement is required, which is more conducive to anabolic progress.

However, due to the fixed body, bench presses have replaced some exercises to some extent.

If the weight is too heavy, the deltoid muscle will fatigue first, so too many people will have shoulder injuries when doing bench presses.

Considering the outstanding effect of bench press, people often think that it is the best exercise for practicing pectoral muscles.

This kind of thinking coupled with people’s pursuit, many bodybuilders use bench press as the “main” exercise of pectoral muscles.

After all, when someone wants to understand your power, the first question he asks is always: “How much do you bench press?

“Unfortunately, excessive reliance on bench press can cause pectoral muscles to contract, sag, and develop extreme imbalances.

In order to get a really beautiful pectoral muscle, it is necessary to combine the separation and compound movements in the correct order.

And you should keep bench presses to a minimum.

  The lesson below combines all the elements necessary for all pectoral muscle training.

Be quick when you practice, but pay attention to your movements.

A hint.

If you watch TV while training or you can listen to music with headphones, then you are not paying full attention.Focus on concentration!


Dumbbell Flying Bird This is definitely an isolated action, its role is to warm up and let the muscles do some warm-up activities.

It is also a good stretching exercise.

Lie on a flat bench and lift the two dumbbells above with your palms inward.

Let the dumbbells fall to the sides, keeping the arms slightly bent.

Then lift up and repeat 10-12 times.

It is not necessary to use too much weight for this action.

Dumbbell birds are not an action that builds large muscle masses.

It just prepares the muscles for the coming shock.

Do 2 sets, then move on to the next action.


Parallel bar flexion and extension This is the best movement to develop the pectoral muscles.

Forever because it is a compound action, and because it moves the body in space, it further strengthens the training effect.

All this type of movement is better than pushing and pulling the barbell.

This is why squats are more effective than leg lifts.

As long as the body moves in space, more muscle fibers are stimulated.

Chrysanthemum Adjustable Sub-Health

Chrysanthemum Adjustable Sub-Health

Chinese medicine believes that dryness is the mainstay of autumn.

Dryness is easy to hurt, such as dry mouth and nose, dry and itchy skin, and dryness and disgrace are all related to Qiuzao.

  Lycium barbarum Ganping is non-toxic, enters the liver and kidney, and has a good effect on nourishing the kidney, moisturizing the lungs, and pursuing its purpose.

Chrysanthemum can help the body to replenish qi, tonic, remove dryness, and detoxify.

Modern medicine has proven that chrysanthemums have a good conditioning effect on chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension and sub-health in modern people.

  Chrysanthemum medlar tea is made with chrysanthemum and wolfberry.

Use 10 grams of chrysanthemum and wolfberry each time, add to the teapot, add hot boiling water, and replace it after 10 minutes.

  Although Chinese wolfberry chrysanthemum tea has good nourishing and healing effects, it is not suitable for everyone.

People with a weak constitution and poor resistance should usually eat more wolfberry, but the effect of warming the wolfberry is quite strong. Therefore, people who have a cold, fever, and inflammation in the body should not eat.

Drinking juice during meals can affect gastrointestinal digestive function

Drinking juice during meals can affect gastrointestinal digestive function

Because people rarely eat vegetables and fruits for breakfast, drinking a glass of fresh or pure fruit juice in the morning should be a good habit to supplement the body’s required water and nutrition.

However, it should be noted that, when fasting, do not drink fruit juices with high acidity, and eat some staple foods first to avoid stomach discomfort.

Whether it’s fresh fruit juice, pure fruit juice or fruit drink, try to drink less for lunch and dinner.

The acidity of fruit juice will directly affect the acidity of the gastrointestinal tract. A large amount of fruit juice will dilute the concentration of digestive juice in the stomach. The fruit acid in fruit juice will combine with certain nutrients in the intake to affect the digestion and absorption of these nutrients.I feel a full stomach when I eat, I ca n’t eat any more, I do n’t digest well after a meal, and I do n’t feel well.

In addition to breakfast, drink juice between meals.

How is the fat acacia bitter in love?

How is the fat acacia bitter in love?

Acacia is a unique phenomenon in love, both sweet and painful.

