Chinese medicine recommends a reasonable diet cross-mouth, it is recommended for family collection!

Chinese medicine recommends a reasonable diet “cross-mouth”, it is recommended for family collection!

A reasonable estimate of the cross is the first cornerstone of the 鈥渇our cornerstones of health鈥?

According to the recommendations of the Chinese Nutrition Society and the US Health Food Guide, combined with the internal conditions of the country, it can be reasonably and reasonably summarized as “two sentences, ten words”, namely: “1, 2,345, red, yellow, green, white and black.”

One two three four five “one” refers to a bag of milk (yoghurt) every day, containing 250 milligrams of milk and egg grams of calcium, can effectively improve or replace the state of calcium substitution is generally low.

鈥淭wo鈥?means taking 250 calories per day?
350 grams, equivalent to staple food 6?
8 2, each person may increase or decrease according to the specific circumstances.

鈥淭hree鈥?means eating 3 servings of high-protein foods per day.

Each finger refers to: 50 grams of lean meat; or 1 egg; or 100 grams of tofu; or 100 grams of chicken and duck; or 100 grams of fish and shrimp.

“Four” means four sentences: there are thick and fine (coarse and fine grain); not sweet and not salty (Guangdong type sample intake of salt 6 per day?
7 grams; Shanghai type 8?
9 grams; Beijing type 14?
15 grams; northeast type 18?
19 grams.

The best in Guangdong, the second in Shanghai); three or four in five (referring to the upper control, the number of meals is more, beneficial to diabetes, high blood lipids); seven or eight full.

鈥淔ive鈥?means 500 grams of vegetables and fruits per day, plus the right amount of cooking oil and condiments.

Red, yellow, green, white and black “red” means that you can drink red wine 50 per day?
100 ml to help increase high-density lipoprotein and promote blood circulation and prevent atherosclerosis.

“Yellow” refers to yellow vegetables, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, etc., which are rich in carotene and have immunity to children and adults.

鈥淕reen鈥?refers to green tea and dark green vegetables.

The best tea is the drink, and the green tea is better.

According to the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, green tea has a clear anti-tumor and anti-infective effect.

“White” refers to oatmeal or oatmeal.

According to research, eating 50 grams of oatmeal per day can lower blood plasma levels and overcome significant effects on diabetes.

“Black” refers to black fungus.

Eat black fungus 5 every day?
15 grams can significantly reduce blood viscosity and blood clots, helping to prevent thrombosis.

Healthy charging naps is the best way

Healthy charging “naps” is the best way

The summer 鈥渟noring鈥?is because the summer is short and the night is long, the summer night is hot and hard, which affects the quality of sleep. The high temperature causes the blood vessels of the human body to expand and the blood flows in, which can increase the consumption of the body and the feeling of fatigue.Drowsiness is caused. In addition, many people lack the regularity of their daily life due to work or lifestyle reasons. They often stay up late and lack sleep.
銆€銆€Especially after lunch, the human body is to ensure the digestion and absorption of food. Most of the blood flow to the digestive system, and the blood in the brain is relatively reduced. In addition, after a morning of work or study, the brain cells are also in a state of fatigue, so they are faint.Feeling sleepy.
銆€銆€This kind of sleepiness in the afternoon is the expression of the normal rhythm of normal sleep and waking. It is adjusted by nap. The nap can compensate for the lack of sleep at night, which can relax and rest the human brain and body systems, which is more conducive to the afternoon.Work or study at night.
銆€銆€Nap is therefore called the best 鈥渉ealthy charging鈥?method. It has the following effects: First, during the nap, the effects of the human sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves are exactly opposite, so that the body’s metabolism is slowed down.Decreased body temperature, slower breathing, slower pulse rate, reduced myocardial oxygen consumption, reduced heart consumption and arterial pressure, can also make the hormone secretion related to the heart more balanced, which has a good effect on blood pressure control, beneficial to the heartHealth, reduce the incidence of heart disease such as myocardial infarction.
銆€銆€Secondly, improve the body’s immune function and enhance the body’s disease resistance.
Insufficient sleep can cause fatigue in the body. If it is so long, it will enter a vicious circle. Although there is no obvious organic disease, the immune function of the body is weakened, the resistance is reduced, and the factors causing disease are increased.
銆€銆€Then, raise your brain and brain, and cheer up.
After a morning of study or work, the brain is in a state of fatigue. Nap can not only compensate for the lack of sleep at night, but also relax and rest the brain and body systems, making people energetic, responsive, and in good mood.
銆€銆€Although nap is a good way to promote health, but also pay attention to methods, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive.
Generally do not sleep immediately after a meal, do not sit and snoring or sleep on the table, do not sleep too long, usually about 1 hour is more appropriate, the longest is not more than one and a half hours.

