itself,In fact, there is still a need for a certain opportunity.。

Such problem,In fact, anytime, anywhere,Can be solved。
As for others,It’s not that I don’t think it’s,What will I say?。
After a while,This,Ren Fei’s eyes,Shink with a murder。
Other things,Don’t say anything forever。
At least here,Ren Fei itself,Inversely, it is the root,Will not feel,What will be wrong?。 “In short now,Let’s everyone,Be sure to prepare。”
“This time,I have to go out with them.!”
When I flying, I exported.,It is even more than those people around,The more you look, the more you feel quite serious.。
After all, I will follow it.,In fact, think about it.,Everyone itself,I have to go to prepare for it.。
otherwise,I really wait until this time.,In fact, no one knows,What will I do next?。
In the side of Ren Fei,Others are worth,Side, don’t forget,Directly talking to your eyes。
“This time,I think,They will take this opportunity to start with us.。”
When I flying, I exported.,What other people around me,The more you look, the more I feel excited.。
If all this,All is true。
This also represents this,Next,Other means,Even than what they think,Also tricky。
but,Ren Fei’s heart,Don’t worry about this。
“Let’s everyone,Don’t worry。”
“Preparation,Then next,Fully prepare to solve this。”
As Ren Fei’s words say,It is even more than those people around,The more you look, the more you feel very interesting.。
As for other things,It is temporarily not to say.。
At least here,Ren Fei itself,More more agonism。
“In short,Let’s take it next,Be prepared。”
When I said it said,Other people noddlings。
If now,Really in this case,So next,What should I do to deal with these things?。
Start with the fundamental level,other people,How can it be,Will you know??
So now,This point itself,Still is quite obvious。
Ren Fei’s side,Others have nodded。
this matter,It looks at them,Also,It’s ready to prepare。
Chapter 584 let them come
For the current thing,There is no other point to say anything else.。

It is already close to noon,The staff in the door of the lobby is endless,Nature has also seen this scene。

you can say so,Just grab the garbage bag in the summer,I don’t know how many male compatriots are embarrassed.,Binding,Then it is a fun disaster。
As for those female employees,Then the silent silent,Look at Su Xiaoxiao is quite complex。
Among them, there is a woman,Sodiac,Victory of enthusiasm,“Xiao Su,Both big noon,Why haven’t you get off work?。”
This woman’s appearance is still beautiful,Wear professional sleeve skirt,Thick makeup,A charming temperament。
“It’s finished.。”Su Xiaoxiao barely squeezes a smile,“Wang Jie,I go first。”
“Oh oh,go quickly。”The sister seems to be very polite on the surface.,At the same time raising the arm,Hold a fist,“Xiao Su,come on,do not be discouraged。”
Wang Jie smiled again,When Su Xiaoxue walks around,She talked to the female companion around me.,“What’s in what?,White blindled face,In addition to seduce men,It can only be garbage.,Small saga,Green tea。There is also a man,Newcomer,At first glance, it is a stupid,Stupid,Ha ha……”
Sound is not high,But enough to listen to it。
Suddenly attached to a sighful smile。
Those male compatriots,It is frowning,I am sigh in my heart.。
Confused,The body that is originally walking is not coming,Face is pale,Bite the teeth,Accelerating steps at your feet。
Summer is a sink,Stop,Leaning the garbage bag on the wall,Turn away。
“do not want……”Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes on the face,With a slice。
“This has nothing to do with you。”Summer calls out,Positive color,“I will be a security guard.,And you are just a cleaning staff,Where can I go bad?。”
Speech,He has stepped through the past,Block the prince before the prince。
“what are you doing?”Wang Jie voice sharp,Eyewear,“Go away。”
Summer stare at her,A plain to the extreme point,Received a sentence,“Roll!I don’t know how to marry you.!”
A piece of。
I didn’t expect everyone around everyone.,Summer will actually have a woman in a female employee.。
The key is,This name is a woman,Identity is not simple,It is the manager secretary of the administration.。
What is the administrative department??
The responsibility of this department,That is to supervise and punish employees,I want to rectify one person,Don’t be too easy。
“you,What did you say!”
Some people are like this,Self-center is used to,Whey to be strict,Never I want to think about it?。
Wang Jie is obviously this kind of person。
The cheeks of the thick makeup are filled with unbelievable anger.,Sudden scream,“You dare to marry me?”
“scold you?”Summer causing her,“Laozi still wants you this,Look at your red hair,You have just eaten it.,Or you are eating big?”
Fall into the voice。
Silence around。
Su Xiaodue, who followed behind, stayed,It is preparing to go to the summer, I have grown up.。
As for Wang Jie,Thoroughly。
To know,She is a secretary of the executive manager,There is also a little unclear authority。
In the company,No matter where she is going,Will be a smiley friend。
Why was this vicious curse in the majestic?。
Four six or six seconds,She went back to God,The cheeks of the thick makeup distorted,Pointing at the summer like a shrew。
“Small hybrid,What did you say?You will try again.?”

