Soy products have their own advantages

Soy products have their own advantages

Dried tofu, shredded tofu, and tofu skin are members of the soy product family. In addition to providing high-quality protein, they also have their own nutritional advantages.

  Tofu is easy to digest.

Tofu is the most commonly eaten in the soy product family. Its overlapping protein is complete protein, easy to digest and absorb, and suitable for all ages.

Eating tofu has the effect of lowering blood lipids and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

  Soy skin iron and zinc.

Iron, zinc and vitamin B1 are the highest in all soy products, and their protein content is among the highest.

Consumption for children can promote physical and intellectual development; consumption for the elderly can prolong life.

Maternal consumption can quickly restore physical health and increase milk intake.

  Dried tofu is an expert in calcium supplementation.

Dried tofu has the highest calcium content in soy products, and is rich in protein, iron, zinc and other minerals, and is relatively easy to store.

  Tofu brain is “fitness tofu”.

Tofu brain, also known as tofu, is formed by concentrating and solidifying soy milk with high calcium content, and is also known as “fitness tofu”.

It is peaceful in nature, and has the effects of nourishing deficiency, moistening dryness, clearing the lungs and reducing phlegm.

Tofu brain also contains minerals and vitamins.

  Tofu silk has the highest vitamin B2 content.

Tofu silk is a semi-dehydrated product, and the vitamin B2 content is highest in soy products.

Vitamin B2 is an essential nutrient for the human body, which can promote human metabolism and prevent cell aging.

  Yuba quickly replenishes energy.

Yuba has a rich bean flavor, and it has the highest ratio of energy, protein, aunt, and vitamin E to other soy products.

Eating before and after exercise quickly replenishes energy and provides protein needed for muscle growth.

  Soymilk Soy Isoflavones.

Soymilk is a drink made by soaking with soybeans, with high fiber, low conversion and auntieness.

Soymilk dialysis has a high content of soy isoflavones, which can reduce calcium loss, flushing, and headaches in menopausal women.

  Okara helps to lose weight.

Bean dregs is the dregs left after filtering the juice when making tofu or soybean milk.

Okara has the characteristics of high dietary fiber, high crude protein, low feces, and low metabolism. Obese people have a feeling of fullness after eating, and their transfer is lower than other foods, so it also helps to lose weight.

  Doubu is the least healthy.

Douban, also known as oil tofu, is a fried food of tofu, called aunt, vitamin E, high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids. Iron, calcium content is also high.

Compared to other soy products, soy sauce is not easy to digest, so people with weak functions should be cautious.

  In addition, there are fermented soy products such as tempeh, natto, fermented bean curd, and stinky tofu in the soy product family. They are easier to digest, help lower blood cholesterol, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, and strengthen the brain.

Prefer the calf muscle to shape the perfect shape


Prefer the calf muscle to shape the perfect shape

The calf muscle has always been a “difficult problem” in bodybuilding training. Is it true that the developed calf muscle is really “difficult to go to the sky”?

The following advice on calf training will help break through this difficulty and make your training a success.


Training the calf muscle for the characteristics of the target muscle is the most commonly used muscle in daily life. It is characterized by high density of muscle fibers, resistance to eating, fatigue, and general training of general strength cannot be 鈥渟waying鈥?

And the usual training sequence is to practice the lower leg after the thigh, neither the training intensity nor the negative weight can meet the training requirements of the calf muscle.

In order to maintain the training frequency, it is possible to use such an order.

But always arrange the calf exercises in this order, the effect will definitely not work.

銆€銆€The correct way is: for the characteristics of the calf muscle energy to bear large weight, 2 times a large weight training every week, interspersed 1 time, small weight training, the purpose is only to ensure the training frequency.

The 2 times of heavy load must use the “priority training” method, train the other legs after training, or specialize in practicing the calf.

銆€銆€Using the “priority method” you will find that the weight-bearing capacity of the calf is amazing.

Because the calf muscle is fatigue-resistant, the effect is too low, and the recommended number is 12-15 times/group.

If each exercise is done in 4 groups, the middle group can be reduced to 6-8 times, and the third group is generally added to the maximum weight.

銆€銆€It should be noted that any practice will produce a burning sensation when it is done about 12 times, and it does not have much to do with the weight used.

