Xu Shuang couldn’t think of these。

Soon they started recording。The two hosts’ eyes brightened after seeing Xu Shuang and Shen Zhiyue。
“The atmosphere in our recording room today is better than ever,I hosted this show for so long,Seldom come across a moment like today,Today, the show team invited two handsome guys at once,I’m so excited,I can hardly speak anymore。”
“Haha,I’m better than you,I have been reviewing their work last night,Now I have calmed my mood,I will be able to look directly at them when I face them later。”
“Hahaha,I have watched them all night,You are used to their dignified looks, right?。”
“Yes,The beauty of these two can be said to be the ceilings in their respective styles。Now domestic male idols can best become the representative of the face value ceiling in the hearts of many girls,That must be Xu Shuang。”
“Our cool guy is handsome and strong,Just last year,Many authors have publicly stated that a certain male god character in the book was created by reference to Xu Shuang。”
“Nowadays, the popular comics can also see the shadow of Shuang Ge,Brother Shuang can be said to be a tear man
“Shuang, who is full of youthful feelings, really makes people have to love。”
The two hosts praised Xu Shuang about the existence of heaven and earth,Shen Zhiyue wanted to roll his eyes after hearing this,He thought in his heart,shallow,Fortunately, his baby is not as superficial as these women。
“Congratulations to brother Shuang,It seems that you have been recognized by the public。”Shen Zhiyue reached out and patted Xu Shuang。
Xu Shuang smiled:“You are not bad。But Brother Yue, you have a good temper,I thought you would ask to introduce you first,I didn’t find you and gave me the opportunity。”
Shen Zhiyue said:“Who am i,everybody knows,Everyone just needs to understand my work,As for my appearance is good or bad,Should be judged by my family。”
Xu Shuang:People in love are terrible。

He is also a man who can bend and stretch,Otherwise, you won’t get the boss’s position,Heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses,He peeked,All the people who besieged the girl have fallen to the ground,It’s too late if you don’t bugger。

Scar Man quickly jumped out of the ring and shouted:“stop!”
We stopped when we heard it,The few uninjured scoundrels returned to him tremblingly,I was scared by my terrifying skill just now。
At this time, Scar Man looked at the number of people around him,Even scared the souls of the dead,Because there are only brothers who can walk, including him6people。
Fang Xianjing walked over and stood shoulder to shoulder with me,Handsome men and pretty women,A good pair of golden boys and girls,But in their eyes we have become black and white impermanence,Dedicated to sorrow。
Scar man can’t help but regret secretly,Why is it so big,No more brothers,But now it’s too late to regret,He adjusted his mood,Try to keep calm:“The mountain does not turn around,See you in the rivers and lakes,We have already seen the strength of the two,It’s really heroic,Today, our Liangzi revealed it,If you meet in the future, you can even talk about the wine,how is it?”
The scene speaks smoothly,But his trembling hands betrayed his nervous mood。
I smiled and said:“Before the war,What did i say,Do you remember?”
Scar man’s nerves are tight at this time,Don’t remember what nonsense I said,Stunned:“what?”
I said:“brothers,It seems you have a bad memory,I’ll help you remember,I said if you move the knife,Then I will send you to jail for a lifetime,Go in and repent。”
Scar man looks around,indeed,Lie down there3A brother with a knife,They are also the most injured,Other people lie down, it’s just a broken arm and a broken leg,“Ouch!Ouch!”Howling,Doesn’t seem to suffer any internal injuries,But that3People lying there are already unconscious,Blood around,Shocking。
Seeing this scene, he refreshed his knowledge of my force,Imagine in a big melee with so many people,I can figure out the severity of beating,He knows how far away from me,I can’t afford to fight anymore。
Scared man,Whispered way:“brothers,Let us go today,Later but by dispatch,We must go all out!Our Chaotian Gang can still talk around here,Believe it can help you!”
unfortunately,I am not near here,I didn’t even think about developing in Tan City in the future,And these people are extremely evil,Dare to openly wound people with a lethal weapon in broad daylight,Must eliminate evil。
I said coldly:“Sorry,I speak a word,You wait to go to jail to repent!”
Scar Man didn’t expect me to be so decisive at a young age,Since there is no room for change,After all, as the boss, he also put away his begging for mercy,Raise the sky to make a haha domineering way:“it is good,It’s really a hero,Let me learn your brilliance today!”
Several people replaced the iron rods in their hands with machetes,Scar man’s fierce way:“Ask you one last time,If everyone shakes hands and makes peace,I’ll leave,If you insist on finding trouble,Then don’t blame me for bleeding you。”
I took a look at Fang Xianjing,She nodded at me,I replied:“You did so many bad things,Today is the time to end。”
“it is good!”He no longer speaks too much,Arranged a dog chain and another person to deal with Fang Xianjing,Left4The strongest one cut at me!