Four major anti-aging fruit secrets


Four major anti-aging fruit secrets

When people reach old age, the most common diseases are cardiovascular diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer.

These diseases are related to the aging of the body. Therefore, anti-aging is the primary problem of human health and longevity.

#hzh_woman { display: none; }銆€銆€鎶楄“鑰佸彈寰堝鍥犵礌鐨勫奖鍝嶏紝鑰岄鐗╄惀鍏绘槸鏈€鐩存帴銆佹渶閲嶈鐨勫洜绱犱箣涓€銆侳oods (such as fruits) contain many anti-aging active ingredients. When used properly, they can prevent the occurrence and development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, promote health and prolong life.

In the spring and summer season, there are a variety of fruits. The younger generations can prepare some fruits for the elderly to have anti-aging effects. They will add extra points to the elderly and filial piety.

銆€銆€Fruits help fight aging. In 1999, after three months of research by the US Department of Agriculture’s Center for Geriatric Nutrition, it was found that aged rats supplemented with blueberries and strawberry extracts, brain degeneration changes were significantly slowed, and exercise balance coordination improved significantly.Learning and memory skills have improved.

Coincidentally, researchers in developing countries have also found that pomegranate juice containing plant compounds has a significant intervention effect on DNA damage associated with aging in aged rats.

銆€銆€On this basis, further experiments were conducted on elderly volunteers. Each person drank a cup of pomegranate juice every day. After examination, it was found that the antioxidant function of the elderly was significantly improved, indicating that the pomegranate juice has potential anti-aging effects.

銆€銆€Anti-aging active ingredients have been found to be nutritious, and nutritionists have found through research that fruits contain a large number of natural plant compounds in addition to our known nutrients.

These substances play a role in delaying aging by increasing antioxidant capacity, regulating detoxification enzyme activity, stimulating immune function, improving hormone metabolism, and antibacterial and antiviral effects.

The types, distribution and functions of common plant compounds in fruits are as follows: 1. Carotenoids B carotene – mostly contained in yellow, orange fruits, such as mango, apricot, cantaloupe, papaya, etc.

Helps delay aging, has a preventive effect on certain tumors, can improve lung function and reduce diabetes complications.

銆€銆€Lutein – mostly contained in kiwi, pomegranate and other fruits.

It can help protect the vision of the elderly, reduce the occurrence of cataracts, and may also prevent the occurrence of certain tumors.

銆€銆€Lycopene – mostly contained in tomatoes, dark red grapes, watermelons and other fruits.

Helps reduce the incidence of prostate cancer and heart disease.

銆€銆€2, phenolic acid medicinal acid – mostly contained in grapes, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi and other fruits.

Helps reduce some tumors and has a hypolipidemic effect.

銆€銆€3, the flavonoid substance resveratrol – mostly contained in red grapes.

Helps reduce crime, stroke (stroke), tumors, etc.

銆€銆€Aromatin – mostly contained in blueberries, cherries, strawberries, plums, kiwi and other fruits.

Has a significant role in delaying aging.