Summer still let the staff are responsible for the stone。

With the sound of the grinder,Stone powder。
soon,One-third of the incomplete……
“Yes,This stone is not good.,Gamble is a frequent event。”
Everyone discussion,Then rid of the head left,Go see the arbary status of Guo Tianlong。
“I’ll go as well。”
Seeing everyone left,Summer is also laughing up.,Let everyone have some speechless。
Guo Tianlong naturally began to understand the stone,Watch around many people。
“What are you doing?!”
Seeing summer walking,Guo Tianlong’s gloomy angered。
“I am willing,Is it?”Summer is obliquely,“Xiao Guo,Don’t cry for a while.。”
“I also give you this sentence.。”Guo Longtian’s eyes,Resentment,“Take advantage of time,Cry now,I can’t cry, I can’t cry.。”
Summer smiling,But not。
“Small hybrid!”Guo Tianlong pressure low sound,“I must give you a deep memory this evening.,You start praying now.。”
Summer spit out two words。
Two people are like a familiar old friend.,Standing together talking together,Such a style of painting is very weird.。
The harsh sound of cutting stones is constantly,Summer has already opened a sunroof,Unhappy,No signs of green。
Guo Longtian,After the first layer is cut,The green accumulation in the wool is getting obvious.。
Both parties continue to cut。
Second floor,the third floor……Fifth floor。 When cutting down the sixth layer,Guo Tianlong’s face is clearly solidified。
Surrounded by everyone。
Foot with two meters high pack,There is only half left today.,But still can’t see green signs。
At this time,Suddenly an extremely surprised voice came,“this is……This is a baby stone。”
Talking is the old man who screamed before,The face is a pair of regrets。
“Old,The fetal stone you said is……”Some people don’t solve the query。

The Suiren clan integrates the strongest way in the realm of the two-legged monarch,And the blue and white fog is comparable to the power of the four-legged master,Killed the ancestor of Biteng head-on。

Yuyan World God is under Sui Meng Sect Master,Can only be regarded as a weaker member,But the ancestor of Biteng is a top veteran Taoist,Is a disciple of Suimeng Guru—A very humble one。
His fall,But shocked Suimeng。
The distant dream of the eternal world,A temple suspended in the eternal world of Suimeng,Aloof,Infinite light shines through the eternal world of dreams。
Dream of eternity this year,Originally developed by a low-key eternal emperor,Build your own sect—Until Suimeng Lord killed him。
Endless territory,The peak Daoist who defeated the eternal emperor is not rare,But only three have killed the eternal emperor,Sui Meng Guru is one of them。
In the core area of Suimeng Eternal World,Down to mundane,Up to the world,All madmen worship the temple of Suimeng,Believe that the origin of the world is a dream。
And Suimeng,Practitioners who rule a vast territory,Lived in the temple for a long time。
The surface of this temple is made of red and black rock,Darkness is deep。Due to long-term penetration,The red and black rocks of the temple are faintly illusory。
And within this temple,It’s a fantastic and gorgeous world。
Do not,Is a dream world。
Power,Rule a country,Have a huge army,Countless subjects worked for it。
beautiful woman,Stunningly enchanting,Red sleeves add fragrance。