Song Dynasty poet Liu Yong’s “the belt gradually widens and he does not regret it, so that he can get rid of it for Iraq.” This shows that Acacia can be ignored by people and their health is affected.

In fact, in addition to its physical impact, acacia and mental health are inextricably linked.

  There are two kinds of lovesickness that surround yourself with “love delusion”: one is purely unrequited love, that is, you know that the other party doesn’t love yourself and still love each other persistently.

There are many such situations, such as Duan Yu in “Tianlong Babu” and Wei Te in “Troubles of Young Wei Te”.

After falling in love and hopelessness, they are prone to depression, pessimism and despair, causing depression and even suicide.

The other is “selfish and affectionate”, the other party obviously does not agree with this, but wishfully thinks that the other party likes himself, and a smile is not to show self-confidence.

If the degree is too serious, it is a “love delusion” in mental disorders.

  In normal love, you need to go through a period of observation, temptation, and speculation before figuring out “whether he loves me”.

If you ignore the reaction of the other person and believe that the opposite sex has love for yourself, even if the other person is severely rejected, but you think that the other person is testing your loyalty and still smashing, then it is more than normal love.In part, it is mentally ill and can be diagnosed as “love delusion”.

  Acacia is an absolute delusion of absolute psychological maturity.

Delusion is the generation of distorted beliefs, pathological reasoning and judgments on the basis of pathology. Although it does not conform to objective facts and the level of education received, patients may be convinced, unable to be convinced, and unable to experience andGo through preliminary corrections.

Except for individual cases, although the common acacia also has stubbornness and paranoia, if it exceeds an uncorrectable level, it can only be regarded as a psychological deviation and cannot be classified as delusion.

  So how did this wishful thinking paranoia arise?

Some of the sentence words of Xin Qiji, a great poet in the Song Dynasty in China, can explain its psychological basis well, that is: I am more charming when I see Qingshan, and I should be so when I see Qingshan.

Unrequited love is actually a projection, that is, projecting your own thoughts, emotions, and intentions on others, thinking that others want the same as yourself.

And the underlying psychological motivation for it is the need for love inherent in human nature.

To be loved is to be accepted, recognized, and respected for self-worth.

  This also explains why young people in adolescence are more likely to have this kind of love paranoia.

One is that adolescence is a critical period for shaping the self-structure. This stage requires external recognition to transform self-image.

The second is that the self-concept of adolescents at this stage is still unclear, leading to the distinction between self and others, and it is easy to project self-conscious thinking and emotions onto others.

From a personal point of view, the more I like fantasy, sensitive and introverted, timid and afraid to communicate directly or from the person I feel super good, the more prone to unrequited love.

Some people think that girls are more affectionate and suffer more from acacia. In fact, boys are not easy.

In general, it has little to do with gender and is more determined by psychological maturity.

  Shaping a positive self and reducing the division of Acacia Once paranoid “Acacia” appears, it is recommended to go to a psychiatric hospital as soon as possible, and the doctor should judge its degree and nature.

  If the level of paranoia is severe, you need to take antipsychotic medication under the guidance of a doctor.

If the doctor judges that it is more related to psychological development, he needs to receive systematic psychotherapy.

  For the acacia himself, the following psychological adjustments can be made: First, consult more people and change the self-centered thinking mode: single lovers often have a unilateral and extreme thinking mode.

  It is manifested in observing objects and judging things with self-centeredness, disregarding each other’s feelings and reactions, and replacing reality with your own intention.

At this time, you should listen more to the opinions of onlookers.

If most people think contrary to themselves, they should reflect on: Are they too paranoid?

  Second, rich life content, divert attention.

Unrequited lovers are deeply trapped in their emotions, forming a fixed point of excitement in their brains, narrowing their attention and causing enhancement.

The so-called narrowness refers to not caring about other things, but only to their own love; enhancement refers to the unusual possession of love.

Therefore, it is necessary to consciously divert attention, to actively participate in other activities, to arrange life accurately, and to divert attention.

  Third, expand interpersonal relationships, and don’t let the feelings “thirst.”

Unrequited lovers often have rich emotional needs, but they are not satisfied, they are especially empty, lonely, and long for love.

So, make more friends.With multi-faceted emotional support, love will not be regarded as the only life-saving herb, and we will not hold it.