A batch of the Lakers,A batch from the Clippers。

Before,The Clippers are weak,Shivering under the wings of the Lakers。
But it’s different now,The Lakers are losing ground,Keep stumbling,The Clippers are just right,Vigorous,Now it’s hard to say which side has more fans,This problem cannot even be investigated online。
ESPNwithTNTHave been surveyed on the Internet,In the end, no results were found,Because of the census,The fans on both sides quarreled,Then shake each other,Faster than anyone typing,Faster than the internet.
In the end, I can’t help it.。
But although there is no statistics,,But everyone still has a count。
There are many old Lakers fans,There are many new fans for the Clippers。
Just like doing business,The fans are also realistic,He will support you if you can win,in contrast,Teams that no one wants to support by themselves lose and lose every day.So the people who can still support the Lakers are basically feelings.,Especially after Kobe retired,Many people can’t even find this feeling。
If it wasn’t for Xu Xuan to join in,,It is estimated that the few Lakers fans will be divided up by the Clippers,Except those who have been fans for more than ten or twenty years or even longer。
right now,Xu Xuan is here,The result is different。
The former Lakers were lifeless,And now,Vigorous!
Because of Xu Xuan,It also attracted a lot of neutral or even fans who originally turned to the Clippers,no way,Xu Xuan’s popularity is really high。
When Xu Xuan was in Indiana,,That is a small city,The pride of a big city like Los Angeles,Stars who look down on small cities,but now,Do you dare to look down on Xu Xuan??
Can’t beat you!
Pride is serious,Protect shortcomings seriously,The two do not conflict!
And what do you say when Xu Xuan plays.Show off,Is real show,Various Sao operations,I don’t see it once in ten games,But look at Xu Xuan,I can see it ten times in one session。

Hu Liena sees Yan Yiyi not forgiving,Frowning good-looking brows“Yan,Don’t go too far!”

of course!
She’s not worried about Xu Sheng,But worried that Yan lost to the auxiliary system as a strong attack system,Will dampen his self-confidence in practice!
Xu Sheng only relies on the physical attributes blessed by the nine terrifying spirit rings on his body,Are far from what Yan can resist!
“it is good……I accept your challenge”
Chapter Twenty Slap problem
Xie Yue gave Xu Sheng a surprised look,He thought the latter would decisively refuse。
After all, Auxiliary Spirit Masters vs. Power Attack Spirit Masters,There is basically no chance of winning。
not to mention,Yan is a soul master,Possess two hundred-year spirit rings!
Pure attack,Even surpassed myself!
Seeing the scene is no longer under my control,Hu Liena sighed helplessly,With a hint of pleading“Xu Sheng,You start lightly,Yan is also our teammate……”

After being sent to the hotel by Lin Yu,Think of my clothes,Still at home。

Liang Yi took a taxi back home to get clothes,Asked three questions by my own mother,They all asked questions about Lin Yu,Replied speechlessly:“mom,Don’t ask so much。”
“His business,I don’t know much,Because of his family,not here。
He was arranged by his family for an internship here,Waiting for the internship,Then went back to inherit the family business。”
Liang Yi was impatient,Anger。
“His true identity,Would not it be,Very good?”
Mama Liang,I heard Liang Yi’s words,Asked again。
“I do not know either,But in Ganghwa,He is very good。”
Liang Yi,Answered very seriously。
“Of course I know this one,otherwise,The old guy before,I won’t apologize to him,I’m not blind,all,I saw it all。”
Mama Liang saw her daughter,Even said these extra words,Open road。
“Now that I saw it,Then don’t ask。”
“I have packed my things,Go back now。”
Liang Yi,I really dare not stay at home for a while。
See my mother,Asked this one,Still want to ask,Just make an excuse to leave。
“Row,Then you go back first。”
Mama Liang heard what Liang Yi said,Sent her out with a look of excitement。

In fact, as a top ten jewelry company in the country,It’s pretty good to get fifth place。