Because the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle has reached a certain value when it is done 12 times, the trainer will feel unsustainable, and then it will persist with willpower.

Moreover, the muscle has a vague “estimation” for the weight used. If the weight does not reach a certain threshold, it will not use the full potential to compete.

銆€銆€The calf training is best exhausted at 10-12 times, and the last one is enough to persevere.

The effect of this practice is better than the random number of times to complete the predetermined number of times.


Brains should be associated with muscles. Bodybuilding training is better to control the upper body. Once you get to the leg, you can’t do it. It’s hard to think about weight, and it’s hard to take into account the conscious muscle connection.

銆€銆€The closer the consciousness and muscles are in training, the more you can find the 鈥渢raining sensation鈥?and the faster the muscles develop.

Leg training should also strive to establish and maintain this good connection.

At the beginning, the weight can be lower, but soon you can adapt and extend the weight, the movement will be more accurate, and the target muscle can be thoroughly trained.

Summer sports are fun

Summer sports are fun

Summer sports are fun. According to the Chinese gossip and five elements theory, the summer solar term is in the strong period of the spleen, so this body has a strong digestive function.

In line with the four health principles, you should do more physical exercise and take appropriate supplements. This liver and kidney are in a weakened state, so you should pay attention to strengthening the maintenance of liver and kidney, recuperate your emotions, and keep your mood happy.

For people who are in good health, under the complication of strengthening drinking water, eating a reasonable diet and getting enough sleep, you can do more exercise to make your body sweat. It is also good for your body.

The amount of exercise based on each individual’s physical fitness should also improve the difference.

In this way, a person who is in good health performs a lot of perspiration after a few contracted exercises, and has a comfortable and pleasant feeling for the body. The amount of exercise should be for this purpose.

After a little stop exercise, do not use cold water to cool the body, and do not drink excessive cold drinks. It is best to drink hot tea or mung bean soup and other heatstroke drinks.

Just after doing the previous exercise, you should not rest in bed or rest immediately, of course, if you are not afraid of dirty exercise, lying on the ground and stretching a few lazy waists and then standing up will not do any harm to your body.

For the elderly, some body-building activities can be carried out on the whole body in high-temperature weather, but the amount of exercise should not be too heavy for the body to sweat slightly.

Of course, it is best to choose walking or static qigong. Do not go out at noon when the temperature is high, and the temperature in the room should not be too low. Not only do you have a nap during the day, you can take a nap as long as you feel a little sleepy.

Nothing to do for a day proves that you have deliberately carried out some activities, such as chess, calligraphy, painting, watching performances, etc. But the hobby should not be too deep and should be moderated.

Seven precautions for healthy exercise 1.

Wearing light-colored clothes in cotton clothing can reduce more absorption, which is cooler to wear; dark-colored clothes will absorb more heat and become more sultry.

Cotton fabrics are heat permeable and sweat-absorbent blended with chemical fiber products.

Therefore, it is best to use light-colored cotton fabrics for summer sports clothing. The looser the style, the better the heat dissipation performance, and the lighter the color, the less heat it absorbs.


Morning exercise should not be too early in the summer and early in the morning. Many people who have the habit of morning exercises go out at dawn.

But morning exercise should not be too early, so as not to affect normal sleep.


Avoid direct sunlight in the summer from 11 am to 4 pm. Ultraviolet and infrared rays are the strongest.

Excessive ultraviolet rays can cause skin and eye damage and cause skin cancer.

Infrared radiation in series can increase intracranial temperature, complication of meninges, and sunburn.

Therefore, you should try not to exercise in the high-rise when the sun is the strongest, let alone your upper body.


Controlling exercise intensity In the summer, the human body consumes a lot of energy, and it is necessary to control the intensity during exercise.

Once symptoms of heat stroke occur, you should immediately sit down in a cool and ventilated place, drink some cold salt water, breathe fresh air, and apply cold compresses on the forehead or under the arm.

If you have dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, you can take rendan, ten drops of water and other heat-relief drugs.

If there is no improvement after treatment, you should go to the hospital immediately.


Properly hydrated in time, summer sports, sweating a lot, large amount of salt loss, easy to reduce the osmotic pressure of cells, leading to disorders of sodium metabolism, cramps and other phenomena.