In the on-site presiding point,Lottery guestWatchDressed in a suit slowly。

have to say,WatchLong still is good。ObviouslyLCKRetired professional player,But there is a color value that can be visited to the TV series.。
First round draw,Summose four groups,Then follow the order of drawing,Decided packets in the upper and second half。
WatchReach your own hand into the transparent lottery bucket,Then start stirring。
There are four round plastic balls in the drawing bucket,Plastic ball,It is written with a team of team names and team tags.。
A few laps,WatchStop herself to the hand of the tap bucket,Then grab a plastic ball at will,Will take it out of the plastic bucket。
Follow,He slowly opened the plastic ball,Put the paper folded paper,Then it is completely presented in front of the lens.。
This isWatchThe first team of draws。
This time at this time,Slowly movedKTLast platformsbFace。
Perhaps because of the current lottery,I can only decide that he has entered the upper half.,Even the opponent has not decided。
In short,sbThere is no too big expression on your face.,Just keep a touch of smile。
Logo continues,along withWatchTake another plastic ball,The second group first,andKTThe team in the same half area is also determined.。
AFSRepresentative player,Some slight mistakes on your face。But very quickly,He adjusts his expression,Let your face look like only a little smile。
Third one seed,It is also the team in the second half of the district.。
In the sight of the palace,A familiar team bond and team name appear in front of the palace clear。
Shot of the lensrookie,His round face,Floating a little lovely smile。
Hereed,The four parts of the four seeds in the upper and lower half are also thoroughly determined.。
Final team,Needless to see,Everyone knows isRNG。
After the partition of the seed,The lottery ceremony is officially entered the heavy action。
Because,Will start decision,These have identified the No. 1 seeds of the partition,http://www.knayt.cnWho is their knockout opponent?。
Changed a lottery bucket,WatchThe hand starts to stir again,Everyone’s sight,Also move with his hand。
Take out the first card,WatchSlowly open it。First look at it,Then there is a bit of smile on your face.,Then, this paper is displayed in front of everyone’s eyes.。
This isLCKNo. 1 seedKT,The first team that will encounter in the eighth roll。
KTRepresentative andC9Representative faces different,The two came to the front of the stage together.,Then gently holding hands,Turn again down the stage。
Wait until the two stages,WatchI started to continue to draw。
Repeat the previous action,WatchOpen the strips in your hands again。
Chapter 136 Encounter
This isWatchAfter the lottery,The second group in the top half of the Badang District decided。
WatchContinue to draw,Then slowly put another note in front of everyone。
This palace is really alarmed.,Not just him,IGOthers have some inhibitory mistakes。


