The goddesses in the dream have become teachers of Deyi Shuangxin。

Now I see Zhan Li, the former dream goddess,It reminds him of his youth。
Just listen to what Chi Jiao and Qu Wan’er said,It seems that this goddess is pretty ugly。
I don’t know if the same sex repels,That’s why the two of them reject this eldest sister so much。
Seeing them all smiled and greeted us,Just catch up,Asked in a low voice:“Who is the other man?”
“Shengtiange,The male second of a costume brotherhood idol drama that went viral last year。”Chi Jiao introduced,Asked in surprise,“Don’t you even know him?”
Fang Hao smiled embarrassedly:“I only know him in ancient clothes,Now he is wearing fashion,Where can I recognize it?”
Actually,He can’t recognize the costume,Never heard of it。
Chapter One Six Seven Female nerve
Luo Xiaohu athlete out,Good stamina,He got ahead of Wu Xuan,Took the suitcase from Zhan Li。
——There is another reason,That’s when Wu Xuan recognized Zhan Li after walking a certain distance,I heard of her reputation,Suddenly I didn’t want to get too close with this big sister。
Now because of the erosion of time,Although not super,But it can also be counted as one level。
Although Zhan Li is a little older,But well maintained,Looks relatively young,The goddess of ancient costume,Not to mention the appearance,Super beauty。

Everyone knows that baldness is not good,But who can stop it?

I also bought some legendary shampoos that can grow hair,Facts proved,No eggs。
Hair loss。
Looking at the higher and higher hairline,Said he didn’t panic in his heart,That’s also fake。
He doesn’t look too ugly,Mainly because the high hairline lowered his appearance,Also makes him look older than his actual age。
He has read popular science articles,This thing is mainly due to excessive secretion of androgens,It has a certain relationship with endocrine disorders。
It is said that there was a more effective treatment for baldness in the ancient West,That is to cut forever。
But he doesn’t want to cut。
In the mind of a man,Obviously Dingri is more important than hair,If you cut it off, it’s not a man anymore,But a real eunuch。
He doesn’t want to be the eunuch in the web world,Not to mention the eunuch in the real world。
Except for this method,He didn’t know any other way。
Sighed,My face has become a little sad:
“Hair loss,I don’t want to,But I can’t control it。”
“I’ve never seen Mr. Liu you fall so badly before,I think it’s because of the blockade these days,Your exercise is too little,This is bad for your health,I think you should exercise like me。”Jiang Li said。
Liu Qing looked at the house,Said depressed:“I want to exercise too,But how do you exercise at home??Won’t dance like you。”
“Can learn,”Jiang Lidao,“I didn’t know how to dance before,I learned by watching the video。Anyway, just jump around,No basic skills,I didn’t jump right and no teacher scolded me,Move your body,That’s great?”
Liu Qing is still hesitating。


Near noon,Shen Huan also saw this news。
Speaking of this He Weili,Still has something to do with Shen Huan。
At the beginning《love letter》When shooting,Director Tian Nianfeng who was in the ring with Zhu Mei,The movie I made is called《Youthful》。
and《Youthful》The heroine is this He Weili。
Of course,The latter result is very natural,《Youthful》Was crushed to the bone,A group of creators and star actors,All left sadly。
Director Tian Nianfeng has become the laughing stock of the entire circle。
Zhu Mei is different,She rides the wind,Since then, I have embarked on a broad road leading to a first-class director。
As an actor,He Weili is definitely not involved。
This year,Who hasn’t made a bad film several times?
The big movie emperors have been taken advantage of,bid2000、3000Ten thousand times,It’s not the same?
Do you see that this has any effect on them?
So although He Weili is still between second-rate and third-rate in the past two years,But anyhow, there is no shortage of opportunities for acting,Movies and TV series can be played,Plus some advertising endorsements,Life is pretty good。
But the saying goes well,People sitting at home,Disaster comes from heaven。
Just a few days ago,Everyone who just came out of the New Year atmosphere,Suddenly found a lot of information about“Guo Zhao”Posts and photos。
The heroine of Guozhao is He Weili。
The shooting location should be a hotel,And later He Weili’s brokerage company also proved,This is the hotel where He Weili stayed when he was filming,Time before the Spring Festival。
The crew has not disbanded yet,I was planning to gather and film the rest of the plot again after a few days。
Many places in the hotel room where He Weili stayed have cameras installed,Photos released by secretly taken people,All the photos of He Weili,Up to hundreds。
In the bathroom,In the room……

Ask again:“What do I need to do for charity?”