Therefore, it is very important to add water in time for summer sports.

It is best to replenish a small amount of water and drink 150 to 200 ml of water every 10 to 15 minutes during exercise.

But do not drink sweet drinks without increasing the burden of drinking the stomach.

You should also add water in time after exercise, but do not drink too much at one time, binge drinking will increase the burden on the heart.


Do not cool with cold drinks. Some people are used to eating cold drinks after exercise.

In fact, eating cold drinks while your body is hot can hurt your stomach.

This is because a large amount of blood flows into the muscles and body surface during exercise, and the digestive system is relatively anaemic. At this time, eating a large amount of cold drinks will even lower the temperature of the stomach, which will dilute the gastric juice and damage the physiological functions of the stomach.It can cause severe acute inflammation such as indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc. In severe cases, it may bury the root cause of chronic gastritis and gastric ulcers in the future.

Warm dilute saline is the best drink after exercise.
Do not immediately shower the human body after sweating, you will sweat profusely, and your pores will be open.

If you suddenly pour in cold water at this time, it will cause a cold and fever.

And showering doesn’t help muscles relax, but it causes muscles to become more tense.

The correct way is to wait for the body’s sweat to dry, and then shower with warm water, the water temperature should be higher than the body temperature 1?
2 ° C.

Winter Melon Water Duck Lily Soup


Winter Melon Water Duck Lily Soup

Ingredients: 500 grams of melon with skin, 1/4 of water duck, 120 grams of fresh lily, three slices of ginger, 10 grams of celery.

銆€銆€Practice: 1.

The melon is cut into 12 pieces and washed with skin.


The water duck smashed into eight pieces, washed and added melon pieces, three pieces of ginger, and the same pressure into the pressure cooker with water 1200ML, Wu Wen boiled for ten minutes, then simmered for 15 minutes and then ceased to decompress.


After decompression, add fresh lily, celery beads, salt, chicken essence, and boil.

銆€銆€Efficacy: go to the heat, spleen and stomach.

銆€銆€First, different regions adapt to the northeast region: the northeast region is located in the northernmost part of the area, which belongs to the region with the highest latitude. This region has a short summer time and relatively relative winter time, which can increase the fresh lily to 130 grams.

銆€銆€Northwest China: The climate is dry, windy and sandy, and the sunshine is sufficient to increase the fresh lily to 130 grams and the melon to 400 grams.

銆€銆€Central region: The climate is mild and the sunshine is sufficient to reduce the melon to 450 grams.

銆€銆€Southeast: The climate is humid and the rainfall is abundant. The melon can be increased to 550 grams and the fresh lily is increased to 130 grams.

銆€銆€Southwest: It is rainy, the climate is hot and humid, like spicy, hot and sour taste, can reduce melon to 400 grams, fresh lily increased to 130 grams.

銆€銆€Second, different physiques due to body selection, qi deficiency, qi deficiency, muscle weakness, physical weakness, shortness of breath, lazy words, easy to sweat, not cold and heat.

The fresh lily in this formula is reduced to 110 grams.

銆€銆€Blood deficiency constitution: People with blood deficiency are pale, dry skin, insomnia and dreams, dry stools, and unfavorable urination.

The melon in this side increased to 550 grams.

銆€銆€Yin deficiency constitution: people with yin deficiency are thin and afraid of heat, hands and feet are hot, temperament is irritating, insomnia and dreams.

The fresh lily in this side is increased to 130 grams.

銆€銆€Yang deficiency constitution: the population of yang deficiency is not thirsty, the shape is cold and warm, the limbs are not warm, and the hair is easy to fall.

The fresh lily in this side is reduced to 110 grams.

銆€銆€Third, different ages tonic young people: adolescents are in the stage of growth and development, gas is strong, adequate fluid, eclipse twice.

銆€銆€Middle-aged: Fresh lily increased to 130 grams.

銆€銆€Older people: The body’s metabolism and excretion function are reduced, and the amount can be reduced by half.

銆€銆€This article from the old Chinese medicine health network expert group reproduced please indicate the source: old Chinese medicine health net health channel

Summer skin care men should pay attention to going out

Summer skin care men should pay attention to going out

Summer is always the season of women and also the season of men.

