2015 European Championship of Gymnastics ended, Russia won four championships and became the biggest winner

BeijingtimeonApril20th,the2015EuropeanChampionshipsforGymnasticsendedallcompetitionsyesterday.Intermsofwomen’sevents,Russiawonthreechampionshipsandbecamethebiggestwinnerofthiscompetition.Inthemen’sproject,theUnitedKingdomwonthechampionofmen’spommelhorseandmen’sfreeexercise,becomingtheonlycountrywithdoublecrowns.Thefollowingisthespecificreport:Men’sall-roundchampionUkrainianplayerOlegthisantiqueonApril15-19,thevenueislocatedinMontpellier,France.Inthewomen’sunevenbars,RussianplayerDalia’sfatalscorewasthesameasthesecondBritishplayerRebecca.70points,butoverwhelmedtheopponentincompletingpointsto0.Theadvantageof233pointswonthechampionship.ThethirdplaceisfromtheDutchplayerSonne,herbloomis14.20points.Thechampionofthewomen’sbalancebeamisAndreaEugeniafromtheUnitedNations,andshehasawonderfulperformanceof14onthisproject.366points.TheBritishplayerRebeccafollowedby0again.Thesmalldifferenceof066pointsfailed.ThirdplaceFrenchplayerClaire,shescored14.20points.RussianplayerHelenkova,whorankedfirstinthequalifiers,onlyfinishedsixthinthefinal.  Inthewomen’sall-aroundgame,SwissplayerJuliascored57points.873pointswontheprojectchampionship.The2ndand3rdRussianplayersHelenkovaandBritishplayerAlishahavescoresof57respectively.132pointsand56.623points.Inthewomen’svaultingevent,RussianplayerPasekahtook15.Theaveragescoreof250wonthechampionship.TheSwissplayerJulialosttoPasekkainthesecondtestjump,averaging0pointsbehindthefirst.101points,rankedsecond.ThethirdplacewinnerwasRussianplayerAfanasyeva,whoscored14.866points.  Inthewomen’sfreeexerciseprogram,RussianplayerAfanasyevaandBritishplayerClaudiaareonthesamelevelofdifficulty,withascoreof6.300points.Onthecompletionpoint,Afanasyevascored0.1advantagetowin.PlayerJuliafromSwitzerland14.466rankedthird.  Onthemen’sside,theBritishpommelhorsechampionwaswonbyBritishplayerLouisSmithwithascoreof15.800points.ArmenianplayerMartiniscored2,3withItalianplayerAlberto.Theirscoresare15.333pointsand15.200points.  Inthemen’shorizontalbarevent,CroatianMoznikscored0.Theweakadvantageof067pointsbeattheBritishplayerSamtowinthechampionship.Samtakes14.766pointsrankedsecond,thethirdplacewaswonbytheGermanplayerMaras,hisscorewas14.666points.Inthemen’sringcompetition,thetopfourplayersranked6thinoutstandingpoints.With800points,theyscoredthevictorypoints.ThewinnerofthechampionshipwasGermanplayerPetroniaswithascoreof15.866points.Immediatelyafterwards,thetwoplayerswerethesameinfinishingpointsandtiedforsecondplace.TheyaredividedintoSamirfromFranceandDennisfromRussia.Theirscoreisalso15.566points.  Inthemen’sall-aroundcompetition,UkrainianplayerOlegwonthechampionshipinthisevent,andhisscorewas89.582points.Therunner-upwasscored88byRussianplayerDavid.Won131points.TheBritishplayerDanielwonthethirdplaceandhisscorewas87.423points.Inthemen’sparallelbarsevent,UkrainianOlegtook15.866pointsoverRomanianrivalDanielandSwissplayerKristinwonthechampionship.Thetotalscoreofthetwoplayersisthesame,15.300points,tiedforsecond.  Inaddition,themen’svaultingeventonceagainappearedtiedforsecond.RussianplayerNikitatook15.Theaveragescoreof099wonthechampionship.RussianplayerDennisandUkrainianplayerIgorhavethesameaveragescoreof15.Theaveragescoreof083wonthesecondplace.  Inthefinalmen’sfreeexercise,BritishplayerThomastook15.166pointswonthechampionship,RussianplayerDavidtook15.Therunner-upwas066points,andtheSwissplayerwasdeducted0forfouling.1point,eventually14.3rdplacewith941points.(ChenZhiwei)