No home noon,Needless to notify your family,They also thought they were working in a convenience store.。
A little pocket money on your body,Foreigners often have misunderstandings to the United States,I feel the dollar value,Americans are very rich,If you take the money of the US money to other low exchange rates,Indeed,But in the United States,High-income also means high prices,Don’t see Sujia annual income of 20,000 US dollars,Incense、Or Huaxia and other areas can be happy for a long time,But in the United States, it is only enough to pay a private high school tuition fee of Suhu.。
Prices for McDonald’s Hamburger Package,About four to five US dollars,Conversion into RMB up to 40 yuan,With the per capita income of Huaxia this year,Almost a monthly salary,And only enough to buy a burger package in the United States.,Adapt to the American life,Few people will migrate to other countries go。
Sumu is ate lunch in McDonald’s,I haven’t arrived yet.,He took a break in the store for a while.,I am planning to call Shanglin Grandma.,I think that the other party is older.,I feel that I will go first asked.。
Wait for nearly a bit,He asked the roadside police,Go to the Social Security Administration,Take a place to take care of the kind of place,I feel that I haven’t made mistakes, I was called the office nervous.。
US taxpayers raise this civil service,I don’t have much majesty after I understand this.,Probably like spending money, please,Help handle all kinds of things,Not only Suhu,Most Americans think so,If the president is wrong,Citizens can even directly accuse him。
Social Security Administration,It is to distribute social welfare to the people in need.,Now the relief is not implemented in place,The first thing to find is of course them.。
The street under the foot is very familiar,Suhu has been here,But I didn’t pay attention to the Social Security Administration.,Two stone lions are placed in the door of a Chinese garden,Gate is painted,This is a private museum,I have been gone by my parents for a little time.。
And the small building next door,At the door“social-security-adistration”,No mistake,After entering, you can see someone is waiting.,Reception is arranged in the hall,A Chinese girl guides people waiting for different windows,Like a bank counter,Only no glass,I have not arrived at work yet.,Those white people are talking about something。
Sumu finally understand,Why can’t I get a relief?,White to help register,She can understand it is strange,This is an inappropriate practice,There are so many Chinese who don’t understand English in Chinatown.,Should hire some Chinese employees to。
After asking the consultation office,Suhu came to the window responsible for registration of social safety life subsidies,very lucky,No one is waiting in line here,Blonde,Many freckles on the face,It seems that it is less than 30 years old.,It seems that I just woke up,Be in a daze。
He sat down and said:“Feel sorry,I want to consult a thing,Can you help??”
The other party turns to see the Suhu,Noddion:“What can I help you?。”
“This is the case,My neighbors,Old lady with a surname,This year is more than 80 years old.,I want to ask……”
Didn’t wait for Sumu,A registration form is placed in front of him,Other party continues:“Fill this first,No in the afternoon,Tomorrow we have holiday,Wait……Come on Tuesday.,I am not in Monday。”
Very speechless,See the other party again closed your eyes.,It seems that the preparations in the morning cannot be used for the time being.。
Going home through a long street,When I went to Lin Milk Home,She is a package of scorpion,Standing at the door, you can smell the smell of moisture.,House in the alley,Only more than ten square meters,Nothing is not illuminated,Very sultry。
Finished due to consequences,Let her help fill in the form,Unexpectedly in a big pile of she can’t understand,Find the citizen social security number,This can help Sumu busy。
Silver, you will troubleshoot this.,Sumu understands that it is definitely not easy,After all, no one wants to admit that it makes a big mistake.,I forget a poor old man in the corner so many years,And take out money……
NS487chapter Nightlife just started
(After fifteen minutes later!)
11th this evening,The competition has all ended,Tomorrow is the closing ceremony,Many people in the city hall are therefore loose tones.。
Daytime,Su Tak has been busy with Lin Milk relief.,Almost busy gaming betting,I heard the radio during eating.,Command of all the end of the Los Angeles Olympic Games event,I have a panic in my heart.。
Football bet amount for 455-20 dollars,The $ 250 is a William Hill Gaming Company.,Even if he lost him,But there is another four thousand dollars,It can be Sumu to take it out from private house.,It means that most of the people are in this Olympic gaming.。
Because I have already got $ 3,500,Even this loss, he also makes money.,It’s a money in the pocket.,No one is willing to lose again,How much doesn’t Su Tak?,This result is related to his“Homemade”,Suddenly there is no appetite,Heart mentioned the eyes。
4,000 dollars said more,Said a lot,I have a chance to earn back in the future.,But if the result is expected to be different,It will indicate that the news from the radio broadcast is incorrect.,This is the most important aspect of Suumu.,Everything is the original idea to overthrow,His life also returns to the original trajectory,Old man is really a common person。
For example, participate in this Olympics,And get three gold medal gymnastics players Li Ning,According to the stations,He will start a clothing company in the future,And successfully came to New York in New York, I have held a fascinating show.,Sumu feels unlikely,The guy named Li Ning is so developed.,Not like there is a business man,Start suspected of the authenticity of those information。
Sudden loss is the personality that everyone will exist.,Sumu is no exception,The head is too confusing,So that I can’t objectively think,The fragrant dumplings eat the chew wax in the mouth,Nervous to the back of the back,Powered by electric fan,Cold heart……
Su Lao He just got off work,After taking a shower, sit next to the table.,Soap flavor makes him feel comfortable,Squeezing the bus back to the car,The whole person is like a。

therefore,Summer and Chu Feng said in the car,He also heard,Just happened,He also saw it in the car.。

When Chu Feng called him,Originally, I don’t want to come out.,But in order to find a game,He decided to apply。
So after I took a few steps,What did Feng Tianpeng thinks?,Stop,Touching your eyes, watching your stay in the summer。
“Surnamed,There is a kind of you come,We are more than one!”
Say,Step three shake,Subsencheon drilled into the Pani。
Many people’s eyes in the field,Surprise is not tied to summer。
What is the relationship between this guy and Feng Tianpeng??
Now now,Even if it is stupid, I can see it.,Summer is definitely not Chu Feng’s follow-up,absolute!
Deliberately hide your oriental,When I saw Feng Tianpeng into the car,Suddenly died。
Now,She comes to come,Smile, to Chu Feng Road,“Chu Feng Xiaoyi,Since you won,Let it go,My sister will pay for you.。”
Chu Feng stunned,Immediately,Take a look,He almost forgot this.,I also cast a million.。
Think here,He looks to the summer,Excitement,“Big brother,We make money。”
Summer laughing,Immediately,“Let it go,I will go to you with you.。”
Chu Feng does not think about it.,Reveteen a touch of it is difficult,“Big brother,Xiao Tiange wants to use my car game?”
Unlesseds,Oriental charming smile,Preemptively,“Chu Feng Xiaoyi,You can’t see your sister?,Since your friend is using a car,Sister can provide。”
“Really?”Chu Feng eyes bright,“Then thank the Oriental aunt.。”
East face smiles,I wonder the Chu Feng,Turn over,Family and sexy pace to six-story architecture。
Turn around,Her pair of beautiful scorpions do not blink a few times。
Big God Xiao Tian Ge
to be honest,Tonight, Chu Feng real, let her surprised it.。
Not only win the game,And also moving out Feng Tianpeng, this madman is relying on the mountain.。
The key is that he shouted Feng Tianpeng Xiao Tiange.,Also called this youth big brother。
East began brain supplements,Don’t think too much。
Just when a few people go to six-storey building,The exciteful heavy metal music sounds again,Several body tall,Dress dress sexy girl jumping on the music rhythm in the light。
Their appearance immediately ease the atmosphere,The whole square will become a strong。
As for the inland car Wang Guojian,Then, in several super-run members, follow,The gray face is in the corner。
Guo Zijian quickly drilled into his own Bugati black blood,Face in an instant yin。
he knows,Tonight,It will be spread out,And he will inevitably become a laughter in the circle。
so what。
There is still no one in the city of Jingcheng, it can still be safe after the death of Feng Jia Xiaoki.。
He is the first one。