“There is nothing difficult,”Gu Mudao,“It’s our charity foundation for some lonely elderly people、Orphanage children、Give warmth to patients with special diseases,Just follow along,Hug hug,Cry,Smile,Anyway, it makes it more touching。But our team has professional photographers,They will guide you how to behave,Don’t worry。”
Fang Hao also sees celebrities doing charity from time to time in the news,Now listen to Gu Mu’s explanation,You can understand what you need to do。
Think of something like that on the news,Transformed into a caring star,Plastic surgery that little black history really doesn’t matter。
The main thing is,Don’t have to spend money,Just run errands。
So I happily agreed:“Then do as your boss Gu arranged。”
Guo Miaomiao said next to him:“Don’t worry,My brother-in-law said to help you,I can definitely help you。”
Gu Mu made a call,Called the head of Rende Charity Fund,Tell him Fang Hao will be the spokesperson for this charity fund,Let him quickly make a copy。
Rich people do things,Efficiency is high,It’s just ten minutes,The official Weibo of Rende Charity Foundation released a message——Appeared in a sunny and healthy image《Footprints of youth》Fang Hao in the show,Will become their image spokesperson for this charity fund,Become their love ambassador。
There is also a picture of Fang Hao in the copy。
Chapter Two and Five The world is cold
The Weibo from Rende Charity Fund,There was not much response at first。
Because this charity fund has only over one million followers,Among them, more than one million zombie fans were bought。
The number of live fans will not exceed 1,000。

“There is no reason that China TV is still helping a liar to lie to you, right??As long as China TV Station confirms that the invitation letter is issued by them,This one sent you the invitation letter and wrote you a note,Isn’t it Shen Huan?!?”

“Love Pippi Shrimp”Jumped up suddenly,I took a sip while holding my mother,And then ran to the room quickly。
“mom,I pack my luggage,I’ll fly to Huajing……You really are my mother!Mother!You are too good,Hahahaha……”
First18.9chapter Undercurrent of genius(Two more)
Came to the scene of the math exchange meeting,Shen Huan still seems a little unsound。
The three people discussed in the coffee shop last night until two o’clock in the morning,I had to interrupt the discussion because it was too late。
But five or six hours of discussion and calculation,But it is very meaningful。
In Deville’s words,Just“I feel the distance‘Shen Huan proposition’Only a thin layer of paper,Just a little bit forward,Correct‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’Proof of,You can enter another brand new world!”
Shen Huan is the only one in this world who knows“Shen Huan proposition”The correctness and steps of the person。
Deville deserves to be the world’s top mathematician,It is indeed only one step away from a detailed argument,And put the whole“Shen Huan proposition”Expressed in text,Can prove。
This step,Shen Huan decided to do it before the Spring Festival,So as not to delay“Shen Huan guess”Argument time。

What he said is a bit ambiguous。

Actually, Zheng Rongrong is for those who can help herself、Someone useful to you,Very generous。
If it is useless,Do you think the princess gave you a good face??
But then again,Life alive,How many people don’t do this?
Even your parents,If they can’t help you,Instead, you need to pay for it all day long,Ok for a few years,For decades,What will you do?
Long illness without filial son,This is a summary of the experience of the ancients for thousands of years。
So Shen Huan doesn’t think Zheng Rongrong is so bad,If a person doesn’t even have the ability to be valued and used by others,That’s a bit too ant。
He also knows,If you give Zheng Rongrong the face this time,,Then Zheng Rongrong will definitely remember the favor,Sooner or later I will double it back to him。
The eldest daughter of the dignified richest man,Boldness is true!
“Now that the eldest princess has forgotten my position,I’ll pay her back this time。”Shen Huan hesitated,Finally made a decision。
“it is good!”
Cui Zhong only felt a breath of spiritual energy coming out,The whole person is going to float,I don’t know what to say。