[How to make chocolate yogurt cheese parfait]_Homemade methods of chocolate yogurt cheese parfait _Chocolate yogurt cheese parfait approach _How to make chocolate yogurt cheese parfait

[How to make chocolate yogurt cheese parfait]_Homemade methods of chocolate yogurt cheese parfait _Chocolate yogurt cheese parfait approach _How to make chocolate yogurt cheese parfait

Cooking is a science, and of course it is also a technique. Only with a good method can we make a delicious orientation. Today, I will introduce you a delicious and eye-catching chocolate yogurt cheese parfait.


Cream cheese softens at room temperature.


Add white sugar to heat the water until smooth.


21 Pour in yogurt and continue to insulate with water.


1 Stir well.


2 Pour in the soft gelatine pieces that have been soaked in cold water (drain and add to the milk and melt the heat-shielding water).


1 Pour into cheese paste and mix well.


2 whipping cream until 6-7 distribution.


Stir well.

Divide into 8 small heart-shaped molds (preferably in a decorative bag).

Freeze in the refrigerator.


Melt and mix 60 grams of dark chocolate and 20 grams of heat-insulated water.


Add the softened cream cheese at room temperature and continue to mix in the insulated water.

The gelatin slices are softened in cold water in advance, drained and added to the milk, the heat-shielding water is melted, and poured into the chocolate cheese paste and mixed well.


Beat the whipped cream to a 6-7 distribution, pour in and mix well.


Take a look at the yogurt cheese paste just now, try to touch the non-sticky hands, then pour in the chocolate cheese paste (preferably in a decorative bag) and continue to freeze in the refrigerator.


Just take out the mold when you eat it (cocoa can be sprinkled for decoration, or you can put fruits directly.

Decoration is random).

Well, chocolate yogurt cheese parfait will be introduced here for you. Everyone hurry up to prepare the ingredients and do it according to the method of Xiaobian!

Don’t worry, it will definitely satisfy your family!