Gu An’an’s heart,I mentioned my eyes。

“Two brother。”She suddenly came out。
Everyone found that Gu An’an’s existence。
Gu Anan smiled at everyone.,Go to Gu Yi Lin。
NS1084chapter:how,Are you afraid?
She went to Gu Yi Lin,Whispered:“Two brother,What do you want to do?”
Gu Yilin handsome handsome handsome,Looking at her:“how,Are you afraid??”
Gu Yi Lin’s voice is not ill,Watching her eyes ruthless,Unclear voice,Although everyone can understand。
Gu Anan,A beautiful,The scorpion suddenly cold,But laugh,“Two brother,Why are I afraid??”
She looked at everyone and smiled.,“Position reporter,I have 53% of the households.,Today,It is also a matter of electing Gujia’s right to operate.,Since everyone is,It’s better to witness it together.。”
Gu Yi Lin looked at her grave,I just laughed.。
A female reporter asked sharply:“Miss Miss,I heard that you are a nursery,You do this,Is it necessary to compete for the ownership of the house??”
Gu Anan looked at her laughing.,Gently follow the hair of the ear,The lips of the pale pink lip glaze,Smile,Gentle:“This reporter,Your words are serious.。
In the mall,Both is the ability to say,I almost let us go bankrupt because of my feelings.。
Many employees,We must think about those employees。
Instead of handing a person who only feels feeling。”
A male reporter asked:“But that time,Gu’s also spent the crisis,It’s also very good now.。
Gu Jing’s capabilities,Always receive everyone’s attention,Never let everyone disappoint。”
Gu An’an laughed:“This is what our company is in the company.,In short,today,I50%Contract,It is enough to be able to serve as the next president of Gu’s Group。”
Gu Yi Lin looked at her,One person can lose,Only believes,Gu Anan has no beliefs.,So I didn’t have anything in the future.。
He looked calmly at Gu Ai’an.:“I can give you the position of the right.,but,you,From this moment,No more to Gu Jia’s daughter,You and our house,There is no relationship again。
Because we can’t raise white eyes,Today, I will give you Gu.,Our households have been righteous by you.。
but,Your office building may have to move,here,No place。”
Gu An An, I heard this.,Laughed:“Two brother,What is your joke?,This building is also a house,There are also my shares in it.。”
Gu Yi Lin is slightly relying on,Look at her calmly:“you sure,Is there a shares here??”
Gu Anan,That one percent shares,Gu family has not given her。
Gu Yi Lin Road:“Our company has been in recent hours.,A large loss,The company’s billion is inexplicable.。”
“To avoid greater losses,This building,Including all industries under the name,Northern my sister Blue Xin。
She has eaten so many bitterness outside.,These are compensation for her.,Also belong to Lu。”
Gu Anan is like a ghost, and looks at Gu Yi Lin.。
He is so refreshing to give you Gu’s,It turned out to give her an empty Gu.,This is how she operates?
Xu Jinghe is also a glimpse,I didn’t expect that Gu Jia will come to such a hand.。
Thus,Gu Ai’an, left the house,Will be difficult。
A reporter hurriedly asked:“Overall,Is there any money that I have turned away now??”
Gu Yi Lin Road:“No found,But the police have been trying to check,Recently there have been spider silk horses,When I found anyone,This good news will be shared with everyone.。”

And there is also the most special source will,Like Spring,How much is the source of this source?,Decided Chakra that he could store。