Also in the hot sun, while women are whitening and sunscreening, men also need to be whitening and sunscreening.

Although the bronzed complexion can make men look very MAN, if too much, it will sunburn the skin.

So how should men protect themselves?

  Most men have a dilemma when it comes to sun protection. They are afraid of tanning, but they dare not apply sunscreen and umbrellas. Even wearing sunglasses is still within their acceptance.

They always think that applying sunscreen is not manly.

  In fact, sunscreen is mainly to block ultraviolet rays, and also has a moisturizing function on the skin.

With good maintenance and sun protection, you can have moisturized and healthy skin as your capital of male charm.

  1. Choose sunscreen that suits your skin. Men choose sunscreen to see how their skin responds to UV rays.

If the skin is not sensitive to ultraviolet rays, it is sufficient to rub 2 or 10 times the sun protection value; if the skin has a strong response to ultraviolet rays, it will replace the sun protection products with high multiples.

  20 or 30 minutes before going out, apply sunscreen with SPF 15 or more. If you are outdoors for a long time, you need to apply it again every two hours.

Daily activities in cities usually replace 15 times sunscreen products.

If you go swimming, or go to a place near the tropics, you will replace the sunscreen with a multiple of 45 times or more.

  2. The number of times to apply sunscreen depends on the skin. If the skin is sensitive to sunlight, apply it every 2 or 3 hours.

The sensitivity to sunlight is very small, so it is enough to wipe it every 4 hours or once a day.

  3. Change the new sunscreen every year. The sunscreen use of sunscreen is usually only one year. It has not expired, and the sunscreen effect has been reduced a lot. Men who usually have sunscreen habits need to change sunscreen every year.

  If you are accidentally burned by the sun when going out, you should take timely repair care, apply some post-sun repair cream, or use aloe vera gel for post-sun care.

Qianlong’s longevity and longevity!

Qianlong’s longevity and longevity!

The Emperor Qianlong was reigned for 60 years and at the age of 89. He is one of the emperors of longevity in Chinese history.

It is said that Emperor Qianlong’s emperor’s body was healthy and healthy. He used his glasses for a lifetime. He was able to go out for hunting two years before his death. He could still write and read before he died.

All of this has a lot to do with his congenital endowment, but good health care is also an important factor in his health and longevity.

Let’s take a look.

銆€銆€The Emperor Qianlong’s longevity and health have a close relationship with his likes to bend and bow martial arts.

Moderate exercise makes the blood flow smooth, the blood flow is accelerated, the organs are reconciled, the bones are strong, and the body is enhanced.

It is said that after the Emperor Qianlong met with the military attache in the summer, he often tried to shoot arrows with them.

銆€銆€As an entertainment activity, archery makes people feel comfortable and refreshed, and their mentality has been well adjusted.

銆€銆€In addition to archery, the Emperor Qianlong also likes to hunt.

When hunting, walking in nature, breathing fresh air, the body’s oxygen intake increased significantly.

At the same time, the beautiful natural environment, the enticing birds and flowers, make people open-minded, comfortable and comfortable, and have great benefits for the human body.

銆€銆€The Qianlong Emperor cruised Jiangnan 6 times in his life, 5 times in the west to Wutai Mountain, and 3 times in the east to Mount Taishan.

The length of each cruise is different, and it is more than a few months.

During the relaxed tour, he not only experienced the scenery of nature, but also broadened his horizons, exercised his will, enhanced his physical strength, and was incompetent.

銆€銆€During the reign of Emperor Qianlong, he always maintained the habit of getting up early.

As the history book contains: “Every morning, it must be engraved. If it is in the long summer, it will be brighter, and the winter will be more than five.”
“Good living habits have a negligible effect on the physical health of the Emperor Qianlong.

Ten psychological effects in tutoring

Ten psychological effects in tutoring

Rosenthal effect.

Rosenthal, a famous American psychologist, once performed such an experiment: he randomly aligned a group of mice with parts: groups A and B, and told the breeder of group A that the mice in this group were very smart; At the same time, told the breeder of group B that the mice in this group were of average intelligence.

