One thousand two hundred and twenty one chapters The plot reversal

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Xiaodie’s answer surprised Qin Liang again,He originally thought Xiaodie’s father would be very attached to him。
“Actually when you come to Dechang,My dad knew it,The reason why he never had any conflict with you,Because of……He knows you are with me。”
Xiaodie slowly stopped crying,Sadly。
“Oh……”Qin Liang feels so complicated,It seems that things are not exactly what he imagined。Then he suddenly realized!No wonder it was that day“Gulincun”,When those people ambush themselves,Just fought with myself,But didn’t have any actual attacks on myself,No wonder I was yesterday
To all kinds of enthusiasts, boss Zhuang,But the other side tolerated,There is no fierce expression at all……
I have a hasty……How do you feel that I am a villain!
In Qin Liang’s heart, this is a terrible thing。
“If dad wants to trouble you,He already took action against you,You live with me,He knows,But he didn’t,because,You are with me,And I am his most beloved daughter。”
Fluttershy once again reiterated the dealer’s attitude towards Qin Liang,She wanted to show;The dealer does not have any hostility towards Qin Liang at this moment。
“Turned out to be like this……”
Qin good awkwardness,When I didn’t know anything about the dealer,The dealer already knows his whereabouts well!

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