“I know what you mean,You want to take this jade Guanyin to the competition?”Mo Xiaosheng raised his brows and said。
“Not bad,to be frank,Yi Duan Lao,Don’t talk about the top three,It is estimated that it is possible to win the first prize!”Wang Xuan said quite excitedly,“When the time comes, our Mo Jinyuan’s reputation will definitely reverberate throughout the capital!”
He was excited when he spoke,The voice trembles involuntarily,As if I have seen Mojin’s fame and reputation in the capital,Even the scene that is well-known throughout the country。
“Ok,If you can get the ranking,That’s good。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled and nodded。
“And then there will be some international jewelry giants coming over to seek partners,Once we get their attention,Reach cooperation with them,That is equivalent to taking the first step towards the international!”Wang Xuan said excitedly。
Duan Fengnian was also overwhelmed by what Wang Xuan said,Quickly put on reading glasses,Vibrato:“or,I will fix it?”
“No need for Duan Lao,That’s good,Too much。”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and picked up this Guanyin to look at,I found that the carving to this level is just right,Gives a totally natural feeling。
“I will add some other fine jade ornaments,Let’s play together,Strive to make our Mojin Fate become a hit!”Wang Xuan said with pride。
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and nodded,Then went around in the workshop,After all this is his first time here,Inevitably a little curious。
There is a small processing room at the end of the workshop,There is a pile of cut rough and scraps outside,There are many jade tiles that have just been cut out,Not come and polished。
“Why have so many jade tiles been processed?,Will it be sold out soon??”Mo Xiaosheng curiously said。
“This is not for sale,This is set by the customer!”Wang Xuan smiled and said,“I ordered more than two hundred yuan at a time。”
“Over two hundred?”
Mo Xiaosheng was a little surprised after hearing this,Even jade ornaments**shop,It’s impossible to get so many jade medals at once。
“Did you pay??”Mo Xiaosheng casually asked,Then went to the processing room。
“Paid half,Pay the other half when you get the goods。”Wang Xuan doesn’t care,“All medium water species,Say it’s expensive,It’s not cheap。”
See the drawing on the table,Mo Xiaosheng hurried over and picked it up,See some strange symbols printed on the paper,Wondered:“What is this?”

When Mo Xiaosheng and Ming Cheng walked back,,Ming Cheng, who was driving, suddenly said coldly:“Kamiki Koji is Master’s friend!”

“Senior Dugu’s friend?”
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but stunned.。
“That’s why he can easily hurt Master!”Ming Cheng’s eyes burst into an endless chill,Cold road,“One day sooner or later,He wants to cut,Pay the price of life!”
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help being curious when he saw him like this,Curious what happened back then!
How could Dugu Fengyun be friends with people like Koji Shenmu??Since it is a friend,Why did Shenmu Koji kill Dugu Fengyun??
He wants to ask Mingcheng,But ten years ago, Ming Cheng was only a teenager,May not know anything at all。
When they return to Moxin Medical Center,A black car has been parked in front of the Moxin Medical Center,Ye Bing’s car。
“Colonel Ye is coming,Keep you waiting,Really sorry!”
Mo Xiaosheng laughed at Ye Bing as soon as he entered the door.。
But Ye Bing has a serious face,Take a look at him,Then coldly said:“Follow me in,I have something important to tell you!”
Mo Xiaosheng was suspicious when he saw this,Know what must have happened,Hurriedly followed her into the inner room。
First0433Zhang You Insider
Mo Xiaosheng closed the door after entering the house,Mingcheng stood on the side of the door very consciously,Prevent people from disturbing Mo Xiaosheng and Ye Bing。
“what happened?What happened?”
Mo Xiaosheng asked curiously。

The black boy was very excited and took Xu Xuan with both hands and handed over the jersey,And shouted excitedly:

“Xu,awesome!You are the best!Xu!”
Xu Xuan gestured a thumb to him without speaking,Turned around and walked to the locker room。
At this time, he was only wearing a vest,Showing the perfect muscle line of the upper body。
Xu Xuan is walking back to the locker room,Caused screams of female fans at the scene。
Xu Xuan got it in the game82Minute,The game is not over yet,At that time, discussions on the Internet across the United States had exploded!
And when the game is over,It’s not just public opinion on the Internet that exploded!
The entire United States seems to explode at this moment!
The game between the Pacers and the Heat is12month11The first match of the day,After this game,NBAAll the focus of public opinion has become this game。
“Hey,Stephen,Talk about it,Xu Xuan is nowNBAThe player with the highest score among active players,What do you think?”
“This is a great game,I have said,Xu Xuan will be a great player!You know,We often eat together,Our relationship is very good,I know him well,He is great!Oh, God,He is great!!”
Curry heard the news after his twenty-four consecutive victories were ended,Jump three feet high directly,Doesn’t mean sorrow at all。
“Pity,I wish I could fight him in this state,The last match against them was really unfulfilled!”
Curry’s complaining tone。
Stephen,You are floating,Do you think it’s a good thing to meet Xu Xuan like this?

Can make a star-chaser give up her idol,That is another idol,Not an ATM。

Treat actor as boyfriend,Then boyfriend has some small problems,Won’t break up easily。
Unless there is a problem in principle。
For example,There are other women。
Although it is a normal need for male stars to fall in love,But for those wife fans、For girlfriend fans,That’s cheating,It is an unforgivable question of principle。
After some male celebrities announce that they are in love, a large number of fans will turn off,No doubt,Those are all wife fans or girlfriend fans。
And to the third level,That’s mom fan。
This is severe brain damage。
everybody knows,Maternal love is great。up to date
but,A woman’s maternal love is used on a star,That’s pretty scary。
Son is not too ugly,That may not be very。
but,Mothers are not ugly, but it is a very common phenomenon。
Even if the star you are chasing has a lot of shortcomings,But once it becomes a mother fan,Those shortcomings are understandable。

Yan Shaozhe respectfully asked“Mu Lao,Xuan Lao,Are we going to bring Qianyu back to Shrek Academy?”