After each month, the professor tested the aligned mice through the maze and found that the mice in group A were actually smarter than the mice in group B. They could walk out of the maze and find food.

Professor Rosenthal was inspired, and he wondered if this effect could also happen to people?

He came to an ordinary middle school, walked casually in a class, and then put a few names on the student list, and told their teachers that the students had high IQs and were very smart.

After a while, the professor came to this middle school again, and the miracle happened again. The students selected by him have now become the outstanding leaders in the class.

Why would such phenomenon happen?

It is the magical power of “suggestion” that works.

Everyone in life accepts this or that kind of psychological cues, some of which are positive and some are negative.

Mom is the child’s favorite, most trusted and most dependent person, and also the person who exerts psychological hints.

If it is long-term negative and bad psychological cues, it will affect the child’s emotions, and even seriously affect their mental health.

On the contrary, if the mother has high expectations for the child, positively affirm, nourish the child’s heart through the eyes of anticipation, the aimed smile, and the motivating language, and make the child more self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, and self-improvement., How big the child’s future results will be!

  Overrun effect.

The famous American writer Mark Twain once heard a minister’s speech in a church.

At first, he felt that the priest was very good at speaking, moving and prepared to donate.

After 10 minutes, the priest had not finished speaking, and he was impatient, so he decided to donate only some change.

After another 10 minutes, the priest had not finished speaking, so he decided not to donate one cent.

When the priest finally ended the lengthy speech and began to raise money, Mark Twain, because of his anger, neither donated money, but stole 2 yuan from the plate.

This kind of psychological phenomenon of excessive irritation, too strong and prolonged action causes psychological impatience or resistance, which is called “overrun effect”.

Overrun effects often occur in family education.

For example, when a child makes a mistake, parents will repeat the same criticism once, twice, three times, or even four times, five times, making the child from guilt, impatientness, and even disgust.

Being “rushed”, the resistance and behavior of “I want to be like this” will appear.

It can be seen that the mother’s criticism of the child cannot exceed the limit, and the child should “make one mistake and only criticize once”.

If you have to criticize it again, you can simply repeat it. You have to change your perspective and put it another way.

In this way, the child will not feel that the same mistake has been “stolen”, annoyed, and rebellious will be reduced accordingly.

  Desi effect.

Psychologist Desi once realized the fable: a group of children roared in front of an old man’s house, barking loudly.

After a few days, the old man was intolerable.

So he came out and gave each child 10 cents, and said to them, “You make this place very lively. I feel a lot younger, and I am grateful for this money.

“The children are very happy, and still come the next day, as usual, playful.

The old man came out again and gave each child 5 cents.

Five cents is okay, and the child is still happily gone.

On the third day, the old man gave only 2 cents to each child, and the children were furious. “Only 2 cents a day, do you know how hard we are!

“They swear to the old man that they will never play for him again!

In this parable, the old man’s method is simple. He turns the children’s internal motivation “to play for their own happiness” into an external motivation “to play for cents.” He manipulates the external factor of cents, soIt also manipulates children’s behavior.

The Desi effect is apparent in life.

For example, parents often say to their children: “If you get 100 points this time, you will be awarded 100 yuan”, “If you can enter the top five, you will be rewarded with a new toy” and so on.

Parents may not have thought that it is this improper reward mechanism that diminishes children’s interest in learning little by little.In terms of learning, parents should guide their children to establish ambitious ideals, increase their emotions and interests in learning, increase their motivation for learning, and help their children learn.

Parental rewards can be things that are helpful to learning, such as books, learning equipment, and some rewards that are not related to learning, it is best not to.

  Southerly effect.

The “Southerly Wind” effect, also known as the “Warm” effect, stems from a parable written by French writer La Fontaine: the northerly and southerly winds are stronger than the power, depending on who can take off the coat on the pedestrian.

The north wind first came with a cold wind and biting cold. As a result, pedestrians wrapped their coats tightly in order to resist the invasion of the north wind.

The south wind was blowing slowly, and the wind was sunny and sunny. Pedestrians felt that the spring was warm. They unbuttoned and then took off their coats. South wind won the victory.

The reason why Nanfeng can achieve the purpose in the story is because it conforms to the internal needs of people.

This kind of psychological reaction caused by inspiring self-reflection and satisfying self-needs is the “southern wind effect”.

