But Lu Xin’s concerns,This half a million,Can i afford it。

Think twice,Lu Xin made up his mind。
Who would have trouble with money!
“Lao Xia,I know,You have this heart,I am very touched。”
“How are we old brothers being polite?,Then I’ll leave first,Waiting for your good news。”
Xia Yuan arched his hands,Left the office。
Out of the building,Lin Jiang is waiting outside。
“Master Xia,how about it?”
Xia Yuan sternly,For Lin Jiang,He doesn’t care。
Lin family affairs,He probably understood。
This Lin Jiang and his old son Lin Zhihao,Fighting with a cerebral palsy,Actually even lost。
This kind of people,I can’t use it for myself in the future,Too unreliable!
“Wait for news。”

“Whenever something happens, be a turtle,This is not right,Teacher Chu,Come out and respond!”

“I think Chu Liuxiang is embarrassed,Because of his good friend Mr. Lu Xiaofeng,Have not spoken so far,What does that mean?”
“It means Lu Xiaofeng is also embarrassed,Feel ashamed for him!It’s not easy to talk nonsense!”
Watching the internet stir up,An entire network against Chu Liuxiang,Vow to get him out of the entertainment industry,Yang Feng finds it interesting。
Not many people know that Lu Xiaofeng is Chu Liuxiang,But Yang Feng is one of them。
Fewer people know that Chu Liuxiang donated a lot,But Yang Feng is still one of them。
“President,You said it was so loud,Is there someone in the dark behind Chenhuan??”Tang Tian asked。
Tang Tianjun was the confidant that Yang Feng followed when he started his family,Now in charge of Abao Pay, one of the best in Abao Technology。
Lu Xiaofeng is Chu Liuxiang’s business,He also learned from Qingyuan,After judging it, I told Yang Feng。
Yang Feng came to him today,I asked him what he thought of the recent hack of Chu Liuxiang。
“Can no one make such a big noise??”Yang Feng’s disdain,“But they just have this ability,It’s all wicked things。”
“You are talking about……Mavericks?”Tangtian Jundao。
“More than!Mavericks film and television should just start。”Yang Fengdao,“There is no shining technology making waves in it,No ghosts believe!”
“You said Shining Technology will fan the flames,That is also normal,Shanhai.com has Chu Liuxiang,Then suppress them firmly on the new business,Can’t stand up。”Tangtian Jundao,“But what about Mavericks?Chu Liuxiang wrote their script,Chu Liuxiang smells,Can their TV series still be popular??”


First0455Zhang is not afraid of things
For the genius doctor Mo who saved Mo Zizhen,The dark thorn brigade has heard about it,And I am very grateful to Mo Xiaosheng,Thanks to Mo Xiaosheng for not letting them lose their captain。
In fact, for the people in the Darkthorn Team,Mo Zizhen has long been more than just the captain,In their hearts,Mo Zizhen is the soul of the Dark Thorn Team,Is their inner faith!Are all the pillars and powers that support them!
So Li Changming learned that Mo Xiaosheng in front of him was the legendary doctor Mo.,Extra respect for Mo Xiaosheng,Naturally, Mo Xiaosheng is also welcome to visit their dark thorn camp。
Mo Xiaosheng saw Li Changming respect him so much,I feel a little embarrassed,Nod and smile at Li Changming,Then walked quickly with Mingcheng。
Li Changming is driving a Dongfeng warrior,There is still some dirt on the wheels,Obviously walking through the mud。
“Training,Received a call from the chief,I just drove over!”Li Changming smiled and explained to everyone。
“How about the new batch of vegetables?”
Mo Zizhen smiled and asked after getting in the car,“I’m waiting for someone on the front line。”
“Cauliflower is Cauliflower,I won’t know it for a while!”Li Changming said kindly while driving,“team leader,If you are in a hurry,,No way, you want me and the sixth?”
“No way,How can I do without you at home?!”Mo Zizhen refused without hesitation。
“Isn’t there a political commissar?!”
Li Changming said helplessly,“If I’m by your side this time,Maybe you won’t have this situation!”
“shut up!”Mo Zizhen cold voice,“Just help me look after my family honestly,Worries,Worries,I can’t explain everything behind my ass,How to fight?I stay at home,Because I trust you!”

