Xu Xuan tentatively made a shot。

Jeff·Teague is unmoved。
Xu Xuan tried again。
Teague is still unmoved。
Xu Xuan is ready to continue testing!
But Jeff·Teague——
“Do you have any tricks?,See if I will move.”
Xu Xuan was also dumbfounded!
To be honest,He has never seen such an arrogant person when he grows up.
“Eh?!do not talk,You saw it today!”
Jeff·Teague picks his nostrils。
What makes Xu Xuan more uncomfortable is,When he was going to continue to fake Teague,Teague put away his defensive position,With his hands on his waist。
Hands on hips……
Hands on hips……
A black head and a few big question marks appeared on Xu Xuan’s forehead.

“Shaq,Defeat Olajuwon and Barkley at the same time,Isn’t it to make you look greater??”Kobe started to excite,He worried that O’Neill would lose the chain,At the same time he also knows what to say is most useful to O’Neal。

“Makes sense!Hahaha,If I can win both of them,Then I see what the old guy Olajuwon has to say!”
Ding!Flicker success。
The focus of the Lakers’ offense has all come to Kobe,O’Neill,The pick-and-roll effect of the two walls of Ben Wallace is very good。
Plus Kobe’s dexterous and smooth running position,Mario Elli is exhausted。
The result of this adjustment is,O’Neill has no mobile phone,But the Lakers’ offense has maintained super high efficiency after Kobe is the only end point.。
Kobe feels hot today,Plus the shooting opportunity is great,The basketball hits as if it is equipped with a navigator。
Barkley and Olajuwon’s offense,No longer has a crushing advantage when facing O’Neal and Ben Wallace’s defense。
They found that Ben Wallace lost the draft with both strength and agility.,Seems to be everywhere on the defensive end,Barkley can no longer get excellent outside shots,And Olajuwon has to pay attention to Ben Wallace’s defense when dealing with O’Neal.。
Olajuwon can still maintain a good hit rate with help defense,But Barkley, who faced Ben Wallace head-on, had a headache。Ben Wallace’s defense makes it very difficult for Barkley to start。
Than power,at most55open。
Specific speed,Ben Wallace, young and similar in height, is even better。
Than experience,Ben Wallace doesn’t even eat shakes,He has eaten Kobe’s fake moves countless times in training,And Barkley’s fake action must be lame compared to Kobe。
Halftime,Lakers go-ahead score,51:43Lead8Minute。As the main point of attack, Kobe recklessly swayed his offensive talent,15cast9Get in23Minute1board1help。
This is to put all energy on the offensive end of Kobe’s lethality,This is the scary thing about Kobe, who feels hot。
Give me the ball!I can enter!
Kobe’s offense eclipses the Houston Big Three。

Lin Yu,I don’t want to just let this person go。

“Do you think,Can you run?”
While Lin Guanhai was dragged off the car,Man in the driving position of the car,The driver,Want to drive。
See this,Lin Yu finished,Shot again,Remove this person from the car,As a chicken,Take it down。
“you,you wanna die。”
“Even I dare to move,Do you know who my eldest brother is?”
“My big brother,That’s Ganghwa City,The famous fish brother。”
See Lin Yu catching himself off the car,This driver,Don’t know what to do,first timing,He gave his eldest brother’s name,Report directly。
“What about Brother Yu?”
Lin Yu who heard this,Raise your hand and slap up。
“Young man,Run fast,Don’t hit him。”
“This fish brother,I know who it is,He is Jianghu City,A bar owner,Is also the big brother of that bar,Very good,There are many people。”
“You offended his little brother today,He won’t let you go。”

As for the price, it’s easy to negotiate。

Now a commercial TV series by Buyiyi has reached3000Package price of RMB 10,000,The movie has reached800Million price,But as long as literary films200Ten thousand30010,000 can be。
There is really no money,100Wan is also possible。
So even Bu Yiyi is very picky,Many directors hope to find her to play。
Once Bou Yiyi appeared,Whether it is a sponsor,It’s still the movie’s release condition,Will get so much better。
Luckier,Before the movie is released,All costs can be earned back。
It’s because I have to be serious about filming in the next three months,So Buyiyi can’t leave all of his time to Shen Huan。
I have to go home and spend a few days with my old man。
But in the night before leaving,Shen Huan gave her a thick script。
Buyiyi looked at the script,It says“Daming Palace Ci”Four characters。
“This is a TV series from Ming Dynasty?”Buyiyi asked subconsciously。
Shen Huan smiled,“Tang Dynasty also had a very famous palace,Called Daming Palace,It was built by Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty and Li Zhi。It is one of the most important buildings to witness the prosperity of Datang。”
Buyi suddenly came to the spirit:“Do I want to play Wu Zetian?”
“Do not,Not Wu Zetian,It’s Princess Taiping。”Shen Huan said with a smile,“This TV show,It’s a story between Wu Zetian and Princess Taiping。I will find you a good Wu Zetian,You Princess Taiping,But you must be up for it,Don’t be suppressed by her!”
“I won’t!”
Bu Yiyi Tsundere’s Way。
She just listened to the summary of the story told by Shen Huan,Just like it。

It’s jaw-dropping!