From this we can know that it is not advisable to use “bamboo” education methods such as “sticks” and “intimidation” in family education.

The implementation of warm-hearted education, more “human touch” praise, and training children to consciously and upwardly, can achieve more results with less effort.

  Barrel effect.

The “wood barrel” effect means: a wooden barrel with irregular mouths, the amount of water it holds is not the longest plank on the barrel, but the shortest plank on the barrel.

A child’s overall academic performance is like a big wooden barrel, and each subject’s performance is a non-wasteful piece of wood that makes up this big wooden barrel.

The stable formation of a child’s good academic performance cannot depend on the expansion of the performance of a few subjects, or should be its overall condition, especially depending on some of its weak moments.

Therefore, when you find that your child’s subjects are inadequate, you should promptly remind your child to let them spend more time in this subject to “take advantage of each other.”

  Hawthorne effect.

The Hawthorne factory outside Chicago, USA is a factory that manufactures telephone exchanges. It has relatively complete entertainment facilities, medical systems, and pension systems. However, workers are still angry and production is not ideal.

Later, psychologists devoted themselves to conducting a test. In two years, the experts looked for more than 20,000 individual workers, and stipulated that during the personalization process, they must listen patiently to the workers’ opinions and dissatisfaction with the factory.

This unique test received unexpected results: the Hawthorne plant’s output increased significantly.

In the process of learning and growing up, children will inevitably have confusion or dissatisfaction, but they cannot fully express it.

As a mother, you should try to talk to your child for as long as possible, and in the process of talking, you must patiently guide the child to understand, talk about your life, the troubles in your studies, and talk about your dissatisfaction with parents, schools, teachers, classmates, etc.

After the child “speaks”, there will be a kind of venting satisfaction, and they will feel relaxed and comfortable.

In this way, they will work harder in their studies and be more confident in their lives!

  Increase or decrease effect.

The “increasing or decreasing effect” in interpersonal communication means that anyone wants the other party to like themselves to “increasingly” rather than “decreasingly”.

For example, many salespeople have grasped the mentality of people. When weighing goods to customers, they always grab a small pile and add it a little bit, instead of grabbing a large pile in the weighing plate.Take it out a little bit more.

When we evaluate a child, it is inevitable that we will talk about his shortcomings and advantages, and often use the method of “deprecation before derogation”.

In fact, this is a very unsatisfactory evaluation method.

When evaluating children, we do not hinder the use of the “increase or decrease effect”, for example, first say that the child has some minor problems without injury and dignity, and then give appropriate praise . butterfly effect.

According to research, the faint air flow brought by a butterfly occasionally flapping its wings in the southern hemisphere, due to the decomposition of various other factors, will become a tornado sweeping the United States in a few weeks!

Distortionists call this phenomenon the “butterfly effect” and lead to a theoretical statement: a very small cause, which can develop into a huge and complex influence after a certain period of time and other factors participate.

The “butterfly effect” tells us that there is nothing trivial to educate children.

A one-sentence statement, the handling of one thing, correct and correct, may affect the child’s life; wrong and arbitrary, it may delay the child’s life.

  Labeling effect.

During World War II, the United States did not have enough troops, and the war did require a group of soldiers.

As a result, the US government decided to organize prisoners in the prison to fight on the front lines.

As a result, the United States government sent several psychologists to train and mobilize prisoners before the war, and went to the front with them.

During training, psychologists don’t preach too much about them, but especially highlight that prisoners write a letter to their closest relatives every week.

The content of the letter was drawn up by psychologists, and described how the prisoners performed well in prison and how to reform.

Experts ask prisoners to copy carefully and send it to their dearest ones.Three months later, the prisoners went to the front line. Experts asked the prisoners to write to their loved ones how they obeyed the command and how brave they were.

As a result, the performance of these prisoners on the battlefield is no less than that of the distance army. In the battle, they obeyed the command as bravely as they said in the letter.

Later, psychologists called this phenomenon the “labelling effect” and psychologically called the hint effect.

This psychological law plays an extremely important role in family education.

For example, if we always yell “stupid”, “pig head”, “how stupid”, “not even such a simple translation” at children, etc., over time, children may really become usThe so-called “dumb”.

