This is impossible,He is not a warrior in the gods anymore,Now it’s a waste of body,Is it possible that someone is thinking of him。

Xia Chenglong is angry:“Who is your special code?,Get Lao Tzu out of the body,Otherwise I will blew myself,None of us can live!”
Make an international joke,Dare to find things in him,That’s looking for death,but,How did the other party get in??
Chapter One Hundred Ninety Eight Apprentice
Xia Chenglong calm down,Mental power to feel the changes in the body,No different,I didn’t find anything else in the body。
“Fool,I really don’t know how I met you drinking idiot?”The old voice sounded again,If nothing else is said, it’s another swearing:“You stupid,I am not a god,Is it possible to physically enter your body?,Mental power enters!”
Xia Chenglong was just a little confused by the sudden appearance, okay,How stupid。
No nonsense,Quickly entered his spiritual realm,Only then saw each other。
This is Xia Chenglong’s own world,The clear lake represents the spiritual power at the moment,A spiritual orb is floating above the lake。
The Lingzhu is naturally the one obtained from the dry well in Xihai City,Just because of the endless appearance,The connection between them disappeared in the past few days,He will forget the other party’s existence。
Xia Chenglong watched with a virtual body transformed by mental power,The spirit orb that was originally still suspended began to vaporize slowly,It turned into an entity after a burst of white mist。
Long phantom white hair transformed into a human body,White beard,White plain clothes,Feel fairy,With mystery and power。
Old guy with his beard,Lurking in midair,Nodding from time to time,Seems extremely satisfied。
Otherwise, the meeting ends,The next question is very simple。
Xia Chenglong is not the kind of humble disciple of a big family traveling abroad,Will not let go of inner vigilance when the danger is not resolved。
“who are you?Why is it here for me,What do you want?”

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