銆€銆€Hesperidin is mostly contained in apples, pears, cherries, grapes and other fruits.

Helps improve the fluorescence response, protect the lungs, and prevent certain tumors.

銆€銆€Hesperidin is mostly contained in oranges, grapes, lemons and other fruits.

Helps prevent heart disease.

銆€銆€Red orange pigment – mostly contained in citrus fruits.

Helps prevent the occurrence of head tumors.

銆€銆€4銆佸崟钀滅被鐗╄川#hzh_woman { display: none; }銆€銆€鐑€斺€斿鍚簬姗樺瓙銆佽憽钀勩€佹煚妾瓑姘存灉鐨腑銆侶elps protect the lungs and reduces the incidence of some tumors.

銆€銆€Recommendation: The elderly consume 200 to 400 grams of fruit per day. In the natural state, most of the plant compounds have different colors. The plant compounds contained in different fruits are very different, which brings the colorful colors of the fruits.

銆€銆€Because different plant compounds have different health effects, in order to ensure the reintroduction of various plant compounds to play a role in delaying aging, nutritionists recommend that the elderly should take 200-400 grams of various colors of fruit, at least one per day, mostChange different types every day.

銆€銆€Starting from improving the body’s antioxidant function, it is advisable to choose antioxidant fruits such as hawthorn, winter jujube, pomegranate, kiwi, mulberry, strawberry, citrus, orange, orange, lemon, etc.

銆€銆€Relatively speaking, at least these residents, especially urban residents, have an upward trend in fruit intake, but still far exceed the daily intake recommended by nutritionists.

In order to reduce the loss of nutrients in the fruit during processing, the elderly should try to eat fresh fruit.

銆€銆€If the elderly have bad teeth, they can also eat the fruit.

In the case where fresh fruit is not available, consider canned or dried fruits, or a significant amount of fruit juice.

銆€銆€The best time to eat fruits: Except for individual fruits and persimmons, which are not suitable for fasting, most fruits do not need to be strictly specified.Starting from weight control, it is recommended to eat fruit before meals so as to avoid eating too much.

The best answer to how to gain weight


The best answer to how to gain weight

I graduated from junior high school to high school. I have been 90 pounds. I have never changed. I have 96 in my freshman year. I have been in the middle of the year since I graduated for almost a year. I have been around 84, 85 pounds.1.

57, this weight is too thin, I eat the same as before, but now it is lighter than in high school, strange, I have a small amount of food, no habit of eating snacks, do not love sports, I want to fattenHow can we increase fat?

銆€銆€The best answer Chinese medicine believes that thin people are more upset and irritable, night sweats and blushing, dizziness, dry eyes, dry eyes, lack of sleep, red tongue, less moss, pulse string count and other liver and kidney yin deficiency, heart and kidney do not pay.

To achieve more people and more fire, the treatment of yin and nourishing blood, reducing fire and soothe the main.

However, the single yang does not rise, and the yin is not long. Therefore, it is advisable to add appropriate qi medicine to nourish yin and nourish the blood.

Square chicken legs, raw oysters, wolfberry, hawthorn meat each 30 grams, Angelica, Shouwu, night vines each 15 grams, P. chinensis, salty scutellaria each 10 grams, 3 grams of chrysanthemum.

One dose per day, add water to cook, cook and go to the dregs to eat meat and drink soup, taking January as a course of treatment.

Fangzhong scorpion, Polygonum multiflorum, Hawthorn meat, Angelica yin and nourishing blood, raw oysters, night vines, sedative gods, scutellaria, scorpion ginseng, spleen and spleen, chrysanthemum clearing and reducing fire, with chicken to keep fit.

It’s a good idea for a thin person to think about fat.

銆€銆€Of course, if the original body is normal or obese, and it will become thinner in the short term, you should go to the hospital for treatment if you think about the possibility of accompanying the disease.

Because diabetes, tumors, hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis, malabsorption syndrome, functional dyspepsia and other diseases may cause weight loss, can not be taken lightly!