The end of the ten tail will not come in。
Spring guess should be related to the soul。
Just as the first discovery,Natural energy can make soul,Ordinary origin。
So the ten tail wants to produce a source of origins.,It also needs the power of the soul。
So those souls of those who are glowing into the night will be absorbed by the tip.,The same is possible while the six immortals collect souls.。
For a time, the spring flashed a lot of ideas.。
“I have the power of the big cylinder.,It’s really no ten tail.,And giant reincarnation eyes,We don’t have to fight killing,Reasonable development of this planet is not good?”
“Previous thing,I don’t care.,What I need is a biggest future”Spring smiles。
“It depends on the meaning of the mother.”Six cactors flash。
Hui Night Looking at the six cactus,Some people have some hesitation rooms。
“Mother。。。。”Hesitate to say。
Now Quan Wei has a completely sealed mother’s power,There are also Naruto and Sakura.,If you are hard,Win hope is basically。
And if Quan Yizhen has mastered the power of the wedge under the point of the six immortals,None of the room capacity,They can do it only in the universe。
A long silence。
Spring is not anxious,It is the advantage of him now.,He believes that Hui Night will be considered.。
“Can!But I have a request”Brilliant night。
“Mother!”Sixth cactus said。
They also persuaded their mother,But it triggered a battle。
But he didn’t expect his mother agreed.。
“Please say!”Sure enough, the night’s child has feelings.。
Spring proposed program,Let her have no worries。
“We have to sign a contract,Violators will be swallowed by the will of Ten,Your will have no resistance in front of the ten tail.”Hui Night stared at Spring.。
The source of Quan Wei has reached the limit,But compared to ten tails,Still a lot。
Obviously it is impossible to fight the tail。
What is the contract??
Is it a contract similar to a spirit??
do not care,He is not preparing to repent,You can sign it.。
“no problem,Although I will not violate my promise,But you don’t worry,I also accept”Spring smiles。
Hui night look。
He is clearly capable of sealing yourself with the feather and other people.,But still chose the signing contract,This is what she didn’t expect.。
But since the spring agreed,She is not hesitant。

“Wanderer?This is also a profession?”I don’t know when,Zhang Song also withdrew from the game,I happened to hear Lu Yi’s successful transfer。

“Although it’s a beggar,But it is also a promising(Qiantu)Occupation!”Anna Cao swears,I really didn’t lie。But she is more concerned about Lu Yi’s knack for completing the job transfer task,So I asked the final tips for the task of getting the money bag。
“When I saw the flame on the top of the mountain light up,I guessed that maybe the trial of the transfer mission was related to Hermes.,The altar at the top of the mountain is on fire,Represents Hermes to ignite the Olympic flame。”
“Hermes is one of the twelve gods of Olympus in Greece,Represents Mercury among the eight planets。Is the son of Zeus and Maia,Is the protector of merchants,It is also the god of eloquence and the patron of various Greek competitions。Legend has it that he invented the ruler、Numbers and letters。”Shun Zicong added with the help of the knowledge base in his mind:
“Hermes is smart,Wit and cunning,The creator of deception and the god of thieves,Legend has it that he was a thief the first night he was born,Sneak out from his mother Maia to steal his brother Apollo’s sacred cow;Not only that, he even passed the scam to his son。”
“How to listen,Suddenly I feel that this Thief God is a bit naughty?”Anna Cao smiled。
“Can you believe it?That’s the kind of person who invented the lyre?It is said to be made of rooster and tortoise……”Shunzi couldn’t help but smile。
“I thought,The cunning Hermes will never play cards according to common sense,So the transfer trial he dominated may have been a scam from the beginning……”Lu Yi said。
“then,You just do the opposite!I chose three purses with the least and most deflated money?”Cao Anna suddenly realized。
“Unexpectedly, I happened to choose three silver canine coins,Probably because he once led the hero Hercules to Hades,Get the head of Cerberus, the three-headed dog of hell, to the world……”
Lu Yi knows,I can complete this task myself,Absolutely contain fluke ingredients,Because there are only three chances,Distance target100There is no other solution to the task of,But reached300Grades,He can even be sure,That is the only solution。
“and so,Don’t look at the only three coins,Their value even surpasses many seemingly expensive things,This tells us,The value of things is not necessarily determined by volume,Some things that we often overlook,Has more precious value!”Zhang Song suddenly began to learn to speak in a serious manner,Even look good。
Feng Xichuan finally withdrew from the game、Guo Yinzhe、The three Zhao Ping saw this scene and didn’t even know what happened……