Till now,Frieza took a sigh of relief。

“The battle between us,Just started。”
Golden Frieza looked at Aksia and said。
Frieza suddenly rushed towards Aksia,Although Frieza’s body is constantly showing frost,But it was quickly melted by Frieza’s intense exercise。
The Frozen Throne carrying Aksia quickly retreated。
“Don’t want to escape!”Golden Frieza stretched out his hands to the retreating Aksia,“Death Beam Net!”
Golden Frieza’s hands emit countless death beams condensed into a net,Limits Aksia’s escape space。
“After all, this is the first time I killed a god,and so,In order to avoid accidents,I’ll solve you directly here!”
Looking at Aksia with nowhere to escape,Frieza has an excited expression on his face。
“Oops!”Naruto in midair looks at Aksia who has fallen into a disadvantage,At the same time, he said to the nine lamas in his body,“Nine Lamas,How much is your chakra condensed?”
“Only about one-third。”
The nine lamas in Naruto responded。
“enough,Nine Lamas,Could you help me enter the nine-tailed chakra mode。”
Nine-tailed Chakra mode plus Super Saiyan mode,Help Naruto break free from her shackles。
“Shadow clone!”
During the time when Naruto fell from the sky to the ground,Naruto made a shadow clone of himself,Shadow clone Naruto instantly enters fairy mode,Then unlock the shadow clone Naruto。
Natural energy returned to Naruto’s body。
The natural energy can be maintained for only five minutes。

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Book Friends:</p>
Welcome to join the group,Talk about blowing water。</p>
Old driver inside,Moe new owner,Mensao people deserve everything</p>
In another book,The name of the animal that appears,Not fictitious,But there are such creatures。</p>
Wilderness also involves some first aid knowledge,Can be used in reality。。</p>
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First396chapter There is a song dedicated to all of you
Then Reba asked Zhu Xudan a fatal question。</p>
“Dan Dan,Do you have a boyfriend?”</p>
Reba has always been concerned about this issue,She also knows that Zhu Xudan is an artist signed by Su Luo’s studio。</p>
Still looks so beautiful,Su Luo Studio signed a total of two artists,They are all pretty girls。</p>
This makes her have to guard,After all, if she goes out to film,,Boss and employees have to get along day and night。</p>
The staff is so nice,Reba thinks if he is a man,I can’t resist this temptation,Besides, Zhu Xu Shangang graduated from university,Full of green,It’s easier to give birth to a desire for protection。</p>
Zhu Xudan was stunned when he heard this question,Reba is likely to be her future boss。</p>
Although I don’t know why she asked,But Zhu Xudan answered honestly:“No cherry”</p>
Reba’s heart is tight,As she guessed,One more target that needs to be vigilant。</p>

The girls are all teenagers,Came with the parents,Their parents are very impatient to tell them not to disturb others,But they don’t care at all。

——Unsure of the security personnel at the airport,Can’t you still deal with your parents??
The parents of those girls can only stay there,Looking at Fang Hao with unfriendly eyes。
Fortunately, Fang Hao shows no signs of doing anything。
But those girls are a little bit like each other’s hands。
But it is within the acceptable range。
After being tossed for more than ten minutes,Those girls were called away by their parents。
But there is a new girl。
Although I think those girls are too reserved,A little annoying,But for the first time to enjoy such treatment,Let Fang Hao’s heart feel refreshed。
unfortunately,Compared with the crazy star chasing scenes he saw on the Internet,This is still too pediatric,Make him feel some regret。
Tossing for more than half an hour,He just left this place on the ground that he had to catch a plane。
On the plane,A stewardess recognized him,I was very excited to call a few friends over to take photos and autographs。
Of course Fang Hao didn’t refuse。
It’s not time for him to play big cards。
At this time, try to be based on your approachable personality,Leave a good impression,Even if there is black material,It’s not that there isn’t one who speaks to him。