These words directly let Li Chenfeng dispel his previous delusions。

Zhong Mei frowned,Think about it:“Although Bailu hasn’t really succeeded in casting at this time,But if you want to recast, you can barely do。just,I’m worried about what will happen in the middle of this,The young master might as well wait a while。”
Li Chenfeng pondered slightly。
What he will do next,Very dangerous,So even if you already have the Fire Lin Sword,But he still needs this magic weapon to enhance his strength。
After all, the Fire Lin sword is powerful in conjunction with the Eclipse Sword Technique,But then it’s easy to lose your mind by the fierce aura in the sword.。Even with the assistance of Bing Xin Jue,Li Chenfeng usually doesn’t dare to use it for a long time,Now he has just reached the mid-innate peak,There is still a gap compared to the cut commander who is about to reach the innate peak,And no commander can stop the erosion of the Fire Lin Sword,Li Chenfeng is even more afraid to take this risk。
“Time is running out,Master Zhong,Please help me recast this magic weapon!”Li Chenfeng said solemnly。
Seeing Li Chenfeng insist on doing this,Zhong Mei no longer persuades,But nodded solemnly,Tao:“Young master rest assured,Old man, I will go all out!”
“it is good,Thank you Master Zhong!”Li Chenfeng’s face is happy,Hold fist and salute。
The two came to the sword casting platform again,In Li Chenfeng’s expectant eyes,Zhong Mei grabbed an iron chain slightly hard,In the sound of iron chains,A big red sword slowly emerged from the molten sword pool。
“It really deserves to be Bai Lushi,Two years,Can still maintain such a look。”
Sigh,Bell eyebrow flicks the iron chain,The scarlet snow drink knife fell directly on the sword casting platform,And the huge hammer before Zhongmei,Already in the hands。
The loud knocking sounded again。
Li Chenfeng stared at the Xueyin Knife on the sword casting platform,Under the great power of Zhongmei,The scarlet snow drink knife shows no signs of deformation。
Li Chenfeng frowned,If you judge by this,I want to really recast the snow drink knife,I’m afraid it’s not something that can be done in a day or two。
Just the beginning of this casting,Can’t stop,Otherwise, everything will be lost,God soldiers will be scrapped,So the next time depends on whether Zhong Mei can hold it。

“Participate in social activities prepared at home,Don’t be sorry for this kind of thing。”

“So Xiaolan,You can go to the karate club first,I go back to the store to prepare,It’s officially open today at 4:30。”
The wealthy daughter also has the difficulties of the wealthy daughter,Lynn understands this completely。
The key is,Yuanzi is not his own,It is impossible for him to keep others by his side all the time.?
After comforting Yuanzi with a smile,Lin En turned to look at Xiaolan。
meet as planned,Xiaolan should go to the Karate Club to complete the club activities,As for his named member of the karate club,Just go home。
In addition to the normal store opening today,And the interview for the new member of Azusa Enomoto。
How much he needs to prepare,Don’t waste time in school。
“it is good,Then trouble Lin En。”
A group of three,At the door of the classroom。
Xiaolan went to the karate club,And Yuanzi’s words,Although she really wants to go with Lin En,But except for the banquet tonight,She also needs to show up in the tennis club。
So in the end,Instead it became Lynn acting alone。
Carrying school bag,Go down the stairs,The route that should have been in peace,I didn’t expect it,Just walked out of the corner on the first floor,Lynn felt a sudden gust of wind coming towards him!
This wind is coming too fast,Also appeared too suddenly,He just walked out of the corner,Completely failed to react,Was hit by the gust of wind!
“it hurts……Pain pain……”
There is no wind in the school。
That gust of wind,Actually a girl who runs with all her strength,Like the wind and ran into Linn head-on。

It’s girl Dee down,Su Luo came over quickly,Take the bowl and put it away,Look at her,Some blame in the eyes,Tao:“Aren’t you sick?What to do,Call me when something happens and I’ll be here。”</p>