As a worker behind the scenes,Wutong basically has few hardcore fans,Besieged by so many people at this time,Dare not even fart。
Even fans of Xiang Zhisheng and He Weili,Not so powerful。
Their backbone fans also warn these fans seriously in various groups,Don’t go to the war,Otherwise, the fish will be affected,The idol who provoked them was also scolded,That’s definitely not worth the loss!
Wutong himself is concerned about the meager excitement,No comments on a word。
Seeing that the heat has been fried,Enough for thousands of people to know《Youthful》Upcoming news,He feels very satisfied。
These people didn’t know《Youthful》of,But it’s so loud,Everyone discussed so fiercely,There will definitely be many people in the cinema to see what happened。
Even if only one in ten,Turned into buying tickets to watch movies,That’s a big profit。
Speaking of,This is just one of his marketing methods!
Even if you people scold me no matter how badly,As long as my movies make money,Then my reputation will rise,The movie company will buy it,I can make a lot of script fees!
Seems to confirm his idea,《Youthful》Selected9In the off-season weekend,At the box office in three days over the weekend2000Ten thousand,Directly exceeded《Paper kite》,Became the highest grossing literary movie in three days this year!
“thanks for your support,Three days box office2000Ten thousand,Proved that our hard work was not in vain,Proved that we can make good literary movies!”——This is on monday morning,The first meager article in five days since Wutong released。
Netizens who don’t know the status of literary movies,Immediately opened mock mode。

“I think of Xu Dong, the betrayer who thought he was smart,He has deleted his meager account,Otherwise, I have to watch。This blows up Wang into a tattered weird thing,I really admire!”

“Hahaha,There are movies of Shen Huan and Xiao Tianhou,How could it not sell well?”
“indeed!I watched it twice,Still want to lick the screen。”
“Girls in our class,At least half,They all intercepted the picture of Shen Huan looking down at the book,As your own phone screensaver!So handsome,Really,Pan An Song Yu has this look, right?!”
“Gosh,You help me do the math,How much can these crew members make??Should we thank those film companies for their non-distribution,So that the crew got such a big cornucopia?”
“Ok,Don’t talk about other investments,Those ordinary actors and crew members who have not invested a penny,I got a big red envelope of 100,000 yuan。The students who appeared in the drama,One per person5000Block of mountain and sea mobile phone。”
“This time5After the 100 million cents have arrived,The two most invested,Can take more than1.7100 million RMB dividend!The main actors are also kind and rewarded,Don’t get paid,Invest all in the movie,As a result, which one doesn’t get at least 20-30 million dividends now?”
“So my teacher Chu is really cowhide!”
“Teacher Chu Cowhide+1000000!!”
Netizens are like crazy,Those well-informed big coffees didn’t listen。
Because it broke“Shen Huan is Lu Xiaofeng”And became famous in one fell swoop“The buns are delicious”,Another news broke on the homepage。
“According to the message I got,Now many companies are fighting frantically《love letter》Overseas distribution rights,But unfortunately,This distribution right is as early as《love letter》The second day after Hua Guo was in theaters,That is1.12After the 100 million dividends arrive in advance,Will be《love letter》The crew gave it to Shanhai.com。Shanhai.com uses its own courage,Won the trust of director Zhu Mei and teacher Chu Liuxiang。”
《love letter》Overseas distribution rights,For fans,Nothing,They don’t care much。
But for industry insiders,This is a big deal!
《love letter》So far only in China、Japanese benzene and Tai Chi countries are released,Got it12.7Proud achievements of RMB 100 million。
So in Southeast Asia, where other traditional Chinese film spheres of influence,How much more box office should it win?
Even if it’s only half of the box office today,The issuance fee is at least hundreds of millions of yuan!
The most important thing is not the money you make,But then《love letter》Distribution rights,In order to improve your voice in the industry,Even to improve their own impression of strength in the minds of overseas cinema operators。
Think about it。

Ok,Maybe they can do miracles。

But this time,The team’s difficulties are really big。
That’s the eagle!
Today the U.S. and major U.S. media think,The most balanced and perfect team in the league!
No disadvantages!
No shortcomings!
attack,Defensive,Bench,This team is impeccable!
At least,From the standpoint of the Pacers,This team is an impeccable team。
Now“Civilian flow”After the fire alliance again,Most people think that the eagle may become the second“Pistons Five Tigers”!
Listen to!
That’s“Pistons Five Tigers”!
Known as the strongest defensive team in league history!
What are the Pacers playing against such a team??
Do you rely on head iron??
The key is that this society,Head iron can’t solve any problems。
perturbed,I’m very worried!
Pritchard awaited Vogel’s orders in panic。
“Kevin,Today we have a confrontation exercise。”
Confrontation practice?!