Chinese medicine wild food Hawthorn nutrition comprehensive

Chinese medicine “wild food” Hawthorn nutrition comprehensive

Hawthorn is really a “wild food”, not only attractive but also full of nutrition.
In addition to the candied haws and hawthorn balls that we often eat, making tea, side dishes, making hair cakes, and turning the pattern can still eat fresh taste.
Let’s take a look at the experts’ hawthorn eating.
銆€銆€Office workers take the hawthorn tablets bubble tea China Nutrition Society nutritionist Chen Yunzhen: Hawthorn’s lipid-lowering effect is recognized.
For the “outer food” family who often socialize outside, it is easy to have high blood lipids and indigestion. You can soak the hawthorn slices and put four or five hawthorns.
You can also pair with honeysuckle or lemon slices to line the “protagonist” hawthorn, and insist on drinking a few large cups every day.
In addition, Hawthorn’s anti-aging effect ranks first in the group, and many anti-aging health products have added hawthorn ingredients. For office workers, drinking lemon mountain water is the simplest beauty beauty trick.
銆€銆€To the children to do the hawthorn stewed wings Beijing Electric Power Hospital Nutrition Department Cui Jun: Hawthorn is a good fruit to alleviate children’s food, but eating more easily tooth decay, and some children do not like the taste of hawthorn.
At this time, the hawthorn can be used as an auxiliary material in the dishes that the child loves.
For example, if a child likes to eat chicken wings, put a few when cooking chicken wings.
Hawthorn helps to accelerate the decomposition of protein in meat, not only meat is cooked quickly, but also better for protein absorption and digestion.
The taste of this dish is also good, sour, not only has no greasy taste, but also digests quickly, the child naturally loves to eat.
You can add a little bit of what you can do, and you can get into the habit.
銆€銆€Old people can eat some hawthorn cakes. Wang Yumei, Department of Nutrition, First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University: Older people with bad mouths can try to make cakes with hawthorn and noodles.
Stir the flour and eggs into a paste, put in the dry yeast powder for 20 minutes, take advantage of this empty space, wash the hawthorn, then go to the core, cut the small Ding.
After the surface is initiated, the hawthorn granules are placed in the batter and mixed well, so as to ensure the uniform distribution of hawthorn grains.
I have a small trick to evaporate cake, which saves time and saves fire.
Put the cooked noodles in the microwave for 4 minutes, and the homemade hawthorn cake can be easily done.
The sweet and sour taste of the hawthorn is accompanied by the aroma of wheat and milk, and the sweet and sour taste is moderate.
Eating twice a week not only promotes digestion, but also benefits from lowering blood fat and preventing atherosclerosis.

Six points suggest good stomach health for the elderly


Six points suggest good stomach health for the elderly

First, do not eat nightingale Many people like to eat nightingales, thinking that this can supplement the body at night.

In fact, this is a wrong approach.

At night, most of the body’s tissues and organs have entered a state of “resting”, including the stomach.

If a person eats at this time, the stomach is forced to work nervously, and a large amount of gastric juice is secreted to digest the food.

Since the brain is already in a “rest” state at this time, the secretion of gastric juice is in an uncontrolled state, which causes excessive secretion of gastric juice.

Excessive gastric juice can corrode the gastric mucosa, causing erosion and ulceration of the gastric mucosa.

Therefore, people should try to avoid eating at night.

Those who like to eat supper can turn three meals a day into four or five meals, and dinner can be eaten a little later.

This will avoid eating at night and without feeling old.

銆€銆€Second, you should maintain a relaxed mood when eating. A bad mood when eating at a meal can lead to chaos in the body of the body.

The autonomic nervous disorder can cause excessive secretion of gastric acid and pepsin, corrosion of the gastric mucosa, weakness of gastric vasoconstriction, decreased gastric motility, etc., and can cause food to stay in the stomach for too long, causing stomach fatigue.