Therefore, mothers must rid themselves of ridicule, humiliation, blame, threats and intimidation, use motivational language, and label children positively.

  Door-to-door biological effects.

There is often a phenomenon in daily life: when you ask others for help, if you make a higher request at the beginning, it is easy to be rejected; and if you make fewer requests first and others agree to increase the weight of the request, thenIt’s easier to reach the goal, a phenomenon that psychologists call “the doorway biological effect.”

In home education, we can also use the “door-to-door biological effect”.

For example, first ask the children, wait for them to do well in accordance with the requirements, at least affirm, praise and even reward, and then gradually increase the requirements, so that the children are willing to actively work forward endlessly.

Add fat!


It’s good for a man to be fat.

Add fat!
It’s good for a man to be fat.

Many netizens said that the weight is too light, but how to eat but not eat fat damage, some people have been quoted for three meals and still staying up late, and the food consumption of each meal is not small, it will be eaten, butI don’t know if it is malabsorption of the stomach, or there are other problems. It seems that it is not just the damage caused by obesity. The flesh and blood can’t grow out, it is also very distressing!

銆€銆€It is a man who is not too thin and has the same amount of bank deposits. When there is no way to extend the conversion beyond the required transfer, the weight naturally cannot be maintained.

Of course, there are many reasons for not eating fat. Physiological factors include: diseases, gastrointestinal functions, drugs, psychological factors, such as worry, nervousness, depression, etc., as well as poor diet and lifestyle.

Physiological factors The dietitian recommends that you seek a physician’s diagnosis. If you have enough food, you will need a dietitian to help you evaluate it.

銆€銆€Dietitians also provide a few ways to use it as a reference when it comes to eating and alternative nutrition options: Be a healthy fat man1.

A balanced diet can use cream or other edible oils, jams, sugars and other high-fat oils, high-sugar foods to increase accumulation, although the weight gains quickly, but long-term or excessive consumption, will destroy appetite, and may bring chronic disease endangered andhealth.

Use a balanced diet and incremental food intake to avoid compulsive supplies and sabotage appetite.


Develop a good diet and regular quantitative, a small amount of meals, chewing slowly.


Change the meal procedure first to eat high-density, high-nutrition food, and then eat other foods.


Choose moderate cooking foods, choose steamed foods that are moderately cooked, stew, marinate, stir-fry, boil, etc., to avoid foods that are hard and difficult to digest due to frying, frying, roasting, etc.


Maintain a happy and well-placed dining environment and concentrate on splitting.

Stress and anxiety not only affect appetite, but also digestive and absorbing functions in the gastrointestinal tract, and the metabolic rate increases the conversion relative to the consumption.

銆€銆€If there is still no way to improve your long and thin body, it is recommended that you ask a professional doctor to help you find out why the meat can’t grow out, and use a healthy way to grow healthy meat!

On Saturday, the Super League catches the fight, 2 lives and deaths, 1 health ball will produce 2 records.


On Saturday, the Super League catches the fight, 2 lives and deaths, 1 health ball will produce 2 records.

This season’s Super League title and relegation assembly number has already sounded, and the four games on Friday night are key, and several contests on Saturday night are also not to be missed.

This includes two battles and relegation battles, as well as a game of no desire.

Speaking of the title, of course, it refers to Guangzhou Evergrande and Shanghai Shanggang, which have already killed the red eye.

At present, Evergrande is second behind Hong Kong for 2 points. In this battle, the celestial body is facing the port of Hong Kong. Evergrande has no retreat and is determined to win.

The game has not yet started, the clubs and the media have begun to gear up.

Recently, the Shanghai media “East Body” exposed a series of news about Evergrande, “High Winning Award” “has found the break of the Hong Kong defense line”, “the club issued a killing order”, etc., all from the “East Body” report.
Before the game, Evergrande coach Cannavaro called the game “the final in the finals”, and its significance is self-evident.

By the end of the Battle of Tianwangshan, the title of this year’s Super League champion is likely to be clear.

Another life-and-death battle took place between two relegation teams. Chongqing Siwei played against Tianjin Teda.

