“Shaq,Defeat Olajuwon and Barkley at the same time,Isn’t it to make you look greater??”Kobe started to excite,He worried that O’Neill would lose the chain,At the same time he also knows what to say is most useful to O’Neal。

“Makes sense!Hahaha,If I can win both of them,Then I see what the old guy Olajuwon has to say!”
Ding!Flicker success。
The focus of the Lakers’ offense has all come to Kobe,O’Neill,The pick-and-roll effect of the two walls of Ben Wallace is very good。
Plus Kobe’s dexterous and smooth running position,Mario Elli is exhausted。
The result of this adjustment is,O’Neill has no mobile phone,But the Lakers’ offense has maintained super high efficiency after Kobe is the only end point.。
Kobe feels hot today,Plus the shooting opportunity is great,The basketball hits as if it is equipped with a navigator。
Barkley and Olajuwon’s offense,No longer has a crushing advantage when facing O’Neal and Ben Wallace’s defense。
They found that Ben Wallace lost the draft with both strength and agility.,Seems to be everywhere on the defensive end,Barkley can no longer get excellent outside shots,And Olajuwon has to pay attention to Ben Wallace’s defense when dealing with O’Neal.。
Olajuwon can still maintain a good hit rate with help defense,But Barkley, who faced Ben Wallace head-on, had a headache。Ben Wallace’s defense makes it very difficult for Barkley to start。
Than power,at most55open。
Specific speed,Ben Wallace, young and similar in height, is even better。
Than experience,Ben Wallace doesn’t even eat shakes,He has eaten Kobe’s fake moves countless times in training,And Barkley’s fake action must be lame compared to Kobe。
Halftime,Lakers go-ahead score,51:43Lead8Minute。As the main point of attack, Kobe recklessly swayed his offensive talent,15cast9Get in23Minute1board1help。
This is to put all energy on the offensive end of Kobe’s lethality,This is the scary thing about Kobe, who feels hot。
Give me the ball!I can enter!
Kobe’s offense eclipses the Houston Big Three。

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