Xu Xuan tentatively made a shot。

Jeff·Teague is unmoved。
Xu Xuan tried again。
Teague is still unmoved。
Xu Xuan is ready to continue testing!
But Jeff·Teague——
“Do you have any tricks?,See if I will move.”
Xu Xuan was also dumbfounded!
To be honest,He has never seen such an arrogant person when he grows up.
“Eh?!do not talk,You saw it today!”
Jeff·Teague picks his nostrils。
What makes Xu Xuan more uncomfortable is,When he was going to continue to fake Teague,Teague put away his defensive position,With his hands on his waist。
Hands on hips……
Hands on hips……
A black head and a few big question marks appeared on Xu Xuan’s forehead.

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