“It’s this chick。”

The man saw Lin Yun on the side,His eyes became squinted immediately。
“If you can say something nice to me,Leave me a contact,I can consider,Give you some compensation!”
Lin Yun saw this disgusting man teasing herself so,I can’t help but feel angry。
Who would like this kind of person?!No quality,Disgusting!
The man ignored Lin Yun’s disgust,The woman he got,None of them really like him。
Not because of money and power?
Especially in places like Nan’an,Water is too shallow!
“how about it,Do you want me to take you to Konoha?,Followed me,Guarantee you……”
The man hasn’t finished speaking,Qin Shi slapped it up。
This slap,Strong!A bright red palm print fell on the man’s face in an instant。

Mo Xiaosheng frowned。

“Yes indeed,Nangong Yunxi holds a large part of our shares in bioengineering!“
Li Qianhui hurriedly said,“And he always wanted to set up a separate medical R&D team directly under their Nangong family,If the mysterious doctors cooperated with them,we……We are in trouble!“
Li Qianhui’s worry is not unreasonable,If the mysterious doctor can’t cooperate with them,,I will definitely cooperate with Nangong Yunxi。
You have to know the profound knowledge of Xuanyi,Many disciples,If you give the whole door,Mo Xiaosheng alone may not be able to compete with them,Although the Nangong family is not a big consortium,But Nangong Yunxi’s Yunxi Group has also made rapid progress in recent years.,Flourish,Behind it is the blessing of the Nangong family’s big family attributes,The strength is strong,And many people think。Yunxi Group will surpass the weakening Wanshi Group in a few years,Replace it,Become the second largest business group in Beijing,Even in time,Catch up with the Lee Group,It’s not impossible!
So if once Xuanyimen and Nangong Yunxi cooperate,,That might not be inferior to Mo Xiaosheng and the Li Group,And at this time the mysterious doctor has also《Sanxuan Essence》I have mastered most of the anti-aging prescriptions,May not last long,They can study the remaining few medicines,Then they can fight against the Li Group!
And if in the future, Nangong’s family will study something practical with the help of the mysterious doctor,Then their status in this bioengineering project will become more and more important。It’s hard to say that I won’t eat away the shares a little bit,Completely control this bioengineering project in their hands!
Then it means,Li Qiansuo and Mo Xiao’s long-term efforts have been spent in vain,Also made wedding dresses for others!
Li Qianhui is a businessman,Naturally, the pros and cons of this one must be thoroughly considered,So after he told Mo Xiaosheng about the situation,,Discuss with Mo Xiaosheng:“Niche,or……Let’s let them cooperate with us,Just be patient,On weekdays I let others connect with them,We are discussing with them,They won’t do anything too extraordinary……“
Li Qianjue, who has always been a neat style, couldn’t help but plead。After all, he has an unusual relationship with Mo Xiaosheng,Also worry about Mo Xiaosheng’s feelings。
The Yueren Wang on the side gritted his teeth abruptly when he heard this.,Cold eyes,Clenched fists,He heard it,Li Qiansuo knows that this group of Xuanyimen is black-hearted。But for the benefit and future long-term development,I still hope to cooperate with Xuan Yimen。
But he has a deep grudge with the mysterious doctor,Don’t say it’s not shared,It’s definitely not at odds,So he was a little nervous,I’m afraid Mo Xiaosheng will agree。
“Brother Li,You are a businessman,Without hurting the truth,Put interests first,Not too much,Because there are tens of thousands of mouths under you to eat with you,You say so,Want to do,I don’t blame you!“
Mo Xiaosheng glanced sharply at Li Qianhui,Face stunned,Proudly,“But Mo Xiaosheng is a doctor,Adhering to my ancestors’ wonderful hands and kindness、Entrusted to save the world,Act first,If I promise you today to join in with these rats,Then, does Mo Xiaosheng have a face to call this Chinese medicine doctor?,Carry this silver needle?What’s more, he will face his ancestors and the ancestors of Chinese medicine?!“

Shen Huan frowned slightly。

This time reward,But no surprises。
Donated last time1Billion,But I got the big killer formula for strengthening muscles and bones,Whether it’s for your own body or safety,Have great benefits。
But the professional flute this time(intermediate),It looks like a chicken rib。
Taking the position of Teacher Lu Xiaofeng,Is there any other guest to play the flute??
Not me,Beginner is enough!
Why don’t you give me one(advanced)What?
Complaining,Facing a good man, he gets cheap and behaves well.,Shen Huan has only one sentence。
The widow donated1Billion!
In ancient times,That has to be the rhythm to avoid death。
Six rewards,What’s up?
If it’s not for looking forward to a better reward,You think i’m so stupid,That’s it1Billion1100 million donation?
Good master,I can tell you,No extra surprise for me next time,I won’t donate much from now on!