Then asked“Xiaoqianyu,Do you have any idea to enter Shrek?of course,Although our Tang Sect is qualified to let you avoid the city lord’s recommendation letter for direct interview,But if you are not strong enough, you will still be eliminated!”

Qianyu frowned“Shrek Academy……Where I can become stronger……”
If I can become stronger,Is it possible to figure out all the vague memories in my mind?
Chapter 277 Be careful this guy!(Subscribe)
Pondered for a long time,Qianyu said firmly“I am willing to join Shrek Academy!”
Him now,Completely unclear about the world,Even the soul beast and soul master mentioned by Tang Ya before,There is no clue in my mind。
Only first understand what the world is like,So you can have enough strength to protect yourself!
So as to retrieve those memories in my mind!Although he doesn’t know what it is,But still feel that those memories are vital to oneself!
After hearing Qianyu’s answer,Tang Ya smiled slightly,Followed by“Since Xiaoqianyu, you agreed,Then go to Shrek Academy with me and Beibei!”
Beibei also followed along“Ok!I believe that with Qianyu’s talent that you just showed,Passing the assessment should not be a problem”
Qianyu nodded“Ok!Thanks Tang Ya sister,And Brother Bei!”
After getting the consent of Qianyu,Tang Ya and the three got up and rushed,While walking,Tang Ya and Bei Bei began to introduce Shrek Academy to Qianyu!
Although Shrek Academy is now called the Academy,But it already has the size of a city,The identity on the whole continent is also very noble!
As for the geographical location, it is in the southeast of the Heavenly Soul Empire,It is the core of the junction of the three empires!
and,Enter Shrek Academy,And can graduate successfully,Almost all of them!
And Qianyu who knew so much information nodded thoughtfully,Then I knew that the Shrek Academy I was about to enter was such a powerful academy!

After speaking, he walked quickly to the man,Motioned him to put the old man in a wheelchair。

Everyone nodded to express their understanding,Many people also praised Wan Shiling for his kind hands。
“Not get in the way,Fainting caused by qi and blood barrier。”
Wan Shiling got the old man’s pulse,Then pinched up among others,The old man woke up immediately。
“Genius doctor,Doctor Wan,Thank you so much!”The man saw his father wake up,Immediately look overjoyed。
“If my diagnosis is correct,Your father’s illness should be dullness in his limbs,Bad flexion and extension,Tingling legs,Top-heavy,Can’t walk, right?”Wan Shiling is complacent with his beard。
“Not bad,Pantheon,What you said is not bad!”The man was surprised,“Can you treat my father’s illness??”
“Of course,I have a recipe,Eat for two months,Can heal。”
Wan Shiling stood up,Said leisurely。
Mo Xiaosheng has already reached the door at this time,But when I heard him,Stopped immediately,I can’t bear it:“Wan Lao,The family’s financial situation is not good,You don’t need to do things so absolutely?”
“What do you mean!”Wan Shiling cold voice。
“What do I mean you should be clear,Obviously you can get better with a few needles,Why do you have to let them take the medicine for two months??”Mo Xiaosheng sighed softly。
“fart!”Wan Shiling finally couldn’t help it anymore,Angry voice:“If he is sick with acupuncture, he can walk on the ground,I immediately smashed the sign of Qian Zhitang in front of you and everyone!”
“You don’t need to tell me this,I just give you an opinion,Hope you treat people to things,At least leave three points of compassion。”Mo Xiaosheng will continue walking outside。
“Hold on!”Wan Shiling immediately called Lin Yu,Cold voice:“You slander me,Just want to go like this?Not so easy,Either you use acupuncture and moxibustion today to get this old man to walk immediately,Or just kneel on the ground and apologize for three knocks!”
“hurry up,kowtow!”

She knows that the golden spirit ring is the terrifying one million years spirit ring!Even Tang San has only one or two!

Xu Sheng,Actually have nine!!
Oscar, who was supplying soul masters and soldiers, heard the words,After getting close to Ning Rongrong, wiped his forehead,Puzzled“Rongrong,what are you saying?”
Ning Rongrong also forgot his relationship with Oscar for a while,Reached out to Tang San and Xu Sheng……
Oscar looked in the direction pointed by Ning Rongrong,Shocked“Xu Sheng?When did this guy come here?and……hiss,Those are nine million-year spirit rings!”
Ning Rongrong looked ugly“Ok!I’m afraid Brother 3 is not Xu Sheng’s opponent!”
this moment,Ning Rongrong’s heart is extremely tangled……
Neither hope that Tang San beat Xu Sheng,I don’t want Xu Sheng to kill Tang San!
That result,Makes her unable to imagine!
next moment,Ma Hongjun’s phoenix sounded in the sky,I saw him drag Dai Mubai’s corpse at an extremely fast speed, inciting Phoenix wings to fly……
Both Oscar and Ning Rongrong were attracted by Ma Hongjun’s voice。
After Ma Hongjun landed,Hugging Dai Mubai hurriedly towards Oscar and Ning Rongrong,Anxiously“Oscar!Rongrong,Please help Boss Dai!!!”
Oscar looked at Dai Mubai without a trace of life in Ma Hongjun’s arms!Ruddy eye socket“Dai boss……Boss Dai, this is……”