Therefore, people can have some pleasant topics or listen to music when they eat, so that they have a good mood when eating.

銆€銆€Third, pay attention to rest after meals. People often say: “After a meal, walk a hundred steps and live to ninety-nine.”

If this sentence means: people will leave immediately after eating.

Well, this view is wrong.

After the meal, the food is concentrated in the stomach. At this time, the stomach needs a lot of digestive juice and blood to digest the food.

Therefore, people even take a walk after a meal, which will make the blood spread throughout the body, resulting in a relatively reduced blood supply to the stomach, so that the food is not fully digested and absorbed.

Therefore, people should sit and rest for half an hour after a meal, and then carry out other activities so that the food can be fully digested and absorbed.

銆€銆€Fourth, the implementation of the meal system to prevent infectious diseases and stomach problems, you must mention Helicobacter pylori.

A large number of studies have shown that 80% of gastric ulcers are caused by Helicobacter pylori infection, and it is even the chief culprit of gastric cancer.

Helicobacter pylori can spread through the digestive tract and is parasitic in the mucosa of the human stomach and duodenum.

After human infection with Helicobacter pylori, the gastric mucosa will gradually lose its protective effect, causing inflammation and necrosis of gastric tissue.

Therefore, we should try our best to implement a meal-sharing system in our daily diet to kill the chance of reducing Helicobacter pylori infection.

Especially in families with patients with gastric ulcers, a meal system should be implemented.

銆€銆€Fifth, do a good job of warming the stomach outside the stomach without thick muscles and aunt, is one of the least protected organs of the human body.

Therefore, the stomach is easily affected by changes in external temperature.

When the stomach is stimulated by cold air, the amount of gastric acid secretion will increase, causing contractile contraction of dialysis, which may lead to stomach pain, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Therefore, people must do a good job of warming the stomach when it is cold.

銆€銆€Sixth, drink a cup of cabbage juice every day. Among the best vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization, cabbage is ranked third.

This is because people often eat cabbage to promote the activity of gastric cells and reduce the possibility of cancer in the stomach.

In addition, the vitamin U contained in cabbage has an anti-ulcer effect and can protect the gastric mucosa.

Patients with stomach disease who receive 250 grams of slightly warmed fresh cabbage juice before meals can prolong stomach pain and promote the healing of stomach and duodenal ulcers.

Diet and health during the cold season


Diet and health during the cold season

Cold dew season recommended recipes Baizao lotus seed ginkgo porridge ingredients: Lily 30 grams, jujube 20, lotus seeds 20 grams, 15 ginkgo, 100 grams of rice, crystal sugar amount of practice: lotus seeds first boil, then add lily, jujube,Ginkgo biloba, after the rice is boiled, use a small fire until the porridge is thick. Add the rock sugar and cook it.

銆€銆€Efficacy: nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, spleen and stomach.

銆€銆€Ginkgo biloba fish soup, ginkgo, apricot, fish soup, smells fresh and delicious, with lungs and phlegm, astringent lung and cough.

At the same time, it can help treat cough and asthma for a long time, consumes qi and yin, or is flat and yin and weak, and the card shows thirst, stomach is poor, and movement is short.

銆€銆€[Materials]60 grams of ginkgo, 60 grams of southern almonds, 90 grams of yuba, 8 horseshoes, 1 raw fish (about 500 grams), ginger 2?
3 pieces.

銆€銆€Ginkgo is flat, sweet, bitter, into the lungs, spleen, has the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, nourishing the blood and muscles; South almond is slightly warm, bitter, spicy, has a cough and asthma, and the effect of replenishing the lungs and lungs”Medical Qiyuan” said that it can “except the lungs in the dry, cure the wind is dry in the chest”; yuba is flat, sweet, light, into the lungs, stomach, clear lung heat, nourishing the stomach; horseshoeSexually cold and sweet, can clear the heat and stimulate the body, dissipate the phlegm and eliminate the product, “the herb is ready to say” that it has the effect of “reinforcing the qi and eliminating the food, removing the heat to produce the body”; the raw fish is flat, sweet and moist, into the lungs,The spleen, with the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, nourishing the blood and muscle.