Is this kid Jordan’s brother??This same action made the eyes of those present wide open。

Fourth ball,Kobe shows his arsenal,The continuous disguise in front of the body makes Stackhouse overwhelmed,Followed by a mid-distance step,Jump shot。Familiar area,Familiar movements,Basketball hits the net。
Fifth ball,It’s still a simple trial step。Stackhouse, who is afraid of Kobe’s breakthrough, can only move back,Kobe three-pointer。
“Duang!”Ball bouncing out。Still a familiar voice。Kobe shook his head,Shake hands,
“4ratio0,Kobe leads,Stackhouse ball possession。”
Offensive and defensive conversion,Stackhouse finally got the offense。
“Kid,That’s it。Let you see and seeNBALevel offense!”Stackhouse, who got the ball, can’t wait to teach this kid with amazing offensive talent,He has to admit,The offensive ability of this kid is terrible,I can’t keep up with his attacking rhythm,Those actions,He even has the feeling of facing Jordan。
Stackhouse lowers the center of gravity,Breaking to the right without hiding。Kobe keeps his torso upright,Not overly pressing,A stride stuck in front of Stackhouse,He knows the current power,A collision will displace his defense,He will avoid body collision as much as possible,Use agility and bounce to seal the opponent’s offense。
Stackhouse was jammed by Kobe and went straight to the basket,If you continue to break through, you will only be driven to the bottom line,Had to cross-step change direction,I even sold a flaw and wanted Kobe to steal it。Kobe is unmoved,Continue to defend the offensive position,The seemingly easy defense makes every move of Stackhouse very uncomfortable。
Damn!Why is this kid so calm on defense,This is not like a17Year old guy!
Stackhouse wants to use his power to crush Kobe,So half-turned into the back state。Bryant held Stackhouse’s waist with his left hand to feel the force,The center of gravity of the upper body remains neutral,This is his way of defending low post offenses for many years。
Starks took two steps back,Kobe fights him hard,But still keep backing。Stackhouse feels he has made enough offensive space,One more step,Turn around jumper。
“Snapped!”Kobe Bryant, who has already been driven, covered the basketball that he just shot。It turned out that the moment Kobe was pushed,As if knowing that Stackhouse would make a move,Rush forward,Take off blocks in one go。
“Risky!”Rob shouted。

Lu Shanshan decided after thinking about it:“How can I transfer?And transferred to a private hospital?”

The doctor can’t say that his hospital is not as good as other hospitals,Isn’t this pour your own job??Thinking about going,Can only let Lu Shanshan decide。
“Miss Lu,As a doctor,I can only give you advice from a professional perspective,But if you want to find an excuse to transfer,This one,I don’t support。If your company finds it,Not just you,I am the attending physician,Will also be affected。”
Lu Shanshan can’t bear it,Only let Shen Zhiyue do things,But this is very unfair to Shen Zhiyue,He will be scolded when he looks back。
“Thanks doctor,I think i know what to do。”
After the doctor’s examination, he ordered a few more words before leaving uneasy.。He really doesn’t want to get involved in the celebrity fight。He is just an ordinary medical staff。Some of these people are hot,Some is money,It’s very easy to pinch him to death。
Shen Zhiyue is about to see Lu Shanshan after returning to Aotian to handle the affairs。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five She was retaliated?
While he was still lying in the hospital bed,What I expect most is Lu Shanshan to visit him。I don’t know if I change to Lu Shanshan now,Will she miss herself?
Shen Zhiyue dreamed about Lu Shanshan’s face when she saw herself,I just haven’t had time to imagine the sweetest place,Lu Shanshan’s attending physician interrupted him。
“Mr. Shen,Today, Tianduan invited a few medical staff to say that they would identify Miss Lu’s condition。According to common sense,They should find me。It’s better to find me than to find a patient。They didn’t come to me,Go directly to toss Miss Lu,Miss Lu doesn’t want to be tortured by them,Just fell to the ground。”
The doctor just finished,Shen Zhiyue became angry:“what?Did she hurt?Who will show her,I didn’t say it before,Except for those registered,Can no one else visit her?。What kind of hospital are you,Is there any mistake。”
The doctor confessed:“Mr. Shen,you know too,Tianduan is responsible for Miss Lu’s affairs,Who they want to let in,We all have no reason to refuse。”
Shen Zhiyue was annoyed,This heaven,Are you trying to buy human lives??
Shen Zhiyue can’t bear it:“Okay,They love to be so noisy。I will accompany。See who can make noise more。”