[Is the leek box made of noodles or dead noodles?】 _How to do_How to do

I am afraid that you will be arrested, suspected, arrested, arrested, arrested, sorrowed, sorrowed, sorrowed潵褰撴棭椁愩€備絾鏄€诲湪澶栭潰鍚冧竴鏄笉鍋ュ悍涓嶅崼鐢燂紝浜屾槸澶氮璐逛簡锛屼笉鍒掔畻銆傛墍浠ヨ鎯冲湪瀹堕噷鍋氶煭鑿滅洅瀛愪篃鏄彲浠ョ殑锛屽彧闇€瑕佺敤鏈€绠€鍗曠殑鏂规硶灏卞彲浠ヤ簡銆傞偅涔堬紝鑿滅洅瀛愭槸鍙戦潰杩樻槸姝婚潰鍛?The bee is so sloppy?鑿滅洅瀛愮殑闈㈡槸鍙戦潰杩樻槸姝婚潰锛氶煭鑿滅洅瀛愮殑闈㈡槸姝婚潰銆備絾瑕佺敤寮€姘寸儷1鍗婇潰锛屽噳 姘 村 悎 1 南 婇 哇 咾 咖?璧峰仛宀€鐨勯煭鑿滅洅瀛愰潰鐨瘮杈冭蒋锛岄鐢ㄦ椂鍙f劅濂姐€備絾姣忎竴涓汉鍙f劅涓嶅悓.鎯宠蒋灏卞鐑偣闈紝鎯崇‖灏卞皯鐑偣闈€?娌圭偢鑿滅洅瀛愮殑闈㈡€庝箞鍜?Adze?. 鎶婇潰绮夊拰澶х害1/4鑼跺寵鐩愭斁鍏ュ鍣ㄣ€?. Ji?/ 2 鏉  婹 尊 尭 Press 鎱 ㈡The reference chain 揆 鏱 ㈢Month?杈瑰€掕竟鐢ㄧ瀛愮◢寰悈鎷屻€?. Ji?/ 4 鏉  姘 姘 Cui Zhuan chain 揆 叆 珆 礒 櫒 Ad?What’s the difference? What’s the difference? What’s the difference? What’s the difference?Is there a fistula on the side of the fistula? 30 闒 嗛 抓 銆?. 绮変笣鐢ㄦ俯姘存场寮€锛?雒 囑 瓒 婒 婄  瓒 婂 ソ 銆?. Is it too wide?Do you have a call?涔熷垏寰楄秺纰庤秺濂姐€?. 楦 ¤ 揲 揆 叆 咰 咅 咅 咷 Ad?鍔犱竴鐐圭偣鐩愶紝 鐢ㄧ瀛愭墦鏁c€?. How do you fix it?Chain 揆 揆 楦 峲 娑 fork 擡 嬔 嬬 把 銆?What is the difference between the threshold and the threshold?  銆?。 嗶 僇 煭 軭 出  Ad?綰 嬉 笣 纰 庯 纴 纰 庤 峲 镄  兘 鏀 鏘 叆 煰 腑 見 ??What’s the matter?砵 纵 纴 Distinguished supplement adze?How to make up?劜 岃 儭 女 掔 蒙 厼 团 劆?. What are you saying?What are the rules and regulations?鎶婇潰鍥㈠敖閲忔弶鍖€銆?0. What’s wrong with you? What’s going on?Mastiff?6浠姐€?1. 鎶婇涔熷垎16浠姐€?2. 璞″寘姘撮ズ涓€鏍锋妸姣忎唤闈㈠洟鎿€钖勶紝 鍖呬竴浠介銆?3. 鐐夊瓙寮€涓伀锛?Do you want to read it?鎶婇煭鑿滅洅瀛愮厧寰椾袱闈㈠憟閲戦粍鑹层€?4.瀹 屾 垚 浜  护 銆?

[Green papaya salad]_Papaya salad_How to make_Practice

銆 愰 潚 淚 ㄧ 樌 欐 媺 銆 慱 Chain ㄧ 摐 娌 欐 媺 _ 濡 綍 锅 歘 锅 氭 硶 澶 у 叏
鏈ㄧ摐鏄コ鎬ф渶鐖卞悆鐨勬按鏋滀箣涓€锛屽洜涓哄畠涓嶄絾鍙f劅濂斤紝鑰屼笖甯稿悆鏈ㄧ摐杩樻湁鍔╀簬涓拌兏锛屾墍浠ユ湪鐡滃鍙椾汉浠殑杩芥崸銆傚彲鏄崟绾悆鏈ㄧ摐鎬绘槸浼氬悆鑵伙紝寰堝鏈嬪弸灏变細闂潚鏈ㄧ摐鍙互鍋氭垚娌欐媺鍚?You can take a look at the map by taking a look at the map, looking at it, looking at it, looking at it, and looking at it.Dangerous?Tricky?00 嬏 嬶 灴 灏 岕 背 Girl?-6 Juan 璴 銆 犳 1 Juan 琴 鐩?鍏 嬶 燏 界 桸 10 鍏 嬶 纴 楸 湶 湶 5 鍏 嬶 钴 撂 撆 搲 雃 傞 噺 尭 桶 1.鍑嗗闈掓湪鐡滀竴涓紝椴滆櫨鍗佸彧锛屽皬绫虫3-5涓€?.What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What’s the matter?.This is the best way to do it. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s very difficult to do it.€?.閿呴噷鐑ф按锛屾按寮€鍚庯紝灏嗛矞铏炬斁鍏ラ攨涓叜鐔燂紝鏅惧噳鍚庡幓铏惧ご鍓ュ3锛屽彇铏句粊銆?5 、 Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it, see what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on鍦ㄤ竴璧凤紝鍐嶅皢鏌犳鍒囨垚涓ゅ崐锛屽皢鍏朵腑涓€鍗婃尋姹佸叆閰嶆枡纰椾腑锛屾媽鍖€锛屼綑涓嬩竴鍗婂啀鍒囨垚鍥涚摚锛屽鐢ㄣ€?.There is a lot of troubles in the chain: there are a lot of problems, and there are a lot of problems in this area: there is no need to do it, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it.笂涓ゅ皬鏃讹紝浣挎湪鐡滃厖鍒嗗惛鏀堕吀杈e懗锛屽嵆鍙€?What’s the difference? Do you want to write a chain? Do you want to write it? Do you know how to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it?毊瑕佹眰闈炲父鍏夋粦锛岄鑹蹭笉鑳藉お缁匡紝涔熶笉鑳藉お闈掞紝閫忕潃鍏変寒鐨勬渶濂姐€備紶缁熺殑闈掓湪鐡滄矙鎷夎繕瑕佹斁鐢熻眹璞嗭紝鍜岀倰棣欑殑鑺辩敓绫炽€佸皬鐣寗锛屼絾鑷繁鍦ㄥ閲屽仛灏变笉瑕佸お 璁 幟 ┒ 鍟 ︼ 溴 栧 懗 鍗 冲 彲 銆?