Because the same people who have been in this circle,All know how difficult this road is,Some people succeeded,Some people have to return to ordinary in the end。</p>

Musician this way,Destined to be difficult。</p>
Precisely becauserestartRace tracker,So the six star push officers have a higher starting point for their requirements,In the end, Zhou Yan only got three stars。</p>
Then all the ones that came up stopped before four stars,No one can break through the five-star mark,Especially oneretartA player on the track,Or a singer。</p>
When Mei Qi commented,Very professional,At least Su Luo asked himself if he didn’t understand,But this does not prevent him from interjecting halfway。</p>
Su Luodao:“Free then,Can instructor Meiqi teach me to dance?。”</p>
Mei Qi, who was talking, looked at him dumbfounded,Cause other people nearby to laugh。</p>
Wait until the player leaves,Meiqi reacted now,Su Luo is teasing her,Can’t help but blush。</p>
Gave him a ferocious look,Su Luo shrugged,For him, this look,It is not at all lethal</p>
Subsequently,There are also the first girls who left here,Is fromrestartSumayya,Sang first,Not only out of tune,And in many places, even the lyrics have been sung wrong and can’t keep up with the rhythm。</p>
In the words of Teacher Dandan,Is very brave,remarkably brave。</p>
But over time,The six star push officers are gradually becoming serious,Keep giving your own comments,Because thank you for the comments, they all watched their performance as a senior,What advice you can give to make them better。</p>
Of course do not do,The initiative is still in their own hands,No one can force them。</p>
Various players,All kinds of people have,Until a girl named Chen Shujun came on stage,It also opened the eyes of the six mentors。</p>
nickname“Paddling monster”,Can’t sing,Can’t dance,No talent,Rely on“Paddling”,Can also be lucky,Gone shit, transported into the draft stage of the son of tomorrow。</p>
Sing,It’s so spicy,But her introduction,But it made Meiqi cry,Make her look excited。</p>
For this,have the opportunity,People who don’t cherish,Indeed sometimes,Will cause some people,An angry mood。</p>
and,Meiqi is still a rookie after all,The mentality cannot be compared with the old fried dough sticks like Su Luo,After all, people of all kinds see too much。</p>

This kind of hardship against the world,The feeling of winning in the end,It’s not an exaggeration,Bi Lai Haijin singled out ten years ago5The feeling of a female model,It made him tremble with excitement even more。

And his sentence almost tore the face and pointed out who is behind the scenes,Once again met with crazy replies from netizens。
no way。
Few celebrities have supported Chu Liuxiang online before,Even Buyiyi,Lai Haijin was also asked not to speak。
The other is Cui Zhong,He represents,I have to support Teacher Chu Liuxiang。
He was so scolded that he was almost out of control。
The rest is to know the truth,People who don’t want to say it。
Lai Haijin was scolded so much before,Now he is praised for how much。
“Chief Lai Cowhide!”
“Sure enough, the truth is in the hands of a few people!”
“Thank you for never giving up to excuse Chu Liuxiang,Thank you for always sticking to the truth!”
“I scolded you before,Sorry!I am a pig,So easy to be fooled!”
“Mr. Lai, did you say that Mavericks did it??I will scold them!In the sun!Let me wrong a good person!”

Which places the confirmed patient has been to before the diagnosis is posted online,Call on people who may be in close contact to be tested,Take safety first。

Is such a confirmed patient,Affects the lives of at least a few thousand people。
Pay attention to,But Jiang Li, who was trapped in this room, felt that this kind of attention was a bit too much。
I am really distressed now。
Chapter Four Eighty Three Envy of colleagues
This afternoon,The new column of Haoran Culture Company began to record a program called。
This time it’s three episodes again。
Liu Qing is planning to make peace“mystery of”On the bar。
No way,Why is there so many people in this world who want to solve mysteries??
Choose such a person,It’s not for the popularity of names,But to keep away the heat of the epidemic。
Zhang Zhongjing,Known as the Medical Sage,The legend has played a great role in preventing the spread of the plague。
And the medical books he left behind,Has played a huge role in more than a thousand years of history。
Hua Tuo is called a genius doctor,There are various legends about his magical medical ability,Speak personal fame,Seems to be bigger than Zhang Zhongjing, the medical sage。
Just didn’t leave a writing,Can only be regarded as a fairy tale,More like a mythical image。
Zhang Zhongjing didn’t keep much record personally,There are few legends,However, his is still the guiding light of TCM treatment based on syndrome differentiation.,The impact can be imagined。

Dugu Fengyun said with a smile,Actually he knows,If he really returns to the MI,,I don’t know how many people are affected by the turmoil,These people will definitely hate him by then。