Reba looked at him,Whisper:“The room is too boring,I want to come out and breathe。”</p>
People have come down,Su Luo has nothing more,Let out your stool,Have a backrest,Can be more comfortable。</p>
night,Moon high and high suspension,Starry,Full of night sky,Like gems shining brightly。</p>
People sitting in the yard,Watching the moonlight,While feeling the cool breeze from time to time。</p>
Chatting all the time,Traveling from the South Sea to North Tajima,Talk about everything,Wanton。</p>
“Ah ah ah,So envious of them,The whole family sat together drinking tea and chatting,So happy。”</p>
“I think Su Gou is very warm today,Reba is so happy,Find a reliable boyfriend。”</p>
“SudiCPLock me up。”</p>
“I like to see Su Luo and Reba this good pair,Golden Boy and Girl,Lang Cai Nv appearance。”</p>
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Calvin up,I admit this chapter is a bit watery。</p>

But what Shen Huan didn’t expect was,He actually met a group of men to ask for。

In the beginning, Ding Lun and Shi Liyou,After hearing what Zhu Mei said,,I think my wife or mother can use it。
Plus they have a good relationship with Shen Huan,Naturally speaking。
Shen Huan gave it。
Poor and humble friends are naturally the most trustworthy relationship。
After two,Guo Hang is too embarrassed to want a bottle,He is also for his mother。
This own iron,Whether it’s the actor or not,Respect myself,I’m grateful when I talk about myself on every occasion。
“Chu Liuxiang”In the event,Guo Hang is one of the few people who died very well all the way to Chu Liuxiang。
Such a hardcore,I can’t justify it without a bottle。
As for aunt Cui,I want to ask my wife for a bottle,Shen Huan is naturally too embarrassed to be dissatisfied。
But the next one is too much!
Tang Yuan and Su Mo who learned the news,And kill them together。
They just stayed at Shen Huan’s house,I won’t leave without asking for a bottle。
Ask them for whom?


quite a while,The thunder light finally dissipated slowly……
I saw a figure lying on the ground,It’s Yu Tianheng……
And the body of Jiuxin Xuetang wrapped in a circle,Just dropped a few petals on the ground,The body still has no loss……
Xu Sheng waved his hand inside,These Jiuxinxuetang slowly spin and loosen,Revealed his unscathed figure……
Xu Sheng gave a faint glance at Yu Tianheng on the ground,Towards Xie Yue and others who are still sluggish,Smiled“Let’s go,ended,Give the space to others”
Everyone in Wuhun Hall recovered from the sluggishness,Leave quickly……
And until everyone in Wuhun Hall left the venue,The spectators at the scene began to boil……
“Fucking,Such a strong attack,Actually lay two petals?”
“I served,If this attack power can’t be beaten,I can’t beat my head for a few years!”
“This guy,I’m afraid the future is also a terrifying defense spirit master”
Su Yuntao swallowed,Loudly“Present……right now,I declare,this match,Wuhun Temple seed team wins!!!!”
Chapter One Hundred and Twelve It’s impossible to beat
Members of the Tiandou Royal Academy hurried to Yu Tianheng,The Dugu Goose squatted down and helped the latter up,Looking at the place where Yu Tianheng was electrocuted by his lightning,I feel so distressed……
Yu Tianheng who is in a state of confusion,The corners of the dry lips moved“Still lost”
Dugu Goose wiped tears from the corners of his eyes,Holding a kind of crying comfortingly“Tianheng is fine,You have done well!If you want to sleep, go to bed first,Don’t think about it anymore”
Everyone in the surrounding Tiandou Royal Academy is very unhappy,It’s obviously a team battle,They let their captain Yu Tianheng stand alone as a loser。
They know,The purpose of the latter is not to discredit their team!

“Ok,Shujie is right,Item is item,Kindness is kindness,Two different things。”Jiao Yuan nodded in agreement。