[Authentic practice of boiled lemon fish]_ practice Daquan _ production method

[Authentic practice of boiled lemon fish]_ practice Daquan _ production method

Boiled fish is a favorite of many people.

Boiled fish is popular because of its spicy taste.

And boiled fish tastes spicy, and its content is also very rich.

There are almost only fish and various vegetables.

In addition to boiled fish, boiled lemon fish is also particularly delicious.

The method is actually the same as the boiled fish.

Let ‘s learn how to cook boiled lemon fish together.

Ingredients: 1 tsp of sea bass, 2 tablespoons of fresh lemongrass (cut into pieces), appropriate amount of tender ginger slices, 1 parsley stalk, mix 2 spoons of white sugar, 1 spoon of fish sauce, 1 tablespoon of fish sauce, 1 tablespoon of minced pepper1 tablespoon minced garlic, 1 tablespoon minced ginger, 2 minced coriander.

Method 1: Wash the seabass (you can ask the fishmonger to split the fillets), insert them into the dish, and apply a small amount of salt and fish sauce for later use.

2. Sauce: squeeze lemon juice, sugar, fish sauce, mix with minced pepper, minced garlic and ginger, add lemon juice and mix well.

3. Seabass with the meat facing upwards, evenly put the spear section, ginger slices, coriander stalks (except fishy) on the fillets. After steaming for 5 minutes, pour the soup in the dish into the sauce, and then pour the sauceBack to preparation, steam for another 35 minutes to taste (depending on the size of the fish), remove the coriander and lemon slices and finish!

Thai-style lemon fish with 1 perch, 3 lemongrass, 1 pineapple bowl, 1 kiwi, 1 large pepper, 3 small peppers, 3 garlic and 1 parsley.

5 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of fish sauce, 2 teaspoons of sugar.

Practice 1.

First cut the pineapple slices into diced pieces, peel the kiwi fruit and cut into diced pieces. Cut the lemongrass into thin slices and cut into fine pieces for later use.


Use a paper towel to absorb the moisture from the inside and outside of the cleaned seabass, and draw a few knives on each side of the fish.


Put coriander stalks, garlic, large peppers, small peppers and 1 cup of water into a food processor to make a comprehensive juice for later use.


Add the combined juice to the lemongrass, pour it into the pot, add the fish sauce, sugar and lemon juice, boil, add the kiwi and pineapple, cook it a little, then pour it over the seabass and add the parsley to completeThis Thai fish with lemon.

[Can yam bean sprouts still be eaten]_Yam bean sprouts_Impact_Notes

[Can yam bean sprouts still be eaten]_Yam bean sprouts_Impact_Notes

Yam is a food ingredient for wild diseases. Because yam contains certain toxins, eating it raw directly has certain risks, so it needs to be cooked.

The edible part of yam is mainly tubers, and the yam fruit is also edible. The yam fruit is called yam bean. This is a fruit with higher nutritional value. Can the yam bean sprout still be eaten?