Mu En shook his head and denied“Not necessary,They shot this time,It shouldn’t be to kill Qianyu,But should invite him to join the Holy Spirit Church”
Yan Shaozhe guessed“Mu Lao,what do you mean,Use this to judge whether Qianyu is alienated?”
But if Qianyu really joined the Holy Spirit Cult,With his terrifying talent,I’m afraid I will become a top evil spirit master!
Mu En closed his eyes and said nothing,But the expression has it all……
Their Shrek Academy is also in crisis now,Let Qianyu come back,Only more dangerous……
And if he survives these two and a half years and returns to Shrek Academy!
At least his strength has reached Title Douluo!
At that time,Mu En is willing to make an exception to make him a member of the Sea God Pavilion!
See you next to Xuanzi,After taking a sip,Keep chewing on chicken legs……
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Eight Increased vitality(Subscribe)
Next day,Sun Moon Royal Soul Guidance Academy!
Qianyu opens the door,Looking at Lin Jiayi in front of me,Lightly“Director Lin,what’s up?”
This guy always likes to knock on the door directly,After one or two times, Qianyu was also resentful……
Lin Jiayi smiled“Qianyu,About the evil spirit master yesterday,Can i talk to you?”
He must figure out whether the Holy Spirit Cult came for Qianyu or Survey Academy……

“Moxin Health Center?!”

Annie takes off her sunglasses,I glanced at the black gold plaque hanging above the entrance of the health center,Can’t help but be a little surprised。
Isn’t this Mo Xiaosheng a Chinese medicine doctor?,Why did you open a health club??
For a group of foreigners who suddenly appeared,The patients are curious。
“Even foreigners come to see Mr. Mo for treatment,Mr. Mo is really good。”
“of course,Mr. Mo is a genius doctor,Sooner or later, the reputation will reach the world。”
“This foreigner is tall and strong,The skeleton is big。”
Annie frowned when she heard,Hear those people talk,Obviously unhappy。
“Hello mr.mo,I am the vice president of the American Medical Association,My name is anne。”
Seeing Mo Xiaosheng glanced at him, he did not speak,Annie frowned,Some unhappy self-introduction said。
Anyone who knows the medical profession,Everyone knows the status of the American Medical Association in the medical world,I don’t know how many people in the world squeeze their heads to get involved with her, the vice president who combines beauty and wisdom.。
But after hearing her self-report,Mo Xiaosheng still didn’t respond,Indifferent,I just said to Li Zhen:“Brother Li,Give them some seats。”
Li Zhen nodded quickly and agreed,Several plastic stools were moved out of the house and placed on the ground,Said:“A few wait,Our husband is seeing a doctor。”
Annie saw the plastic stools on this kind of floor,His face sank,Very unhappy,When did she sit on such a poor stool。
“Please find some chairs for us,Thank you。”Annie said while holding back her anger,In her opinion,Mo Xiaosheng is really disrespectful to her。
“Sorry,We have no chairs here,only this。”Li Zhennao scratched his head and said politely。
“Forget it。”Annie said coldly,“Mr. Mo,Your environment is too crude,Let’s go to the cafe next to sit together。”

Plus the inspiring story of A Dong,And the talent and talent that it burst out,It’s easy to touch a woman’s heart。

But even so,Qin Xiaofeng is still very good at Adong’s talent,Five-body cast。
Able to write such a song,Amazing!
Can’t accept!
Qin Dacheng glanced at his son,A subtle expression,The old man knows how careful his son is。
Shook his head slightly,I only have one word for my son,Vulgar!
Undeniable,His son Qin Xiaofeng was born to make a lot of money,But therefore,The values are completely different from him。
This is where the two of them are fundamentally conflicted,Don’t speculate frequently,Is the conflict of values。
Father can naturally see,Granddaughter is very close to Lin Dong,even,He could see when his granddaughter talked about Lin Dong,Something exposed in the eyes。
But he just asked,Neither support nor oppose,Go with the flow。
Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren,Besides, Lin Dong is not bad,Not in the pool。
What can the mixed entertainment industry represent??
Does the mixed business district make people take a high look?
Father and son have their own minds,But when listening to piano music,No sound,Listen quietly,Thinking。
It’s not the same as Qin Xiaofeng’s sense of refinement,Qin Xiaomi’s mother,Is a gentle and weak face,Very good face,Especially smiling,At a glance,Like spring breeze。
“mom,This song by Xiaomi,It’s the new song that Lin Dong just wrote。”
Xiao Fang whispered,Her mother-in-law Wang Lanzhi smiled and nodded,“Have time to let Xiaomi’er invite people home,I would love to see with my own eyes。”
Xiao Fang glanced at her husband in the courtyard,Low channel:“This is not appropriate?mom,Do you see something?”
Wang Lanzhi smiled slightly,“You!Still a mother,There is someone in Xiaomi’s heart,Actually still in the dark,Didn’t see it。”