As for being confident about brewing coffee……

Ok,He is very confident about instant coffee,It’s a pity that my stomach didn’t feel good,I never dared to touch it again。
As for other coffee……
He can only call out a few names at best,More related knowledge,He asks three questions completely。
“So this is ah,Then I’m looking forward to Mr. Landlord’s coffee!”
Lin En, this cowhide is blown out,But the problem is,Xiaolan doesn’t know。
I thought Lynn was really good at making coffee,at this moment,She couldn’t help but start looking forward to it。
“Cough……Have a chance in the future,I will ask Maori students to try first。”
“Oh, right,Since Maori’s family situation is relatively tense,And my side,If you open a shop,Only one person must be too busy。”
“otherwise……Maori classmates come to me to work in their spare time?Maybe this can also relieve the pressure on the family.。”
Listen to what Xiaolan said,Lin En really wanted to slap himself。
But it’s done,It’s too late to explain。
Without any choice,He can only change the subject quickly,Otherwise, let him show off,Isn’t it all exposed?
As for the content of the topic……
Sure enough, it is more practical to ask Xiaolan to work!

After all, Lu Ban is a newcomer,Play against old actors,It’s normal to be led by the opponent,If you can’t keep up with the opponent’s rhythm,It’s easy to be scolded by the director。

Especially Liang Kesheng, a director known for his strictness。
result,Surprise everyone。
NGYesNGMany times。
But the one who was scolded was the leaf who played the Deng family。
Liang Kesheng thinks her acting is too blunt,In the same lens as Lu Ban,Looks out of place。
Gu Qiao outside the camera was also surprised。
She naturally knows that Lu Ban is a newcomer who hasn’t acted much,I thought his acting skills would not be very good,The little fairy is also affected。
I didn’t expect。
Lu Ban’s acting skills are better than she thought,And much better。
In the end, Lu Ban kept accommodating the rhythm of the leaves,So I finished filming the scene steadily。
After filming,Director Liang Kesheng also called Lu Ban aside。
Gu Qiao knows,This is to add drama to him。

Because that world has a rule,Anyone who cultivates,Can’t kill ordinary people with their own power。

“know,I know how to do it,I didn’t see anything just now。”
Li Xingxing said respectfully。
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen
“Ok,Just know,You are dismissed。”
I was shattered by power all around,But this one is for Lin Yu,Without any loss。
After all here,Not own company。
Seeing Li Xingxing leaving in a hurry,Lin Yu took a step towards just now,I walked over to the place where Dark Tiger was burned to ashes。
At what moment did you kill the Dark Tiger by yourself?,A stone fell from the opponent。
Can withstand one’s own blow,Explain that this stone is not simple,Precisely because of this,Lin Yu will walk towards the stone,Going to see what it is。
On the stone,There is a burst of heat at this moment。
“This is black iron stone!”
Reach out and pick it up,Just take a look,Lin Yu was shocked by this thing。
To know,Black iron stone is no less than soul stone。
only,The purpose of the two is different,One is to cultivate the soul,Improve self-cultivation。
One is used to integrate into weapons,So as to make one’s own weapons,Can exert a stronger force。
just,How difficult to see the black iron stone,Only once in ten million。
did not expect,The body of Lord Dark Tiger,There is a black iron stone。

He suddenly realized,Today, his feeling for piano music has become extremely strong,This feeling is very strange。Listening to the tune,Lu Li’s five fingers beating listeningly。

Lu Li’s footsteps moved,Walk towards the center of the square。In that place,It’s a girl playing,She is very skilled,But there is still something missing。
He doesn’t know why,At this moment, it seems that I have a deep knowledge of piano music,You can even hear the artistic conception that the girl plays。
After that girl finishes playing a song,Lu Li walked over and asked the girl。
“Can i play a song?”
The girl looked at him unexpectedly,Of course this is not a rude request,It’s just that Lu Li feels like someone else,Not that musical temperament。
“of course can,You please!”The girl walked away politely。
Lu Li sitting in a chair,Stroking the keys with both hands。
He closed his eyes,A feeling of nostalgia suddenly surged in my heart,He gently pressed his finger,There are a few crisp sounds on the keys。
“So familiar,Do i really play?”Lu Chengli thought secretly,He has never touched piano music,But now he has a very strong feeling for piano music。
He knows this feeling very well,Came because of Wenlihai。
As he keeps absorbing Wen Lihai’s memory,A lot of things he has never touched,Also feel very familiar。