How to eat it?

Yam beans are as easy to germinate as yam. Although germinated yam beans can be eaten, their nutritional value and taste will change, so no one likes to eat yam beans that have already sprouted.

Yam beans and yam are easy to germinate under appropriate conditions, which is a very common phenomenon in yam producing areas.

After the yam sprouts, people can remove the small buds and use it for cooking. There is basically no difference in nutritional value and taste.

Because the yam is very large, a little germination on it has basically no effect on it, unless the yam has germinated too much, or it has been germinating for a long time.

Sprouted yam beans are also theoretically edible, because toxins are not produced during the yam bean germination process.

However, yam beans are very small, and of course they can store very few nutrients. Once they germinate, they consume a lot of nutrients, and their taste and taste are also greatly affected.

Therefore, the yam bean that has sprouted is rarely eaten again, and it is usually thrown away.

That is to say, although yam bean has no toxicity and can be eaten after sprouting, it is no longer necessary to eat it.

Although yam bean is easy to germinate, if we have mastered its characteristics, it is easy to preserve yam bean for a long time.

Do not wash the yam beans that you bought at home. After drying the surface, put them in a ventilated bag, and then put them in a relatively dry, well-ventilated place with a good temperature, so that they can be stored for a long time without sproutingIt will not deteriorate.

Let your palm tell you if your kidneys are healthy

Let your palm tell you if your kidneys are healthy

Introduction: Sometimes, the various lines on your hand are not necessarily fortune tellers. They can also reflect your health.

Kidney health The kidneys in the palm of your hand are the birthplace of women’s beauty and health. After you remove your makeup, your face is still dark and dull, puffy eyes after rising early, and growing hair.If you appear in yourself, you must have a sense of prevention.

Now, quickly see if you have these clues on your hands!

1. The entire palm is usually red and white. If you look closely, you will find that the surface of the skin is uneven. At this time, you may have kidney yang deficiency.

2. There are faint green tendons on the outside of the little finger, indicating that you may have congenital kidney deficiency. The longer the disease is, the more serious the disease is. The kidney problems, some waist and legs are weak, and soreness will often find you.

3. If the marriage line is too long, or even droops to the relationship line, think about it, do you often feel back pain recently?

4. The marriage line has been drooping, and finally connected to the life line, even exceeding the health line. If you have obviously felt that your body’s resistance has fallen, then you must prevent it, which may cause kidney function to decline.

5. The area above the emotional line below the little finger is the reflex area of the kidney. If it is red and has longitudinal slits, it may be a precursor to the onset of acute nephritis. Be sure to pay attention to the presence of edema.

If the various lines on the palm are suddenly pale due to subcutaneous edema, and the palm color is shiny, it means that the condition has begun to become severe.

6. Chronic nephritis is mostly transformed from acute nephritis. Occult nephritis usually manifests in the middle of the lifeline with a large number of interference lines running through.

Drinking juice during meals can affect gastrointestinal digestive function

Drinking juice during meals can affect gastrointestinal digestive function

Because people rarely eat vegetables and fruits for breakfast, drinking a glass of fresh or pure fruit juice in the morning should be a good habit to supplement the body’s required water and nutrition.

However, it should be noted that, when fasting, do not drink fruit juices with high acidity, and eat some staple foods first to avoid stomach discomfort.

Whether it’s fresh fruit juice, pure fruit juice or fruit drink, try to drink less for lunch and dinner.

The acidity of fruit juice will directly affect the acidity of the gastrointestinal tract. A large amount of fruit juice will dilute the concentration of digestive juice in the stomach. The fruit acid in fruit juice will combine with certain nutrients in the intake to affect the digestion and absorption of these nutrients.I feel a full stomach when I eat, I ca n’t eat any more, I do n’t digest well after a meal, and I do n’t feel well.

In addition to breakfast, drink juice between meals.

Does the man who tests you feel sorry for you

Does the man who tests you feel sorry for you

Translation: You have fallen into one and are about to die. Which method of death are you most afraid of?

  First: Bitten by a bunch of black widow spiders.