Combined with ginger, it has the effect of moistening the lungs and removing phlegm and astringing lungs and relieving cough.

銆€銆€[cooking]ginkgo shelling, boiled water to boil a little film; south almonds are also boiled with boiled water; yuba soaked in soft cut; horseshoe peeled, washed, cut into two halves;, 鑵? intestines, wash, and then put all the materials together in the corrugated, add 2,500 ml of water (about 10 bowls of water), after the fire is boiled, switch to simmer for 2 and a half hours to 3 hours, adjustJust enter the right amount of salt and a small amount of peanut oil. Can this amount be 2?
3 people use.

Ginkgo, raw fish can be picked up with peanut oil and soy sauce for meals.

The four major dietary taboos of genital itching


The four major dietary taboos of genital itching

Vulvar itching is a problem for many women with headaches.

For the treatment of genital pruritus, bathing can be used, or a healthy diet can be used for treatment. The dietary contraindications and dietary principles of genital pruritus are summarized below.

4 big diets of genital itching taboo diet taboo 1: fasting hair.

Such as fish, shrimp, crab, chicken head, pig head meat, goose meat, chicken wings, chicken feet, etc., will increase the itching and inflammation of the genital area after eating.

Diet Taboo 2: Try to eat less spicy and irritating food.

For example: onions, peppers, peppers, peppers, mustard, fennel.

Diet Taboo 3: Avoid eating fried, greasy food.

Such as fritters, butter, oil, chocolate, etc., these foods have the effect of promoting heat and heat, which will increase the secretion of vaginal discharge, which is not conducive to the treatment of the disease.

Diet Taboo 4: Quit smoking and alcohol.

Tobacco and alcohol are very irritating and will aggravate inflammation.

In addition, the use of pepper can also treat genital pruritus, put 30 grams of pepper, Sophora flavescens into the pot, pour 5 bowls of water, boil for 30 minutes, filter the juice, and bathe the genitals when warm.

Once a day, 10 times in a row.

Principle of genital itching diet 1, do not overdose too much cakes, candy, drinks and other sweets, will lead to excessive intake of sugar, and blood sugar fluctuations, avoid dizziness, fatigue, rapid heartbeat, emotional discomfort, etc.Will increase the symptoms of menstruation.

2, eat more high-fiber foods Cellulose-rich foods help to regulate menstruation, high-fiber foods including fresh fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, flour, etc., these foods have the effect of moistening and improving constipation, so it is recommended to eat in moderation.

In addition, cellulose-rich foods can promote the secretion of estrogen, increase the magnesium content of the blood, improve the genital itching, and maintain a stable mood.

3, the intake of high-quality protein high-quality protein refers to the body contains a variety of amino acids, and a large number of human body utilization of high protein.

Eggs, lean meat, dairy products, and soy protein in soy are all high-quality proteins, so you can often eat these foods to supplement high-quality protein.

4, avoid drinking strong tea during the menstrual period is not suitable for drinking strong tea, strong tea is rich in a lot of caffeine, great nerve and cardiovascular stimulation, easy to increase anxiety caused by anxiety, it is easy to increase the amount of dysmenorrhea and menstrual blood,And will extend the menstrual period.

In addition, the implanted acid contained in the strong tea will affect the body’s absorption of iron and easily cause iron deficiency anemia.

5, the diet is warm, do not eat raw cold food in Chinese medicine that eating warm foods helps blood run smoothly, while eating raw cold foods is not conducive to digestion, and cause human yang, resulting in poor blood circulation,Prone to genital itching, less menstrual blood, but also prone to dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and other menstrual problems.

The dietary principles of female patients with genital itching have been introduced in great detail. Many of our women will make more adjustments in their lives. Women must learn more about this aspect of diet.It is good to fight the disease, so as to reduce the harm that the disease brings to us.