At present, the two teams have accumulated 28 points, because the goal difference is temporarily ahead of Henan Jianye, ranking the bottom 3, 4, the direct dialogue between the relegation opponents, whoever loses is likely to downgrade.

After the success of Chongqing Siwei, the match against Tianjin Teda, Guangzhou Evergrande, Guizhou Hengfeng, TEDA schedule for Chongqing Siwei, Dalian side, Guangzhou Evergrande, there is no doubt that Evergrande must be the victim of two support teams, in order toIt is impossible to relax the vigilance of the championship.

The Guizhou Hengfeng and Dalian side, the attitude of which needs to see the results of the 28 rounds of the two teams, if Guizhou unfortunately downgrade, one side successfully landed, then for Chongqing Siwei and Tianjin Teda are good news.

Therefore, this direct relegation dialogue between Chongqing and TEDA, the two sides only have a deadly battle, the party that won the victory can get the initiative on the relegation road!

After talking about life and death, see a relaxed game, Jiangsu Suning at home against Hebei Huaxia happiness.

At present, Suning has 42 points and Huaxia has 36 points. It is a file that has no desire and no desire. The two sides have not had to fight for your life.

However, there are other things to watch in the game. This game is the “100 games” of Suning’s core Teixeira. This record has important significance for professional players.

In addition, Teixeira has scored 42 goals for Suning and ranks first in the history of the shooter. If Teixeira can penetrate the door of Chinese happiness, he will enjoy the throne of the team leader.

The highest record is in front of you, which is a big attraction of this “middle class showdown.”

In the last game, the Beijingers and the Dalian side, although both sides have not fully relegated successfully, but compared with Henan Jianye, Tianjin Teda, Chongqing Siwei and other teams are still relatively obvious, both sides can accept, even loseIt doesn’t mean the end, so the game is still quite large.

After the end of the two match days on Saturday and Saturday, I believe that the title and relegation officials of the Super League this year will be further clear, and the fans will wait and see!

How does a valley make up a dirty grain?


How does a valley make up a dirty grain?

Studies have shown that whole grains can raise five internal organs.

As early as in ancient times, there was a statement of “one valley to make up one dirty”.

There are millet, rice, wheat, soybeans, and sorghum in the grain.

Among them, millet can raise the spleen, soy can raise the kidney and so on.

Chinese medicine believes that the grain can always be wrapped in the abdomen, or a good food for the five internal organs.

銆€銆€ First, the black bean in soybean re-raising kidney soybean is called “the valley of the kidney”. Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of strengthening the kidney, detoxifying and moisturizing, and has a better therapeutic effect on kidney deficiency and edema.

銆€銆€Practice: After making a soak, make a soy milk, or boil black bean porridge, once a day in the morning and evening.

銆€銆€Second, rice re-enriched lung rice covered rice, purple rice, etc., in the presence of lung heat, cough and other symptoms, has a good role in nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs.

銆€銆€Practice: Use a small fire to make rice porridge until the rice soup is thick, only drink rice soup and do not eat rice, you can take it at any time.

銆€銆€ Third, millet re-cultivating spleen millet is the first of the grain, regular food can spleen and stomach.

Xiaomi is a tonic for people with weak spleen and qi, which can supplement the benefits and prolong life.

銆€銆€Practice: 鐔?a pot of millet porridge, use the spoon to pour out the essence of the upper layer of millet porridge – rice oil, drink on an empty stomach, have a good effect of raising the spleen and stomach, take it every morning and evening.

銆€銆€ Fourth, wheat heavy-health wheat is called “the price of the grain.”

Chinese medicine believes that it can nourish the mind and calm the nerves.

It has a therapeutic effect on eliminating female climacteric syndrome, spontaneous sweating and irritability.

銆€銆€Practice: Take the whole wheat porridge with skin, or go to the Chinese medicine shop to buy some floating wheat swill, take it every morning, evening and evening.

銆€銆€ Five, sorghum re-healing liver sorghum and soybeans are all miscellaneous grains, but it is an indispensable supporting role in the grain. Sorghum has the effect of nourishing the liver and benefiting the stomach, and convincing the diarrhea, especially those who gradually become chronic diarrhea.Good effect.

銆€銆€Practice: After processing the glutinous rice into flour, fry it, and mix it with boiled water to take it every morning and evening.