  Second: Choked to death by several pythons.

  Third: was killed by the mouth of 10 big rats.

  If you choose 1 friend, your man will occasionally want to pity you, because if you take the hardship as a supplement, you can tolerate everything by yourself. Only occasionally coquettish, a man will want to pamper you, soFriends who choose this answer often have to be little women, and the other half of you will think of pitying you. Otherwise, you will be too strong, and the other half will feel that you love hardship anyway, so it does n’t matter if you eat more.La!

  If you choose 2 friends, the man will not want to cherish you, because you have a strong personality, carry everything on your shoulders, and have better abilities than men. Men also hope that you can cherish them more.

In fact, this type of person is now a strong woman. Of course, you can’t blame you, because you are very professional and very smart. Your ability is actually 10 times stronger than anyone or even a man. So you do things.It ‘s organized, everything is very, very clear, so the other half actually wants you to enlighten him more, guide him, and then you can occasionally pamper him, coax him, and give him confidence.

  Congratulations to your friend of choice 3. Of course your man will want to pamper you!

Because you are more and more feminine, you know how to overcome your charm. Men now ca n’t help but feel sorry for you; in fact, this type of woman who loves herself is the most beautiful. You keep yourself bright and beautiful forever.Of course, the other half of you will be very uneasy about you, and feel sorry for you!

4 cheap foods are the most energizing

4 cheap foods are the most energizing

It is often said that “to nourish qi can keep you healthy.” It is conceivable that the essence of “qi” is, then, what can you eat to qi?

  Food for Enriching Qi 1. Tomato Tomato is one of the top ten foods for energizing and nourishing blood.

According to nutritionist research, 50 grams to 100 grams of fresh tomatoes per person per day can meet the human body’s needs for several minerals and vitamins.

Tomato contains “lycopene”, which can inhibit bacteria; it contains malic acid, citric acid and sugars to help digestion.

It is rich in provitamin A, which can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, which can promote bone growth, leading to rickets, xerophthalmia, night blindness and certain skin diseases.

Tomato contains fruit acid, which can not only reduce cholesterol content, but also have symptoms of hyperlipidemia.

  Tonic food 2. Shiitake mushrooms, as one of the “Four Great Mountains”, have the names of “Queen of Plants” and “Meat in Plains”, which is a highly praised medicinal diet.

Mushrooms have conditioning effects on qi and blood deficiency, intolerance, etc.

Especially the wild shiitake mushrooms have a more obvious effect on qi and dampness.

In “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Mushrooms can nourish the lungs and relieve phlegm and qi.

“And” Bencao seeking truth “:” Mushrooms, good food in the food . can help the stomach.

“So, shitake mushrooms mainly refer to nourishing stomach qi.

In general, shiitake mushrooms are good for nourishing qi and nourishing yin, nourishing the stomach and nourishing the lungs, treating wind and phlegm, and have obvious anticancer effects.

  Food for qi 3, red rice and red rice replace starch and plant protein, which can maintain normal body temperature and replenish physical strength.

It is rich in phosphorus, vitamin A, and vitamin B, which can not only improve malnutrition, night blindness, and beriberi, but also effectively relieve symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy, and insomnia.

There are also many nutrients, especially iron, which have the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood and preventing anemia.

The contained pantothenic acid, vitamin E, glutathione amino acid and other substances have the effect of inhibiting carcinogens, especially the effect of preventing colon cancer is more obvious.

  Food for nourishing qi. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, chives enter the liver meridian, stomach meridian and kidney meridian. Eating cooked chives can solve the effects of nourishing the liver and kidney, warming the waist and knees, and Xingyang Road.When cooked, it is sweet and filling, which can benefit liver and stasis, that is, leek has the effect of nourishing qi and impotence.

Therefore, leek is also called “Qiyangcao”.

Leek has all seasons, but it is better to eat in the winter and spring season, and the temperature in winter and spring is reduced, while the warm nature of chives can nourish kidney energy and be vigorous.

In the winter and spring season, you can eat more leek scrambled eggs and leek pork stuffed dumplings.