Dietary diet contraindications


Dietary diet contraindications

There are a lot of young people who have a big headache for fattening. These young men have to face the “ribbons” that are becoming more and more prominent. They have to express their feelings of helplessness: How much better if I can gain weight!

Many thin men also get a nickname “Bean sprouts”.

銆€銆€The weightless figure does not fully reflect the masculinity of a man. People who are too thin are prone to low immunity, prone to respiratory diseases, osteoporosis, and affect their health.

“How to eat without growing meat” is probably the distress of many “sprouts”, and “fat” seems to be a distant dream.

In fact, it is not difficult to “finance” and the key methods must be done properly.

Come with me, this winter, let you say goodbye to the body shape of “Bean Sprouts”.

銆€銆€The reason why thin people are thin, simple, why there is only one reason, is because “can not make ends meet.”

The so-called “in” refers to the energy and various nutrients that the body receives, and “out” refers to the consumption of energy.

The physical development of adolescents is extremely rapid, coupled with learning, work stress, large amount of activity, high conversion required every day, if the transfer intake is insufficient, it will 鈥済et out of the pack鈥?and lead to weight loss.

The bad eating habits are often the chief culprit of 鈥済etting enough to make ends meet.鈥?If you want to 鈥渇at increase鈥? you must first remove the following bad habits: (1) You want to increase your weight and not eat soup: Some people are used to eating soup, even with thin strips.After eating two things in a thick mouth, I thought it was easy to eat and it was no different from eating soup when eating.

In fact, eating soup and eating rice is not the same as eating soup.

Drinking soup can increase appetite without affecting the chewing process of the food; the disadvantage of soup rice is that it reduces the important moment of chewing.

As the saying goes, “soup rice, chew is not bad.”

Under normal circumstances, food is chewed in the mouth, saliva does not absorb enzymes of indigestion and protein, but the food containing salivary amylase after the above mechanical processing and preliminary digestion, from large to small, from coarseThinning, ready for the next process – chemical digestion.

Those who are used to eating soup and rice often swallow the soup rice without chewing, which increases the burden on the stomach and affects the absorption of nutrients and nutrients.

Experiments have shown that the same food, 8# and 83% absorption of protein and a small amount of absorption when slowly chewing, and the absorption rate of “sweet” is only 72% and 71%.

銆€銆€(2) Want to gain weight and not eclipse: Many people know that partial eclipse is not good for the body, but there are still many people who have partial eclipse habits in real life.

Some do not like to eat certain foods because of eating habits or prejudice. For example, some people do not like vegetarian food when they like to eat leek, and some people do not stick to it.

Usually, the body’s demand for nutrients is multifaceted, and no natural food in nature can fully meet the nutritional requirements that humans need.

For example, if you only eat foraging and do not eat vegetables, vitamins (especially vitamin C) and cellulose will appear, which may cause scurvy, indigestion and poor stool; do not eat fish, meat, eggs, poultry, etc.Foods with probable animal protein are prone to vitamin A, D, E and amino acid deficiency, which can lead to body weight loss.

銆€銆€(3) I want to increase my fat for three meals. Don’t make do with it: Nowadays, young people are learning, work is very tight, and they often don’t eat breakfast or eat something.

At noon time is tight, rush to get some food or simply buy a box of fast food to fill the stomach.

When I get off work in the evening, I feel tired after school, and I don’t pay attention to nutrition. I can do some meals.

If you deal with your life in such a long period of time, you will inevitably lose weight due to unreasonable nutrition or inadequate nutrition.

Help you fight anti-aging after 25 years old

Every woman wants to be younger and younger, so maintaining skin is an important issue for every woman. So how can I make myself younger? Check out the following article. I believe you will not regret it.

  Always talking about anti-aging, but 20 years old anti-aging will not be too early?

Will 30 years old be too late?