Although they really want Guo Yuansheng to invest in Heyang,But you can’t kidnap it morally。
“The two misunderstood,My first starting point for choosing an investment project is naturally commercial interests,Actually the day I went to see the land,I have an idea in my heart,Whether from the city status、Plot location,Or long-term development,Heyang is better than Ling’an。”
Guo Yuansheng hurriedly explained:“and,Heyang City is where I was reborn,Is my blessed land、Treasure land,I believe in investing the project here,It will be very popular!”
Finished saying this,Guo Yuansheng glanced at Mo Xiaosheng with some gratitude,No Mo Xiaosheng,He was born again,I guess I have reincarnated by now。
Jiao Yuan and Zeng Lian Shujie looked at each other with a smile,Although the face is calm,But my heart is already happy。
Actually they guessed,After this incident, Guo Yuansheng will definitely turn his investment balance to Heyang,But I didn’t expect him to make a decision so quickly,A stone in their hearts was completely fallen to the ground。
“Mr. Guo,Then I will thank you for the 20 million people in Heyang。”Jiao Yuan smiled gratefully。
“As for the specific contract,When the time comes, my assistant will draw up,Let’s sign again。”Guo Yuansheng smiled,Then the assistant beckoned,The assistant quickly brought a stack of white documents,Respectfully handed it to Mo Xiaosheng,At the same time hand him a pen。
“Ok?”Mo Xiaosheng glanced at his assistant with some wonder。
“Doctor Mo,This is the share transfer agreement for the studio project,I voluntarily transfer 10% of the shares of the studio to your name。”Guo Yuansheng quickly explained to Mo Xiaosheng。
Ten percent?!
Everyone was shocked when they heard this。
It’s Jiao Yuan and even Shujie, who are used to big scenes, can’t help but take a breath,Shocked。
10% of the shares!Tens of billions of projects!

And Huo Yuhao and others below stood up one after another,Head upright and walk towards the duel stage……

“Tangmen?Which sect is this,Why i have never heard of it?”
“No no no,I remember this Tang sect used to be a big sect,It seems to be a sect that uses hidden weapons,It didn’t take long after the Soul Guidance Device appeared!”
“Look at,The women in this Tang Sect team are all beautiful women!I want to join!”
“Can it be said that self-knowledge cannot be defeated,So I used a woman to beg the other party to release water?”
After everyone at Tangmen walked on the stage,The Captain of the Snake Sect on the opposite side coldly said“Even if you have four women over there,We won’t be merciful!”
Huo Yuhao smiled“Each other,I hope you won’t be too ugly under the hands of women!”
The man presiding over the battle shouted,“Game start!”
Chapter Four Hundred and Forty Two Shrek AcademyVSTu Longzong(Subscribe)
The beautiful orange eyes below looked at Huo Yuhao,Secretly wondering“Isn’t this the exchange student from Shrek Academy?Why did you get to this team called Tangmen?”
Could it be that he betrayed Shrek Academy,Joined this so-called Tang Sect?
Tangerine with no answer,No more thinking,Looking at the duel stage……
I saw Huo Yuhao on the duel stage、Wang Donger、Babe,Xu Sanshi,All five Jiang Nannan released their martial souls……

Lost to Jiang Li in sit-ups for 100 yuan,He didn’t feel unhappy。

even,Looking at Jiang Li’s happy smile when he used the red envelope with RMB,He himself feels very happy。
“Thank you Mr. Liu。”
I received it from Liu Qing100Dollar red envelope,Jiang Li is very happy,Said:
“From now on, we have to carry on such competitions every day。”
Liu Qing smiled and nodded:“no problem,I can stay with me to the end。”
Jiang Li said again:“But Mr. Liu, your physical fitness is really bad now,Can’t do twenty,This is no longer what a normal person should have。You only this year22Years old,This body is better than40Year old men are worse,It really doesn’t work,Strengthen exercise in the future。”
“Ok,”Liu Qing nodded,“I also think this looks really bad,But I’m worried that I don’t have the willpower to hold on,Or you can supervise me later。”
“no problem,”Jiang Li said,“Then we work together,I think I should also strengthen my physical exercise。This time the epidemic also made me feel quite scared,It’s better to make your body stronger。”
In addition to push-ups and sit-ups,She also watched Liu Qing finish a broadcast gymnastics,Then shook his head:
“This amount of exercise is still too little,How about you dance with me。”
“what?”Liu Qing was shocked,“Dance with you?House dance?Jumping in the Pure Land of Bliss?”
“That you boys are not suitable,”Jiang Lidao,“I watched some teaching videos of ghost walk yesterday,I think we can jump this,The amount of exercise is OK,Then the rhythm can be,With music,Jump more vigorously。Unlike the accompaniment of radio gymnastics,That is1234,2234of,so boring。”
Liu Qing hesitated:“But i can’t dance。”
On the one hand he can’t dance,He thinks the way he dances must be very ugly,Don’t want to be ashamed in front of the goddess in the dream。
But on the other hand,He feels dancing with the goddess,Seems to be a pretty good thing。
Although there will be no physical contact,but,Do one thing together,Even if I remember it many years later,That’s also full of happiness。
This opportunity is lost,Also a pity。