He has indeed opened the net,According to his original idea,Is to provoke evil for seven or forty-nine days,It won’t hurt Mo Xiaosheng’s family。

Since he saw it through today,I simply said the words。
“Then thank you brother。”Mo Xiaosheng pretended to be grateful,“But brother,I don’t understand one thing,It seems we haven’t seen each other?Why are you so against me?”
“As the saying goes, people die for money and birds die for food,Someone paid a lot of money,Want me to clean you up。”Beggar。
“It’s not convenient for me to reveal who it is,Even if i go,I won’t be confused。”Mo Xiaosheng sighed,Frustrated。
The beggar just about to export,Suddenly alert,The voice sank:“Who did you offend yourself,Isn’t it clear?”
Fortunately he reacted quickly,Otherwise, I almost followed this kid’s way,Who is the employer,How can it be easily revealed。
“I have offended many people,Looks really unclear,I hope my brother will make it clear。”
“You should go back and think slowly,I limit you to leave Heyang within three days,otherwise,But don’t blame me for being impolite。”The beg Huazi said coldly。
“I will also limit you within three minutes,Tell me who is behind me,otherwise,I’m not so polite。”
I can’t figure out what he said,Mo Xiaosheng’s expression changed,A sneer suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth,The sound is quite shocking。
“court death!”
The beggar looked grimly,Immediately took out two yellow talisman papers from his arms,Volley,Two talisman papers shot at Mo Xiaosheng like bullets,Suddenly turned into two fiery balls of fire in the air,Rushing towards Mo Xiaosheng。
If these two fireballs hit,Inevitably beyond recognition,But Mo Xiaosheng stood still,There is no meaning to avoid。
The beggar sneered,Kid,You find yourself dead,Can’t blame me。
Seeing two fireballs about to hit Mo Xiaosheng’s face,Who knows he waved his hand gently,The two fireballs in the sky suddenly vanished。
The beggar’s face changed,Startled:“Two times!”

Zaza·Pachulia,youTMother’s famous!!

For the time being, I won’t mention the bloody indignation on the other side of the ocean, and I’ll look for Zaza with a knife·Pachulia troubled fans,Don Frank·Vogel carefully watched it clearly and it fryed instantly after the playback!
Even the tactical board in his hand was thrown on the ground by him.,He is like an angry lion now,Protesting frantically with the rostrum and the referee!
“damn it!I’m hereNBAAll these years,Never seen such a foul!This is killing!This is murder!”
Frank·Vogel is yelling。
He is the head coach of this team!
Now his players are fouled so maliciously!
He must stand up!
The referees gathered at this moment,Video played back by viewers in front of the podium。
The video is very clear,It can even be said to be clear at a glance!
But how to judge this?
Judging from the situation at the time,Zaza·Is Pachulia intentional or unintentional?
If it is intentional,According to Xu Xuan’s specific injury,The result of the penalty is different。
But if it is unintentional,This time the penalty didn’t even give any concrete results.