When does a woman start anti-aging and start to be ideal?

And there are many ways to resist aging. Do we try every one of them?

No need to!

Remember the 7 big things that tell you below, start your anti-aging plan at the age of 25, enough!

  ”The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: The woman was 7 years old, the kidneys were flourishing, the milk teeth were replaced, and the hair began to flourish.

At the age of 14, the scorpio was born, the pulse was smooth, the pulse was too strong, and the menstruation was on time, becoming the ability of a generation of children.

At the age of 21, the kidneys are full, the real teeth are born, and the teeth are all grown.

At the age of 28, the bones are strong and strong, and the growth of the hair reaches the most lush stage. At this time, the body is the strongest.

Since then, the body has begun to age slowly. If you start to resist from the age of 28, it will be late. The following 7 major events, it is best to start from the age of 25!

  1, calcium supplement China live in the daily intake standard (DRI) based on elemental calcium, 800?
1200 mg.

Experts have confirmed that after 28 years of age, the calcium in the body is 0 per year.


The speed of 5% is reduced.

Chinese people’s foods contain low levels of calcium, so the daily calcium intake is not enough.

In this way, you should also add 600 mg of calcium to the elements, and you will be able to get the calcium you need every day.

  Calcium-containing foods: daily intake of milk, kelp and dried shrimps, soy products, animal bones, vegetables, calcium supplements.

  Experts suggest: take extra calcium supplements to meet the daily needs of the body’s calcium, measured by the elemental calcium content.

Among the several common calcium sources in the present world, the calcium content of calcium carbonate is the highest, up to 40%, which greatly exceeds calcium citrate, calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium phosphate and the like.

  2, the supplement of cellulose in this period women often have constipation, too much trouble.

Cellulose can save women from worries, it is effective in laxative, detoxification, blood fat reduction, and excessive complications.

  The cellulose content of common foods is as follows: vegetables: the highest content of bamboo shoots, the cellulose content of dried bamboo shoots reaches 30-40%, and the pepper content exceeds 40%.

  Fungi (dry): The highest content of cellulose, nearly 50% of pine mushrooms, more than 30% of the arrangement according to the most to the least: hair, mushrooms, white fungus, fungus.

  Fruit: The dried red fruit has the highest content, close to 50%, followed by mulberry, cherry, jujube, black dates, jujube, jujube, pomegranate, apple, and pear.

  3, morning is very important for health and anti-decay. 1) Eating breakfast blood vessels every day can effectively promote metabolism and keep blood vessels and immune system young. It preferably includes cereals, fruits and dairy products.

  The best choice for a beautiful woman’s breakfast is recommended: a cup of soy milk (yogurt) + two slices of whole wheat bread + eggs + carrots (other fruits).

This is just an example, it is not absolute, it can be added according to your own needs, but it is best to keep the daily breakfast: 1 serving of beans (milk) +1 grains of cereals +1 eggs +1 serving of vegetables and fruits.

  b) Do not rush to get up in the morning, wake up, stretch and let the spine also have “wake up” time, which can avoid low back pain and maintain a good posture.

  4, sleep every night on time, the best sleep is to sleep regularly 7?
8 hours.

  Usually, sleep usually has 3 postures, supine, side and prone.

For women, the best sleeping position is to lie to the right.

  5, before the age of 28, the stable weight of your body is best to maintain a healthy weight state, if you want to lose weight, it is best to complete before the age of 28.

In addition, after experiencing growth, your weight can no longer be compared with the index in your 20s. At this time, if you lose weight, you need long-lasting patience and can’t lose weight quickly.

  6, taking vitamin C and vitamin e daily supplementation of more than 1200 mg of vitamin C, 400 IU of vitamin E.
These are the two most important antioxidants that can reduce harmful deposits on the walls of blood vessels.

  7, to build a quality life-class age-added agent, it can relieve stress and relax.
Increased safe life between husband and wife to 116 will make your true age younger.

6 years old.