“I also think you are not suitable to go back,At least not now,Because your body does not allow!”
Mo Xiaosheng also said with a smile,Then his expression changed,Suddenly remembered something,Puzzled,“correct,Lonely senior,Your health is so bad now,How did you use the broken gold finger?”
First0513Zhang Qingeng never stops
Mo Xiaosheng did not understand the so-called broken gold finger,But knowing this is difficult to do,If there is no inner strength support,Strength alone,Can’t do it at all,Only to concentrate all the internal energy on two fingers,Cut it down quickly,Only by relying on the powerful explosive force to cut the thick steel bar。
And through his understanding of Dugu Fengyun,With Dugu Fengyun’s current physical condition,Can’t do it!
“Yes indeed,Master,How did you do it?!”
Mingcheng heard Mo Xiaosheng’s words,And immediately asked suspiciously,“You just stood up for a few days!”
“Haha,You two boys,Unexpectedly?”
Dugu Fengyun’s hearty smile,I seem to enjoy the feeling that Mo Xiaosheng and Ming Cheng can’t guess,Said with a smile,“Have you forgotten,I just stood up for a few days,But my hands and arms can move long ago,Since they can move,I have been exercising,So the strength of the arm and the fingers have recovered pretty well!”
When Mo Xiaosheng and Ming Cheng heard this, they suddenly realized,Yes,Dugu Fengyun’s arm can move long ago。
But in the case of muscle atrophy,He can keep exercising,It really needs a lot of willpower,Mo Xiaosheng and Ming Cheng couldn’t help but sigh。
“Xiaosheng,When I left just now, I specifically told Xiao Hu,Let him try his best to pass you into the secret warehouse No. 1 to read!”
Dugu Fengyun said solemnly,“I really didn’t expect,You can read these books,It’s not easy,You have to cherish it,Try your best to quickly improve your ability to a new level!MI and China’s future,It depends on you young people!”

“Hey!Yifei,What are you muttering?

Is your sister the boy who went on a blind date?,Succeeded?”
The biggest horn yellow woman in the village,I heard Li Yifei’s words,Shift the focus of watching cards to Li Yifei,Curiously asked。
“Huang Po,What are you talking about?
I haven’t been home once in nearly six months,Where is it clear。”
Li Yifei smiled。
“You don’t know?
I thought it was successful,You come back this time,Are you going to drink engagement wine??”
See Huang Po,Sighed。
“Whose BMW is at the door?
Can you move it?”
at this time,A voice came from outside the gate to the canteen。
Subsequently,Everyone saw Aaron coming in from outside the door。
Li Yifei finished saying this,Asked with a puzzled look:“Didn’t I allow a wide position??
Is it still blocking the car from passing??”
Aaron replied。
I’m sorry,I will move away,Because I just bought a new car,Still a novice,So it’s not too good to put the car,Really sorry。”

“Kid,I tell you,Now they said,To sue you,Once the court convicted,You have to go in there for ten or twenty years。”Chinese character face calm,Deliberately pressure Mo Xiaosheng。

Then he calmed down,Go on:“But the other party also said,As long as you hand in that copybook,Forget it。”
“Then let them sue me。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled nonchalantly,Now he sees it,The national character face of feeling is the same as the scar face。
The national character face winked at the young man next to him,Tell him to show Mo Xiaosheng some color。
There are countless people who have scratched the face of Guozi for so many years,Many people were as arrogant as Mo Xiaosheng at first,But walk it under his hands,Less than half an hour,You have to beg for mercy。
Xiaoyoung got up and walked to Mo Xiaosheng’s side,While shaking my hand crackling and glowing blue electric shock,Said to him:“Kid,Some things you can’t bear,Keeping it is the bane。”
He is a confidant of Guozilian,Guo Zi Lian told him everything just now,That’s why he did his best,Just to get a share of the pie。
Mo Xiaosheng glanced at him,Too lazy to talk to him。
“Do not know good or bad!”
Xiaoyoung was a little irritated,Adjust the high voltage pulse to the highest,Then he stabbed Mo Xiaosheng severely。
But what he didn’t notice was,At this moment, Mo Xiaosheng kicked his ankle。
Little young man only felt a pain in his feet,Abruptly,Fall quickly to the ground,After the elbow touched the ground, the transformer in his hand pierced his neck.,The young man’s body twitched suddenly,I didn’t even hum and hum,Fainted。

“I don’t understand this one。”

Taoist Yunzi heard Lin Yu’s words,Replied。
of course,Finished answering,I use the tools I prepared,Start digging stones here。
Aura appears?”
After Taoist Yunzi broke a stone,Lin Yu suddenly noticed the fluctuation of spiritual energy。
“I found it?”
Taoist Yunzi heard,Doubts look towards Lin Yu,Asked。
“Ok!Found,You step back。”
“it is good。”
Taoist Yunzi finished,Back quickly。
Seeing Taoist Yunzi retreat,Lin Yu also took a few steps back。
then,Zhen Qi appeared in the palm of his hand,Condense into a knife,Raise hand,Directly on the rock where I stood before,Slash over。
boom!Hacked place,Banged。
Chapter 192-Chen Sisi’s accident